Players: 1
Online Play: No
Online Trophies: No
Trophy Difficulty: 5/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Missable Trophies: None (Chapter Select)
Suggested Playthroughs: 1(+clean up) or 2 depending on your skill
Time to Platinum: 10-20 Hours

Videos in this guide provided by Powerpyx Productions. Check out his channel by clicking here for more video walkthroughs.


Mafia II is a third-person action-adventure video game, the sequel to Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. It is developed by 2K Czech, previously known as Illusion Softworks, and is published by 2K Games.

The game is set from 1943 to 1951 in Empire Bay (the name is a reference to New York's state nickname "The Empire State") a fictional city based on San Francisco and New York City, with influences from Chicago and Detroit.The game features a completely open-ended game map of 10 square miles. No restrictions are included from the start of the game. There are around 50 vehicles in the game, as well as licensed music from the era. -- Wikipedia


If you use this guide you should be warned before reading ahead that there will be spoilers. Do not use this guide if you do not want the game spoiled for yourself. Many of the trophy descriptions will have some kind of spoiler in them but where possible I did my best to keep them small. I have chosen to use spoiler tags on the story related trophies but some other trophies may still relate to the story and not have spoilers so proceed with caution.

I strongly advice you to read the Road Map first so that you do not miss anything but there may be spoilers. Please enjoy the guide!

[top]Road Map:

Step 1: Regular playthrough
Go through the game on HARD difficulty, to avoid unnecessary playthroughs. This will gain you the story related trophies. Make sure to check the descriptions for A Real Gentleman, The Professional, Wake Up Call as they're missable story related trophies. If you wish, try to find the collectables using our guides below, but they can be left for now if you wish to focus on the main game.

Optional Step 1.5: Trophies that are easier in story missions
Whilst on your main playthrough, you may want to get the following trophies as it'll save you going back reloading chapters. Get Rich or Die Flyin, Pedal to the Metal, One Careful Owner, Hairdresser, Sharp Suiter, Hard to Kill.

Step 2: Collectable trophies
Right now you should have just completed the story and possibly found some playboys or posters. Use the collectable guides in the trophy guide to find your collectables. Skip this step if you used the first optional step.

Step 3: Mopping up
Just mop up the relatively easy leftover trophies to gain your


Platinum Trophy[
Unlocked when all trophies collected.

Get all of the other trophies for this one.

Viva la Resistenza!
Complete Chapter 1.

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Home Sweet Home
Complete Chapter 2.

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Back in Business
Do your first job for Mike Bruski.

You will get this trophy during Chapter 2 while hanging out with Joe. He takes you to meet Mike and Mike gives you a mission to steal a car. To complete the mission, drive to the destination and Joe will leave you and tell you to meet him back at Mike's. When walking towards it, you will be confronted by some Bombers. Once you shoot these three guys, you can go and lockpick the car. After taking it, more enemies come a you but you can ignore them and drive right through the gate and towards the destination. One car will chase you but if you drive well enough, the car will drop off before you get to Mike's. [CENTER]

Big Brother
Protect Francesca.

There is no way to avoid this trophy. Not too long into the game, you will leave your mother's house and walk into your sister being harassed by a debt collector. The game will use this moment to teach you how to fight so just follow the on screen prompts and then beat the hell out of the guy. The trophy will unlock during the following cutscene.

A Real Gentleman
Help the woman fix her car in Home Sweet Home.

During chapter 2, while walking to Joe's apartment, you will pass a couple arguing over their broken down car. You will find them in an alley next to a fence. When the guy leaves, walk up to the woman and offer to fix her car and the trophy will unlock.

Here is a video showing the location of this scenario

The Price of Oil
Complete Chapter 3.

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The Professional
Obtain the ration stamps without raising the alarm.

While driving Maria to the hospital, she will give you some tips including a back way into the building. When you arrive there, this entrance is the one that will be marked. Go around to the side of the building and hop the fence using and then run over to the window in the corner and use again to hop in. Once inside the building, you must sneak around using until you take out the three guards. The first two are roaming the halls upstairs and follow a set pattern. To silent kill them, sneak behind them and press and then drag their bodies in the nearest room using . After silent killing both of the guys upstairs, go to the director's office and grab the keys.

Before going to the safe, there are two more steps to take that will prevent the alarm. First you have to go back downstairs and stealth kill the guard that is sitting at the main desk. Now if you are facing the closed front doors, turn left and go down that hallway until you get to a blue door. This blue door will lead you into the basement. Once in the basement, go to the left and keep checking rooms until you get to the one that has the safe alarm shut off and shut the alarm off. Now go all the way back up to the second floor and proceed to lockpick the door to the room containing the safe and then use the keys on the safe to get the rations.

