Players: 1

Online Trophies: 0
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No Cheat Codes exist
Estimated Time to Platinum: 40-80 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1-2
Collectible Trophies: Data Hound
Missable Trophies: All loyalty, specialist, research, and end-mission related trophies (Marked with Missable in guide).
Glitched Trophies: None

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be aware that this guide may contain spoilers.

[top]Path to Platinum

  1. Playthrough a game on something other than Insanity (Normal recommended). Use this playthrough to get all the loyalty and side content trophies in an effort to get No One Left Behind. Complete a romance and the specialist trophies as well.
  2. Start a 2nd game (import or new) on Insanity. Dedicate this playthrough to just getting Insanity and any additional small trophies you missed before, don't deliberately skip content, but don't be afraid to skip things or wait to do things even if it means a worse ending.

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N7 Elite
Acquire All Trophies

Self-explanatory, will unlock when the final trophy is unlocked.

Highly Trained
View all advanced combat training videos at Shepard's private terminal.


This is an easy trophy, as soon as you are given access to the Normandy go to your Private Terminal right by the Galaxy Map.

Once inside there is an option on the menu "Advanced Training," just watch all the videos and this trophy will ding.

Missing in Action
Save your crew from an overwhelming attack

This is a story related trophy.

This trophy will ding after you've completed the first "Mission" (Its closer to a cut-scene) on the Normandy.

Very Elusive
Return to active duty

This is a story related trophy.

This trophy will ding after you've met the Illusive Man.

The Convict
Successfully recruit the biotic Convict

This is a story related trophy.

The Illusive Man will provide you with two sets of files over the course of the game. The files contain locations and information on squad members, go to the locations listed and after completing the mission the corresponding trophy will ding.

Its important to note you will get the two sets of files one at a time. First set will contain: Mordin, Garrus, Jack, and Grunt. After completing this first set a story-related mission will be given to you (see See Colony Defense), after completing Horizon a second set will be given to you containing: Samara, Thane, and Tali.

These missions can be completed in any order.

The Krogan
Successfully recruit the Krogan

This is a story related trophy.

See The Convict

The Archangel
Successfully recruit Archangel

This is a story related trophy.

See The Convict

The Professor
Successfully recruit the Professor

This is a story related trophy.

See The Convict

The Quarian
Successfully recruit the Quarian

This is a story related trophy.

See The Convict

The Justicar
Successfully recruit the Justicar

This is a story related trophy.

See The Convict

The Assassin
Successfully recruit the Assassin

This is a story related trophy.

See The Convict

Colony Defense
Defend a human colony from attack

This is a story related trophy.

After completing the first four missions and recruiting the first four members, you will be given a mission to go to Horizon. Complete this mission and the trophy will ding.

The Prodigal
Gain the loyalty of the Cerberus Officer


Loyalty is gained by completing a special mission specific to that crew-member, to gain access to this mission you must have a conversation with that crew member in between each mission. There will not always be a conversation to be had, it only takes a few conversations though to gain access to the mission. In the case of later crew members, the mission is available immediately after recruiting.

Completing loyalty missions give you bonus powers that stay with you on subsequent playthroughs (ex Flashbang from Kasumi, Fortification from Grunt, etc). In the case of most loyalty missions there are no failure criteria.

In the case of Miranda, there is no failure criteria. The trophy will pop at the end of the mission.

Ghosts of the Father
Gain the loyalty of the Cerberus Operative


See The Prodigal

Jacob's, much like Miranda's, has no failure criteria.

Gain the loyalty of the biotic Convict


See The Prodigal

Jack's loyalty mission has no failure criteria.

Gain the loyalty of the krogan


See The Prodigal

Grunt's loyalty mission has no failure criteria.

Fade Away
Gain the loyalty of Archangel


See The Prodigal

Garrus's mission is one of the weird ones, he wants revenge. While I myself have not found a way to fail it, it is important to note that it is technically possible to fail this mission if you interrupt him killing the mark and have insufficient (read: 0) paragon skill to convince him. In this scenario, Garrus will not become loyal.

If this is a concern for you, then just don't interrupt Garrus. If he kills his target, you will always pass the mission no matter what.

The Cure
Gain the loyalty of the Professor


See The Prodigal

There is no failure criteria for the Mordin's mission, if you complete it he will be loyal.

Gain the loyalty of the quarian


See The Prodigal

Tali's mission is possible to fail. The mission starts will a trial, and once it is interrupted talk to all the admirals to make sure you have all the information you need for the conversation trees to come and then during the combat section you will come across evidence that would implicate Tali's father.

From here there are four possible routes, one of which will result in failure.

If you turn over the evidence,you win the trial, but Tali will never become loyal. This is the failure path.

You can do "nothing" (just never present anything), you will lose the trial but Tali will still become loyal.

There is also the capability of winning the trial and not presenting the evidence if you have sufficient Paragon/Renegade skill to convince the judges to go your way. This is the best outcome from a game standpoint. You win, Tali is loyal, and you gain the appropriate Paragon/Renegade points.

There is a fourth possibility, but this is only accessible if you have gotten every scrap of information from the Admirals and gone down all their conversation trees before the fight. You can rally the crowd in the trial about the various cloak-and-dagger things and agendas going on... This will win you the trial and Tali's loyalty.

