2K Sports is back with their annual Major League Baseball Franchise MLB 2K11. In this years installment. You will see the return of previous additions to the series. As well as a few new improvements from last years MLB 2K10. Such as improved fielding defense in this years game. And a revamped throwing meter. So you know when to release the ball to make that perfect throw. To 1st base, to get the final out. That wins your team the World Series! The flyball fielding indicator, allows players to know exactly where that flay ball is intended to land. Which makes running them down a heck of a lot easier than previous years. Now players will actually play like a Golden Glove Candidate.
But at the heart of every 2K Sports franchise. Is their My Player Modes. And MLB 2K11 is no exception. Expect to put a lot of hours into this game mode. Climbing from Minor League Prospect. All the way to Major League Baseball's Hall of Fame. Is going to take a lot of practice, a few good seasons, a couple of All Star Games. And a World Series Win, or 2 wouldn't hurt either.
Franchise mode is where you will build your Dynasty. You can continue the New York Yankees' Tradition. Or break The Chicago Cubs "Billy Goat Curse". Which Team you pick. How far you go. And how many Tittles you win. Is all in your hands. Because in Franchise Mode. You are The Club House Manager and Super Star Player all at the same time. Not even Aroldis Chapman's 105 mph fastball, is beyond your reach.
Online play is back this year as well. With the Return of Ranked Matches, Online League Play and my personal favorite MLB Today. Where it doesn't matter when you log on, during the MLB 2011 Season. Whoever is playing that day. Whatever the Match Ups may be. You will play the MLB games of that day. Predictable Win? Or a complete Upset? You be the Judge, or in this case The Umpire.


Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: 9 (8 , 1 )
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 40-50 hrs. Depending on Skill
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 Franchise Season, 5 My Player Seasons, 10+ Ranked Online Games, 2 MLB Today Games, 1 Online League Game and many Play Now Games
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: 2 A Day in the Life (only available during the 2011 MLB Season) & Mid-Summer Classic (only available on July 12, 2011)
Glitched Trophies: 1 He taketh away (with patch 1.01 this trophy will not unlock)
Special Equipment Required: For the He Taketh Away trophy. Delete the game data that stores the patch. And Play Offline.

[top]Tips & Strategies

If you have not already obtained the Mid-Summer Classic Trophy. Or you are playing this after the 2011 MLB Season. You will not be able to Platinum this Game. As the Mid-Summer Classic is only available on July 12, 2011. Under the MLB Today online game mode. Also the A Day in the Life trophy is only available during the 2011 MLB Season. Under the MLB Today game mode as well..

Every non game mode specific/ game play situational trophy can be obtained in either Play Now, Online or Franchise Mode. Playing on Pro difficulty or higher is recommended. As some trophies will not unlock if you are playing on Rookie. Some will, but to be safe play on Pro. Note some trophies like Throw First and Aim Later. Can be unlocked in My Player Mode. But only during the first inning. As simulation will disable non My Player trophies.

Now the first thing you should do before playing a single game. Is set up your user profile. Because in doing so every Play Now and Franchise game you play. Under that User Profile. Will get you closer to obtaining these 3 trophies Power Grab, Domination & Production. Hit 50 Home Runs, Strikeout 200 Batters & Drive in 250 RBI's respectively with your user profile.

There are a couple of ways to obtain some of the non game mode specific trophies. You can either just play the game naturally. And unlock them normally. Or you can use the two team stacking method, which I will explain. Or you can use the Franchise Team Staking method.

The Two Team Stacking Method. Is when you take two MLB Teams. Doesn't matter which two. Team A which will be you. You will Max that team completely out in stats. Using the Player Sliders. Team B which will be the CPU. Will have completely weak team stats. Every non game mode specific trophy with the exception of He Taketh Away &Take Thatcan be earned this way.

Note: Using the Two Team Stacking Method will also make obtaining the One Man Show trophy A LOT easier. Other wise you will either have to be VERY Good at Pitching, and need some luck. Or just be VERY lucky in general. Pitching a No Hitter is Difficult. Pitching a Perfect Game, is Insanely Difficult to do.

