While you were fist fighting your way through prison with Vito in Mafia II, did you ever think to yourself "I wonder what Joe is doing right now?" Well, now we have the answers! This DLC fills in the blank between Vito's arrest and release from jail for stealing ration stamps. You play as Joe, who is trying to find who sold out the operation, while Vito tries not to get bum-raped in the slammer. Oh, and there are 10 new trophies for you to get, and I'll tell you how to get them!


Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 5-10 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectibles Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: Jacked Jumper

[top]Tips & Strategies

Use Cover- Cover can save your life. While in cover, you regain health, are sheilded from almost all fire, and you can peak and lean to fire when you need to.

Watch The Clock- Most missions are timed. This is a downside, and it does'nt make much sence because their were hardly any timers in the main story. Never the less, pay attention to the clock. Most times, on Easy, you'll have spare time, but this is not a guarantee. Also, all trophies are obtained in the story, even the car trick trophies. So be careful.

Watch Your Ammo- There are about a dozenguns in Joe's Adventures, and they all use different ammo. So remember to switch weapons frequently when ammo is low.

Drive Fast- The speed limit for most roads in the game is 40 MPH. Forget that! If you're a good driver, hover around the 80 mark. Plus, 75 MPH is the beginning of the velocity run mark.

Use The Map- Cops apear on the radar as small blue rectangles. They could not be easier to spot! Just look at the map from time to time so you can avoid them.

NOTE- While playing Joe's Adventures, you will only receive trophies that involve Joe's Adventures. You can not earn a main story trophy.


  • Finish the story line, obtaining all mission related trophies and hopfully Arctic Grave
  • Replay certain missions that give you a good oportunity to obtain the car trick related trophies. Obtain Arctic Grave as well if you have not already.


[top] What Witness?
Finish the Witness level in "Joe's Adventures."

This is the first mission in Joe's Adventures, and it's none too difficult. Unfortunatly, it's long. In the spoiler is a complete walkthrough-

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Arctic Grave
Push the chief witness into the ice lake in "Joe's Adventures."

Ah, this trophy. This would'nt be too hard, except you have a terrible car that can't handle on ice, and you can fall in the water as easy as the witness. I recomend ramming him when he is close to the water, or even better, grinding his side and running him into the water. This last one is tricky because he can turn and you will lose control of your car.

Tip for the "Arctic Grave" trophy - ram / block the witness car with your own motor until you force him to stop. Jump out of your car and shoot out the tyres of the witness car. Not only does this slow the witness down making it easier to catch and push him, but it's easier to slide him into the lake.

Dockyard Discord
Finish the Connection level in "Joe's Adventures."

Alright, this is a mission you unlock after finishing a few missions for Tony. To unlock this mission, you must complete-

1) Going out of Business
2) Limo Movin'
3) Smugglers' Luck

Here is a full text guide-

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Five Finger Discount
Finish the Supermarket level in "Joe's Adventures."

For this trophy, you get to live the American Dream. By robbing a supermarket. Before you can do this, you need to finish the following missions-


-Skunk In The Trunk
-Saving Marty


-A Lesson In Manners
-Send A Message
-Stolen Goods


-Can't Stop Me Now
-Greaseball's Arena


-Old Man's Perils
-Charlie's Car
-Bomb Under The Seat

I have a full text guide below for Supermarket-

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Mind the Goods
Finish the Cathouse level in "Joe's Adventures."

Time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the view. Of enemy mobsters trying to shoot you. Before you can go sightseeing (so to speak), you need to finish the following missions-


-Highway Racing


-Bet On That
-Hit Contract
-In The Shadows
-Piece Of Cake

Here is another super amazing text guide-

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Same Shirt, Different Day
Finish Joe's Adventures on any difficulty.

Bet you thought it was over at the Cathouse! Sorry, but the hardest part is still ahead!

Note- This level automaticly begins after Cathouse

Epic text guide below-

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Reach 2000 points for one velocity run in "Joe's Adventures."

