Players: 1
Online Trophies: none
Online Pass Required: no
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: no cheats
Estimated Time to 100%: 6-8 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: none
Missable Trophies: none
Glitched Trophies: none

Shepard and the crew of the Normandy have been ordered to the Citadel for some much-needed R&R - even with the fate of the galaxy at stake, it's important to rest up and stay frosty. There's no rest for the weary, however, because upon arrival you are the target of a quickly unfolding conspiracy that seeks to snuff out the galaxy's final ray of hope to survive the Reaper onslaught.

Reunite with old crew members, acquaintances, and stories as you embark on your final adventure with Shepard. Band together with friends new and old, one last time, as you take your final encore and the curtain comes slowly down.

[top]Tips & Strategies

This add-on is a fairly straightforward play without any real tricks, difficult portions, or even heart-wrenching choices to consider. That said, there are a few basic nuggets I can pass on, so keep these things in mind:
  • The story missions in the first part of the pack do NOT have any difficulty-based trophies associated with them, so feel free to play on Casual and just enjoy the story.
  • There are many useful weapon mods lying around the story missions. You'd do well to pick some of them up, including Power Magnifiers, Ultralight Materials for several different weapons, and High-Velocity Barrels for the Sniper Rifles. Additionally, keep an eye out for the M-7 Lancer in one of the vaults during the third mission - it's a very useful Assault Rifle, and just for the feels factor it'll let you take the same gun to Earth that you may have used against Saren.
  • The most versatile squadmates to use in the Armax Arsenal Arena are Liara, Tali, Wrex, Grunt, and James. Try to have at least one of them with you for each match.
  • The party is much more enjoyable with everyone (living) present, so if you're so inclined, try to hang out with everyone who messages you prior to sending out the invites. For those of you invested in the story, be sure to look for items from Anderson and Mordin, among others.
  • Have fun. This is the last add-on for the entire trilogy, so try to enjoy all the new content your first time through. You're never going to get another fresh look at content involving Shepard after this.

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You'll initiate this final add-on by heading to the Citadel once you receive an email from admiral Hackett ordering you in for some R&R. From there you;re locked-in to completing the first four missions, but then it opens up a bit as to how you want to do things. Below is the order I'd recommend for maximum enjoyment:
  • Head to the Citadel and complete the story-based missions for this DLC. You'll get Priority Target, High Society, Team Player, and Last Resort just for finishing them all.
  • From there, you can proceed in a number of ways. I suggest doing a bit of exploration on the Strip. Meet up with a few crew members, and while you're at it head to the Castle Arcade and win a prize to get King of the Castle.
  • After you've spent some time with a fair number of your friends, head over to the Armax Arsenal Arena and run through the combat simulator. Shatter the highscore, play someone your own skill level, and help them run some technical troubleshooting to earn Simulated Hero, The One and Only, and Technical Issues.
  • Once that's done, see everyone else you want to see before throwing the party, unlocking Perfect Host, and closing the series out in style.



Priority Target
Discover a plot against you

Story-related; can't be missed.

You'll unlock this trophy after returning to your apartment once you've had some sushi with Joker.


High Society
Go undercover to follow a lead

Story-related; can't be missed.

You'll unlock this trophy after returning to your apartment once you've gone big at the casino.


Team Player
Infiltrate an enemy stronghold with your crew

Story-related; can't be missed.

You'll unlock this trophy after a fun little romp through the Council Archives.


Last Resort
Stop an out-of-control scheme before it's too late

Story-related; can't be missed.

You'll unlock this trophy after a little joyride across the Citadel arms.


Perfect Host
Throw a party for your friends

Story-related; can't be missed.

After you complete your final face-off with the Mysterious Figure, you and the crew will return to your apartment, saying some real shore leave would actually be nice. Joker and James decide you should throw a party for everyone, and you agree.

Glyph will tell you to purchase supplies on the Strip, which you can do from the console by the bartender on the Silversun's second floor. Now, in order to invite people to the party, you're going to have to meet up with them individually first. Head back to your apartment and check your private terminal for messages from your crew about possible places to catch up. Either track them down on the Strip or invite them up to your apartment with the terminal, and after you've played out the scenes you'll be able to invite them to the party if you wish.

Now you don't have to invite anyone, if you don't like - James and Joker already took the liberty of inviting a few folks, so you can just hold it right away. But getting the full cast and crew makes for a legendary night, so if you at all can, try to have everyone there. Regardless, when you're ready to send invites and start the shindig, you'll find the option on your terminal.