To Obtain the He Taketh Away trophy. You MUST delete patch 1.01. After doing so the easiest way to rob a home run. Is to take any team and max out the outfielders catching and speed. Then max out either the AL or NL All Star Teams first 3 Batters in the line up Power Sliders. The reason I say pick one of the All Star Teams. IS because it will literally take less than 2 minutes to max their stats. This way you will have 3 chances to rob a home run in a row. To rob a home run. You must presswhen prompted. Other wise even if you do catch the ball. By some miracle , glitch, or both. It will not count. If you have not received the trophy after the first 3 batters. Just quit the game and reload.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

The only Major Glitch in MLB 2K11. Is with patch 1.01 you will not be able to unlock the He Taketh Way trophy. Which requires you to climb the wall to rob another player of a Home Run. In order to have this trophy unlock. You will ether have to not install the patch, or uninstall the patch and play offline in both occasions.


There are essentially 7 game modes in MLB 2K11. My Player, Play Now, Franchise, Online (Ranked Matches & MLB Today), Home Run Derby and Training Drills.
There is no particular order in which to play these modes. Or to obtain the trophies for each one. That being said. The Training Drills that you get Gold Stars in. While playing My Player Mode. Will count towards the Learning The Ropes trophy.

My Player Mode
Depending on how much, or how little you want to play this mode. Will depend on two very key things. First being your Position. Second being your team of choice. If you want to play A LOT of My Player. Create a Pitcher or a Catcher. As they will usually play the most innings. If you want to play a little. Choose to be an Outfielder. You will probably only see 3-4 innings of playing time not counting batting opportunities. Generally for a baseball game is choose to be a 3B. Simply because it's usually the fastest way to become a higher caliber player. You see decent playing time on the field. Plus very few teams have 5 Star 3B's in abundance.
Which ever position you choose to be. Know that it will effect how fast you become your teams #1 Player. And the trophy that come with it. It also effects how fast you win the World Series. And subsequent Back-to-Back World Series' and their respective trophies. So choose your team and position wisely. After all you will be playing My Player for a minimum of 5 years. In order to make it to the Hall of Fame.

Franchise Mode
Franchise Mode can be as easy or as hard as you make it. You can Max out the stats of your team. And just breeze through this game mode. And pick up every Franchise Mode trophy along the way in one season. You do have to play at least one season of Franchise Mode. Because you have to win the World Series in this Game Mode. And Break a Major League Record as well. This is also one of your opportunities to build up your User Profile Specific Trophies. Power Grab, Domination & Production.

Online is broken up into three different Game Modes. Ranked Matches, Online League and MLB Today.
*Warning 2K Sports does randomly RESET their servers. Thus resetting your games played*

Ranked Matches
Ranked Matches are two players randomly thrown together to play a game of baseball. With any teams of their own choosing. Now there are trophies in this game mode. That you have to be aware of while playing it. Those are The Team to Beat, Count It, EpidemiK, Upset Alert
,The Road to Greatness & The Spice of Life . Also any non game mode trophy can also be earned while playing a Ranked Match. So keep that in mind as well.

MLB Today
MLB Today is only available during the 2011 Major League Baseball Season. As everyday you log into the 2k Sports Servers. The games that are available depends on the actual MLB Schedule. Now it is important to note. That the Mid-Summer Classic trophy. The trophy you are awarded for playing the MLB All Star Game. Is only Available on July 12,2011. In the MLB Today Mode. This is the only day you can obtain this trophy.

Online League
Online League has a 4 team minimum. And has the trophy My Fellow Man attached to it. Online League is just quit simply a group of people who choose to play together. But the matches/games are not ranked.

Play Now
Play Now is usually what I would reserve to play as my Clean Upplaythrough in any sports game. Any none game mode trophy you have not already earned. You can pick them up here. If you have not earned the User Profile Specific trophies. You can also earn those in Play Now as well. You just have to remember to always play under your user profile.

Home Run Derby and Training Drills. Can be found at the Main Menu. These two modes are pretty self explanatory and straight forward. See King Of The Hill and Learning The Ropes respectively for how to obtain those game mode trophies.


Walk Off
Unlock all Trophies.

obtain all other trophies in the game

Down But Not Out
Get a hit with 2 strikes in a non-simulated game.

As a Batter, work yourself to a 0-2 (0 Balls & 2 Strike's) count. Then successfully get a base hit. You will get this naturally by playing the game. Either Online, Play Now or Franchise Mode

Grab Some Pine
Get a strikeout to end the inning in a non-simulated game.

