Players: 1
Online Trophies: Yes (4)
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 20-50 hours, depending on skill


Mahjong Tales is a Chinese tile-matching game. Formations are made out of tiles with different images on them. Some are numbers, some are different types of flowers, and some of them are seasons. In Ancient Tales Mode, there are also Brooms, Paintbrushes, Candles, Dragons, Gongs, Animals, Golden Yin and Yang symbols and many other tiles. The point of the game is to match all of the tiles together and remove all tiles from the formation. This isn't as easy as it sounds, as tiles are usually placed on top of each other, so skill and attention is needed in order to get to the bottom of each layer.

[top]Tips and Strategies

If you aren't used to playing this game, then I cannot stress enough that PRACTICE makes you much better at it. Although most of the trophies don't have any kind of time limit, speed is essential to getting 100% Trophy Completion. There are some ways to get around this, which I can highlight in each corresponding trophy, but being able to navigate the board with speed and efficiency trumps all. Here are some tips for beginners, or even some things veterans may not know!

Always work from the top down!
You can easily get to the end of a very long formation just to find out that the very last 2 tiles you need to match are one-on-top-of-the-other. This is essentially the only way you can lose in the classic Mahjong Game. Make sure that when you play through a board, you try your best to lower each layer equally. The worst case scenario is to have 3 or 4 tiles left on the bottom layer, and a stack of like 7 tiles on top of each other off to the side. This is pretty much a no-win situation. Making sure you "work from the top down" can save you alot of trouble when playing through this game.

Some tiles can be misleading!
What I mean by this, is relating to the "Seasons" and "Flowers" tiles. For example, the tile with a smiling sun on it is Summer. The tile with a sun behind a cloud refers to Spring. These two tiles are actually a match! Even though they aren't exactly the same, they are both "Seasons" and therefore will match together and disappear. This also will work for the pictures of different types of flowers. One actually looks like a clump of weeds, but it is also considered in the "Flowers" category. Make sure you realize, though, that the different types of numbers do not work like this. For instance, a 6 with the Chinese symbol next to it will NOT match with the 6 tile with 6 symbols on it as well. You have to find the exact type of '6' in order to match this.

If you get stuck, use a hint!
In Infinity Mode, and in Ancient Tales Mode you can use the square button to get a hint. The hint will highlight a match that can be made for you. In the top toolbar of the game as well, you can check and see how many 'matches' you have remaining. If you run out of matches don't worry! You have 3 continues in each game, and when you continue it will automatically shuffle the remaining tiles to give you several matches. I would suggest not relying too heavily on the 'Hint" button, only because in Motion Mode you don't have it. And one of the harder trophies in the game is in Motion Mode. Only use a hint when you absolutely can't find a match.

In Motion Mode, a hint becomes a dump!
The hint button is taken away from you in Motion Mode, and is replaced with the Dump button. It is still the square button to execute this move. Whenever you are getting a little overwhelmed, you can choose any tile on the playing board OR the scrolling board that wraps around and Dump it. In other words, it will take the tile and throw it away. This can be beneficial to you either way. You can use it on a tile in the formation you are trying to beat, to uncover a tile you are trying to get to, or to just get rid of one on a large stack. You can also use this on the scrolling conveyor belt to get rid of a tile you can't use, or to just stop the conveyor belt for a few more precious seconds. Once you use the Dump button, there is a period of time you must wait before using it again. Do you see the square box in the upper left hand corner of the screen that dumped tiles travel to? Once the tile is dumped, the doors close on this box. The image fills back up with color gradually, and when it's full, the doors will open back up again and make a small Ding sound. This means you can use Dump again. PRACTICE USING DUMP! Even if you don't need this function to beat the 1st levels, practice using it so you can get the timing down. I guarantee this function will save you lots of times when going for a certain trophy.

Go to the Options screen and set Cursor Speed to full!
This will be very helpful to you in Motion Mode, as it allows your pointer to travel across the screen much faster. You really don't need to do this in Ancient Tales Mode or in Infinity Mode, but in Motion Mode every second that can be shaved off helps. It's better to use this in every mode though, so you can become accustomed to the speed of the pointer and get the hang of it. Remember, if the cursor at full moves too fast for you, you can always readjust it, but you want it to move as fast possible wthout slowing you down by missing your mark.

