Players: 1
Online Trophies:
Online Pass Required for 100%: No
Estimated Time to 100%: +/- 10 hours Depending on skill level
Minimum Playthroughs: 2-3+
Difficulty Trophies: Yes
Stackable Difficulty Trophies: No
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies:

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • Always start off by building your aura, a full aura bar will make sort work of just about any boss.
  • Make liberal use of the block. Since lost body parts are one of the main categories in calculating your final score it is better to block and lose your chain then the lose one of your precious limbs.
  • Unless you are going for the No Repair trophy, remember to repair your character. Aura can easily be replaced, continues can't.
  • When going through the story mode it is better to take on the most difficult bosses first because as you defeat bosses the other ones become stronger.


In theory you could beat the game in 1 play through+ by focusing on the No Repair, All S Rank Completed, and No Continue on your first play but I would not recommend it as Malicious is a pretty difficult game to get used to. Here is the road map that I would suggest:

1. Easy Play Through: The first thing I would recommend is to play the game on easy so you can get used to the controls, layout of the levels, strategies of the bosses, ect. Since this game can take less then an hour to beat this play through will be extremely valuable later on.

Trophies to aim for: Slayer , Story Completed , No Guard

2. First Medium play through: Now that you have become familiar with the game it is time to apply what you have learned to medium difficulty which is where many of the trophies require. The bosses will be more difficult and you will be required to use the block button more than in the previous version.

Trophies to aim for: No Continue

3. Main play through: This is the one that you will use to unlock most of the high end trophies. Once again set the difficulty to medium but this time you need to complete the game while acquiring S ranks on every level, not using any continues, or repairing your character. If you feel or know that you have not met one of these, quit the game before completing the level and try again it will save you from having to do the who play through again.

Trophies to aim for: No Repair , All S Rank Completed

4. Free Play Clean Up
- This is where you will pick up the few remain trophies that you were not able to acquire through the first 3 playthroughs. Use the free play feature to pick up what ever trophies are remaining.

Trophies to aim for: Counter Master , Ranked Debut , 10,000 Kills , 100 Chain , 1 Kill Clear


You've put down a power holder.

This is a story related trophy and can not be missed. To unlock this trophy you must defeat one of the 5 Power Holders. Once you defeated one of these bosses this trophy will be unlocked.

Story Completed
You've completed the story mode.

This is a story related trophy and can not be missed. To unlock this trophy you must defeat all of the 5 Power Holders plus the final boss, Malicious. Once you defeated one of these bosses this trophy will be unlocked. It doesn't matter what difficulty you complete the game in it will unlock.

No Guard
You've cleared a scene without any guard.

Just as the title says you must defeat one level without using the block command (). This trophy can be acquired at any level, but if you are having difficulty you can also acquire it during the free play mode in which you have unlimited continues so you will not have to worry about the dreaded Game Over.

Counter Master
You've succeeded in all of the counter actions.

There are 10 special counters throughout the game that require you have all your body parts and to to press and and triangle at the same time to preform while having the right weapon selected. You must complete all of these counters in order to collect this trophy. You can collect these counters in both the regular play and after play if you missed some. The levels and weapons are as follows:

Level Weapon Description
Forgotten Library Fists After the boss has been released from his chain he will randomly run up the book shelves and jump down in the center of the pit at you.
Royal Battle Escort: Lance When the boss uses his Gatling Gun and again immediately afterwards with his cannon.
Battlefield of Yore Wings After you break all 4 of the platforms you must jump in front of the bosses head and when it moves at you you will be given the option
Triumphant Square Sword When the boss tries and throws a punch at you.
Forbidden Floor Lance When the Mad Queen reaches her sword out at you.
Edge of the Abyss Lance x2/Fist/Sword First you must reach one of the blue platforms (the higher the better) and face the enemy. The first two involve the lance. When the enemy swipes his hands at you the counter will appear. You must do both hands with the Lance. Next is the fist, In a very similar attack you will receive the same option. Finally you have the sword. This occurs when the boss is launches his orange tentacle attack.
A video to help you find most of the counters if you are still having trouble (courtesy of Sai Sa Er):

Toggle Spoiler

Ranking Debut
You've made a debut in our ranking.

Online Trophy. After unlocking Free Play Mode select a level you wish to play. Once you hit X, press the select button to bring up the option to play one of either Score Attack or Time Attack. Select one of these two modes and complete it. Once you have completed one of these modes this trophy will unlock.

10,000 Kills
You've killed 10,000 enemies in total.

To unlock this trophy you need to kill 10,000 enemies throughout the game. If you were unable to do this during the normal playthroughs use the free play mode on a level with lots of enemies that such as Royal Battle Escort, Triumphant Square, or Battlefield or Yore.

100 Chain
You've achieved a chain of 100.

To unlock this trophy you must chain together 100 of the same enemies. This trophy is best unlocked in free play mode on the Royal Battle Escort. First build your aura up to 9999 and then move to the bottom walkway. There are doors where the enemies with bazookas come out of. If done right you should easily be able to chain 100 enemies here.

Video Guide made by PsChbox

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A start to finish guide in English by MichelangeloAlpha

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No Continue

In order to unlock this trophy you must complete the game without using any continues. If you are successful in doing so you will see a little gold star on your final scored sheet and the trophy will appear. For a video guide on how to approach each boss please check out All S Rank Completed

All S Rank Completed
You've completed all scenes of the story mode on Normal difficulty at S rank.

To acquire this trophy you must have a final rank of S on all 6 levels. There are 4 main categories that you must concern yourself with: Clear Time, Enemies Killed, Max Chain, and Part Lost. To get a S rank on a level you must score either SSSS, SSSA, SSAA, or SSSB. If you feel that you have not met these requirements it is best quit the game and retry the level.

Here are some video guides to help you out if you are having trouble getting the S Rank, made by PsChbox

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I apologize that they are in French, but they appear to be the only ones on YouTube at the moment. When an English one is released I will add it as well.

1 Kill Clear
You've cleared this scene by defeating the power holder exclusively.

In order to unlock this trophy you must complete one level without defeating and of the other minions. The best way to unlock this trophy is in the free play mode where you don't have to worry about running out of continues. Select a level that you want (forbidden library would probably be easiest) and just focus on the enemy. It will take a while because you cant rely on your aura like you have during the other battles, but sooner or later the enemy will fall.

No Repair
You've completed the story mode on Normal difficulty without repairing the Spirit Vessel or using a continue.

As the description say, you must complete the game on Medium difficulty without repairing your body or using a continue. For a video guide on how to do this check out All S Rank Completed

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