Simple get a Strikeout to end any inning. Also see Stooges. You will get this naturally by playing the game. Either Online, Play Now or Franchise Mode

Mr. Consistency
Get a hit in all 9 innings in a non-simulated game.

This is a Team Trophy. Your team must get at least one base hit in all 9 innings of a game. Play Now and Franchise are your best opportunities to obtain this one. If you are having trouble obtaining this. You can use the Two Team Stacking Method.

A Pitcher's Best Friend
Turn a double play in a non-simulated game.

There well be numerous opportunities to obtain this trophy naturally during normal game play. There are several ways to get a double play. Although the most common will be throwing a ground ball to 2B as the runner is headed there and then to 1B as the batter is making his way there.

To the Rescue
Get a save with the tying run on base in a non-simulated game.

In order to obtain this trophy. You must be up by at least 1 run, but no more than 3. At the start of the bottom of the 9th inning. And you MUST be the Home Team. The opposing team must have the tying run on base at the time of the final strike out. Or simply put. There must be the same amount of runners on base. As runs needed to at least tie the game. The key is to not let the tying run score. Before you get the 3rd out of the 9th inning.

A Virtue
Face 10 pitches as the batter in a non-simulated game.

This trophy will take a lot of practice and/or some luck to obtain. You have to face 10 pitches with a single batter. The trick is to get a full count (3 balls 2 strikes). And then foul off the next five pitches thrown at you. What makes this tricky is. If you are batting with a player with above avg power/contact. You can 'accidentally' get a base hit. Or you can end up getting a walk or strike out. Once you have a 3-2 count hold your left stick either left or right (depending on the pitch location) and swing late on the next five pitches. Doing so will result in a foul ball.

Dont' Call it a Comeback
Win after being down by 4 after the 6th inning in a non-simulated game.

All you have to do is, make sure you are down by 4 runs by the end of the 6th inning. And then go on to win the game. Having to play extra innings will not affect this trophy. So if you are only tied at the end of the 9th inning. It's ok. Also using the two team method. And intentionally walking home 4 batters in the 6th inning. Then going on to win, will also net you this trophy.

Take That
Get an RBI after being brushed back off the plate in a non-simulated game.

This one is going to be tricky. You have to have a Base Runner on either 2B or 3B. And the pitcher has to throw you a pitch that triggers the animation of you having to back off of Home Plate. Then you have to successfully score the runner on base with an RBI.

The Start of Something Special
Lead off an inning by hitting a triple in a non-simulated game.

What makes this trophy hard to obtain is. Hitting a triple is harder than hitting a HR in baseball. It requires a batter to have a enough contact/power to hit the ball far to the wall. And enough speed as a base runner to make it to 3rd base. And it has to be done with the first batter of the inning.
To make things easier, You can try this in certain MLB Parks
AT&T Park. Home of The San Fransisco Giants. Right-Center Field is 421 feet.
Minute Made Park, home of the Houston Astros. Center Field is 436 feet.
Sun Life Stadium, home of the Florida Marlins. Center Field is 434 feet.

One Man Show
Throw a Perfect Game or a No-Hitter on Pro or higher in a 9 inning game, in a non-simulated game.

This trophy requires you to have a flawless game on defense. Pitching a Perfect game or throwing a No Hitter. Requires both skill and some luck. Or just a lot of luck in general. Now if you are exceptional at pitching in this game. Obtaining this trophy will be easy for you. If you are a mere mortal like the rest of us. Than you can try to do this on your own naturally. But expect to play A LOT of non simulated games. The farthest I have ever gotten. Is the 7th Inning. Note: It has to be done with 1 Pitcher. If you call in another Pitcher, it cancels the trophy.Or you use the Two Team Stacking Method.

Dual Threat
Steal a base with your pitcher in a non-simulated game.

Now to get this during normal gameplay . You will either have to play as an National League Team. Or being playing as an American League Team against a NL Team at their stadium. As NL Pitchers are the only ones that have at bats. Secondly you must have a pitcher decent enough at batting to get a base hit. Or if you are lucky, gets walked. And you must be good at base running. In order to get your pitcher to steal 2B. Which is by far the easiest one to steal. To make this easier on yourself. Choose to play a NL Team who has a Pitcher with a long Wind Up. The longer he takes to release the ball. The greater you odds of actually stealing second.
Now for those of you who need help in stealing bases. I will insert this video which will help you immensely. Not just with this trophy. But it's good for base stealing in general. I have to thank Dunbarsnackbar for making this awesome tutorial.