Motion Mode Power-Ups descriptions!

Bomb - This power-up will explode and take a certain amount of tiles away that are within the Bomb's blast radius. To use, simply select the Bomb like you would a tile, and then click on the location you want to blow up. You can blow up the Bomb on either the main playing board, or in the conveyor to get rid of unwanted tiles.

Ice - This power-up will stop the conveyor from moving temporarily. All you must do is click the Ice power-up to activate it. I normally saved this specific one for use when the tiles on the conveyor got close to the dragon. Kind of like a "worst case scenario" power-up. Feel free to use it however it helps you out the most.

Magic Wand - This is my favorite power-up in the game, so it will have a longer description. The Magic Wand serves many functions to the attentive gamer. If you select the Magic Wand, many of the tiles on the game board and the conveyor will be highlighted. If you select one of the highlighted tiles, it will take that tile and all other identical ones on the board and make them disappear. You can also use the Wand on a tile that isn't highlighted and it will remove that single tile. But the Magic hasn't stopped yet! If you notice, all of the tiles that were highlighted, were done so because they have an available match! This means when you use a Magic Wand, you can memorize a few of the highlighted tiles and then select a different one. Then you absolutely know of a few other tiles that have available matches! Personally, I found it best to memorize ones on the conveyor, so massive gaps between tiles form. This keeps the conveyor stagnant for quite some time, giving you an edge to win. Utilizing this ability to manipulate the Magic Wand is KEY in obtaining the toughest trophy in the game.

Wild Number - This power-up will always have a number inside of it. When you use it, it will take away all tiles with that number on the board, regardless of which 'type' of number it is. To use it, simply click the Wild Number power-up and the numbers disappear.

Cannon - This power-up is very simple. Once you use it, the cannon will shoot a ball that destroys every tile on the conveyor belt in the direction the cannon is facing. This is very beneficial in buying yourself some extra time. Make sure you pay attention to which way the open end of the cannon is facing, so you can blast away the optimum amount of tiles to help you. Not always do you want blast as many as possible. Sometimes just getting rid of 3 or 4 tiles that you don't have matches for works just as well. Click on the cannon to fire it.

Extra Life - This heart shaped power-up will grant you one extra life. Simply click on it to enjoy extended mortality!

Hammer - This power-up is perhaps the weakest of them all, but still helpful. Click on the hammer and then click on a tile that you want to smash and get rid of. This can be used on either the main game board, or on a tile in the conveyor.

Rainbow Tile - This power-up is similar to the Wild Number with one major difference. The Rainbow Tile will have a picture of one of the tiles on it. If you click the Rainbow Tile, it will get rid of all tiles identical to the picture shown. EVEN ONES NOT IN PLAY! So shaded tiles that can't be clicked and match the Rainbow Tile will disappear as well.

Motion Mode Tips! (submitted and credit to skippycue for this helpful advice!)
For Motion Mode, you DO NOT have to do this in one sitting. You can save between levels with no penalty. The penalty only comes when you quit during a level. I definitely did NOT do this in one sitting so I can confirm this. In fact, if you take advantage of backing up your game save between levels you can get all the Motion Mode trophies in one playthrough using the following strategy:

I played through motion mode twice because I had read on this forum that it would be too tough to go for the no power ups and not losing any lives trophies in the same play through. After discovering that you can return to the main menu after every board and backup your game to a memory stick, I disagree with this statement. In fact, I recommend that you go for them both at the same time so you don't have to play all 45 boards twice! If you lose a life, just restore the game data from the memory stick. It's a bit annoying to have to quit the game to restore your data, but it's better than playing through twice. I didn't care about my lives since I already had that trophy when I went through the second time, but I tried backing it up and losing a life a few times just to verify restoring the data works.