Help the Justicar resolve her mission


See The Prodigal

Another tricky loyalty mission, and this one can be failed. Unlike the No One Left Behind trophy, to get this trophy the mission has to end favorably for Samara. Samara wants you to kill a woman named Morinth, and before you enter the bar to seduce her you need to do three things: Read the note/diary in the apartment, talk to Samara before entering the bar and talk to Vij near the entrance. If you've done all three of these things you are just a few dialog choices away from getting this trophy.

Once you enter the bar, just talk to people and make sure you convey the personality Morinth likes (just stand up for yourself). I have not done every conversation tree and every possible combination, but all the common sense choices have resulted in the correct outcome, so I am not sure if you can actually fail during this part.

After a few encounters Morinth will show up, during the conversation with her bring up the following topics and just pick the dialog options corresponding to the information you gathered earlier. This is the first way to fail the mission, if you don't seduce Morinth. Its mission over.

You need to talk Music and Expel 10, Art and the elcor Forta, The drug Hallex, The Planet Vaenia, Travel and liking Danger, then finally about Power being its own reward. At this point she is dying for you to bed her, and take her back to her apartment.

This is the second point where you can fail this mission and not obtain this trophy (although it doesn't screw up No One Left Behind), Morinth will ask you to kill for her back at her apartment. If you choose to go down the Paragon/Renegade path just side with Samara (otherwise Samara will win). This will always result in Morinth dying and Samara becoming loyal.

Cat's in the Cradle
Gain the loyalty of the Assassin


See The Prodigal

Thane's mission is possible to fail, and this is the most difficult/frustrating of the loyalty missions. I would save often during this mission because timing is very critical here.

The jist of the mission is Thane's son is trying to assassinate someone and Thane wants you to stop it.

The first set of failure criteria comes during the first part of the mission, if at any point in time you lose your mark or don't check in with updates on time, Thane's son completes his mission and you fail yours.

The second set of failure criteria comes when you confront Thane's son, Kolyat, if you do nothing and let him kill the target, you fail the mission and never gain Thane's loyalty. When you get to this point, just pick the appropriate Paragon/Renegade action.

Friend or Foe
Obtain geth technology


After the Collector Ship mission, you will be given a mission to head to a Reaper vessel to recover IFF codes. When you meet Legion, choose to take Legion back to the Normandy and this trophy will ding.

A House Divided
Hack a geth collective


See The Prodigal

Legion's loyalty mission is available immediately after getting him (as long as every other crew member is loyal). It is not possible to fail.

This is one of the things adding complexity to No One Left Behind, if not enough crew members are loyal when you obtain Legion too much has to be done after the Reaper IFF mission and you will lose the trophy. My suggestion: Don't start the Reaper IFF mission until every crew member you have is loyal.

Ghost Ship
Complete the investigation of a derelict alien vessel

This is a story related trophy.

After completing the Horizon mission and some additional recruit/loyalty/etc missions, the Illusive Man will give you a mission to investigate a a Derelict Collector Ship, complete that mission for this trophy to ding.

Suicide Mission
Use the Omega 4 Relay

This is a story related trophy.

This trophy will ding as soon as you choose to start the final mission and use the Omega 4 Relay.

Mission Accomplished
Save humanity throughout the galaxy from certain annihilation

This is a story related trophy.

This trophy will ding for completing the game any any difficulty regardless of the ending.

Against All Odds
Survive the suicide mission


See No One Left Behind

Although this trophy can be obtained separately, you will get this trophy if you obtain No One Left Behind.

It is likely you will obtain this automatically during a playthrough regardless. The mission path that results in Shepard's death is just as complicated as the one where everyone lives, you have to intentionally avoid buying any upgrades and purposefully make wrong choices with unloyal squad members, resulting in every Squad Member dying (basically do the opposite of everything in No One Left Behind). If that happens Shepard will not survive the end battle.

So in other words, as long as you make some right choices during the Suicide mission, you will get this trophy.

Complete the game in the 'Insanity' difficulty level without changing the setting

This trophy is the one lone difficult trophy on a list that otherwise is a "walk-in-the-park" fun platinum.

Insanity is not as hard as say Veteran is on some of the harder CoD games, but Insanity is no joke either, it can be frustrating and trust me when I say its unfair (I swear, the game knows that if it kills you, its game-over... so you can't even use your partners as cannon-fodder).

That being said I have a list of things to remember:
  • Always use cover when you can. There are a couple of fights where you are forced to fight exposed, but other than that this game has alot of cover. Use it.
  • Don't stand in one spot too long. The Enemy AI does target you specifically often, keep moving.
  • Don't waste ammo. I can not stress this enough, Don't waste any ammo, especially Heavy Weapons ammo. Make use of headshots!
  • Make use of upgrades. Don't just stockpile supplies, get upgrades as soon as you can.
  • Farm resources and do side-missions. You don't want to barrel through Insanity, the more you do the easier the end-game will be.
  • Use a balanced team.
  • Take advantage of combined techs/powers to abuse weaknesses. Overload, Flashbang, etc... all very useful. A caveat to this, don't waste points on techs that don't hit protection. Almost every enemy on insanity has a shield, barrier, or armor.
  • Let enemies come to you. Critical point here, fights here will take longer than other difficulties. Wait for the enemies to give you open shots!

