This is the first expansion for MAGIC 2014
I hope it is not the last one....

Magic 2014 Expansion FAQ
Q. Will Sealed play receive more potential cards?

A. The Magic 2014 Expansion does not contain any additional content for the Sealed Play game mode.

Q. Will the Magic 2014 Expansion give us extra Sealed slots?

A. The Magic 2014 Expansion will not include additional Sealed slots.

Q. Will the Expansion add online multiplayer to the Android tablet version of the game?

A. Just like the base game, the Magic 2014 Expansion on Android tablet will feature Ad Hoc multiplayer.

Magic 2014 is available on Xbox LIVE® Arcade, PC via Steam®, PlayStation® Network, iPad®, and Android via Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

Magic 2014 is the best way for new players to discover Magic and learn how to play the Magic: The Gathering trading card game. Players who are already familiar with Magic will enjoy the strategic challenge that Magic 2014 offers.


Players: 1 (2-4 online)
Online Trophies: none
Online Pass Required: no
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: none, so far
Estimated Time to 100%: 10 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 total playtrough, then some clean-up duals
Collectible Trophies: none
Missable Trophies:none
Glitched Trophies: none reported

[top]Tips & Strategies

The BEST tips & strategies are already written in the following guides :

Magic The Gathering 2014
Magic The Gathering 2013
Magic The Gathering 2012
Magic The Gathering 2011

The best tip i have for this expansion DLC is :
Use the Ess-Nelek – Sliver Hive Deck !!!
I won every dual in the campaign with this deck except for the last dual "Lords of Darkness".
I've used the new expansion deck : Hall of Champions to win the last dual.

"Moorland Zombies" is an easy dual in the Magic 2014 campaign, you can win this dual with ALL available decks. The opponent will only summon some minor zombies to attack you. If you have bigger creatures on the table, he will not attack. If you also choose not to attack, the game will last for hours...
You can take advantage of that, as you can keep playing untill you draw the card that you need, or draw the mana you need, etc.
This strategy comes in handy for some trophies you will need. (step 4: Roadmap)

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

PM me if you have one...


  1. Play the Campaign
  2. Solve all expansion challenges
  3. Battle the new Planeswalkers
  4. Clean-up duals (Moorland Zombies)

Playing in this order will get you the trophies:
1: Expansion 1: Demon Slayer ; Expansion 1: Champion of Kamigawa
2: Expansion 1: Master Mage
3: (unlocks all decks)
4: Expansion 1: Explorer Mage ; Expansion 1: Beastmaster ; Expansion 1: Equipped for Victory ; Expansion 1: Spellblast


Expansion 1: Demon Slayer
Defeat the "Lords of Darkness" deck in campaign mode.

I've used the new expansion deck : Hall of Champions to win this last dual.
(It can also be done with the "Sword of the Samurai"-deck.)

To get to this last dual you must win every dual in the campaign. I succeeded in this with the "Sliver Hive"-deck.
After you've won the final dual, the trophy will pop up.

Expansion 1: Champion of Kamigawa
Defeat the "Sword of the Samurai" deck in campaign mode.

While playing the campaign, you must dual against the "Sword of the Samurai"-deck near the end.
Like i said a few times before, just use the "Sliver Hive"-deck and you'll be fine.

The "Dodge and Burn"-deck will also work to get those samurai's out of the way.

Winning this dual will get you the trophy AND unlock the "Sword of the Samurai"-deck!

Expansion 1: Explorer Mage
Win a game with each expansion deck

There are 5 new expansion decks :

1: Hall of Champions, a white-green-blue deck
2: Dodge and Burn, a blue-red spell-based 'Counterburn' deck
3: Lords of Darkness, a mono-black deck
4: Sylvan Might, a mono-green Elf deck
5: Sword of the Samurai, a red-white deck

First, you must unlock these decks by playing through the campaign and finally battle the planeswalkers.
After unlocking all 5 decks, the rest is simple.
Choose to dual the "Moorland Zombies" in the normal MAGIC 2014 campaign. It is very easy to win this dual with the new expansion decks.
Do so with each of the 5 new decks to win this trophy.

Expansion 1: Master Mage
Solve all expansion challenges.

There are 5 new challenges to solve :
  1. Mountain Assault
  2. Beat the Angel
  3. Unleash the Beast
  4. Riddle of Steel
  5. Spellstorm

The best way to show the solutions is by youtube-movies, so here they are (spoilers)

Expansion 1: Beastmaster
Control an attacking creature with 10 power or greater.

I used the "Hall of Champions"-deck to win this trophy.
This deck has a lot of "exalted" cards in it...
(EXALTED = whenever a creature with exalted attacks alone, it gets +1/+1 for every exalted card on the field)

Again, play against "Moorland Zombies" with this deck.
Focus on your exalted creature with the highest power.
Stay alive untill you know your creature will be 10/10 or more when it attacks alone, do so to win this trophy.

Expansion 1: Equipped for Victory
Control a permanent with two or more Equipment attached to it.

Use the "Sword of the Samurai"-deck, this deck has a lot of equipment in it.
Start an easy dual like "Moorland Zombies" which is easy to win with this deck, but DO NOT win untill you have a creature with 2 or more equipment on it. After the trophy pops up, deliver the finishing blow(s).

Expansion 1: Spellblast
Deal 10 damage to a player with a single spell or ability.

For this one, use the "Dodge and Burn"-deck.
This deck contains the following card(s) :

As you can see, this card can deal X damage to target player/creature.
So, all you have to do is play this card when you can tab 10 or more lands to pay for X.
Be sure to target the opponent player and NOT a creature.
Doing so will get you the trophy.

Again, the easiest dual to achieve this trophy will be "Moorland Zombies"
Keep playing in this dual untill you draw the "banefire"-card and have enough mana


First of all, i would like to give a special thanks to : Marccap
for letting me write this expansion guide AND the original Magic 2014 guide
AND for teaching me some things about guide-writing along the way.

Thanks to the rest of the PS3T-staff

Thanks to you, reader of this guide

Thanks to "Wizards of the Coast" for providing these jewels of games

Thanks to the youtube clip-makers that i used

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