Players: 1 (2-4 online)
Online Trophies: 1 : Masterful Strategist
Estimated Time to 100%: 10-15 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: 1 Spellbook Complete
Missable Trophies: None

[top]Tips and Strategies

READ : read the cards carefully, stop the timer with and press to zoom in. gives extra info, explaining the card.

Choose a deck that fits your gameplay an max it. This will not only give you the trophy Spellbook Complete , but also gives you a stronger deck, which you can adjust in the "deck manager".
These decks are available (spoiler)

New in Magic 2014 is the "Sealed" gameplay. In this campaign you get 6 booster packs in the beginning which you can virtually unwrap. From these cards you must make a deck. Extra boosters can be earned during the sealed campaign.
All five colours are available, but better stick to two. I chose the colour with the most cards first and second the colour that fits with colour 1 best.
You can Always adjust your deck in the Deck Manager.

Last tip is to watch the older Magic the Gathering trophy guides for more tips
Magic The Gathering 2013
Magic The Gathering 2012
Magic The Gathering 2011


Step 1 : Play the single player campaign - This wil get you most of the trophies, including : Chandra's Ally
See Chandra's Ally for details.

Step 2 : Play the sealed deck campaign - New in Magic 2014 : sealed, 2 trophies, including: Maestro of Sealed
See Maestro of Sealed for details

Step 3 : Round up on the last offline trophies

Step 4 : Win a multiplayer game online


Skilled Tactician
Solve a Challenge.

Challenges can be found in the single player menu, they are like puzzles.
There are 5 initial challenges and 5 advanced challenges, so that makes a total of 10.
Fortunately, you will only have to solve 1 to get this trophy.
Take the first one, called "Command the Dead", which is not that hard and has more solutions, one of them is in this spoiler:

Toggle Spoiler

Sealed the Deal
Win a Sealed game.

New in Magic 2014 : Sealed
Choose sealed Campaign in the single player menu
Unwrap those booster packs and make your own deck. (See Tips & Strategies)
After that win a game with that deck.

Masterful Strategist
Win a Multiplayer game.

Win a dual online.
Easiest way is boosting, The Official Magic 2014 Boosting Thread

Lord of Foriys
Win a Two-Headed Giant game.

Can be done online.
The Official Magic 2014 Boosting Thread
Otherwise, choose custom game from the single player menu, choose two headed dragon and win.

Chandra's Ally
Defeat Ramaz.

Complete the single player campaign.

You'll have to go through 5 lands, each with 5 duals, to get to the last land "Kaldheim" with the last dual.
There are, offcourse, more ways to achieve this, but this method worked fine for me: (spoiler)

Toggle Spoiler

Maestro of Sealed
Complete the Sealed campaign.

See "Tips & Strategies" about this new gameplay.

This campaign has only 6 duals, so this can be done within 2 hours or so.
Whenever you encounter problems getting past an opponent, adjust your deck in the deck-manager.
It's hard to tell which colours to take, since the boosters give you cards at random. Try to stick with 2 colours is a good strategy.

Spellbook Complete
Fully unlock one deck.

To unlock all cards of a deck, you'll have to win 30 times with the same deck.
Everytime you win a card will be unlocked. Keep adjusting that deck in the deck manager.
Can be boosted online, otherwise keep repeating an easy dual in the campaign like "Moorland Zombies", which is easy to win.

Flawless Victory
Win a game without losing any life.

Can be boosted online,
otherwise : play "Moorland Zombies" with a strong, grown deck.

In it to Win
Win 25 games.

This one will come as you go for Spellbook Complete

Burn Monster, Burn
Lose the 'Angry Mob' encounter.

Strangely , you will have to LOSE this dual to get this trophy.
In the single player campaign part one "Innistrad" , it's the third dual "angry mob"

Defeat Ramaz's Ally
Defeat the "Chant of Mul Daya" deck in campaign mode.

Clear part 2 Zendikar in the single player campaign
See Chandra's Ally

Secrets of the Damir
Defeat the "Masks of the Dimir" deck in campaign mode.

Clear part 5 Ravnica in the single player campaign
See Chandra's Ally

Recover the Scrying Shard
Defeat the "Enter the Dracomancer" deck in campaign mode.

Clear part 4 Alara in the single player campaign
See Chandra's Ally

Worthy Adversary
Defeat the "Avacyn's Glory" deck in campaign mode.

Clear part 1 Innistrad in the single player campaign
See Chandra's Ally

Acquire the Silver Fossil
Defeat the "Sliver Hive" deck in campaign mode.

Clear part 3 Shandalar in the single player campaign
See Chandra's Ally

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