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I Came, I Saw...
Hit a Walk-off Home Run in a non-simulated game.

In baseball, a walk-off home run is a home run that ends the game. It must be a home run that gives the home team the lead (and consequently, the win) in the bottom of the final inning of the game. You can obtain this in any game mode except My Player. It can also be obtain in a 3 inning game. As long as you are the home team and are down by at least 1 run at the bottom of the last inning. Inside The Park and Grand Slam HR do count.

Strikeout all three hitters in the inning in a non-simulated game.

In any inning strike out the first 3 batters that you face. Plus if you haven't done so already. Striking Out the 3rd batter will also net you the Grab Some Pine Trophy. You will get this naturally by playing the game. Either Online, Play Now or Franchise Mode

He Taketh Away
Rob a Home Run in a non-simulated game.

To Rob a HR. You must preform a Wall Climb by pressing when prompted to do so. Now if you are using the AL/NL All Star Team that's in Tips& Strategies. Obtaining this trophy will be easier. You will need to adjust your outfield to max depth by pressing up on the D-Pad. Throw High Weak Fastballs in the strike zone at the first three CPU All Star batters. And when prompted press to Rob the batter of his HR. If you haven't gotten this trophy by the 3rd batter. Quit the game. Reload and Repeat.
NOTE: In order to obtain this Trophy you CANNOT have Patch 1.01 installed. If you have the patch. You WILL have to DELETE it. As the trophy is glitched w/ the patch installed.

I Like to be Thorough
Hit for the Cycle in a non-simulated game.

Hitting for the Cycle is extremely hard to do. The Cycle is when a single batter has at least one of each hit type in one game. A single, A Double, A Triple and a Home Run. You can get this naturally with normal game play. But it will require the use of a batter. With an uncanny mix of both hitting power and base running speed. You can also obtain this trophy by using the Two Team Stacking Method. Which will result in hitting a triple far easier that way.

No Hole too Deep
Battle Back: Down 0-2, get walked in a non-simulated game.

This Trophy is easier than it sounds. The easiest way to obtain this naturally during normal game play. Is to use a batter with good to great LHP/RHP Eye. Depending on which type of pitcher you are facing. Just simply swing and miss the first two pitches thrown to you. Then simply judge the next pitches as either balls or strikes by their location. If you think a pitch maybe a strike. Swing at the pitch and hold either left or right on the left stick. To foul it off. Once you get the 4th ball and the subsequent walk. The trophy will pop.
You can also obtain this by having you 'weak' team pitch to you. Because since all the stats are lowered. The Pitchers of that team will throw balls at a pretty consistent rate. Just swing and miss the first 2 pitches. And wait for your walk.

Note: If you have not already, you will also receive the Hawkeye Trophy. For getting walked with a 3-2 pitch count

My Main Squeeze
Bunt a man home in a non-simulated game.

Really easy trophy to obtain. There well be plenty of time to gain this one. Any time you have a runner on 3B. Lay down a bunt towards 1B. Once the In-Fielder makes the motion to throw the ball towards 1B. Have your runner on 3B head home. That's the key, because if you make the motion towards home as soon as the bunt is laid down. The In-Fielder will throw the ball home instead of 1B. Once the runner scores the trophy will pop.

State Farmô - The Road to Victory
Get 3 consecutive batters on base in a non-simulated game.

You will get this trophy through natural game play. There will be abundant opportunities to get 3 consecutive batters on base. Either through base hits, walks or a combination of the two.

Draw a walk on a full count in a non-simulated game.

This is another one you will more than likely get during naturally playing the game. A Full Count is 3 Balls 2 Strikes. Or a 3-2 as it will be displayed in the upper right hand of your screen. All you have to do is simply get walked.

You can also see No Hole Too Deep.

You Did What?
Hit a HR with the pitcher in a non-simulated game.

Pick a Pitcher from a National League (NL) Team. And edit his batting stats Contact/Power/Eye for both types of Pitchers LHP/RHP to 99. Play in a NL Park or be the Home Team and play in a Minor League Park (as it's easier to hit HR's because the outfield is shorter). Obtaining this trophy any other way. Is going to require a lot of luck. Because generally speaking. Pitchers make some of the worse hitters baseball.

