Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 4-6 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 + a little Clean-up
Collectible Trophies: 1 Summer Reading
Missable Trophies: No, anything missed can be obtained through level select.
Glitched Trophies: None reported.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Know your attacks:

Glyph Bomb- Covers a large area, but you have to wait for the fuse to burn, place in path of oncoming enemies or to trap them against a wall.

Glyph Ball- Does medium damage, if you're worried you'll miss draw the circle over their head to drop it on them or wait till they are engaged with your Squaddies and roll it at them from behind.

Decoy- Does no damage but distracts enemies who come close from your Heroes.

Hold Attacks- Attack a wide area directly around your Squaddie to strike all opponents around you, exception Scarlet Witch who creates a healing circle around herself that effects all Squad members.

Ink Line Attacks- Creates a path for your Squaddie or their projectile to travel dealing sizable damage to any enemy they hit along the way.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

None reported.


This is a fairly easy game to Platinum and shouldn't take more than a dedicated afternoon or few evenings.

Step 1: Playthrough the game. The humor is decent and there is some creativity to the gameplay so go through and enjoy it. You'll also earn the bulk of your trophies along the way just by playing as you normally would, even more if you choose to explore a little.

Step 2: Reread the back issues. Now go back and replay a few panels to gather any missing comic stacks you might have to get. Along the way, as long as you pick your party right, you can knock Bare Hand Brigade and Femme Fight All.

Step 3: Update your trophy stats to reflect your new Platinum , congrats.


Platinum Trophy
Earned all of the game's trophies.

Same old, same old, earn every other trophy and unlock a shiny new platinum.

Stole Doom's Thunder
Complete Issue 1.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

Issue one introduces you to the basic controls of the game while you help the Squaddies defeat Dr. Doom's Thunderdoom. To finish this issue you will have to destroy Doom's weather control device.

This boss fight is fairly straightforward and very easy. Once the battle begins move your characters to each of the lightning rods (which you'll have already destroyed throughout the level so you'll know what to look for) and demolish them. Watch out for the laser lines that shoot out from Doom's little bubble in the middle of the level to points divided between the lightning rods, just move your characters between the lines before they fire and you'll be fine.

Took Back the Baxter Building
Complete Issue 2.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

The boss of this issue is M.O.D.O.K. He is an annoying little thing who flies around trying to keep as much distance between you and him while firing laser at your Squaddies and sending waves of endless enemies at you.

Ignore the fodder troops and target M.O.D.O.K, try to draw you ink lines into his movement path as not to miss him. If you try to use bombs or Glyph Balls draw them ahead of him and be ready to draw another behind if he changes direction. If your ink gets low send your Squaddies to destroy some of the objects in the room for pick-ups.

Victory in the Vault
Complete Issue 3.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

The Red Skull is the boss of this issue.

He starts off the fight in a giant Sentinel head and is safe from your attacks. Avoid the Sentinel's eye blast and targeting icons that appear on the ground while waiting for the minions to arrive. Once the robots arrive take them out, after a few an Earthquake power-up will drop. Grab the power-up and use it to throw the Red Skull from the Sentinel head, once he's out go at him with everything you got. Repeat till defeated.

Saved the Sanctum
Complete Issue 4.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

The boss of this issue is the Abomination.

Abomination is invincible when he begins attacking you, move away, and play defensive till he charges. Whenever he charges he will go till he hits a wall, stunning himself. You'll know he stunned because of the yellow cartoonish swirl around his head, now is your time to attack. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Cleanup in Aisle Villainville
Complete Issue 5.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

The boss of this issue is a rematch with Abomination. The boss battle is the same as in issue 4, just in a different room.

A Jarring Defeat
Complete Issue 6.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

The final issue is a one panel fight against Dr. Doom. The fight itself is discussed below in the trophy The Pen is Mightier. Finish the issue to unlock the trophy.

Five for the Price of One
Defeated 5 enemies simultaneously.

This is a fairly easy trophy and one you will have several attempts to get throughout the course of the game.

For this trophy it doesn't matter how you get them just as long as you defeat 5 enemies in one attack.

There are two types of enemies that are good for this trophy, the small flying robots who appear in groups of at least three or the standard Doombots. The flying robots are the easiest since if there is one group of three and second group usually quickly appears, so just wait for them to clump and go after them.

