Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 5-8 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1; multiple games in the Combat Simulator
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

The main purpose of this DLC is to send the Mass Effect Trilogy off with a bang. It's full of dialogue, voice recordings, and other little things that fans of the series will enjoy. So if you have any investment in the story it would be in your best interest to watch all cutscenes and interact with all characters.

This DLC is also full of attachments and has two new weapons for you to find. The M-11 Suppressor is a silenced heavy pistol that is super accurate and does a ton of headshot damage. Fans of the original Mass Effect may remember the next weapon, the M-7 Lancer. This weapon does not use heat sinks, instead it recharges ammo. I found it to be especially useful in the combat simulators because you can safely use the "No Ammo Crates" modifier.


Mass Effect 3's final DLC becomes available after completing the story mission Priority: The Citadel. But I would recommend holding off on starting it until you have completed everything in the main game except for the attack on Cerberus HQ. Check your emails for one titled "Priority: Citadel Shore Leave" from Admiral Hackett and then travel to the Citadel and choose the "Personal Apartment" dock to land.

This DLC starts off very linear so just sit back and play through the story until you earn these 4 unmissable trophies:

Priority Target
High Society
Team Player
Last Resort

The Strip will become available once you complete the story missions. Use this time to meet up with old friends or invite them up to your apartment. Stop by the arcade and win a prize to earn a trophy.

King of the Castle

After completing the story you will receive an email from Armax Arena inviting you to play a few rounds in the combat simulator. You can find the combat simulator in the Strip, right in front of the exit to your apartment. Complete games in the combat simulator to earn tokens. Use these tokens to unlock new levels, enemy types, challenges, squadmates, and modifiers for the combat simulator. Score over 9999 in on match, complete a mirror match, and help Armax Arena work out some glitches in their system to earn the following trophies:

Technical Issues
Simulated Hero
The One and Only

Finish hanging out with friends and go buy the party supplies. Return to your apartment and use your terminal to send out the invitations. Initiate the party when you're ready and enjoy the night!

Perfect Host


Priority Target
Discover a plot against you.

Walk around your new apartment until the game prompts you to check the message terminal. You'll have a new message from Joker asking to meet up with you at the local sushi restaurant. Unfortunately, things quickly turn sour. This trophy will unlock after you make it back to your apartment.

High Society
Go undercover to follow a lead.

In this mission you will be let loose inside of a casino and you must find a way through security to ask Elijah Khan a few questions. After finding him you will return to your apartment and the trophy will unlock.

Team Player
Infiltrate an enemy stronghold with your crew.

The third mission takes place in the Council Archives. It is a pretty long mission with lots of combat. You will earn this trophy once you leave the Archives.

Last Resort
Stop an out-of-control scheme before it's too late.

You will earn this trophy at the end of the last story mission.

Perfect Host
Throw a party for your friends.

Now that the story is completed, you can finally get some R&R. Through convincing from your friends you finally decide to throw a party for the Normandy crew past and present. Glyph will take care of most of the preparations but what you will need to do is purchase the party supplies and send invites to your friends.

You can buy the party supplies at the Silversun Casino. Go up to the second floor and use the console that is next to the bar to buy them. Once you have the supplies you can go ahead and throw the party without personally inviting anyone if you're so inclined. Talk to Glyph or use your terminal to get the party started.

But you should take the time to invite as many friends as you can because it will make the experience so much better. Check your terminal for messages from your friends. Some will want you to invite them to your apartment and you can do that via your terminal. Others will want you to meet them somewhere on the Strip. Your friends won't contact you all at once so keep checking your terminal for any new messages while you work on inviting friends and exploring the Strip. You will need to hang out with your friends before you will be able to invite them to your party. Use your terminal to manage the invite list and start the event when you're ready.

Walk around your apartment and interact with the guests. Talk to Glyph to progress the party forward. Keep doing this until the night ends. This trophy will unlock the morning after the party.

King of the Castle
Win a prize at one of the arcade games.

This trophy can be obtained after completing the story and gaining access to the Strip. The Castle Arcade is one of the areas located on the Strip that you can visit. From your apartment, turn right and walk down the Strip until you see the large blue "Castle Arcade" sign above your head, then walk through the door. This trophy calls for winning a prize by playing one of the arcade games. By far the easiest way to earn this trophy is to play the claw game. This game requires no skill and you are guaranteed a prize each time you play it.

Claw Machine - From the entrance to Castle Arcade, head up the stairs and you will see the claw game to your right (this is also where you meet Zaeed if you make arrangements to hang out with him). Enter the game and move the claw over any one of the colored orbs. Drop the claw and it will pick up an orb. You will then receive a prize along with this trophy.

Video Guide

Toggle Spoiler

Relay Defense - On the left-hand side of the screen is a mass relay and on the right is your planet. Between them is 3 lanes. Your goal is to keep these lanes clear of enemies so you can send your friendly ships through the mass relay. The enemies will also fire at your planet so you should take care of them ASAP.

Shattered Eezo - This game is similar to Rockem Sockem Robots. Two robots will engage in hand-to-hand combat until one is destroyed. You'll be controlling the blue robot on the left. You have light and heavy punches at your disposal as well as a guard.

Technical Issues
Investigate a strange occurrence in the combat simulator.