Points in the game to note:
  • Harbinger - This guy is a pain in the ass, he has abilities to stun and knock you out of cover and on Insanity he can kill you in two hits. My strategies here are relatively simple, but their execution can be frustrating... Save your ammo leading up to this fight and have some teammates who can spam tech powers (you can spam them as well). As soon as the conversation with EDI is over order your teammates to take cover on the farside of the arena you are in and follow them. Bunker up against the large square foundation and just unload. Spam everything you have, and if he charges you switch to the shotgun. If he knocks you out of cover, STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING and bolt for cover, and do not get out of cover for more than a few shots at a time. If you are a soldier, Adrenaline Rush can help alot here. If you aren't, just pop out of cover and hit him with your heaviest weapon or a tech power then pop back.

    Later in the game he doesn't get much easier, but keep the same type of tactics and you should have no problem. Conserve your ammo, keep to cover, keep an eye out for his shots that force you out of cover.
  • Praetorian - Another pain in the ass. There are three big keys to this fight... Don't stay in cover for too long (you need to be constantly moving), keep your teammates out of cover completely, and stay away from him to prevent his barrier from recharging. Deal with the Husks first (if present) because you can't take your focus of Praetorian once the fight really picks up, they shouldn't be too hard regardless of your class. Once they are dealt with and you just have Praetorian, focus on keeping distance from him. Use the fact that he will (by in large) ignore your teammates against him by having them spam anti-barrier/anti-armor techs while you bounce from cover-to-cover. Occasionally pop him with something big and don't be afraid to send a shot toward him, but your main priority is to keep your distance.

    The second time you face Praetorian there is a little trick to the fight, same as before take care of the cannon fodder that comes with him first. Afterwards employ the same technique above but abuse the fact that there are obstacles on the little circle of cover that is the ramps/high-ground/low-ground he can't shoot through, but you can. Just keep running this track keeping him at a good distance, and once again let your teammates do alot of damage and keep them out of cover.
  • Geth Colossus - I mention this for a critical reason, if you choose a bad path during this part you can find yourself in a wave of never ending Geth. Right at the start ignore the Colossus (except to avoid his attacks) and order your teammates to cover so you can't be flanked. After that go up the ramp to the right and take cover, keeping the Geth in control. Keep moving forward but DO NOT go down the ramp leading to the left, just keep moving forward to the end of the walkway. Once you hit the end of the walkway the Geth will eventually stop coming and its just you and the Colossus.

Class choices:
  • Soldier - The best choice in my opinion if you are willing to commit to having Miranda 100% of the time. You can take damage, use almost any weapon (meaning you can stock up on lots of ammo) and if you use your ammo types correctly have alot of penetrating powers. This is the 'jack-of-all-trades' route, there are no real disadvantages here... except you will most certainly have to take along Miranda (or someone like her) for the tech-powers.
  • Sentinel - A very solid choice, it has some survivability without a doubt and you have access to an awesome tech-tree and set of bonuses, and if you take advantage of things like Tech Armor you can really do some damage in close-quarters. Disadvantage here is just that you really will need Grunt and need to order him to constantly be between you and the brunt of their force so he can take alot of the heat off of you and you can use his ammo stores alot.
  • Adept - (thanks to cocoasg) - Adept is a good choice for two reasons: You aren't nearly as reliant on ammo, and you have access to singularity. Just an amazing ability, and when you pair it with another tech teammate (like oh... MIRANDA) you can do alot of damage without needing to fire a shot, you can pierce all protections, and can do alot of tech-combinations.
  • Infiltrator - This is a good choice if you are willing to commit to long-distance fighting and (essentially) a single weapon. There are some benefits here though, Sniper Rifles fully upgraded with headshots will single-shot most enemies, and you have access to powers/ammo-types that can directly attack/negate protections. Only disadvantage is you are almost ineffective in close-quarters.

There are trade-offs with starting a new game vs. importing, and I'd like to address that. If you choose to import a previous playthrough you will be granted a bonus power right off the bat and still have access to some previously unlocked powers, not to mention bonus money and supplies right at the start. Only problem is the game will be harder at first, but get easier quicker.

If you choose to start a new game on Insanity, the enemies will not be leveled at the start (although have all the same protection benefits), but you will be starting completely fresh, so some of the bonuses will not come to you. This route means a much easier game at the start, but the later stages of the game will be harder.

Either way I recommend you still playthrough once on normal and (if you can) unlock Long Service Medal for the exp bonus.

Teammate choices:
  • Miranda - Miranda is a very good choice, and while I don't hold her as highly useful as I do Grunt because she is still squishy... You should use her 100% of the time. She has Warp and Overload, so she can take out all protections, and her passive Cerberus perks are life-savers.
  • Grunt - In my opinion the single best teammate for an Insanity run. Unless you are going for a specific combination (i.e. Legion and Miranda for the long-range), or if you are going into a fight you know is close-quarters... YOU NEED GRUNT. He is just a damage sponge. PERIOD, and it gets so much better after he becomes loyal. While he isn't that great paired with Tech powers, he does great damage.
  • Legion - You get him later in the game, but he can be awesome when you get him, particularly if you aren't going for No One Left Behind and save alot of side content for the end. He just does ungodly damage with that sniper rifle (especially upgraded) and is a great pair for Miranda with her Cerberus perks.
  • Garrus - Garrus is good later in the game. Once he is loyal and has access to Armor Piercing Ammo, max out AP Ammo and evolve it into Squad AP Ammo. While he can't do as quite much damage as Legion or soak up as much damage as Grunt, if you are a class that relies on Weapons (i.e. Soldier or Infiltrator) or if you play your class using weapons alot, Garrus can provide a benefit similar to Miranda in that he increases the damage potential of your overall squad significantly.
  • Kasumi - She has two good abilities, both of which can be very cheap (i.e. work in your favor) when she is leveled up: Flashbang and Shadowstrike. Although not as good (potentially) as the three above, later in the game you can dump alot into her and she can get you through some tough spots just on those two abilities alone, not to mention most enemies will attack her during her attack, making it a great diversion.

