Players: 1-2 (Co-op & Competitive)
Online Play: Yes (Co-op & Competitive)
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes: None*
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 3/10
Time to 100%: Varied; approx. 2-3 hours depending on players skill level

[top]Tips & Strategies

*If the look of a particular level is overwhelming, press the PS button to pause the game as opposed to pressing start. This will leave the screen visible while paused, and allow you to get a better look at the current level.



[Wicked Witches] EE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE!!!
Complete ‘Wicked Witches’ Episode

You will earn this trophy after completing level 3-24 when it says "Episode Complete". I recommend going for this trophy along with the 50 in a Row trophy.

Tips for beating level 3-24:

This level will frustrate you, so be prepared. The entire playing field is lined with iron gates that prevent you from clearing any of the targets, so you're going to need to find a way around. There is a path directly up the middle, and it has a gap at the top on either side that your ball can fit into. Once you clear out the grass parts here, you need to find the right angle to send your ball up to reach the gaps. Try ricocheting off the inner sides of the gate at a sharp angle; this part is all trial and error, so if your ball doesn't make it through on the first attempt, try it again at a different angle. You need the ball to get into either side and hit both the cannons and dynamite sticks (these will blow up sections of the iron gate). "Iron Ball" and "Magnet" power-ups are your best friends here, especially if you can get either of them (or both!) at the start of the level; an iron ball will rip open a path for you to get to the top in no time. Once you get pieces of the iron gates destroyed, you can continue playing this level as you would any other.

[Wicked Witches] 50 in a Row
Complete 50 Levels in a Row

Each of the three Episodes contains 24 levels, so at minimum you are going to need to play through two whole episodes. You can start at either 1-1 (Plundering Pirates) through to 3-2 (Wicked Witches), or 1-22 (Plundering Pirates) through to 3-24 (Wicked Witches). Remember that these levels need to be done in one sitting in order to earn the trophy, so plan on spending a couple hours minimum attempting this. Pausing doesn't negatively affect this trophy, so take a break every now and then. If you die, choose "try again" as opposed to "continue", or all of your hard work will be for naught.

[Wicked Witches] More Points Than You’ll Ever Need
Score 2,000,000 points

If you're trying for the 50 in a Row trophy, you should get this trophy along with it. There are more points to be earned in the Wicked Witches levels than the other two Episodes; remember that and come up with a game plan accordingly. I recommend starting at 1-22 and playing all the way through to the end, and you should get the trophy before completing the Wicked Witches Episode. If you're comfortable using it, the multi-ball power-up is a great way to rack up points. For levels that have a more "open" field to them, try and get your ball to the top of the playing field and let it ricochet off everything in sight. Points galore!

[Wicked Witches] Evening Exorcist
An evil witch performs dark rituals. Put an end to them by destroying her at nighttime.

Level 3-8. The witch in question will be standing atop a three-tiered mountain in the middle of the map, surrounded by skeletons standing in a stone circle. Concentrate on tearing that mountain down in whatever way works. Once the witch is on the ground, wait for a "night time" power-up to fall before attacking her and continue grabbing any further "night time" power-ups to reset the timer and prolong the event. If you have a weapon already stored, simply fire away at her until she is defeated (remember, the laser is a one-shot kill) and you will earn the trophy immediately afterward.

[Wicked Witches] As You Wish
No one should hinder true love. Find the lovers and make those around them go away.

I actually had to go back and play through some of the Episode again, as I couldn't remember which level this was on. 3-9 is where you get it though. You will see a small group of guitar-carrying trees just to the right of your position; the prince and princess are located in the middle of the map. Make sure to avoid picking up any environmental power-ups, as well as the Iron Ball, as these will only hinder you. When you have a clear path to the trees, use any weapon power-ups (machine gun, laser, bazooka, cannon) to help out. The trophy will register after you have destroyed both the trees and their guitars.

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