Players: 1
Online Trophies: No online
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 2 - 3 hours, more if Born Survivor glitches on you
Platinum Difficulty: 3/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 plus cleanup
Collectible Trophies: If you consider finding the animals, flower, junk etc then yes, most trophies are collectible
Missable Trophies: The game has Chapter Select
Glitched Trophies: Born Survivor


Step into the feet of Bear Grylls in the Man vs. Wild game made by Crave Entertainment, taking place on the popular TV Show. You get to do all that Bear has done, fight animals, find bugs, parachute and even make a raft. The game will take you to the Rocky Mountains, the Everglades, the Sahara Desert, a Desert Island and Patagonia. Will you have what it takes to take control of Bear and do what it takes to survive? Can you handle the challenge of Man vs. wild and come out victorious? Can you make it out alive? Only you can decide.

[top]Tips & Strategies

This game is very easy and shouldn't be hard at all. Jest keep an eye out for animals, plants, collectibles etc. Try and fight every animal you come cross, set every trap and go through every yellow light. This game is a fairly easy, and semi-fun platinum.

In the guide I will give a written location of all collectibles in each mission and it will start at the exact point of where the video starts. In the trophy for each mission I will include a video walkthrough that includes all the collectible locations. Thank you to duck360 for letting me use his videos.

When you go to sleep, your health, hydration and energy will go back to full.

At this time, if you miss a collectible during a mission, when you go back to it your stats will have reset, so if you had 8/9 collectibles and only needed the 1 you missed you will have to start over and refind them all.

Also, if the Born Survivor trophy does not show up after meeting all requirements, all you can do is delete your save data and start over. You also have to press CONTINUE for the not passing out in that level to count.


1. Play through each mission normally, trying to obtain any mission based trophies along the way.

2. Immediately after you beat a mission, if you missed a collectible replay the level and refind everything is the category you were working on. Don't worry about anything else. Focusing only on what you need will help you complete the mission a lot quicker.

3. After you beat the game and have every collectible trophy, start playing through the game again to reach the rank of Bear Grylls and trying not to pass out.


Get All Trophies
Get all the Trophies.

This will be earned after all trophies to achieve. Very easy platinum ...... unless Born Survivor prevents you.

Reminders of the Rush
Locate all of the Gold Rush trash in the Rockies.

Shovel: If you land in the tree, you will cross a log and have to climb up. Once you are at the top their will be a rock wall in the middle. On the right is the first time you will have to "hug the wall" to cross to the next area. It will be on the left next to a tree.
If you landed on the ground, the only thing different is that you wouldn't have had to cross the log and climb the wall to get there.

Bucket: After your first "wall hug", once you get on the other side there will be a ledge right to your right. Follow it about 15 feet and there will be the bucket.

Barrel: At he first campsite you will see a beehive on the right wall. Follow the wall down and you will come across the barrel.

Dynamite: After the first bear encounter, you will have to cross what I call "rock pillars." The dynamite will be on the last pillar before you jump to the other side. There is no way you will miss this piece of trash.

Mining Pan: After you find the dynamite and get to the other side, there will be two bunches of flowers near the pond. The pan is right in the middle.

Mining Rafters: After you fight the Puma at the second campsite, it will be on the right between a big pile of rocks/boulders and the wall.

Dynamite Crate: It's at the bottom of the hill on the left at the second campsite. Refer to the Canada Goldenrod plant in the Horticulturist Grylls for the remaining location After finding the Canada Goldenrod go straight down and it will be right before the bushes.

Mining Cart: After the second campsite you will cross a log. Once you get across the log it will be directly across from you.

Lamp: After the second bear fight, run to the left. Follow all the way until you see a large log on your left. The lamp will be a couple of feet to the right of the large log.

Pack Rat Grylls
Tag all of the junk in the Everglades.

Fridge: Once you come to the Coral snake, it will be right to the left of it.

Water Heater: Once you make the fire, it will be on the path behind you to the right (if you turn around it's to the left).

Oil Slick: After you make your first fire, hop over the bundle of logs, walk maybe 5 steps and it will be on the right (big black blops, hard to miss if your looking in the area).

Toilet: Once you come to the boggy area, stick to the left, Eventually you will come through some saw grass and you will see a group of 4 trees, it will be all the way in the back on the left.

Keg: Once you come up to the black bear fight, it will be the object you use to scare the bear away.

Chemical Waste: At the pond, swim to the right, going around all the trees. You should see a little bank on the same side you entered the pond. Get up on the bank and follow it. It will lead you to the chemical waste bin.

Bob's Boats
Find all of Bob McClure's boats in the Everglades.

Boat 1: Right when you start out, swim along the right side until you can make a right. The boat will be at the end. This boat can be glitchy, one time it was where I have it here, another time it was opposite the log you have to crawl up and another time it never appeared.

Boat 2: Once you come to the tree you must climb, it will be on the left, near the nutria.

Boat 3: Once you find the water heater, keep following that path until the end. There will be a boat sitting in a little cubby.