The basic strategy for motion mode should be to clear tiles on the conveyor belt first prior to making matches on the board. I would start out every board by making matches on the board quickly before the conveyor tiles became available. Once they are available I would focus on the front of the line clearing any tiles I could until I couldn't find any to clear. At this point I'd look to the board and start quickly making matches using the board alone. Whatever you do, don't spend a lot of time searching for a match because time is too valuable to waste. If you can't find a match within a second or two, move on to another tile! Keep in mind that you can still use the Rainbow Tile to clear all open tiles of the same type.

[top]Main Game Trophies

Infinity and Beyond
Complete 100 different Layouts in ‘Infinity’ Mode

This trophy is obtained by completing every single formation in Infinity Mode, as there is a total of 100. You have no time limit in this mode for completion so feel free to take your time. However, getting it done as quick as possible will save you a headache. Lots of the formations in 'Infinity' Mode live up to that name. Some of them are HUGE, containing up to 500 tiles! I am very good at Mahjong and some of these single formations took me up to 20 minutes to complete. Not all of them are this long, but the majority are. This mode also contains some of the most difficult formations to complete in the game. I would suggest beginners to play through Ancient Tales mode first, to get a better understanding of how the game works. This trophy does not have to be done in one entire sitting. You can keep track of which formations you have completed by checking the yin and yang symbol at the bottom of each level on the level select screen. If the symbol is colored in, you have finished that level. If the symbol is transparent, this level still needs to be completed. Working from the top down can save you alot of frustration in this mode, as it isn't always fun to do some of these intricate formations over again.

Match 2000 sets of Tiles

This is one of the easier Silver trophies to obtain in the game. You don't have to do anything special for this, only match 2000 sets of Tiles. For instance, if you select a '7', then you select the identical '7', the two tiles animate and clap together then disappear, leaving behind a beautiful display of fireworks. This is one match. You need to do this 2000 times in total to obtain this trophy. This can be achieved in any game mode, and all game modes work together in counting towards this trophy. You can match 500 from Infinty Mode, 500 from Motion Mode and 1000 from Ancient Tales mode to achieve this. Or you could simply get all 2000 matches while playing Infinity Mode. Any combination of 2000 tiles matched will net you this trophy.

Who’s The Master?
Receive ‘Sage’, ‘Dragon Slayer’ and ‘Infinity and Beyond’

This silver trophy is obtained by getting the 3 trophies mentioned in the XMB description. Once you receive the 'Sage', 'Dragon Slayer' and 'Infinity and Beyond' trophies, you will also receive this one directly after the last of those that you achieve. For better descriptions on how to achieve each single trophy, please refer to each respective one in my guide.

Who Needs Sleep?
Complete ‘Motion’ Mode without losing a single Life

This trophy is a bit easier than it sounds. Although it may take you a few tries to do it if you are new to Mahjong. Motion Mode starts you off with a classic Mahjong formation in the center of the board. A conveyor belt, which wraps around the board, will move slowly and produce more tiles. Any of these tiles on the conveyor can be matched with the corresponding tile(s) on the game board. When a tile is removed from the conveyor, it will temporarily stop moving while the next tiles catch up to it. You can also match 2 tiles together from the game board to get rid of them, but if you do this continuously you will eventually lose. This is the game mode where being speedy is required to complete. The tiles begin emerging from the bottom right corner of your screen, and if they wrap all the way around to the fire breathing dragon at the top right corner of the screen, you will lose a life. In order to get this trophy you must not let this happen throughout all 45 levels of Motion Mode! But, as I said before, this isn't as hard as it sounds. You can use every single type of Power-Up tile to achieve this trophy. The Power-Ups are Bomb, Cannon, Magic Wand, Wild Number, Ice, Hammer, Extra Life and Rainbow Tile. If you refer to the top, there is a small description of what each one of these will do for you. If you go to the game's Main Menu, select Extras, select Help and scroll over to the description of Motion Mode there is also information about each of these Power-Ups along with a picture of what each one looks like. Use these as much as possible throughout Motion Mode and you shouldn't have a problem making it to the end without losing any lives. Be prepared, for the further you go into Motion Mode, the formations you must solve get tougher and more complex. If you lose a single life, this trophy won't be available to you unless you start Motion Mode over. Utilizing speed, efficiency and effective usage of the Power-Ups will get you through this mode unscathed. You must make sure that you do not quit out of the game in the middle of playing through a board, because if you do so then you will lose a life. This loss of life will register and you will need to start over to go for this. This game mode is very long, and can take anywhere from 6 to 10 hours to beat, depending on your personal skill at the game. This is why the trophy is called 'Who Needs Sleep?' . I highly recommend any beginner of Mahjong to play through the other 2 game modes before attempting any of the Motion Mode trophies. The practice you get and skill you obtain for the game will be highly beneficial to your ability to succeed in this mode. Trust me, if you get to the end of this mode and have to leave, or turn it off for any reason, it will be a long time before you attempt it again. Refer to the Motion Mode Tips at the top, submitted by skippycue for the way to help you through this mode without having to do it all at once!