To escape, go back down to the basement and find the door that leads to a small set of stairs and you will find a nice coal pile if you go to the right at the bottom of the stairs. Climb this coal pile and run to the fence you climbed before. Once you climb over, the trophy will unlock.

Here is a video showing one way to do it...

Mail Man
Sell all the gas stamps before the time runs out.

For this one, there is quite a bit more time than you need. I grabbed the first car I saw and it happened to be one that never got above 50 mph and I still did this with time left. To sell the stamps to a station, pull up between the pumps and the building and press to honk your horn. I can't tell you which stations to go to first because you might have a different route in mind but just make sure to plan your route ahead of time. The easiest way to do it is to get all of the 5 gas stations on the main side of the water using the route that works best for you and then just get 1 of the ones from the other side. Make sure you set the waypoint on your next one before leaving the one you are currently at. If the driving line does not appear right away when you set the waypoint, just drive a bit and it will show up.

Night Shift
Complete Chapter 4.

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Good Spirits
Complete Chapter 5.

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Time Well Spent
Complete Chapter 6.

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Last Respects
Complete Chapter 7.

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The Wild Ones
Complete Chapter 8.

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Man of Honor
Complete Chapter 9.

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Checking Out
Complete Chapter 10.

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Our Good Friend
Complete Chapter 11.

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Wake Up Call
Help Leo out of a tricky situation without getting caught.

When the cutscene in chapter 11 in which you warn Leo ends, run to the end of the room you are in and you will be in a room with a pool table. Keep going through across the fire place area to the left of the pool table and continue through one more room after the fire place and you will be in a small closet looking room. In this room, there is a little hamper and the game will prompt you to press to take the sheets. Do so, and you escape with Leo.

Here is a video showing how this is done...

Chasing the Dragon
Complete Chapter 12.

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Chop Chop!
Complete Chapter 13.

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Met at Work
Complete Chapter 14.

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Finish Him
Finish what you started.

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Made Man
Finish the story on Medium difficulty or higher.

For this trophy, see the walkthrough under each individual chapter trophy for a complete walkthrough of the chapter. Also, see Tough Nut because you can beat it on hard and also get this trophy.

Tough Nut
Finish the story on Hard difficulty level.

For this trophy, see the walkthrough under each individual chapter trophy for a complete walkthrough of the chapter. the follow tips are general tips for surviving on hard difficulty. I'd recommend starting off on this difficulty, as it isn't that difficult and the difficulty trophies stack. The tips below summarize everything you'll need to know.

  • Use cover! Do not try to take more shots than you have a right too. On hard difficulty, it only 2-3 shots to kill you so just stay behind cover until you can pop out real quick, take a guy out, and get back to cover.
  • Rely on your buddies when you have them. If you stay behind cover when you need to and fight smart, your allies will actually take out quite a large chunk of enemies. If you die you go back to the checkpoint, whereas if an unimportant buddy dies, you still carry on, so use it to your advantage
  • If you can look close enough at the enemy from behind cover, you can pop out and aim and you will auto aim right on the guys head which will only require one shot to take out. Sometimes it only auto aims at the body and not the head but you can still open fire and get kills a lot quicker.
  • In firefights you should never really bother with a pistol. Shotguns do an incredible amount of damage and machine guns shoot enough rounds fast enough where you can kill a guy before he even shoots, even if you shoot at the body. Try to only use your pistol as a last resort, when you're low on ammo.
  • Be patient. Some checkpoints are a little bit rough and will set you back quite a ways so try not to get too pissed off. Also be patient when you are behind cover and let yourself heal before trying to pop out again.
  • Try to aim for heads when using a machine gun or pistol. It's a one shot kill and will save you from coming out from cover all of the time. Takes roughly 2-3 chest shots to kill an enemy compared to one in the head. You'll soon get a hang of the game physics and will soon start picking off heads.

Get Rich or Die Flyin
Get all wheels of your car into the air for at least 20 meters and then touch the ground again.

Obtainable when free roaming on the main bridge in the middle of the map. Get up to as high speed as you can, and the road after the bridge goes downhill quite a lot. When gaining the trophy i came straight off of the bridge road, and aired over the majority of the downhill section. To get it during a mission, during chapter 5, after going to the bar, your new objective will say "Pick up the hardware from Harry in Kingston." If you use the red line on the road that the game gives you, your path will take you through a little tunnel. At the end of this tunnel is a little uphill that end abruptly and flattens out. I was going about 60mph when I hit this and the trophy unlocked.

Here is a video showing another place for this

Pedal to the Metal
Travel at 125 mph.