Throw First and Aim Later
Miss your throw to first base with 2 outs in a non-simulated game.

Simply over throw a ball to first 1B with two outs in the inning. If you do not get this naturally, you can do it deliberately. Either way, once the error is recognized the trophy is yours.

Power Grab
Hit 50 HR with your user profile.

Using your User Created Profile during Play Now or Franchise Mode. Every HR you hit while using your profile. Will count towards this trophy. The HR's are stack-able across both game modes. The key is to ALWAYS play under your profile.

Stirkeout 200 batters with your user profile.

Using your User Created Profile during Play Now or Franchise Mode. Every Strikeout you get while Pitching using your profile. Will count towards this trophy. The Strikeouts are stack-able across both game modes. The key is to ALWAYS play under your profile.

Drive in 250 RBI with your user profile.

Using your User Created Profile during Play Now or Franchise Mode. Every RBI you gain while using your profile. Will count towards this trophy. The RBI's are stack-able across both game modes. The key is to ALWAYS play under your profile.

The Call
Get called up to the Majors in My Player Mode.

You will get this some time towards the end off your Minor League Season. Depending on how well you play. During your MLS. You will have a bar that starts out red on your home page. Once you start gaining and applying Skill Points (SP) The bar will go from red, to yellow, to green. Once the bar is green and you have met your Major League Team requirements (Position Dependent). You will make your Major League Debut. And the trophy will pop.

The Goal
Accomplish a Team Season Goal in My Player Mode.

At the beginning of your second year in the Major's. You will have a set of Goals. Personal Goals and Team Goals. The Team Goal will vary depending on how well or how bad your team did during you first year in the Major League. All you have to do is meet your Team Goal at least once in your 5 year min. Major League Career.

The Top
Become the #1 ranked player in your My Player organization.

This one is going to require a lot of Skill Points. And is completely dependent on Which team you are playing for. But on average, you will need an overall ranking of 95 or higher. If you are having trouble getting to the top spot. You can always go to Career Decisions and request a trade to a team with NO Superstars on it. Once the Trade goes through and you have a overall rating of 90 or higher. This trophy will pop.

The Star
Make the All-Star team in My Player Mode.

This is simple. Sometime during your MLB Career. You have to do well enough to be selected to the All Star Game. The important thing here is. You actually have to PLAY the All Star Game if you are selected for it. Simming past it will not get you this trophy. You do not have to win. But you do have to play it.

Back to the Cage
Get a Golden Sombrero (strikeout 4 times in 1 game) in My Player Mode.

If you are a fielder rather infield or outfield. At some point once you make it to the Major's you WILL get this trophy. If you are a Pitcher in the NL you will get this trophy A LOT faster. As pitchers generally make bad batters. If you haven't gotten this by the end of your first year of My Player Mode. You can just deliberately in one game strikeout 4 times. Doing so will get you this trophy and more than likely a Loss as well for your team.

Hit a HR off a former team in My Player Mode.

The Simplest and easiest way to obtain this trophy is. When your Player is Ranked #1 on your team or at least have an overall ranking of 90 or above. Demand to be Traded to another Team in YOUR Current Division. Doing so will all but guarantee That during at least one of the next times you play your former team. You get a HR.

The Hall
Make the Hall of Fame in My Player Mode.

To obtain this Trophy you have to make it to the Hall of Fame. And to do so you have to complete at least 2 Team Goals, 5 Season Goals, and 5 Career Goals. And you have to have played a minimum of 5 Years in the Majors. Once you have accomplished all of those goals. You can go to Career Decisions and selected Retire. Once you do so, you will enter the Hall of Fame and the trophy will pop.

Your Day
Win player of the game in an MLB game in My Player Mode.

You will have numerous times to get this trophy throughout your My Player Career. But it can only be obtained if you are the Player of The Game against another MLB Team and you have Won that game.

Win Back to Back World Series in My Player Mode.

After you win your first World Series in My Player Mode. Your Team Goal for the Fallowing year will be to win it again. You can sim the entire season if you like. But keep an eye out, on the playoff picture. To see if your team makes it. Once it gets down to the end of July or early Aug. You may want to play a few games a week to ensure you make the playoffs. If you are not already winning your division. Once in the Playoffs, simply win the World Series Again. And the Trophy is Yours.

