Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 3 - 10 Hours (Skill Dependent)
100% Difficulty: 5/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Glitched Trophies: Award Winner, for a small majority


This is the second Trophy Guide I've written for this site. As usual, I would like to know what you think of my guide; how I can improve, what you like -- all feedback will be taken into consideration. Magic Ball consists of 10 Bronze Trophies, 2 Silver Trophies, and 1 Gold Trophy. Magic Ball is relatively easy to 100%, though Bonus Plan can pose some problems. Good luck, and enjoy!

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • If you lose a life, pause the game and restart the level.
  • If you lose all your lives, select 'Try Again', never choose 'Continue'.
  • You need to do well in the Bonus Levels if you are to get Bonus Plan.
  • It is advised that you get to learn the different power-ups and use your knowledge to your advantage.
  • A lot of the Trophy descriptions are badly worded, and need to be done in one playthrough.



Complete ‘Plundering Pirates’ Episode

Complete levels 1-1 to 1-24 and the trophy is yours. You will get the trophy when you see the 'Episode Complete' screen. You don't have to do this all in one playthrough, each level unlocks when you beat it so you can start from any level you've previously beaten. A good tip is to start off each level by getting your ball up and behind all the main objects by lining up your initial shot and bouncing it off of the right wall and up behind the main objects. This helps with destroying a lot of the level quickly and efficiently, and it also drops some power ups while you wait for the ball to come back down. Always keep your eye out for the ball during this initial shot.

Complete ‘Naughty Knights’ Episode

Complete levels 2-1 to 2-24 and you will get this trophy. Once again, it is awarded at the 'Episode Complete' screen. You don't have to do this on one playthrough either; each level unlocks when you beat it so you can start from any level you've previously beaten. This episode is harder than the first episode, and in most cases, the strategy I outlined for the first episode won't work. If you keep and this, you will get through it eventually; there's no trick to it.

10 in a Row
Complete 10 Levels in a Row

To get this trophy you'll need to complete 10 levels in a row without quitting. I'd recommend starting on level 1-1 and playing through to level 1-10. For this trophy you can continue. When you use up all of your lives and it asks you if you want to try again or continue, select "Try Again" with the but never select "Continue." I'd also recommend going for '25 in a Row' after getting this trophy.

25 in a Row
Complete 25 Levels in a Row

For this trophy, you'll need to complete 25 levels in a row, without quitting. I'd recommend continuing on after getting '10 in a Row', if possible, to get this trophy. As with above, when you use up all of your lives and it asks you if you want to try again or continue, select "Try Again" with the but never select "Continue."

500K Plan
Score 500,000 points

To get this trophy you need to score 500,000 points in one playthrough, without quitting or continuing. If you start at level 1-1 you will have this trophy before the end of the 'Plundering Pirates' episode. For extra points try to get a 'Super Combo' by hitting the ball against lots of objects in quick succession. I'd recommend going for 'Millionaire's Club' in the same playthrough, after getting this trophy.

Millionaire’s Club
Score 1,000,000 points

For this trophy, you need to score 1,000,000 points in one playthrough, without quitting or continuing. I'd recommend going for this trophy, and '500K Plan', in the same playthrough. If you start from level 1-1, you should have this somewhere around the beginning of the 'Naughty Nights' episode.

The Morris Award
Gain 9 Extra Lives

To get this trophy, you need to have nine lives at the same time. "Lives" are pink/red hearts, and your lives are displayed in the top-left corner of the screen. I suggest starting from level 1-1 as it's easier to stay alive at the beginning of the game. When you die in a level, pause the game and select "Restart Level" from the menu and you will restart the level with the amount of lives you had before you died. Hearts seem to appear randomly, so keep playing and you'll get nine eventually.

Bonus Plan
Collect 200 ‘Bonus Points’ power-ups

"Bonus Points" are the gold coins that come down like any other power-up except they don't affect gameplay; they add significantly to your score. This trophy requires you to collect 200 Bonus Points in one playthrough, without quitting or continuing. It is essential that you do well in the Bonus Levels (which pop-up after every five levels), if you want this trophy. You'll know you're in a Bonus Level when all you see is coins and the "Level Up" icons. The "Level Up" icons will take you to the next level so avoid these and grab as many coins as you can. Try to keep count in your head of how many coins you've collected so you know when you're getting close. If you do well in the Bonus Levels, and get a "Bonus Point" every second level, you will have this by the end of the game.

Complete a level within one minute

This is a pretty simple trophy, and there are two ways to do it. First, you can complete a level normally. Second, if you don't have this trophy by the time you reach the first Bonus Level, you will get it then. Bonus Levels will never last a minute, so just keep collecting coins until the level ends, and the trophy is yours.

Goodbye Cruel World
5 Killer Skulls Collected

For this trophy to unlock, you need to collect 5 "Killer Skulls" in one playthrough, without quitting or continuing. Killer Skulls are something you would usually want to avoid because they kill you instantly. They are shiny human skulls with an aura around them and they slide down towards you like any other power-up. I'd recommend trying for this trophy after getting 'The Morris Award' as you will have nine lives, so dying won't be a problem.

Award Winner
Collect all Awards in the game

This trophy is awarded when you collect all twelve other trophies in the game. It is similar to a platinum trophy. There have been reports of a glitch where this trophy does not unlock...

Back in the Chain Gang
Start a chain reaction with a bunch of cannons

This is a simple trophy, and I got it accidentally. This trophy can be earned on level 1-5. Aim for the cannon on the far left of the level with the life-ring surrounding it as soon as you can. This will cause the cannon to fire, hitting the next cannon, which in turn hits the next cannon. This continues, causing a chain reaction. If a cannon moves out of place, by earthquake or wind, or gets destroyed then this trophy cannot be earned.

Through the Fire and Flames
Seek out and aid the lone knight in his fight against the dragons

This is a tricky trophy and it will, more than likely, frustrate you. On level 2-16, there is a knight standing in the middle of the level, surrounded by lots of dragons. They are blocked by trees, which you need to destroy first. Your objective is to destroy all the dragons, before the knight gets destroyed. The knight can only take three shots before dying, so be careful. Power-ups are essential to saving the knight. A "laser" can take out multiple dragons at once, whilst "wind" will blow the knight to the side of the level, and out of danger.

For the DLC trophy guide of Magic Ball, the Wicked Witch pack, check here, by dajmer79.

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