King of the Castle
Win a prize at one of the arcade games

This is an extremely easy trophy to earn. You can first get this after completing the main arc of the DLC, and when you'r first able to explore the Strip in search of your crewmates and party supplies.

One of the areas is called the Castle Arcade. Inside, you'll find a fair number of games including Relay Defense, Shattered Eezo, and The Tower of Hanoi. All of these will award you a prize for your apartment if you beat the high score, but some of them can be a little difficult to crack. I recommend instead playing the Claw game where you first encounter Zaeed - every time you play, you get a prize. This trophy will unlock with the first prize you get, however you do it.


Technical Issues
Investigate a strange occurrence in the combat simulator

This trophy is earned by completing a series of three combat scenarios that Armax Arena provides, asking you to help investigate some glitches and errors within their system. Note that, unlike :silver:Simulated Hero and :silver:The One and Only, this trophy isn't difficulty specific. If you're having trouble, feel free to set the gameplay difficulty to Casual or even Narrative and breeze through it.

You'll first receive an email from them after you've unlocked the following permutations from their store:

  • Spin Zone map (bronze unlock)
  • Reaper enemies (silver unlock)
  • Collector enemies (gold unlock)
  • Elite enemies (silver unlock)
  • Super Elite enemies (gold unlock)
  • No Medi-gel modifier (silver unlock)
  • One-Shot Player Shields modifier (silver unlock)
  • Enhanced Enemy Shields modifier (silver unlock)
  • Enemy Damage Boost modifier (silver unlock)
  • No Placed Ammo modifier (silver unlock)
  • Player Damage Boost modifier (silver unlock)

They want you to play through a series of scenarios to isolate which permutations are contributing to the errors and glitches. They'll explain after each match what exactly they want you to do next, but if you can't be bothered to read the emails here's what you're going to have to do:

Match One: Unusual Scores

  • Map: any (recommended: Spin Zone)
  • Enemy: any (recommended: Geth)
  • Difficulty: Super Elite
  • Bonus Modifiers: none required (recommended: Player Damage Boost)
  • Squadmates: none required (recommended: Biotics against Reapers or Collectors, Tech against Geth, a mix for Cerberus)

Especially if you're playing on the lower difficulties, that match shouldn't give you too much trouble. I recommended Spin Zone because it doesn't have a lot of obstructed views, so you can get nice long sitelines for snipers and power-based attacks. But as I said, it's not a difficult match so don't worry about it too much - feel free to tweak the settings to satisfy other Arena-related assignments, if you wish, just as long as you face Super Elite enemies.

Match Two: Early Testing Results

  • Map: any (recommened: Spin Zone)
  • Enemy: any (recommened: Geth)
  • Difficulty: any (recommened: Foot Soldier)
  • Bonus Modifiers: Enhanced Enemy Shields, One-Shot Player Shields, Enemy Damage Boost, No Placed Ammo, No Medi-gel (note: do NOT turn on Player Damage Boost; you need a +60 bonus and enabling increased damaged for yourself will add -10 to that total, precluding tha maximum score bonus)
  • Squadmates: none required (recommended: Wrex, James, and/or Grunt for one; Liara for second)

Now this will be a little bit trickier, though still not too bad on the lower difficulties. You just can't be as bold; you need to play with a little more caution since you're without many of the advantages you've come to rely on. Use Liara to help manage quicker enemies with Singularity, and use Wrex, James, and/or Grunt to spam grenades and get them as they spawn. You may find yourself out of ammo in the final wave, depending on your chosen weapons and class, but be careful about using melee since you can't really take more than one or two hits. Try to rely on your own and squadmates' powers as much as possible. Once you've finished the match successfully with the maximum score boost, you can proceed.

Match Three: Memory Leak Isolated

  • Map: Spin Zone
  • Enemy: Geth
  • Difficulty: Elite
  • Bonus Modifiers: Enhanced Enemy Shields (recommened: Player Damage Boost)
  • Squadmates: none required (recommended: Wrex and James)

Save before you start this match, especially if playing on the higher difficulties.

The team has successfully found the cause of the issues, and needs you to play with the specific settings above in order to properly address the situation. Load up the match and behold! the entire Arena glitches out. This is here it gets interesting - you're going to be fighting in a visually distressed environment, against five waves of the highest-tier enemy types from each faction, and the safety interlocks have been rest. This means that you're really taking damage, and when you get downed, it's a full death. You'll get Critical Mission Error and have to reload from your last save.