Several ideas if you're having trouble:

-Drop a glyph bomb in the path of some oncoming enemies, sometimes they go around other times they get stuck on the bomb.

-Drop a glyph ball and roll it toward some oncoming enemies.

-Rush a melee character like Wolverine of Hulk, who have a wide area hold attack and use it to hit all the surrounding enemies.

-Draw an ink attack through a large group of enemies (make sure to scribble a bit for some extra length to the attack).

Hold It!
Defeat an enemy using only Hold abilities.

You'll probably get this through normal gameplay.

Hold abilities are activated by clicking down on one of the Squad members and holding it there till a little icon appears and the blue bar over it fills.

The only character who cannot get this trophy is Scarlet Witch as her ability creates a small area that heals your teammates and does not hurt your opponents.

Simply click near an enemy and once close activate your heroes Hold attack, if one doesn't work have another hero use their ability as well and this will be easy enough.

Big Spender
Drain two full bars of ink in a single attack.

This trophy can be combined with Two Birds with One Pen and Six Hexxed.

Simple enough trophy and one you'll have plenty of opportunity to achieve since you will most likely be using your ink attack quite a bit.

The longer you make the line for the attack the more ink you'll use, but if you just draw a line off to nowhere it will stop itself quickly and not let you continue to draw. To avoid this make sure your line touches at least one or more enemies.

To make this even easier wait till a few enemies gather around then activate the ink attack by starting the line on a Hero, now scribble the line out amongst the various enemies and you will quickly use two ink cells.

Two Birds with One Pen
Use a single ink attack to defeat 2 or more enemies.

This trophy can be combined with Big Spender and Six Hexxed.

Anytime you use your ink attack try to draw the line through as many enemies as you can, this will increase not only the number of enemies you strike but for some attacks (Iron Man's Missile Barrage) this will cause more items to fire and increase the chance of taking out several enemies.

If you're worried about actually defeating the enemies with the attack wait for the little floating robots to show up or weaken the Doombots before using the attack.

You will have plenty of chance to achieve this throughout your playthrough.

Drawn to Distraction
Use a decoy to distract 3 or more enemies at the same time.

You'll learn the decoy technique in the beginning of issue 2. You draw a triangle in an open area of the screen to create an Iron Man statue that enemies will attack instead of you.

To earn this trophy you need at least three enemies to attack the statue over your heroes at once.

Try to place the statue away from your heroes but near where enemies are entering the screen, if your heroes attack the enemies or they attack you before they see the statue they will not be distracted.

Once three enemies are fighting the statue instead of your Squaddies the trophy will appear.

Double Vision
Use two decoys simultaneously.

You'll learn to do the decoy technique at the start of issue 2. It is fairly simple, just find an open area on the screen and draw a triangle.

To earn this trophy you simply need to create two decoys on the screen at one time, whether they actually distract the enemy or not is irrelevant.

All right squaddies ...
Use Hero Up!

In the upper left corner of the screen is your player indicators, life bars, and in the middle a yellow circle that indicates whether or not 'Hero up!' is available.

Move your pen to the upper left corner and click the yellow circle to activate 'Hero Up!', the trophy will appear shortly thereafter.

1,000 Issues Sold
Sell 1,000 issues.

The issues sold translate to your score which you can see in the lower right of the game screen.

Your score will increase as you defeat enemies, break items, and collect hero points.

You will most likely get this through normal gameplay and probably before you leave the the 1 or 2 panels.

That's A Lot of Points
Pick up 1,000 Hero Points.

Anytime you defeat an enemy or break an object there is a chance some Hero points will appear (the little yellow circles with an "H" on them).

To collect the Hero point you need to move your cursor over them and they will be added to your 'Hero Up!' meter.

As long as you defeat all the enemies in front of you and destroy as many objects as possible (which you should be for the million points you need) you will most likely earn this sometime during issue 5. If it doesn't appear by the end of the game replay a few of the panels with some extra items, ex Issue 1 Panel 1, Issue 4 Panel 1, Issue 5 Panel 1 and destroy everything you can.

Hi, there! I'm Squirrel Girl
Play as Squirrel Girl in a back Issue.

You'll unlock Squirrel Girl after issue 3.

