[top]Major Guide Calling Rules and Guidelines

ATTENTION: To call a guide, click the Discussion tab and post a reply. We will update this page accordingly.

  • This thread is ONLY for calling Major Release Guides.

  • This thread is not for discussion.

  • If you write a guide for PS3Trophies.com, you cannot post it on another website without your guide on this site being put up for auto-accept challenge. No questions asked; we want original content only.
Rules & Requirements:
  1. Anyone can apply for the guide. HOWEVER, to be eligible for the vote to write a guide, YOU MUST HAVE WRITTEN A QUALITY GUIDE FOR THE SITE BEFORE THE VOTE! If you are working as a team, you will be eligible for the vote as long as one of your team members has written a quality guide for us to look over. It can even be a DLC guide or a PSN guide.
  2. If a quality guide writer hasn't applied for a Major Guide by the time of the vote, it will be changed to a normal game and be available for calling by EVERYONE who meets the normal guide writing requirements.
  3. Games will be available for calling three months before their release and members will be able to apply to do the guide in this thread. The TGT will vote on the guide's author one month before release.
  4. We encourage members to work together on writing major release guides. If you plan on working with someone on the guide, please say so in this thread. Both of you will need to post to confirm it. This being said, there is a limit of two writers max per major guide.
  5. If you were given a guide using the three month rule before this thread was made, you still get to write it. Any games releasing after this point need to be called on this thread.
  6. We will not decide which guide to put you down for! You can put your name down for one guide, or multiple guides, but if you tell us to put you down for "any of these games" and list two or three games, WE WILL DELETE YOUR POST AND NOT PUT YOU DOWN FOR ANY!
  7. If you have a major release guide reserved, you will still be eligible for a vote on another major release guide if the two week time frame of writing the first guide doesn't interfere with the start of the next guide.
  8. When writing a major guide, time is of the essence. We prefer you to write the game on the site with constant updating for everyone to use, but if you prefer to use a word document that is fine as long as you update your work daily. YOU CANNOT WRITE A MAJOR GUIDE ON A WORD DOCUMENT AND WAIT UNTIL IT IS FINISHED TO UPDATE IT ALL AT ONCE!
A list of the major games releasing in the next six months will be posted here and updated constantly. DO NOT CALL a game until it is added to this page. DO NOT CALL a Major Release on the regular calling thread, or a normal game on this one.

This is new and the rules are subject to change at any time. Keep checking in to see what game gets posted for calling.

[top]Future Releases and Expected Release Dates

  • Nope

Games on the Future Release List MAY NOT be called until they are moved up to the callable guides which will be three months prior to release. Release dates may change, so keep checking back to see when a game gets moved up.

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