Alright, this one is a bit difficult. I found 2 good ways of doing it-

Method One- Start a mission with a long time limit, then ignore the objective and driving to the highway (marked on your map as a long yellow road circling the city) in a fast car, preferably an Ascot Bailey or Walker Rocket with full tuning. Once you get there, step on it! You may have to go around it more than once, but don't worry, it's a full circuit. Just start at the top near Joe's Apartment and keep going until you pass the docks. You should have it by then.

Method Two- Begin the mission Highway Racing for Charlie. He provides you with a supercharged Ascot Bailey, now you do the rest. The mission takes you on a highway speed run, so when you get on the Hunter's Point-Uptown bridge, accelerate and try to keep going when you turn off to get on the highway. If not, don't fret. Just go as fast as possible (which is fast) and follow the highway until you get the trophy.

Hoff's Method, courtesy of DAVEYHASSELHOFF -
on the 2000 Velocity trophy, if you take the car from the mark on the first Rocco mission Bet on That after killing him, then fully upgrade it and then go do the Highway Mission. Instead of taking the car for the mission take your own car which is the faster car and follow the same exact route. This car is ALOT faster than the one for the Highway mission and you can get to 2000 points from the time you get on the freeway to the first or second offramp and its almost all straight in that area.

Jacked Jumper
Reach 200 points for one Jump in "Joe's Adventures."

This trophy took a few tries, but was'nt too hard. First, find a sports car (ISW 508, Ascot Bailey, Walker Rocket) and Super Charge it at a nearby Body Shop. Then, begin the mission A Lesson In Manners. Notice the cliff above your starting position? Yep, you're going to jump off that. Drive up the hill until you reach a four way intersection. Then turn around and head down the hill. Try to get to about 75 miles per hour, and then jump off of the cliff, near the tree and the crossing traffic. Remember, you must land the jump! So lay off the controls and wait for the car to land. Hopefuly, you will have hit 200 points and Joe will land safe and sound. If not, drive up the cliff and try again.

Note: This trophy may be glitched, I personally had no problems. Here is a complaints/help poll for venting/advice. http://www.ps3trophies.com/forums/ma...tml#post866238

Driftin Daddy-O
Reach 200 points for one Drift in "Joe's Adventures."

This trophy is a little more difficult than the others. It requires you to pull a tight turn at a high speed. I recomend going to the Hunter's Point- Uptown Bridge, with a super charged sports car. Cross the bridge in any direction you want, and you should be at about 100 MPH when you get off the bridge. Pull the handbrake and turn slowly, going too fast will mess up the drift. You should be able to pull a 360 turn, or at least a 270, and you should have 200 points if you did'nt hit another car.

[top]Jack of all Trades
Reach 10 different score actions in one mission in "Joe's Adventures."

You need to complete 10 different score actions for this one. I have a list of known score actions here-
  • Headshot
  • Explosion Kill
  • Demolition
  • Jump
  • Drift
  • Kill
  • Burning Kill
  • Velocity
  • Melee Kill
  • Melee Finisher
  • Stealth Kill
  • Vehicular Kill

(If I'm missing any, please tell me via PM )

I personally found this easy on the mission A Lesson In Manners. First, I did a jump(1) off the nearby cliff (Refer to Jacked Jumper for details). Then I got a velocity run(2) down the hill, and drifted(3) for about 3 seconds. I hit a police officer on the way down, so rather than get arrested, I started a killing spree. I shot up his smoking car for demolition(4) and explosion kill(5) scores, then sent his support crew on a chase. After I found cover, I kiled them getting the headshot(6) and kill(7)score. I was wanted and as I walked out of the alley, I crouched down and stealth killed(8) a patrol officer. Then I hopped in a new car and drove to the target's house. I took his guard down with a melee finisher(9) then I got rid of the target with a melee kill(10).

You can do this on any mission, but take note. You can only stealth kill a cop while wanted.


Thanks to-

Lee McD (Banner, rep him, not me)
Brako Von Doom (For the Jump Thread)
DAVEYHASSELHOFF (For Velocity Method)
S3ONE (Informative information)

If you liked the guide, rep me and rate it a 5 star thread. (I also take cash and PayPal donations )

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