From the Artist Desk, select Issues, pick a previously beaten issue (Issue 6 counts as the current issue and not a back issue), and put Squirrel Girl in your party where she previously WAS NOT. Start the panel and play as normal till the trophy appears.

Eraser Dusted
Use a glyph bomb to defeat 5 or more enemies at the same time.

You can stack this with Five for the Price of One.

Much like previously discussed you'll have plenty of chances for this throughout the game, however it can be a little tricky.

If you are having trouble try Issue 4 Panel 2, this level has a few narrow halls and your Glyph bomb should be upgraded a bit by this point. Place the bomb in the middle of the hall and let the enemies gather around it, if you're afraid they might move past it drop a decoy near the bomb to entice them to hang around for the blast.

Rock and Roll
Defeat 3 or more enemies with one glyph ball roll.

You'll unlock the Glyph Ball in issue 2.

Anytime you see a cluster of enemies draw a circle in front of them to create you ball, then tap it and sweep in the direction of the enemies to send the ball rolling. The Glyph Ball is not terribly strong, but if you weaken the enemies first or wait for the fly robots they will go down pretty easy.

Six Hexxed
Hit six targets with one hex using Scarlet Witch.

This trophy can be combined with Two Birds with One Pen and Big Spender.

One thing to point out with this trophy, you only have to hit six enemies with the hex attack NOT defeat them. Once you have at least six enemies on the screen at one time click on Scarlet Witch to activate her ink attack, now drag the line out so that at least six enemies are caught in it's path (don't worry if they move a bit once the attack starts her Hex is fairly wide) and release.

The trophy will appear a few seconds after the six enemy is tagged.

Medicine is the Best Medicine
Pick up a health pack when a hero is about to be defeated.

This is all on you. Though health packs drop when you break open items or defeat some enemies, but you cannot pick them up till you touch them with your cursor.

Watch your Squaddies health bars during any big fight, especially if there are multiple Brutes (the big Doombots) as they drain health fairly quick. Once at least one of them gets a yellow bar, defeat a few smaller enemies or break some objects to reveal a few health packs. Now wait for your Squaddie's life to dip from yellow to orange to red and once there tap the health pack to save your hero and earn the trophy.

A Clean Getaway
Exit a panel with a ful ink meter and all heroes at full health.

This is an easy trophy to pick up in issue 1.

Once you have Wolverine, Hulk and Iron Man in your Squad you will come to a rather open and long panel with quite a few breakables in it. Defeat the Doombots in this panel and avoid breaking as many breakables as you can. Once the last Doombot falls the exit ring will appear just up ahead. Now take a moment before exiting to break those previously left alone breakable to reveal health packs and ink drops, once everything is full proceed to the exit for your trophy.

It's good to get this out of the way early because as your ink gauge gets longer and you use the attacks more often you may find you rarley keep it completely full.

Light Reading
Find 5 Comic Stacks.

See Summer Reading.

Shake, Rattle and Destroy
Use an Earthquake to defeat 5 or more enemies.

The Earthquake power-up doesn't start showing up until issue 2. You'll know it because it looks like a small globe and when in you inventory you'll see the image of the globe under your characters life bars.

Once you get the power-up wait or several enemies to be on the screen at once, the little floating robots work best. After at least five are on the screen at once begin shaking the uDraw tablet from left to right to activate the earthquake. As long as you take out at least 5 enemies the trophy will pop.

Hulk Can't Count That High!
Sell 10,000 issues.

Issues relate to your score, so this trophy is really just getting your total game score to over 10,000.

You will earn this through normal gameplay most likely by the end of issue 1.

Point Taken
Pick up 75 Hero Points in a single panel.

This is doable is any panel with a lot of enemies and some breakables. Issue 4 panel 1 and several panels in issue 5 have great chances for this.

Whenever you break an item of defeat an enemy be proactive in moving your cursor over the yellow globes that appear, these are the Hero points. Make sure you defeat every enemy and break anything that can be broken and this will appear before you know it.

Revive a hero to full health.

Anytime one of your Squaddies takes too much damage they will get knocked out and fall to the ground with a large band-aid hovering over their head.

To revive them place your pen on the fallen hero and hold it down, the longer you hold it the more life they will revive with. To receive this trophy you will need at least one full ink cell, then place your pen on the fallen hero and hold it till the Squaddie jumps up and back into the fight on their own.