No One Left Behind
Keep your team alive through the suicide mission


Arguably the most complicated trophy on the list because several pre-requisites have to be satisfied and there are several choices you have to make.

  1. Before you attempt the Reaper IFF mission, make sure you have all the loyalty missions/side missions you want to do completed. You have a fixed amount of "time" (i.e. number of missions) between opening the Omega-4 Relay and entering the Omega-4 Relay.
  2. Make sure every team member is loyal. This can be a bit tricky and if you lose loyalty with them you need to speak with them again to regain loyalty. This does, of course, mean recruiting all members (including all DLC members) and I recommend doing so before attempting the Reaper IFF mission (except Legion), and you need to get Legion during that mission.

    As far as loyalty goes, if you complete that members loyalty mission its a given that they are loyal in most cases. It is confusing with Samara/Morinth's mission, but they effectively count as one member here, see Doppelganger. It is possible to fail Tali, Garrus, Thane, and Zaeed's missions. For information on that, please see Treason, Fade Away, Cat's in the Cradle or The Price of Revenge.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: During some scenes team members will confront each-other, if going for this trophy do not side with a team member. That will potentially tank your chances at this.

    If you accidentally do so, it is possible to regain loyalty using the appropriate Renegade/Paragon choices, but note that it is possible you can make this trophy unobtainable by siding with a member.
  3. You will lose atleast one team member if you do not buy the armor, shield, and cannon upgrades for the Normandy.
    • Jacob provides the armor research necessary for the Heavy Ship Armor.
    • Tali provides the sheilds research necessary for the Multi-Core Sheilding.
    • Garrus provides the weapons research necessary for the Thanix Cannon.

    NOTE: Other team members provide additional upgrades, but they will only benefit themselves in the final mission. While recommended, it is not required to obtain this trophy. The above 3 are required.
  4. Once you've satisfied these 3 key things, you will be ready to nab this trophy during the final mission. Once you arrive at the Collector's Base, there is a tree of choices you need to make, regardless of what any characters say the trick is to pick the appropriate loyal team member for each task.
    • First Set: The Vents and Second Team

      A tech specialist must go through the vents: Choose Tali, Legion, or Kasumi.
      A second fire team leader: Choose Garrus, Jacob, or Miranda.

      - If any of your two choices are not loyal (or incorrect), whoever goes into the vent will die.
    • Second Set: Shielding the Team and Second Team

      A biotic must be chosen to shield the team: Choose Jack or Samara/Morinth.
      A second fire team leader: Choose Garrus, Jacob, or Miranda.

      - If your biotic choice is not loyal (or incorrect), one of your squad members will die.
      - If your second fire team leader is not loyal (or incorrect), they will die.
    • Third Set: Escort and Final Boss

      This is a tricky one as no one seems to agree on what exactly the choices should be, in my experience and the experience of the general internet-going public, as long as the choices you make here are loyal then you should snag this trophy no problem. If your escort is not loyal, they will die. If you choose any squad mates for the final battle that are not loyal, they will die.

      The best choices for escort are: Mordin, Kasumi, Tali, or Jack. Although any loyal team member works, these choices are the best for the averages in the "Hold the Line" choice. There are rumors that Mordin is the "correct" choice, but I have not been able to confirm this with my own experience.

      It has also been said that you should take the less combat saavy members into the final battle and leave the heavier members to hold the line. In other words leave Grunt/Zaeed/Legion behind.

      This does indeed make sense, particularly if you reference the flowchart below, but the important thing to note here is that this last choice is where loyalty matters. Loyal members are more capable at holding the line, so even if they aren't used at any point in particular... Their loyalty is still needed to nab this trophy. If you get to this point and have no deaths and a completely loyal crew, I recommend taking Miranda and Grunt/Garrus/Legion into the final battle. If you get to this point and have no deaths, but have one or two un-loyal crew-members, I recommend taking Miranda and Legion or Kasumi (assuming atleast one is loyal).

To those of you more visually inclined, a great flow chart is here. Thanks to Fishstylez for the find.

Long Service Medal
Complete Mass Effect 2 twice, or experience the interactive backstory (Cerberus Pack downloadable content) and complete Mass Effect 2

Pretty simple trophy, if you bought the game new and have the Cerberus Pack you will have access to a comic during the very early parts of the game that details the events of ME1. If you go through this comic and beat the game once, this trophy is yours. Otherwise you will need to beat the game twice.

Successfully pursue a relationship with a teammate


This is not as hard as it sounds and actually should be just a step further than getting said person's loyalty.