Can’t Get Enough
Complete 25 different Layouts in ‘Infinity’ Mode

You can get this trophy while working on the 'Infinity and Beyond' trophy. You need to complete 25 different Layouts in Infinity Mode. For more information on Infinity Mode, refer to the description of the trophy 'Infinity and Beyond'.

Come Out and Play
Play 50 Network Games

Network Games are games played against another player online. To play an online game select the Multiplayer option from the Main Menu. From there you can select to quickly Join Game, search parameters in Custom Game, create your own game where you pick your formation and background and whether the game is public or private, and you can check invites received from friends. Multiplayer works like Motion Mode. The screen is divided in half by 2 conveyor belts that run up and down the screen. You have a formation on your side of the screen that you must clear before the other player clears theirs in order to win. You can select tiles from either conveyor belt to match with a tile from your formation. You only need to be faster at clearing your formation then your opponent to win. However for this particular trophy, you don't need to win, you only need to play 50 multiplayer games online. This is most easily done by boosting. Create a private game and choose a small and simple formation, invite a friend and play until this trophy is achieved. You can also get this trophy by searching for opponents and playing against them. The choice is up to you. This trophy can be done over time; you do not have to play all 50 games in one sitting. The game keeps track of your wins and losses as well.

Didn’t Buy a Clue
Complete an entire Tale without using the Hint Button

This trophy is referring to Ancient Tales Mode, which is kind of like the Story mode of the game. There are 5 Tales in the game, and each Tale has 9 levels in it. You need to go through all 9 levels in any one Tale without ever using the Hint Button for help. This is most easily achieved on the very first Tale, because all of the formations in that Tale are fairly simple to beat. It's also good to pay attention to the Golden Yin and Yang symbols that are placed within each level. If you can match those two together, it will automatically beat the level, regardless of how many tiles are left on the board. Note that most of the time, the two tiles will be buried underneath many other tiles, and sometimes on opposite ends of the board.

Dragon Slayer
Complete all Levels in ‘Motion’ Mode

This trophy is about as explanatory as it gets. There are no hidden agendas, nothing at all you need to worry about aside beating all 45 levels in Motion Mode. This can be done in multiple sittings, meaning you can exit the game and come back to it later and beat it at a different time. As soon as you beat the final level of Motion Mode, you will achieve this bronze. For tips on how Motion Mode is played, refer to my description for the trophy 'Who Needs Sleep?'.

I Don’t Need No Stinking Power-Ups
Complete ‘Motion’ Mode without using ‘Bomb’, ‘Cannon’, ‘Ice’ and ‘Wild number’ Power-Ups

This trophy is one of the most frustrating ones in the game and is highly regarded as the toughest one to achieve in Mahjong Tales. But with some practice, and my tips you should be able to get it. First of all I will say, if you are a beginner, save this trophy for last. I recommend you go through all of Ancient Tales mode, all of Infinity mode, and also go through Motion mode at least once to get the other trophies and to get a feel of the differences you will encounter in this game mode. You have to beat all 45 levels of Motion Mode without using some of the more beneficial Power-Ups it has to offer. As stated in the XMB description, you can not use Bomb, Ice, Cannon or Wild Number at all. If you even accidentally click on Wild Number it will activate and you must start over. Also make sure you read my list of Power-Up descriptions in the game overview section at the top before reading any further.