A Job Well Done
Win 100+ games in a season in My Player Mode.

This can take awhile to get. You can sim the games in the season and hope for the best. You are going to have to be playing for a REALLY good team. If you choose to sim. I actually played every game in the season my first full year in the Majors. But either way, once your team gets it's 100th win. The trophy will pop.

This is Why I'm Here
Be successful in a major league clutch moment in My Player Mode.

Your first Clutch Moment will happen during your first Major League game. After you get called up. My first Major League Clutch moment. Was "Drive in the go ahead run" with the bases loaded. At the bottom of the 9th Inning. I ended up getting a one pitch Walk Off Grand Slam. On my first Major League at bat. The point is. Clutch moments sound bigger than they are. They are not any more difficult. Than any other MLB moment. If you fail it the first time around, it's ok. Because you will have many more "clutch' moments. To earn yourself this trophy. Just be successful at one and this trophy is yours.

What's Your Ring Size?
Win a World Series in My Player Mode.

Simply win the World Series. How fast you obtain this trophy is completely dependent on what team you are playing for. And how good that team is. I won it my first season playing as a Third Basemen for The Detroit Tigers. We got in the playoffs as a Wild Card, and won it all. So depending on how well your selected team plays. You can obtain this trophy in your first season of My Player Mode.

The Champs
Win a World Series in Franchise Mode. (play at least 20 games)

Again Depending on which Team you choose to play as. Will effect how fast you obtain this trophy. Or rather or not you choose to build the Uber Baseball Team of the Century. By Maxing out one Team's Entire Stats. Either way, once you have played at least 20 games and win the World Series. This Trophy is yours.

You're Special
Win a Season award in Franchise Mode. (play at least 20 games)

A member of your Franchise Team. Has to win a single season award. Doesn't matter which award or for what position. But since you have to play 20 games. It will be easier to win the Pitching Cy Young Award. If you choose to play as the same Pitcher for all of your 20 mandatory games. By doing this. It should net you a low ERA, a high Strikeout Count and an Almost perfect winning percentage. Which should get you the Cy Young.

The Awards are:
AL & NL CY Young
AL & NL Rookie of the Year

Remember Me
Break a record in Franchise Mode. (play at least 20 games)

A member of your Franchise Team has to break a Major League Record. During the course of your Franchise game playing. Again it doesn't matter which record it is, or by whom. As long as when the record is broken. That player is on your team. You can go for the Pitching Shutout Record, which is 16 games. Or the 70 MLB HR Record. As those are probably the easiest to obtain.
Other MLB Records are:
Stolen Bases is 130 (Season), 7 (Game)
Most Doubles is 67 (Season), 4 (Game)
Strikeouts[Pitcher] 383 (Season) 20 (Game)
I believe the hitting streak record is 57 for a season. Just to name a few.

A Day in the Life
Play a game of MLB Today.

In order to receive this trophy. You have to log onto the 2k Sports servers. And choose MLB Today. Once you have done that. It will download that days MLB Schedule. And you can choose which Major League Game you would like to play. You have to complete the game. You do not have to win it. But you do have to complete it.

Note: If you are playing this game after the 2011 MLB Season. And you have not already obtained this trophy. You will never be able to.

Mid-Summer Classic
Play the All-Star game in MLB Today.

Mid-Summer Classic is only available on July 12,2011 in the MLB Today online game mode. If you haven't already obtained this trophy by now. As this guide is being written after that date. You will NOT be able to obtain it.

King of the Hill
Get to the top of the Best of the Best ladder in Home Run Derby Mode.

The Home Run Derby is available at any time at the Main Menu. In this Game Mode you will have to face off against the Top HR Hitters of the 2010 MLB Season. You can simply pick any of the non Top 20 HR Hitters in the Spoiler. And practice, practice and do more practice. Or you can select a any batter and Max out his Batting Stats to 99. And then reduce the other batters stats to minimal.
Now to make things even easier for yourself you can select one of the two HR "friendly" Stadiums in The Major League. Those two are The Houston Astros' Minute Made Park or The New York Yankees' Yankee Stadium.
Now if you are going the stadium route. Here's a few tips. For both Parks, edit it so that the wind is gusty. Then pause the game before your at bat. And change the hitting to 'classic'. This way all you have to do is hold the left stick up and press to power swing.
Minute Made Park - Left Field is only 315 feet.
Yankee Stadium - The Right Field line is only 314 feet.
I left The Boston Red Sox's Fenway Park out for a reason. Although it is the smallest ballpark in the Major Leagues. There is a 37 foot high wall you have to deal with. The Left Field is only 310 feet. Add the 37 foot high "Big Green Monster". And a HR has travel the aprox. distance of hitting one for 450 feet.
In the spoiler is a list of the Top 20 HR Hitter's of 2011

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My Fellow Man
Complete and win an online league game.