Basically you want to follow the same path, talk to them every mission or every other mission and occasionally they will open up to you a bit. Always pick answers that are flattering to them in the context of the conversation (seriously, it will be obvious), and in this regard make sure you read the answer you are about to give, sometimes the questions/conversation will require you to not pick "the middle" blindly. Sometimes too you will have to go paragon or renegade, but again it will not be difficult to guess. Just remember to always be agreeable and flattering.

Your options are as follows:

Male Shepard:
  • Miranda
  • Jack
  • Tali

Female Shepard:
  • Jacob
  • Thane
  • Garrus

No one choice is any easier than another and contrary to popular belief relationships don't require Paragon vs. Renegade status. You will get this trophy after the "love scene." The earliest you can get this scene is when you enter the Omega 4 Relay.

Head Hunter
Perform 30 headshot kills with any weapon on humanoid targets


Should be self-explanatory, just aim for the head when firing at enemies. It is important to note that the head-shot actually has to kill the enemies to count.

Although very easy to obtain over the course of the game, you can get this trophy in the first real level escaping from the Cerberus facility that is being attacked by Mechs. Just as you meet up with Jacob for the first time and he is giving you instructions on how to command him the enemies on the other side of the room (across the open chasm) will continually spawn until you actually issue a command. Simply keep shooting the Mechs coming through the door in the head until you get the trophy.

The game keeps track of trophy progress for this.

Shoot and kill 20 enemies while they're knocked back by a punch


This trophy can be a bit tricky because you have to actually kill the enemies while they are still incapacitated by your punch.

For this reason husks are the best because they don't pack a big punch in the damage department and they have little health. Simply use a close range weapon (Heavy Pistol/Hand Cannon or Shotgun), run up to the husk and melee. Once they are knocked back just tap , one shot from the Shotgun should be enough.

Although I personally recommend husks, on the easier difficulties you can easily take fire from mechs and other enemies long enough to accomplish this task. Do the same thing as stated above (Melee then Shotgun blast) on an enemy without a shield. As long as the killing blow is delivered while they are incapacitated this will count. This will require some play on your part because how much damage has to be dispensed depends on your weapon upgrades here, you may have to deliver a few shots first for it to be fatal.

If you are doing an Insanity run, husks are a bad idea for this trophy. There is a spot right at the start of Jack's loyalty mission where you face a pack of 4 Varrens. Save right before this fight (2nd room of the facility is a good place) and use the same combo above on them. With an upgraded Shotgun it will only take one shot and you can easily get 2-3 of them with this. Miranda and Jack will inevitably kill 1 or 2.

The game keeps track of trophy progress for this.

Big Game Hunter
Thresher Maw defeated


Unlike Mass Effect 1, Thresher Maws are not prevalent in this game... There is only one!

This trophy will require you to get Grunt's loyalty mission, and at a critical part on that mission you have to survive a Thresher Maw attack for 5 minutes. Simply defeat the Thresher Maw in that period of time and this trophy is yours. Even on Insanity this is not a difficult task. Just go on the offensive rather than play the hiding game, be somewhat cautious though as his attacks, while slow, deliver alot of damage.

Heavy Weapons recommended.

Hit 20 different targets with multiple biotic powers to combine the effects


There are alot of different biotic powers in this game that have combined effects (Pull/Warp, Pull/Throw, Pull/Slam, etc), and this trophy simply requires you to do a combined attack on 20 different enemies and it doesn't have to kill them, although on casual or with leveled up powers this not a hard task.

You will be required to issue squad commands for this one, and it can help if you turn off their capability to use powers on their own. If you choose a class that uses Biotic powers, you can use your own for this trophy.

The easiest way (and earliest) you can obtain this is on the first mission where you have Jacob and Miranda together. Simply order Jacob to Pull and then Miranda to Warp on the same target, and it will cause an explosion for additional damage. Going this route this trophy is easily obtainable before you get your first squad member.

The game keeps track of trophy progress for this.

Master At Arms
Kill enemies with 5 different heavy weapons during the game


There are 5 types of Heavy Weapons in the main game, and a 6th available on Zaeed's loyalty mission.
  • M-100 Grenade Launcher (Found during the opening mission)
  • ML-77 Missile Launcher (Research)
  • M-622 Avalanche (Research)
  • Collector Particle Beam (Found on Horizon)
  • M-920 Cain (Research)
  • M-451 Firestorm (Found during Zaeed's Loyalty Mission)
  • Arc Projector (Provided with the Cerberus Pack)
  • M-490 Blackstorm (Available through Terminus Weapons and Armor DLC)

Simply kill a single enemy with any 5 of these weapons and the trophy is yours.

The game keeps track of trophy progress for this.

Make 20 enemies scream as they fall or are set on fire


This trophy is much easier than it sounds, all that is required is to use Incendiary Ammo in combination with a Biotic power on an organic target without shields/armor, and your teammates actions count toward this trophy.

The easiest way (and earliest) to obtain this trophy is simply to use Jacob. He has access to Incendiary Ammo. Set him to use it and simply order him to use a biotic power on a target he sets on fire. If you set the option to allow your teammates to use powers on their own and use Jacob, chances are you will get this trophy without any input during the first or second recruit mission.

The game keeps track of trophy progress for this.