Boat 4: At he big pond you must cross, it will be a little bit to the right of where you must get back on dry land. You should be able to see it once you get halfway acroos the lake.

Boat 5: After crossing the pond, there will be a point where you could go right to the hovercraft (don't remember name) or keep going straight. If you go straight you'll come across the boat.

Patton was Here
Find all of the WWII artifacts in the Sahara.

Plane: After the sand storm, go back a little bit and it's on the right. Hard to miss.

Gun Shell: At the first campsite, it will be right on the left in between 4 trees.

Turret: After the third set of mines, it will be on the right. Very hard to miss due to it's size.

AA Shell: It is in the middle of 2 yellow waypoint markers.

Tracks: After the helicopter cutscene, it will be up the hill and to the right.

Casted Away
Find all of the man-made items in Deserted Island.

Flip Flops: When you get on the little peninsula, it will be in the middle, just left of a log.

Ice Skate: Eventually you will have to climb a big rock wall then cross 2 logs. The skate wil be right after the second log.

Cooler: There will be 2 wall jumps that you come across. After the second jump, climb the cliff to the right and it will be at the top.

Package: After getting past the lava area, take the path (tunnel or whatever you want to call it) on the right and follow it to the end.

Volleyball: Towards the end of the level you will come across a wide open area. There will be a coconut tree on the right (with the food icon). The ball will be a little bit past it.

Nice Place You Had Here
Locate all of the trash in Patagonia.

Barrel: As soon as you land, it will be off to the right.

Keg: After you build the toboggan and you crash, turn to the left and it will be along the rocks to the right.

Ice Skate: Eventually, you will come to a point where you have to hop across mini icebergs to get to the other side. Once you get to the other side, the skate will be near a yellow ranking up sphere on the right.

Toilet: After you go across the ice cave and rappel to the bottom, there will be one of those shelters that you dig off to the right. The toilet is right behind it.

Volleyball: After you go sliding down the ice tubes, it will be off to the right.

Animal Kingdom
Locate all animals of interest in the Rockies.

Rattlesnake: You will come across him naturally right in front of a rock wall you have to climb.

Bear: He comes and tries to attack you at the first campsite.

Puma: You will come across two of them. The first one is right at the second campsite, you can not miss him.

Elk: Same spot as the lamp after the second bear fight except after finding the lamp go all the way to the end. The elk will be across the river.

There is also a Bighorn Sheep, a Wolf, and a Moose in this level. The animal counter for this level is strange. Sometimes it won't count an animal, other times it will.

Horticulturist Grylls
Locate the rare plants in the Rockies.

Blue Columbine: If you landed your parachute in the tree, you will have to cross a log and it will be right on the right.
If you landed on the ground up near the shovel, eventually you will make it to the overwatch point. After that there will be two slopes, one on the left and one on the right. Take the one one the left. Once you get to the bottom and you see the log you have to cross, look to the left and they will be next to a tree.

Canada Goldenrod: At the second campsite there will be a trap right in front of the fire and shelter you must make. Get directly in front of the trap and walk in a straight line and it will lead you to the flower. If you keep going straight down you will find the Dynamite Crate.

Orange Agossris: After crossing a log there will be a set of stone step looking things. They will be on the second step to the left.

Redwood Lillies: After the third bear fight you will jump off the cliff and into the water. Once you get on dry land they will be to the right of the mud oven next to a tree.

All God's Creatures
Locate all animals of interest in the Everglades.

Scarlet King Snake: You will come across it.

Catfish: After the snake, there will be a fork, make that left. It will be in the first tree you can search.

Coral Snake: After the catfish, make a right, then make another right. The snake will be right there.

Alligator: You will naturally come across this animal, on more than one occasion.

Nutria: Near a the tree you have to climb, it will be to the left.

Alligator Snapping Turtle: After you hop over the trees, to the left, it will be the 2nd tree.

Black Bear: You will come across him.

Box Turtle: I have actually no idea where this one is and had no idea I had found him.

Osteologist Grylls
Find all of the camel bones in the Sahara.

Camel 1: When you enter the really hot area, it will be at the end and on the right, on top of a mini hill.

Camel 2: After the sand storm, before you enter the campsite area, it will be on the left.

Camel 3: Immediately after your second set of mines. You can't miss it.

Camel 4: After the helicopter cutscene, you will have to start going up a hill/climbing. You will come across it without trying.

These Belong in a Museum
Find all of the ancient artifacts in the Sahara.

Sceptor:At the Oasis (first one), it will be behind the last tree/bush on the right.

Golden Cup: When you have to escape the sandstorm, you will run right by it. It is small but even will the sand flying everywhere it is still easy to see. You can wait until after the sandstorm if you'd prefer.

Vase: After the third set of camel bones, keep going up and it will be on the right. Also, it is before the third set of mines.

Sword: After the fourth mine bunch, there will be a mini rock wall right in from of you. It's embedded on it.

Flight 815
Find all of the plane debris in Deserted Island.

Tail: Once you get up on the peninsula, it is on the left shoreline.