Now, on to some tips to make it through this grueling task. It specifies those 4 Power-Ups because those are the only ones you can't use. This means you can use the other 4 as much as possible. Those other 4 are Hammer, Extra Life, Magic Wand and Rainbow Tile. I can not stress enough to use these power-ups, because they will honestly save you a lot of times in the latter levels. Please refer to Magic Wand description again to learn how to properly manipulate this power-up. You will need to employ this method to be successful. I will also say that Rainbow Tile is definately different than Wild Number, it is definately okay to use, and it will also help you tremendously. Personally I didn't even use a single power-up except Extra Life until about level 22, when the formations you encounter start getting very large and complex. You CAN die and still be eligible for this trophy, so as long as you get every Extra Life you see, you should have plenty of tries. When you get far enough into Motion Mode, you will start encountering tiles that have a vertical piece of bamboo on them. These are locked tiles, and if you use the identical tile on it, it will only remove the piece of bamboo and the tile will remain for you to match again. In my opinion, this is the best place to use the Hammer. If you use it on a regular tile, chances are the matching one will make itself available to you through the conveyor or from uncovering tiles on the main game board. *You CAN NOT touch the restricted power ups even with a hammer or you WILL NOT get the trophy for not using power ups. You must leave these tiles alone. I have several friends who got screwed because they destroyed the forbidden tiles.* (submitted and credit to skippycue for this useful advice!) Use the Dump tile function as often as possible, because this is essentially a free way to continuously get rid of tiles. Use it accordingly to your situation. If you have many gaps on the conveyor, or are steadily keeping it from getting closer to the dragon, then Dump a tile on the game board. If you have a lot of tiles on the conveyor, than dump one of the unneeded tiles from there to buy yourself some time. I can't stress enough that efficiency is key here. The last 5 levels of this mode are huge, and it's very easy to get overwhelmed. Another little hint you can use is pausing the game. If you start to get backed up on the conveyor to where the tiles are scrolling up the screen on the left side of the board, you can pause the game to better assess the situation. Keep in mind that this will only help you sparingly, because a pause menu box comes up in the middle of the screen, so you can only see tiles on the far edges of the game board. However you can see all tiles on the conveyor. The best way to utilize this, is to memorize a few problematic tiles from the middle of the game board, then pause the game to look for matches on the conveyor. You won't always find what you are looking for, so unpause, memorize a few more, repause and find those matches. You want the matches to come from the conveyor so it gives you more time. And remember, if the dragon burns you it's ok! Unless of course it is your last life....

I'm not going to blow smoke at you; if you can't play this game very well, or at least with a decent amount of speed, this trophy will be very hard for you to achieve. But if you practice enough to get good, and use these tips you shouldn't have that much of a problem. Now I have been informing you of trophies in Motion Mode that you can exit the game and come back to later to achieve for a reason. I have been told that you can quit and come back later to this trophy. MY personal experience is a different story. The one time I tried accomplishing this trophy, I was playing through it all on the same day. When I got to level 41/45 the power went out in my apartment for about 30 minutes. When power was restored I came back to the game and finished it, and I did not receive the trophy. I'm going to go back before I publish this guide and go for it once more, but needless to say I was disgusted and haven't tried since. Including a few small breaks, and subtracting the time my power was out, it took me about 7 1/2 hours to finish this mode. I only died a few times as well, so I only had to replay a couple levels. I was told that the power going out in the middle of my game caused my save state to mess up, but I don't believe it. The game wasn't saving, and it started me on the same level I was at when the power went out. This leads me to believe that you must do this all in one sitting. If anyone who has this trophy can confirm differently I will edit my guide with credit to you.

Quick on the Draw
Make 5 Quick Matches in-a-row

This trophy is fairly easy to get, and can be achieved from any of the 3 Game Modes and Multiplayer. However, it is easier to get this on an Infinity Mode formation that has a lot of open tiles right off the bat. To make a quick match, you must make one match, and then another before the fireworks display from the first match is gone. Once you do this 5 times in a row you will get the trophy. You can play through the game normally, and once you get good enough you will get this trophy. Or you can pick a large Infinity formation with a lot of open tiles, and just find 5 or 6 matches and pick them all one right after another. Once you do this, the bronze is yours!

