Players: 1-2 (Co-op & Competitive)
Online Play: Yes (Co-op & Competitive)
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes: None*
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 4/10
Time to 100%: Approx. 2-3 hours

[top]Tips & Strategies

*If the look of a particular level is overwhelming, press the PS button to pause the game as opposed to pressing start. This will leave the screen visible while paused, and allow you to get a better look at the current level.



[Winter] Let it snow!
Complete the "Winter" episode

You will earn this trophy after completing level 4-24 when it says "Episode Complete". You can do this at your leisure in intervals, so don't feel pressured thinking you have to do every level in one shot. Take your time.

Tips for beating level 4-24:

This is the hardest, and most frustrating, level in the game, in my opinion. The iron gate directly in front of you requires split-second timing if you time your shot wrong, and the snowman on the right side is a pain in the ass as he converts your ball to the pink, zany ball. If you can manage to get in via the left side, then opt for that route, otherwise you'll have to deal with the psycho snowman on the opposite side. Once your ball reaches the upper playing field and hits the TNT by the gate, then half the battle is over. From here, you need to keep a close eye on your ball while positioning your paddle relatively close to the exit tent on the left side where the gate used to be. If your ball enters any of the tents up top, it will emerge from the exit tent at the exact angle and speed as it went in, so be careful.

Grab any power-ups that you can safely get to. Environmental power-ups are a great help here, as they can destroy some of the smaller objects that might otherwise be hard to aim at and reach. Much of the level is based on luck, so don't get too discouraged if you die repeatedly (like I did).

[Winter] Penguins in Danger!
Help the valiant penguins fight the nasty bears!

Level 4-15.

In this level you'll see a group of polar bears surrounding four penguins in the middle of the map. What you need to do is kill all the polar bears, but make sure every penguin survives. Avoid grabbing any environmental or ball power-ups, but grab any and all weapon power-ups to make short work of the bears. The laser is your best friend here, as it can kill an entire row of bears in one shot, but it can be hard to come by.

Once the final bear is gone, the trophy will unlock.

[Winter] Call For Help!
Call for help by launching the fireworks! Don't let the witch notice you! Avoid hitting this elderly lady.

Level 4-17.

The witch in question here is sitting atop several stacked boxes in a small enclosure. There are several fireworks here that you need to hit, but none of them are hard to reach. There are a couple that are stacked higher up, but they can be knocked down with either your ball or one of the men standing around with guns. You want to make sure the witch stays perched up high, so avoid grabbing any environmental power-ups which could potentially knock her down. If you're confident with your aim, the Iron Ball power-up can help speed things up quite a bit.

The best way to start the level is by moving all the way left and pressing to shoot your ball. It will ricochet around, but will also take out the closest firework next to the polar bear. Once every firework has been set off, the trophy will unlock.

[Winter] I fly only first class
And finally, send that old man in a red cap off on a big air trip.

Level 4-24.

This level is hard enough on its own, and adding an objective makes things even more difficult. What you need to do is knock Santa off the stacked boxes before triggering all the surrounding fireworks. The two fastest ways to do this are with either environmental power-ups, or a laser gun pick-up. Once he's on the ground all you need to do is hit the group of fireworks around him; the trophy will unlock afterward. Easier said than done, mind you, as dealing with the iron gate immediately in front of you will require most of your attention until you can get on the other side.

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