Overload Specialist
Disrupt the shields of 25 enemies


These specialist trophies are tricky because it only counts if you do it yourself or if you order a teammate to do it (unlike merciless it won't count if they do it on their own).

Simply order a teammate to use Overload or use Overload yourself on an enemy with shields. If the power lands and nullifies the shields of the enemy, it will count toward this trophy. This is actually a very useful tactic regardless of the trophy, so hopefully this will be had through common play.

Engineer and Sentinel are the two classes where Shepard has access to Overload.

The game keeps track of trophy progress for this.

Warp Specialist
Warp the barriers of 25 enemies


These specialist trophies are tricky because it only counts if you do it yourself or if you order a teammate to do it (unlike merciless it won't count if they do it on their own).

Simply order a teammate to use Warp or use Warp yourself on an enemy with Barrier up. This is a tricky trophy because Barrier is a rare power for enemies to possess and use, and if you want to get this trophy through normal play you really have to keep your eye out for sections with enemies that have Barrier (Asari, Krogan, Collectors).

There is a trick to this if you don't believe you will get this trophy through normal play. Simply save before a section where there is atleast one enemy with Barrier, use Warp on him, then afterwards reload. Reloading does not destroy the count.

While there are not good spots to grind this trophy, Miranda's Loyalty Mission and Samara's Recruitment Mission both have a fair share of Eclipse Mercenaries. I would not recommend completely repeating these missions, just save before a spot with a handful of them. The best place on Samara's Recruitment Mission is right after you get permission to go into the Alley, there is a group of Eclipse back there all the way through to Samara that have some Barriers. Save right before and then just rinse and repeat.

For Miranda's Loyalty mission there are a couple good spots right at the start of the warehouse, I recommend clearing out the first group of Eclipse right after you land, saving, then repeating the next two groups after that.

Adept and Sentinel are the two classes where Shepard has access to Warp.

The game keeps track of trophy progress for this.

Incineration Specialist
Incinerate the armor of 25 enemies


These specialist trophies are tricky because it only counts if you do it yourself or if you order a teammate to do it (unlike merciless it won't count if they do it on their own).

This trophy is not as bad as Warp Specialist, but not as easy as Overload Specialist. You actually have to use Incinerate or order a Team Member to use it and destroy the Armor of an enemy. Armor is relatively common. Vorcha Warriors, Krogan, Collectors all commonly have it.

There are some tricks to this trophy. It is important to note that the count remains through saving/loading, so if you find an area with alot of armored enemies you can save before a fight and re-load after. This is also easily accomplished on your Insanity run as husks gain Armor on Insanity difficulty, although this route is not recommended.

If you are struggling to find a good spot to farm this trophy or have issues with Mordin, there is a very good mission to farm this guy. Its an N7 mission called "N7: Blood Pack Base" (Zada Ban, Xe Cha, Shrike Abyssal). Its a very short mission full of Vorcha and has a Krogan at the end. Take Mordin and a solid combat specialist (Grunt or Zaeed recommended), order them to take cover and simply wait for the Vorcha to activate Armor. As soon as this happens order Mordin to Incinerate and the Armor should go down in a single shot with an upgraded Incinerate.

This mission only takes about 4-5 minutes to complete, as soon as you kill the Krogan at the end, choose to restart the mission from the Load screen. You can easily get 5-6 toward this trophy per run.

Infiltrator is the only class where Shepard has access to Incinerate.

The game keeps track of trophy progress for this.

Complete a mission discovered by scanning an unexplored world


See Agent

Complete 5 missions discovered by scanning unexplored worlds


There are lots of side missions within the Mass Effect 2 universe that start through scanning an un-explored world. As you explore clusters and systems occasionally the ships AI (EDI) will chime in when you start the scanning process saying "Anomaly Detected," follow the small white line toward the anomaly and launch a probe when you have located it.

After this the "Land" option () will be available to you, simply land and complete the mission. After doing this 5 times, this trophy will unlock.

The following is a list of the missions (including DLC):
  • Alchera (Amada, Omega Nebula)
  • Lorek (Farthar, Omega Nebula)
  • Neith (Amun, Eagle Nebula)
  • Darator (Faryor, Hourglass Nebula)
  • Zanethu (Ploitari, Hourglass Nebula)
  • Capek (Hoskins, Titan Nebula)
  • Helyme (Zelene, Crescent Nebula)
  • Tarith (Lusarn, Crescent Nebula)
  • Zadaban (Xecha, Skrike Abyssal)
  • Joab (Enoch, Rosetta Nebula)
  • 2175 Aeia (Alpha Draconis, Rosetta Nebula)
  • Aequitas (Fortis, Minos Wasteland)
  • Gei Hinnom (Sheol, Hades Nexus)
  • Kopis (Hoplos, Hades Nexus)
  • Canalus (Dirada, Pylos Nebula)
  • Taitus (Talava, Caleston Rift)
  • Sinmara (Solveig, Calestron Rift)
  • Karumoto (Yakawa, Calestron Rift)
  • Corang (Verr, Hawking Eta)
  • Franklin (Skepsis, Sigurd's Cradle)
  • Sanctum (Decoris, Sigurd's Cradle)
  • Lattesh (Chomos, Phenoix Massing)
  • Zeona (Elysta, Ismar Frontier)

Retrieve mineral resources by scanning and probing a planet in the galaxy map

You are required to simply initiate scanning on a planet then launch a probe to retrieve any resources from that planet.