All that aside, though, this isn't actually too bad. Use Wrex and James to spam grenades and Carnage, especially when the spawning enemies are grouped together. You can wipe most of them out fairly easily from the getgo, and mopping up the remaining stragglers isn't too bad. Be sure to stock up on ammo packs, though, as you'll burn through grenades quickly this way.

After five waves the Armax analysts will have locked down the issue, and you'll be finished. The trophy will unlock at this point, and if you're playing on Normal or better, you'll likely unlock :silver:Simulated Hero as well.


Simulated Hero
Score 9999 points in the combat simulator on Normal, Hardcore, or Insanity

This is a fairly easy trophy to achieve, though you won't get it off the bat. Most like you'll unlock it while earning some of the basic permutations for the simulator, but if not, it will definitely unlock by the time you finish out the other two Arena-related trophies. Note that like The One and Only, this trophy requires you to be playing on Normal or better, so be sure to adjust the gameplay difficulty in your pause menu accordingly before entering the Arena on your score-attempting run.

Basically, the Arena consists of three waves of enemies that you try to kill as quickly as possible for maximum score. You'll start out with Cerberus and Geth available, but on the most basic enemy types ("Foot Soldier" difficulty level). You'll need to earn points from your high scores which can be applied to unlocking things like additional difficulty levels, enemy factions, temporary squadmates, and modifiers that affect shield strength, damage, and medi-gel levels for both you and your enemies. All of these things have an effect on the overall score.

First off, you won't be able to unlock this trophy your first go in the simulator. You'll need to unlock better enemy types, and possibly one or more of the modifiers which grant you a small score bonus. Otherwise, it doesn't matter just how good you are - there just aren't enough points per enemy to satisfy this score level.

Once you've got some unlocks, go ahead and enter the simulator with your permutations enabled. Remember that the faster you can kill all the enemies, the better your score will be. Under two minutes overall will give you bonus, and enemies killed in quick succession gives you a killstreak bonus. Additionally, picking up the bonus objectives in between waves can provide a small but sometimes necessary boost. Once you break 9999, you'll unlock this trophy at the end of the match. It is also worth noting that your actual gameplay difficulty level in the pause menu does NOT affect the score, so don't do it on Insanity thinking you'll be any point boosts. Normal is as high as you need to go.

For those curious, here's the setup I used:

  • Map: Spin Zone
  • Enemy: Geth
  • Difficulty: Super Elite
  • Bonus Modifiers: Enhanced Enemy Shields, No Placed Ammo, No Medi-gel
  • Squadmates: Wrex and James

I chose James and Wrex because both are juggernaut squadmates that almost never go down, so I didn't need to worry about not having medigel. Additionally, both have Frag Grenades (with the addition of Lift Grenades for Wrex), which can be spammed at enemy spawn points for easy killstreaks. Finally, their Carnage powers are extremely useful against armored enemies of which the geth have an abundance.

I was playing as a soldier so I had a fairly high damage output and wasn't troubled all too much by enemy shields or a lack of ammo in-game, but you may want to tailor modifiers specially to your class. For example, No Ammo doesn't make much differences to classes like Engineers and Adepts that don't fire their weapons a lot anyway. And you don't need that many modifiers in the end - my final score was over 12k on that attempt, so I gave myself more trouble than was needed.


The One and Only
Defeat a group of Spectre-level opponents on Normal, Hardcore, or Insanity

This one can be pretty tricky for some people. Like Simulated Hero, you need to finish a match on Normal or better. The trouble is, the Spectre-level enemies will kick you ass pretty handily even on Normal.

To earn this trophy, you need to unlock Mirror Match from the Gold-tier rewards section of the Arena. From there, setup a match any way you like, so long as the enemy type is set to Mirror Match. I recommend using the Player Damage Boost if you have it unlocked, as you'll probably need some extra help on this one.

I would choose Wrex, James, or Grunt as one or both of your squadmates, since they have a high damage output and can take a lot of punishment themselves. Additionally, their Carnage powers are extremely useful against armored enemy types, and every enemy you face in this setup will have armor. Additionally, consider bringing EDI or Garrus along for their Overload to help combat shields.

Once the match starts. it's key that you go on the offensive, and go hard. If you're laying on the pressure and methodically hunting them down, the enemy will find it hard to press their advantages and land attacks on you, and it won't be so bad. However, if you sit back and try to take them down slowly and carefully, they WILL flank you, they WILL overwhelm you with powers, and you WILL find yourself backed into a corner and desperately leaning on your medigel and/or any defensive powers you have. It probably won't end well.

Once you finish the final wave, the trophy should unlock. It's also extremely likely that you'll break 10k in score, so you may unlock Simulated Hero as well if you haven't already done so.

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