The trophy will pop a few seconds later.

Costume Change
Start a panel with a hero wearing an alternate costume.

Once you've earned enough points to unlock an alternate costume and finished at least one issue you can earn this trophy.

Select any back issue and panel, then click on your Squaddie and change him to his alternate costume by clicking the icon to the right of the character.

Start up the panel and the trophy will appear a few seconds after.

This trophy can be stacked with Hi there, I'm Squirrel Girl, Loose Cannon, and either Bare Hands Brigade or Femme Fight All

The Pen is Mightier
Defeat Doctor Doom is the end boss battle.

Issue 6 is a one panel Boss Battle against Dr. Doom.

Doom is fairly easy and only has three attacks.

At the beginning of the battle Doom will alternate between two attacks. First he will summon green lightning, during this time he will be in the air and you cannot hit him. After the lightning Doom will summon a set of pushpins to fall on the field and charge lightning through them. When he summons the pushpins try to look at the pattern they make, if it is an incomplete diamond he will land on the side with the biggest opening or if the pins are in a spiral form Doom will land in the middle of the spiral. Wherever he lands have your heroes rush him and attack, use your bombs or draw glyph balls to drop on him for extra damage.

After about two-thirds of his life is gone Doom will fly off screen and steal your Power Pen, he'll begin to fly around the battlefield and summon minions to attack your heroes. Tap the flying Doom with your, umm...Other Power Pen? to get him to drop the first pen and return to the field, once he's down have your Squaddies rush him and attack him till his life bar is depleted.

The trophy will appear during the final story scene.

Hulk ... SMASH!
Use Hulk to destroy 25 breakables.

This trophy is fairly simple as well.

Whenever you get the chance to play as Hulk and there are breakable items, just single him out to break them. You'll most likely get this through normal gameplay but if not you can farm it in the opening panel of issue 4.

Lock Unblocker
Open a Factor Lock for each Factor.

There are several different factors in the game:

-Control panels require Iron Man's Tech Factor

-Lightning barriers require Thor's Lightning Factor

-Purple fans require Falcon's Speed Factor

-Claw mark boxes require Wolverine's Animal Factor

-A big box with a fist on it requires Hulk's Strength Factor

Once you have opened one of every lock for each factor this trophy will appear. It can happen as early as issue 2.

Old Rivalries Revived
Bring Squirrel Girl into the final fight against Doom.

This can only be earned after you have already defeated Dr. Doom for the first time.

Select issue 6 either from the back issues or play option and replace one of your Squaddies with Squirrel Girl.

You do not have to finish the fight with Doom, just start up the issue and the trophy will pop a few seconds in.

Hero Up!
Use Hero Up! five times in one issue.

Simple enough, use your 'Hero up!' right away and begin collecting Hero points to refill it, then repeat as often as you can through the course of any issue.

You should have no problem getting this in any issue, but 3 and 4 have a few more enemies to help bump up your point grabs.

Heroic Aerobics
Use Hero Up! to defeat 6 or more enemies.

This trophy is a bit misleading. You need to defeat 6 enemies during a 'Hero Up!' with one Squad member.

Still this is fairly easy, wait till there are a few enemies on the screen (to make it easier look for the weaker flying enemies), pick a single Squaddie, activate Hero Up, and dive into the fray. To make it easier use your ink attacks and hold ability to plow through your opponents. If your other Squad member decide to join in just attack different enemies or try to get the last hit on each guy.

One Million Sales!
Sell 1,000,000 issues.

If you explore thoroughly and defeat everything that comes your way you should finish the game with 980,000+ points. Your score carries over to replaying back issues, so go find a few easy panels and replay them to up your score.

Replaying the fight with Doom at the end of the game is easy enough and yields a solid amount of points in the process.

Flying Off the Shelves
Sell 7,000 issues in a single panel.

Another easy trophy with lots of chances to earn.

Defeat everything that comes at you and break everything around you, you'll have this by panel 4 of issue 1.

Summer Reading
Find all the Comic Stacks.

Every panel in issues 2, 3, 4, and 5 contain one stack of hidden comics, this includes boss panels.

The stack are easy to identify because because of the big revolving SHS logo on top of them and are always found hidden in some breakable object in the panel.