Easily obtained right after you get control of the Normandy. Simply go to any of the actual planets in the cluster, initiate a scan and once the display on the right-hand-side indicates any mineral content, launch a probe.

Visit 100% of the planets in an unexplored cluster

Another very easy trophy, just go to any cluster and visit every planet in every system. Entering orbit is all that is needed to count as visiting.

This is also easily obtained right after getting control of the Normandy. Just go to every planet in the entire cluster you start in, and once every system is marked with 100%, you will get this trophy.

Power Gamer
Reach Level 30 with one character

This is a much tougher trophy in ME2 than it was in ME1, big reason is you can not "farm" exp. The only thing that counts toward this trophy is completing missions and assignments. Occasionally there is a exp bonus for completing a conversation or mini-mission, but beyond that... thats all she wrote.

My only suggestions are to do everything, explore all words for side missions, do every mission you are prompted to do and complete all loyalty assignments. Beyond that, this is really just a grinding trophy.

Also note that when the Illusive Man wants to talk to you in the Comm Room, the mission he is about to give you is required.

It takes 1000 exp each level and you get exp for the following:
  • Story Missions: 1000 exp
  • Loyalty Missions: 750 exp
  • Assignments: 125 exp
  • "Conversation" missions: 40 exp

If you are the "exploring" type and do all the side-content you can, this will unlock at some point between the Reaper IFF mission or the suicide mission (depending how you time your missions).

NOTE: You get a 25% exp bonus for getting the Long Service Medal.

Unlock 15 new Mass Effect 2 codex entries

Although technically a missable trophy, it would take skills to miss this.

Codex entries are obtained through investigating and conversation, simply go down deeper conversation paths, pick "Investigate" alot when prompted, and Examine objects and this trophy will be yours within the first hour of gameplay easily.

The game keeps track of trophy progress for this.

Obtain 10 technology upgrades

Again, technically missable, but you would have to try to miss it.

Here all you need to do is buy/find/research 10 different upgrades, of which there are dozens. This is easily obtained by doing research alone via the Tech lab (unlocked after recruiting Mordin), but finding new weapons also counts toward this. It should be noted that upgrades are available by buying them at shops, talking with teammates, or simply unlocked by getting enough other upgrades.

Upgrades also require resources picked up during missions and by exploring planets.

The game keeps track of trophy progress for this.

Weapon Specialist
Fully upgrade a weapon


Each weapon has 8-9 possible upgrades available, most are bought/found and two are automatically unlocked at the research terminal. As long as you actually go pick them up the ones that are found on missions are very hard to miss. That being said, if you are pursuing this trophy just make sure to survey every room before you move on.

The range at which you are alerted something is there is very large, which is why I say this is a very hard trophy to miss.

You just need 7 upgrades for any weapon. A list is provided below of what they are and their locations:

Assault Rifle
  1. +10% Damage - Mordin Recruitment Mission just past merc barricade
  2. +10% Damage - Tali Recruitment Mission in room blocked by pillar
  3. +10% Damage - Samara Loyalty Mission on wall in Morinth's apartment
  4. +10% Damage - Zaeed Loyalty Mission (DLC) Renegade choice only
  5. +10% Damage - Lair of the Shadow Broker Mission (DLC) delivery
  6. +10% Damage - Illium: Gateway Personal Defense
  7. +10% Damage - Tuchanka: Fortack's Database
  8. +25% Penetration - Unlocked after 2 damage upgrades
  9. Accuracy Improvement - Unlocked after 3 damage upgrades

  1. +10% Damage - Garrus Recruitment Mission bypass door near gunship
  2. +10% Damage - Thane Recruitment Mission just before windy bridge
  3. +10% Damage - Miranda Loyalty Mission shipping container after first elevator
  4. +10% Damage - Lair of the Shadow Broker Mission (DLC) delivery
  5. +10% Damage - Citadel: Rodam Expeditions
  6. +10% Damage - Illium: Gateway Personal Defense
  7. +50% Shield Piercing - Unlocked after 2 damage upgrades
  8. +50% Extra Rounds - Unlocked after 3 damage upgrades

  1. +10% Damage - Jack Recruitment Mission on guard corpse after first large mech
  2. +10% Damage - Grunt Loyalty Mission awarded automatically
  3. +10% Damage - IFF Mission in the middle of scion and husk fights
  4. +10% Damage - Lair of the Shadow Broker Mission (DLC) delivery
  5. +10% Damage - Omega: Kenn's Salvage
  6. +10% Damage - Tuchanka: Fortack's Database
  7. +50% Shield Piercing - Unlocked after 2 damage upgrades
  8. +100% Extra Rounds - Unlocked after 3 damage upgrades

Heavy Pistol
  1. +10% Damage - Tali Recruitment Mission stairwell bottom at first geth fight (easily missed)
  2. +10% Damage - Thane Loyalty Mission beginning of 800 wards
  3. +10% Damage - Jacob Loyalty Mission just past mech destruct barrier
  4. +10% Damage - Lair of the Shadow Broker Mission (DLC) close after the fire barrier on an research terminal.
  5. +10% Damage - Citadel: Rodam Expeditions
  6. +10% Damage - Tuchanka: Fortack's Database
  7. +50% Armor Piercing - Unlocked after 2 damage upgrades
  8. Critical - Unlocked after 3 damage upgrades