You need to either create or join an Online League. There is a 4 Team League minimum. Once you have joined/created a League. You just have to simply win one game. By beating another League member.
You can get 3 of your friends to join your league. And you can juts trade off wins. By alternating who wins the first and second game.

The Team to Beat
Beat the San Francisco Giants in a completed online match.

This is going to take some luck. As Boosting is this game is extremely hard. Ranked Matches are completely random opponents. That are thrown together. You will just have to hope that the person you are playing against. Uses the Giants. Now if you are lucky, and have a mic. You can ask the guy/girl if they can be the Giants. So that you can obtain this trophy. Most of the people I have played against online. Are pretty nice and understanding. And there is no harm in asking. But it will take some skill to actually beat the Giants. Unless your opponent lets you win. Or they are completely horrible ball players.

Count It
Complete and win a ranked match.

You will get this trophy. While you are going to the Spice of Life and the Road to Greatness Trophies. As in to obtain those you have to play 10 ranked matches with 10 different teams. And win 3 consecutive Ranked Matches Respectively. On your first Ranked Match Win you will get this trophy. But you do have to finish the whole game. If either of you quit or disconnects. It will not count.

Complete an online game against a 2K developer or a player who already has this trophy.

If you play a lot of online Ranked Matches. You will eventually receive this trophy. Like all 2k Sports Developer Trophies. It will become overly abundant at some point. Just keep playing online until it pops. Doesn't matter if you win or lose the game.

Upset Alert
Use the Pittsburgh Pirates in a completed ranked match.

While you are going for the Spice of Life trophy. Just make sure one of your 10 teams is The Pittsburgh Pirates. And once you complete that game. This trophy will pop. You do not have to win the game. Odds are you wont anyway. So if you haven't already obtained the Road To Greatness Trophy. I would either make the Pirates the first team you play as. Or the team you play as after you get that trophy.

The Road to Greatness
Complete and win 3 ranked matches in a row.

You can go for this trophy while you are also going for the Spice of Life Trophy. You just have to win 3 ranked matches in a row. Which even for the average of players. This is completely obtainable.
*Warning 2K Sports does randomly RESET their servers. Thus resetting your games played*

The Spice of Life
Play 10 ranked matches using 10 different teams.

Simply play and complete 10 Ranked Matches. As 10 different teams. Doesn't matter which 10 teams you choose. Or if you lose all 10 games. You just have to simply complete all 10 with 10 different teams. It's best to write down which teams you already played as. So you can keep track.
*Warning 2K Sports does randomly RESET their servers. Thus resetting your games played*

Learning the Ropes
Achieve gold in all the drills.

Drills are located at the Main Menu. And can be completed at anytime. There are 9 Drills you have to get gold on. 2 as a Pitcher. 7 as a Batter/Fielder. The good news is. Any Drill you receive a Gold Star for in My Player Mode. Will carry over towards this trophy. So keep that in mind while you are doing those drills. Drills are also mandatory while in the Minor Leagues. They are optional in the Majors. But as long as they are there. And the Gold Stars will count towards this trophy. No harm in doing them.
That being said. To get Gold Stars in these Drills legit. Will take a lot of practice. Especially the Pitching & Base Running Drills. Now you can edit a players stats. To make it easy for you. If you are having trouble with a certain drill. But with a little practice 7 out of the 9 Drills shouldn't be that much of a problem.
In the spoilers are video's of each drill.

Pitching Drills
Control and Velocity

Toggle Spoiler

Composure and Stamina

Toggle Spoiler

Fielding and Batting Drills


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler


Toggle Spoiler

Plate Battle

Toggle Spoiler

Contact and Power

Toggle Spoiler

Lead Off and Jump

Toggle Spoiler

Advancing and Sliding

Toggle Spoiler

Videos provided by Mahlo Video Games/ MahaloMLB2K11

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