[INDENT]Players: 1-2 (Co-op & Competitive)
Online Play: Yes (Co-op & Competitive)
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes: None*
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 4/10
Time to 100%: Approx. 2-3 hours

[top]Tips & Strategies

*If the look of a particular level is overwhelming, press the PS button to pause the game as opposed to pressing start. This will leave the screen visible while paused, and allow you to get a better look at the current level.



[Jungle] Conquistador
Conquer the new continent's lands.

You will earn this trophy after completing level 5-24 when it says "Episode Complete". You can do this at your leisure in intervals, so don't feel pressured thinking you have to do every level in one shot. Take your time.

Tips for beating level 5-24:

Similar to the other themes' final levels, you will have to deal with a lot of objects very low on the playing field. This leaves very little room for your ball to bounce around, so you'll have to be quick with your paddle. There are iron gates behind all the debris, but the good thing is they can be destroyed with 2 solid hits. If you're comfortable with your aim and reflexes, try blasting your way up through the middle. Otherwise, take out the objects in either corner and sneak your ball up through there.

As long as your ball stays up top long enough to destroy most of the objects, the remainder of the level is clear sailing, as the hardest part is getting up top. Grab any power-ups that fall to speed things up and clear any remaining debris at the bottom of the playing field. Once this level is complete, the trophy will unlock.

[Jungle] Keen cannoneer
The villagers have been attacked by tigers. Help them by shooting the tigers from the cannons without hitting any other objects (except for the fireworks).

Level 5-9.

There are two cannons at the base of the area that you can hit, which will then trigger the other cannons above, hitting the tigers on the left side. 2-3 shots in total will do the trick.

The key word in the trophy description is "objects" - grass/land and water sections do not count as objects, so you can hit them and still get the trophy. If you hit either of the skulls or the totem power-up in the right corner, the trophy will not unlock and you should restart the level. Depending on how your aim is, this level might require several restarts to get the trophy. The magnet power-up is your best friend here, but avoid any environmental and weapon power-ups that fall.

Tip: You can hit the cannon on the right as soon as the level starts if you leave your paddle in the position it spawns and fire right away.

[Jungle] Enchanted water
Three enchanted waterfalls maintain the shaman's force. Destroy them to defeat the shaman.

Level 5-17.

The biggest problem here is that the waterfalls in question are the ones that turn your ball into the pink, crazy ball, which can make it difficult to keep track of. Each waterfall also requires a dozen or so hits before it disappears, so it's going to take a while to vanquish all three. Not necessarily hard to do, just time consuming.

Note: The trophy will still unlock if you kill the shaman before destroying the three waterfalls, so don't worry about avoiding him. Use every power-up to your advantage, and as long as every waterfall is gone before you exit the level, the trophy will unlock.

[Jungle] The enemy is defeated!
Now the shaman is defenseless, but he's not that easy to beat! The thunderstorm will help you.

Level 5-24.

The shaman is in the very middle of the map, standing atop a large column. Contrary to the the trophy description, he is easy to beat. The method used in eliminating him does not matter, so long as you get rid of him. Use your ball, weapon pick-ups, or environmental power-ups - whatever works. Once he's done for, the trophy will unlock.

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