This is quite a hard speed to reach in the game and there are probably a few ways/cars/places to do it but this is the way that I did it. Take the car you can grab from Leo's in chapter 11 and bring it to a body shop and upgrade it all the way. Now bring it to the straight bridge that spans between the main area of the map and the edge side. Now, from either side, just floor it. Depending on traffic it might be a bit difficult to dodge all of the cars but by the time you start going down the other side of the bridge you should be going at a good clip. DO NOT hit the brakes at all or you won't get up to speed. You are going to need to kill yourself by driving into the wall at the end if you want to get up to a high enough speed. The death doesn't affect the trophy being given, when I got the trophy I flew off into the water with my car, and surprisingly got the trophy.

One Careful Owner
Travel a total of 50 miles in one vehicle.

Try, if you can, to do this with a car that is parked in your garage because you can keep going back to it even if you leave it somewhere. During the story, just make sure that when you have a choice of cars, you go to the garage and pick that one. When you get a little further in the story, near the end, just grab that car and you should have a good chunk of miles on it already. Now just find the highway and cruise around on it for a while until the trophy unlocks. The earlier you find the car you're going to keep, the earlier you'll gain the trophy. So set out to find a nice one near the start if need be.

Proper Scrapper
Sell 5 vehicles to Mike Bruski at the scrapyard.

Once you are able to sell Mike cars, there is a very quick and easy way to do this trophy. There should be two cars sitting in Mike's scrapyard just a couple feet away from the crusher. Either pick the lock or smash the window on both of these cars and then drive them each into the crusher and crush them. Now run out to the street and acquire another car any way that you like and bring it back to Mike's and crush it. If you went far enough away, two new cars will have spawned near the crusher and you can crush both of them for the trophy.

Sell 5 vehicles to Derek at the dock.

This one is the same as the trophy involving Mike except it's selling them to Derek at the port and the cars have to be a bit nicer. My go to car when going for this was any convertible so that I didn't have to keep trying to guess if the car was of higher quality or not. Also keep in mind that you can't sell the cars to him right away after you meet him. Instead, you have to wait until the mission that makes you sell one to him. Keep in mind that you will not be able to sell cars to Derek in chapters 14 and 15. Bear in mind that you can reload chapters and still sell them though, so don't feel obliged to get this trophy before those chapters.

Click the spoiler for a tip/some sellable cars from our very own PFirefly

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Cruise Control
Keep any vehicle at 30 mph or over for 5 or more minutes.

You can do this with any car. I suggest you just go to a highway and hover around 40mph so that you don't drop too close to 30mph. The slower you go, the less ground you cover, and the less you will have to avoid. This is best done on the highway because there is less of a chance that you will have to turn. Just have some patience with this one and wait until you have a good spot and this won't be as hard as it sounds.

Kill 5 enemies in rapid succession with a headshot.

The developers definition of rapid is pretty loose and that means this is a bit easier than it sounds. It would seem that rapid in this case means about 30 seconds give or take from when you make your first headshot. Also, make sure you DO NOT kill anyone with anything but a headshot when you go for this. It not only has to be in a certain time frame but it also has to be in a row. You can auto aim and just move the reticule up for a headshot or you can walk around with your gun pointed so use whichever way you feel more comfortable with.

Do this on easy because you take way too few shots before death to do it on hard. These are just two good places I found to get this trophy. If you find another one than great but it doesn't need to be added to the guide. In chapter 8, as you are running through the warehouse area chasing guys down just concentrate on headshots and there are plenty of enemies to get this done. Secondly, when you get to the part in chapter 10 where two guys need to be executed, Joe will do it if you are not fast enough but if you are quicker than him you can get 2 in a row really quick on two stationary targets. Now just run into the next room and find 3 more guys to turn their heads into jelly.

Kill a total of 30 enemies using melee attacks.

Any time you have one enemy alone, either in the whole area or just behind some cover where his buddies can't shoot at you, run up to him and press to kill him. If you concentrate on trying to get these, you should not have much of a problem.

Stuck Up
Rob 5 stores in under 5 minutes.

This one is not as hard as it sounds because it is actually quite possible to do this whole thing without having the cops after you even once. To rob a store, walk in to the place and point a gun at the person behind the counter until they notice you and then run over and press to rob the register. You don't have to shoot anyone in there unless they have guards in the place so just don't be reckless. The easiest way to do this is to find 5 stores that are close together and you can create an easy plan for. Keep in mind that any named shop can't be robbed at all and most deli's and bars have guards and/or the person behind the counter has a gun so be careful.

Enjoy this video showing one way/place to do this.

The Enforcer
Kill 50 enemies.

This should easily come with natural progression of the game. Just leave the trophy until the end and you'll get this. I like to put more info into trophies like this but for this one, nothing more can be said.

Sharp Suiter
Buy your first luxury suit.