In order to initiate the strange occurrences, you are going to have to purchase several item from the Armax Store with tokens:

Bronze Unlocks Silver Unlocks Gold Unlocks
Spin Zone Modifier: No Medi-Gel Collector Combat Set
Modifier: Reduced Player Shields Super Elite Challenge
Modifier: Enhanced Enemy Damage
Modifier: No Ammo Crates
Modifier: Enhanced Player Damage
Reaper Combat Set
Elite Challenge
Modifier: Enhanced Enemy Shields
Once everything above is purchased, you will receive an email from Armax titled "Unusual Scores." They want you to test out some anomalies and will ask you to play a match with specific parameters enabled. There will be 3 matches that you have to complete for this trophy.

Match 1: Super Elite Opponents
Nothing else is required for this match so fill the other parameters with whatever you like. Complete this match and you will receive another email titled "Early Testing Results."

Match 2: All Score Modifiers (Except Player Damage Boost)
You'll need to enable all score modifiers (no medi-gel, no ammo, reduced shield, enhanced enemy shield, enhanced enemy damage) so that you have a +60% score modification. I strongly recommend playing against normal enemies for this match. After this match is complete, you will receive one last email titled "Memory Leak Isolated."

Match 3: Elite Geth on Spinzone with "Enhanced Enemy Shields" Modifier active

*Save before attempting this match*
This match won't be as simple as it sounds, but it isn't too difficult either. Shortly after starting the match the entire simulation will start to glitch out. You will be up against Super Elite enemies from each enemy type (Collector, Geth, Cerberus, Reaper). There is a round for each enemy type plus one round that contains all 4 enemy types, making this match have 5 total rounds that you need to complete. Safety measures are also disabled for this match so Shepard will be taking real damage in the simulator. If you happen to die then you won't be able to restart the match. Instead you will have to reload your last save. That is why you want to save before this match. The trophy will unlock once you complete all 5 rounds.

Simulated Hero
Score 9999 points in the combat simulator on Normal, Hardcore, or Insanity.

This trophy requires Normal Difficulty or higher. You will not earn bonus points for playing on Hardcore or Insanity so Normal is all that's required to earn this trophy.

A match in the combat simulator consists of 3 rounds of enemies. Defeat all enemies to progress to the next round. Your score is based on how quickly you complete the match. You earn bonus points for killstreaks (killing enemies in quick succession) and for picking up bonus objectives between waves. Dying during a match will end it and you will have to restart from round 1.

Scoring 9999 points on your first match is impossible. There simply isn't enough points to earn because you are playing with basic options enabled. You are going to have to play a few matches first to earn tokens. Use these tokens to buy new options for the combat simulator. Focus on unlocking "super elite" enemies and modifiers as these options will substantially increase your score. Once you feel you have enough options unlocked, enable them and give it a go. You should have at least "Super Elite" enemies and a few modifiers activated. Make sure you're also playing on Normal or higher!

The One and Only
Defeat a group of Spectre-level opponents on Normal, Hardcore, or Insanity.

You will need to purchase Mirror Match from the store in order to unlock Spectre-level opponents. It costs one Gold token.

The Spectres look exactly like your Shepard and you will be up against 6 - one for each class. The first round will consist of 3 of the 6 Spectres (Soldier, Adept, and Engineer) and they will each respawn once. Round 2 will have the other 3 Spectre classes (Infiltrator, Vanguard, and Sentinel) and they too will each respawn once. The final round will put you up against all 6 Spectres at once, but they won't respawn this time. Each Specter will have a full bar of shield and a full bar of armor. The shield bar will regenerate after a while but the armor bar will not.

The only parameter required for this trophy is Mirror Match, so anything else is completely up to you. Any map will do, but I seemed to have the easiest time on Pain Train because the tight corridors greatly reduced the Spectres' ability to flank me. No modifiers are required but it's probably a given that Enhanced Enemy Damage is recommended for this trophy. The last thing to decide on is which 2 squadmates you'll bring along. Any squadmate that has abilities to counter shields, armor, or both will do. Most players tend to use Wrex and/or Grunt for this trophy because of their high health, but they're not really needed because the Spectres seem to ignore squadmates and focus their attacks solely on you. Also, I noticed that Wrex and Grunt spent most of the time following me around and not attacking the Spectres. Other players have stated this as well, but not enough for me to say that it's a bug. If they work for you, great. If they don't, then use other squadmates. I ended up using Garrus and James and my Shepard is an engineer so I had plenty of abilities to use against the Spectres.

Before you start the match, make sure your game's difficulty is set to Normal or higher. This match must be finished on Normal or above in order to earn this trophy, but it doesn't have to be set to Normal for the entire fight. So if you are having trouble overcoming this fight on Normal, you can drop the difficulty at the beginning of the match and then bring it back up to Normal when there is only one enemy remaining on the last round and you'll still earn the trophy.

The Spectres are probably the hardest enemies you'll face in this game. They will relentlessly pursue you and try to flank you. You should match their relentlessness and keep offensive pressure on them because they can easily trap you in a corner if you play too cautiously. The Vanguard in rounds 2 and 3 should be your primary target because it will warp to you the first chance it gets and it is deadly at close range. After the Vanguard, Adepts and Engineers can give you a lot of trouble so take them down if you see them. Prioritizing targets can help but it is not necessary - what is necessary is picking a target and quickly blitzing it with all of your squad's attacks so you can kill it before it can retreat. This is especially important on the last round when you are up against six Spectres at once.


VidGamiacUnlocked - "King of the Castle " Video https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKu...inOyl4-A8ue5lw

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