Propeller: It's on the same peninsula, except this time follow the right shoreline.

Tire: When you come up to the stone pillars, it will be on the right side.

Fuselage: After you exit the cave, it will be on the left side.

Wing: You will see it whole getting materials to build the raft. It's sticking up out of the ground.

Hard to Pronounce, Hard to Find
Find all five Andiperla Willinki bugs in Patagonia.

These are the hardest collectibles in the game. You can't (or at least I couldn't) see them. None of the bugs are out of the way, but even with written directions they can be VARY easy to miss. I will leave it to the collectible video I included for the trophy How about a Winter's Tale.

Wild, Man!
Complete the "Base Camp" campaign.

Base Camp is the tutorial level of the game. It takes you through fishing, fighting snakes, using ropes etc. This is a very easy mission and should only take you 10 minutes max. Also, no collectibles here but LOADS of easy SP points towards the Bear Grylls trophy.

Rocky Mountain High
Complete the "Rocky Mountains" campaign.

This is the 1st actual level of the game. It will take approx. 20 minutes if you are doing collectibles and can be done in 15 minutes if you are going soley for Born Survivor. In this level you will face a bear 3 times and possibly a mountain lion 2 times. This level is very easy and remember, while dodging the bear wait, don't do the 2nd and 3rd button combos as soon as they appear, wait until Bear has fully landed from the dodge.

Full collectible walkthrough:

Toggle Spoiler

Down in the Low Low Land
Complete the "Everglades" campaign.

There are up to around 5 alligator fights here, 1 or 2 of which are avoidable. It will take you 25 minutes while going for collectibles and around 15 if you are going soley for Born Survivor.

Full collectible walkthrough:

Toggle Spoiler

As I Scan This Wasted Land
Complete the "Sahara" campaign.

This is another easy level. It will take you around 15 minutes while doing collectibles, and 10-12 minutes while going solely for Born Survivor. Make sure you have water at all times since this is the desert and you will dehydrate quickly.

Full collectible walkthrough:

Toggle Spoiler

Only Hope Can Keep Me Together
Complete the "Deserted Island" campaign.

In this mission just watch out for sharks in the beginning. And in the Steam Caves, wait for the steam to stop before you run through. Also, be mindful of the hogs after you exit the cave. At the end, sharks may or may not attack your raft and if they do, just keep pressing until you knock them off. It will take 18 minutes while going for collectibles and approximately 12 minutes going solely for Born Survivor.

Full collectible walkthrough:

Toggle Spoiler

A Winter's Tale
Complete the "Patagonia" campaign.

Patagonia is a very easy level ....... except for the end. After you capture the horse and get to the train, you will be prompted to hold on the spot where the red light turns green. Once Bear starts getting up to balance (also you MUST hold in the same spot the whole time), push the left analog stick ( ) slightly to the left to keep your balance until Bear is fully standing up. To keep the balance, make sure the camera looks straight. Now when you are prompted to press to hop on the train (while still keeping Bear balanced with and holding ) wait about 5 seconds before you press . If you press immediately when you are prompted, Bear will fall off the horse. It will take you about 15 minutes to complete while doing collectibles, and as little as 10 minutes while going for Born Survivor.

Full collectible walkthrough:

Toggle Spoiler

Bear Grylls
Reach the Level "Bear Grylls."

This trophy takes 8,000 points and may seem like a long trophy, but it is a very easy and short trophy. Just do anything available (fighting animals, making traps etc). This should come after around 2 playthroughs, while going for Born Survivor or after you beat the game, just keep replaying Mission 2 because of the amount of animals. Good luck!!!

Born Survivor
Complete all episodes without passing out.


The trophy description may seem a little confusing. You don't actually pass out, you die. But in terms of the game, passing out comes when you are killed by an animal or the elements (cold, heat etc) kill you. It is ok to crash your vehicle or man made transport. The way you will know if you passed out is if you get a message that says "Bear is incapacitated" and it prompts you to continue or exit. At that point you will have to exit and start over. If your playing, and if you crash or fall off something and the screen goes black for a couple seconds and brings you back you are fine, that is not considered passing out. Also, for the bear fights, if you mess up and press the wrong buttons or don't do it quick enough, press start as soon as you see the red x's. It is ok to restart from a checkpoint.

Base Camp: This is the tutorial level. If you pass out/die during this level don't even bother playing the game

Rocky Mountains: Just watch out for the bear and mountain lion attacks and you will be fine.

Everglades: Crocodiles are your biggest threat here. In water segments just swim around them and if on land try to pass them.

Sahara Desert: The only thing that can kill you here is the heat. Make sure you have water, get it whenever you can, and use your snake skin to your advantage, that's right I mean drinking your own piss!!!!!

Desert Island: You will only have to worry about sharks in the beginning and towards the end. Very easy to pass. The steam caves are your biggest threat. They are the environmental element that can kill you here. Also, keep an eye out for wild hogs.

Patagonia: The cold is the only major killer in this level. Just get to where you need to in time.

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