Vangel's clothing shop is available right from the beginning of the game. Find the park in the southwest corner of the main land on the map by finding the big green area with gray in the middle and a circle set of paths on one end. On the southern end, there are two blocks. Vangel's is in the larger of the two blocks and will show up when you get close enough. If you're driving by it's quite clear to see, it's the one with the massive glass front, with a glass door. You can also just wait until chapter 9 when you have to clean your suit and Vangel's will be the closest clothing store on your map. When you have enough money, buy a tailored suit and the trophy is yours.

Tuned Ride
Upgrade one of your cars one level.

While hanging out with Joe in the second chapter, you will have to go to a body shop. While there, go through the options until you get to "tune." When tune is selected just press to tune your car and the trophy is yours.

Dream Handling
Upgrade one of your cars to the maximum level.

Technically you can do this at any time but it is quite pricey so it probably won't happen for a while. Just make sure you pick a car that you actually like to do this to or you are just wasting your money. Also, the first time I felt I had more than enough money, so that I didn't break the bank, was at the beginning of chapter 10.

Hard to Kill
The police want you dead. Survive for 10 minutes!

The easiest way to do this is in chapter 4. At the end of the heist, when you and Joe have escaped and lost the cops, the cops will still be looking for you. Pop out of the alley and shoot at them to get a 4 star wanted level. Now run back into the alley and kill all but one of the cops from there. Now it is just a game of time and making sure nothing weird happens. There is a corner you can take cover behind just down the alley from the two doors on your left hand side if you are running away from the street. From here, just continue to poke your head out by jumping out of cover to taunt the cop. When your wanted level starts to go away, jump out of cover until he sees you and jump back in. If the cop starts to come down the alley, this is good because there is an even better and easier place to hide a little ways down the alley. If he runs down, run away and hide behind the little crate at the end. This way when you hop out of cover all you have to do is keep pressing instead of also holding over. Just do this for 10 minutes and the trophy is yours.

This video shows a different place but the same general idea

If that doesn't work for you, here is another tip from PFirefly

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Collector's Item
Find at least one collectible in the game.

A complete guide can be found below but the first one is after you talk to Joe in his house for the first time. It is sitting right on the bar area.

Petrol Head
Drive at least 30 different vehicles.

The easiest way to do this is just to grab different cars whenever you see one that you have not driven before. There are more than 30 cars in the game so don't worry about finding them all. You can also keep track of this in the in game statistics found on the main menu.

Ladies Man
Find all of the Playboy magazines.

Click the spoiler below for the videos...

Card Sharp
Find all of the Wanted posters.

Two options for this one. The link below is to a site with maps and videos and then I will also be posting the video guide by powerpyx.

Mafia II Wanted Poster Guide

Video Guide: Click the Spoiler

Toggle Spoiler

He Who Pays the Barber
Improve the dockworker's haircuts.

This is a story related trophy that you will get during chapter 3. For a complete description of this see the walkthrough for chapter 3 above. After you finish this task in this chapter, the trophy will unlock.

A Lesson in Manners
Show that you know how to treat a lady.

At the beginning of chapter 5, when you walk out of Joe's apartment building, you will see one of his girls getting harassed by some asshole. Simply walk up to him and Vito will threaten him until he is forced to fight. Beat his ass and the trophy is yours. DON'T shoot him in the face with your gun. As believe it or not this will scare away the lady, surprising, eh?

Hey Joe
Clean up after Joe.

Toggle Spoiler

End of the Rainbow
Settle the score with the Irish once and for all.

After going to bed in chapter 11, you will be woken up by the Irish catching your house on fire. Jump out of your bedroom window and run until you can steal a car. Now drive it over to Joe's apartment and don't stop ringing the bell until he answers. After you get dressed, drive over to the Hill of Tara with Joe. Once you get there, run in and shoot up the place until all of the Irish are dead. Now follow the car until it pulls into the body shop and unload on them again. When all of them are dead, the trophy is yours.

The Mafia Never Forgets
Pay a visit to an old friend.

At the start of chapter 14 you will be tasked with killing a certain target. Drive to the marker and a cutscene will show you killing the victim who is in fact the main character from the first game. After the scene, the cops and gangsters are on your tail so drive like crazy until you lose both and then drive Joe to his car in Kingston. Once you drop Joe off, the trophy will unlock.

Out for Justice
Learn what it means to be a Scaletta.

This is a story related trophy that you will earn towards the end of chapter 14. After the scene in which you learn the truth about your father, run out of the building with your crew and start opening fire on Derek's men. As you go to kill Derek and Steve, more enemies will continue to spawn to impede your progress. Just fight through them until you kill Steve and then make your way into the warehouse. This is where it gets a bit tricky. First, about 4-5 more enemies spawn and then Derek starts through some molotov cocktails at you. Just kill the guys on the ground and on the catwalk until you have Derek alone. When he is alone, just concentrate all your fire on him when he breaks cover while trying to avoid the cocktails. Before long, one of your shots will kill him and the trophy is yours.

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