*For Quick on the Draw, the easiest way to get this is to take your time matching 5 sets of tiles, then just undo 5 times and do it again more quickly. It's easier because now you know where the matches will be immediately and you should be able to match them quickly!* (credit to skippycue for this advice!)

Complete all Tales in ‘Ancient Tales’ Mode

For this trophy, you need to beat all 5 Tales in the Ancient Tales game mode. There are 9 levels in each Tale, so this is a total of 45 levels you must complete. The levels are very easy to begin with, and get harder and more complex as you progress. If you want to make this go a little faster, locate the Golden Yin and Yang tiles and work on clearing the surrounding tiles so you can match those two. Matching those two tiles will automatically beat the level you are on, and the Golden Yin and Yang tiles can be found on every single level in Ancient Tales mode.

Score 2500 remaining tiles points in one ‘Ancient Tales’ level

This is another trophy that must be achieved in Ancient Tales game mode. You score 'remaining tiles points' by finding the Golden Yin and Yang tiles and matching them together while there are other tiles still on the board. Like I said previously, the Golden tiles will automatically complete the level regardless of how many tiles you have left. For all the tiles left on the board, you will score points for having tiles remaining. You only get about 10 points for each tile remaining, so in order to get 2500 points you must play a very large formation and find the Golden tiles fairly quickly. There isn't necessarily a 'best' level to achieve this on but there are some things you can do to help you get as many points as possible. First of all, if you watch the formation before you play the level the game animates it building from the bottom to the top. In most levels the Golden tiles will be buried under many other tiles. But if you watch the formation build you can find out exactly where the Golden tiles are located in every level. So then you have a good idea of where you want to start matching from. Stick to only matching tiles that will get you closer to the Golden tiles, unless you have to match one from another place on the board to get closer. Eventually you will get to a point where the tiles blocking your progress won't have any matches on the board, and you will HAVE to match other tiles to try and find the tiles you need. When doing this, use the Undo button (which is circle on your controller) if you match tiles that lead you nowhere. This way you can only match tiles that you need to in order to get closer to the Golden tiles. If you employ these tactics you will eventually get this trophy when playing through the Tales. If you have already gone through the Tales, take this advice and search for a board where there are a lot of tiles but is relatively easy to get to the Golden tiles. I would work backwards on the list, because the last levels have the most tiles in them.

Speed Reader
Complete an ‘Ancient Tales’ Layout in less than 2 minutes

This trophy is best achieved in the first Tale, where the formations are smaller than in other Tales. At the top of the screen there is a timer that you can use to check yourself. You want to clear the layout as fast as possible, because even on the easiest levels 2 minutes is pushing it. You should practice on the smallest, and easiest level that suits your skill, and work as fast as possible making matches. Remember, finding the Golden tiles will end the level immediately so getting these uncovered is beneficial in obtaining this trophy as well. However don't spend unnecessary time on this if you have matches elsewhere. Sooner or later the Golden tiles will make themselves available. You want to move as quickly as you possibly can when going for this trophy. Level 1-1 in Ancient Tales is the simplest level of them all, so practicing on this level will probably suit most players best. Keep working at it and once you get good enough at the game you will get this trophy.

The Duelist
Win 5 Network games in-a-row

This trophy is very simple if you know how to read. And if you are reading this guide, well then it's pretty easy to explain! You have to win 5 multiplayer online games in a row. Simple as that. This trophy can be easily boosted with a friend. You can set up a Private Match, invite your friend, and have him/her let you win 5 games in a row. Or you can get it the regular way after becoming pretty good at the game. But honestly, I would suggest boosting because it is very hard to find someone online now. Just remember, it's only fair to help the other person boost their trophy too!