Heavy Weapons
  1. +15% Heavy Weapon Ammo - Freedom's Progress Mission dead mech outside Veetor's shack
  2. +15% Heavy Weapon Ammo - Mordin Loyalty Mission terminal just past boss
  3. +15% Heavy Weapon Ammo - Zaeed Loyalty Mission Near fire extinguisher, Paragon choice only
  4. +15% Heavy Weapon Ammo - Side Mission: N7: Blood Pack Base
  5. +15% Heavy Weapon Ammo - Omega: Kenn's Salvage
  6. +15% Heavy Weapon Ammo - Tuchanka: Ratch's Wares
  7. Weapon: ML-77 - Unlocked after 1 ammo upgrade
  8. Weapon: M-622 - Unlocked after 2 ammo upgrades
  9. Weapon: M-920 - Unlocked after 3 ammo upgrades

Sniper Rifle
  1. +10% Damage - Grunt Recruitment Mission top of stairs after krogan waves
  2. +10% Damage - Garrus Loyalty Mission terminal just before raising shutters
  3. +10% Damage - IFF Mission end of catwalk near sniped husks
  4. +10% Damage - Lair of the Shadow Broker Mission (DLC) delivery
  5. +10% Damage - Citadel: Rodam Expeditions
  6. +10% Damage - Omega: Omega Market
  7. +50% Armor Piercing - Unlocked after 2 damage upgrades
  8. +50% Headshot Damage - Unlocked after 3 damage upgrades

Complete any research project in the Normandy's laboratory

Technically missable, but again, you would have to intentionally miss it.

Can be unlocked anytime after recruiting Mordin. Just go to the research hub in the Tech Lab and buy any research project using resources gathered through exploring planets or obtained on mission.

Personalize your armor

A very easy trophy to obtain, and should be obtained normally through the course of the game if you buy new armor.

Just go to any Armor kiosk in the game and change your armor, will unlock after hitting "apply."

The earliest place to obtain this is right after meeting the Illusive Man. Once you exit the room after talking to him there will be an Armor kiosk on the wall to the left of the staircase that leads down to him, go to the kiosk and change any aspect of either of the armor sets you wear.

Power Full
Evolve any power

This is unlocked by getting any skill to level 4 and choosing either evolution power, does not matter which power evolved.

This is easily obtained over the course of the game, you get skill points each level and it requires 10 to do this (9 if it is a starting power). Just spend the required number and the trophy is yours right after choosing the evolution power.

Heart of Darkness
Confront the Shadow Broker

This trophy requires you to start the side mission "Lair of the Shadow Broker."

This mission is started after receiving a message at your private terminal and talking with Liara on Illium. This trophy will unlock once you finish the final part of the mission fighting through the Shadow Broker's stronghold and enter the room where the Shadow Broker is located. It can't be missed if you complete the mission.

Broke, Blind and Bedlam
Gain the loyalty of the thief


This trophy is obtained by competing the Kasumi's loyalty mission, unlocked right after recruiting her.

Unlike other loyalty missions there are no real decisions or big choices over the course of this mission (its actually much more akin to a recruitment mission). After meeting her on the citadel just hop on the Normandy and go to Bekenstein in the Boltzmann system.

Kasumi's mission will start as soon as you pick to land on the planet.

Data Hound
Collect 6 Cerberus data packets scattered across Aite


This trophy requires you to do the side mission "Project: Overlord."

After completing the Hermes Station portion of the Overlord mission you will enter an open area with the Hammerhead as you travel between the 3 remaining stations.

In this area there are 6 Cerberus data packets scattered around (they appear as red-and-blue cylinders), simply drive over them and hold . This can be done at anytime before entering Atlas station, and they can be obtained in any order and between visiting other stations.

While not particularly hard to find, the video below starts at Hermes station and takes you through all 6.

Toggle Spoiler

The game keeps track of this trophy for you.

Digital Exorcist
Successfully shut down the rogue VI in Project Overlord

This trophy requires you to do the side mission "Project: Overlord."

This trophy will be awarded after you successfully defeat the Rogue VI at the end of Atlas station, it will unlock regardless of your dialog choices with Archer.

The Price of Revenge
Gain the loyalty of the mercenary ('Cerberus Pack' downloadable content)


See The Prodigal

You will obtain Zaeed's loyalty mission as soon as you acquire him similar to Kasumi. Zaeed's mission is possible to fail

Zaeed needs your help to kill a specific target. The failure criteria comes when the shit starts hitting the fan during the mission, at a certain point you will be given an option to save some civilians. If you choose to do this, Zaeed won't be able to kill his target.

The big thing here is your Paragon is high enough you can save the civilians and then through dialog options at the end of the mission still convince Zaeed to become loyal to you. The general idea here is stick with whatever route you have actually chosen to go for this playthrough, don't go the Paragon route if you have high Renegade points.

It is important to note that each mission path provides different items obtainable during the mission, while the Firestorm is available on both paths the Renegade (pursue the target) path will provide a Assault Rifle damage upgrade while the Paragon (save the civilians) path has a Heavy Weapons ammo upgrade.

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