Important note: A very few of the panels have an odd large blockade, like a fan or golden arch with lightning bolts on it. If you see one of these the hidden comic stack is in the secret room behind it and even though there is a transition when entering these rooms they are still considered part of that panel.

Most of the comics stacks are fairly easy to find and you will come across them in the course of normal gameplay, as long as you are exploring for you million sales. Only a few of the stacks are a little tricky to track down, some of those are:

-Issue 2 Panel 4: Once you reach the middle of the room there are two paths ahead of you, one is open and one is blocked by Doom's lightning device. Draw a bomb under the lightning device then take that path and go left, the stack is in an item at the dead end.

-Issue 2 Panel 6: See Stranger to Laser Danger.

-Issue 4 Panel 2: This is the only stack that requires a specific factor (not in your starting party) to obtain. You'll need to get Thor in your Squad and return here to have him open the lightning gate in the hallway for the stack hidden behind it.

-Issue 5 Panel 3: Once you land from your long fall you'll notice the walls start closing in and may try to hurry through this room. The walls will stop before they get to you, but more important is that giant purple fan blocking the back wall break it to reveal a hidden room with the stack within.

A Stranger to Laser Danger
Survive the laser hallway without getting hit by a laser.

The laser hallway is in issue 2 panel 6.

At the start of the panel watch the laser in the middle of the hallway fire and note the small yellow spots that appear just before it goes off. If the spots appear on the right the laser fires down the right-middle, if on the left the left-middle, if the spots appear in the middle a larger blast will fill the tube.

The right side is the safest side since you start on this side and the exit is here as well, but you will have to cross over to the left side after the first squeeze point to break a few items and grab the comic stack there.

Wait for the laser to fire and then move, making sure to direct all your Squaddies to an open area in a safe zone BEFORE engaging any Doombots. Clear the enemies, wait for the next fire, and repeat.

If you do not make it through on the first try, replay the panel from the back issues and select a team of all melee fighters to limit the chances of a ranged character trying to fight at distance and standing in the firing line.

After you clear out the Brutes and Doombots by the exit you'll be free to go and the trophy will appear after the auto-save.

Bare Hands Brigade
Complete a panel using Wolverine, Reptile and Hulk.

Reptil is the last of these three you will unlock and he becomes available after issue 3.

Go to your back issues and pick any panel, then change the Squad member to Hulk, Wolverine, and Reptil. Start the panel and play it through to the auto-save, after that the trophy will appear.

Femme Fight All
Complete a panel using Scarlet Witch, Squirrel Girl and Invisible Woman.

Squirrel Girl is the last of these three you will unlock and he becomes available after issue 3.

Go to your back issues and pick any panel, then change the Squad member to Invisible Woman, Scarlet Witch, and Squirrel Girl. Start the panel and play it through to the auto-save, after that the trophy will appear.

Loose Cannon
Complete a panel with all heroes in alternate costumes.

As you move through the game and collect points (sell issues) you will unlock alternate costumes for your Squaddies.

Once you've finished at least one issue of the story and unlocked at least three alternate costumes you can earn this trophy.

Pick a back issue and panel, then click on each of the heroes in your party and change them to their alternate costume by clicking the costume icon to the upper right of heroes picture.

Play the panel and this will unlock once you finish and the game auto saves.

This trophy can be stacked with Hi there, I'm Squirrel Girl, Costume Change, and either Bare Hands Brigade or Femme Fight All.

Just Don't Call Me "Wolvie"
Land the final blow on a Brute with Wolverine.

Even though the Brute's begin appearing in issue 2, Wolverine won't be back in your party to face one till issue 5. So you can load this as a back issue to get it out of the way earlier or just do it as you get to it.

Brute's are much larger Doombots that are easily distinguishable from regular enemies simply by their massive size and may or may not have rocket launchers on their shoulders.

To earn this trophy Wolverine simply has to land the last hit on one of these robots. Just pound away on the Brute as you normally would and watch its life bar, once it gets low direct your squad to attack another robot or move them away from the Brute. Now single out Wolverine and have him retarget the Brute, if you're worried about Wolverine being outmatched simply use Wolverine's ink charge attack, hold ability, or hero up and this will be over in a heartbeat.

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