The Gunslinger
Win 25 Network games

Another trophy that is very self explanatory. To get this bronze, you must win 25 online Multiplayer games throughout the course of your gaming. You don't have to do these wins all at once. The game keeps track of your wins and losses, however it doesn't let you see your record. Just keep playing online games until you win 25 and watch the trophy Ding! You can use the same boosting method I explained in 'The Gunslinger' description directly above this one.

Why Stop With Just One?
Complete a single Tale in ‘Ancient Tales’ Mode

This trophy is obtained in Ancient Tales Mode. You will achieve this trophy after completing the first Tale. It consists of 9 stages, and the other Tales aren't available to play until you beat preceding one. Remember, finding the Golden Yin and Yang tiles will automatically finish a stage, regardless of how many other tiles are left on the board. This can help you progress through this mode much faster.

[top]Downloadable Content Trophies

Complete all Layouts of Animal Pack

The Animal Pack layouts are found in the Infinity Mode. Once you select Infinty Mode there will be a sub-menu that has Animal Pack at the bottom. You must complete all 25 layouts in Animal Pack to get this trophy. You can track your progress the same way you did throughout Infinity Mode, with the Yin and Yang symbol located at the bottom of each formation. Transparent means it needs to be completed, and Opaque means it has been completed.

Be The Best, Mahjong The Rest
Earn 'Who Is The Master' and 'Beastmaster' trophies

This trophy is very self explanatory as well. You need to earn the 'Who Is The Master' and 'Beastmaster' trophies in order to get this one. As soon as you have both you will get this silver. The description for Beastmaster is directly above this one, and the description for Who Is The Master is located up top, in the original game's trophy list. Refer to both to see how to achieve them.

Mason Apprentice
Create 5 Layouts using Layout Editor. Each Layout should have at least 70 tiles in it

For this trophy, you need to go to the Layout Editor and create 5 Layouts with at least 70 tiles in them. There is another trophy for creating Layouts located directly beneath this one. I will explain more on this in that description.

Mason Master
Create 10 Layouts using Layout Editor. Each Layout should have at least 100 tiles in it

For this trophy you need to go to the Layout Editor and create 10 different Layouts with at least 100 tiles in them. To get to the Layout Editor, you go to Infinity Mode on the Main Menu, then Layout Editor in the sub-menu. In this mode you are given a blank board which you can create your own Layout on. You just move your cursor where you want to drop a tile and press X. On the top toolbar you can keep track of how many tiles you have placed. Pretty much just let your imagination run wild. You can create any type of picture or design that you want. You press the R1 button to change layers, which means you can stack tiles on top of each other just like in the original game. You can only stack tiles on top of others, so you can't drop a tile in layer 2 if there isnt one beneath it in layer 1. You can have up to 8 layers, and make these formations as big as you want. You want to make sure that they have at least 100 tiles in them for you to get this trophy. Once you make 5 of these, you will also receive the 'Mason Apprentice' trophy. If you ever want to play the formations that you make, remember to finish with an EVEN number of tiles, or you will always have 1 tile remaining with no match, and you will not be able to win.

Got Layout?!
Play through 10 Network games on custom Layouts

This trophy is also as easy as it sounds. It's actually harder to find someone online to play with than it will be to explain this. For this trophy, you need to play 10 Multiplayer games online on a custom layout. This means either a layout you created, or one your opponent has created. The main thing to remember here is that the Layouts you created with 100 tiles or more in them will NOT be usable online, as they are too big. I don't know what the tile amount limit is, but I do know that I made a Layout that is a 4 x 5 square and it is small enough to use online. You can create whatever you want, but I would suggest not making it more than 40 or 50 tiles because the premade online boards are no bigger than that. Once again I suggest boosting this with a friend, only because there is hardly anyone online anymore. Once you create your Layout, set up a Private match, and scroll through the formations until you find the one you created and pick it. Invite your friend and play 10 games on it to get the trophy. You can also get the trophy by being the person invited as well, so you don't have to create your own if your boosting partner already has.

[top]Closing Comments

Thank you for reading my guide, and I hope that the tips I have provided will get you that 100%. Also thank you to skippycue for submitting some helpful tips in some problematic areas! Good luck, and may you Mahjong with speed and accuracy!

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