Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 3-6 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 full playthrough and replaying some of the last level.
Collectible Trophies: 3 (Ducktective , Ducktective Inspector , and Going Viral )
Missable Trophies: Every non-story related trophy. They will be marked.


Master Reboot is a puzzle/horror/adventure/sci-fi mash-up from Wales Interactive, in which you go through various memories and face scary AI girls and atmospheric landscapes through some rather odd and otherworldly yet recognizable landscapes. The game is short and features relatively creative trophies to get. The games got mediocre to good reviews, receiving a Metacritic score of 62 out of 100.

[top]Tips & Strategies

There really isn't a lot to this game. Most it is just about a bit of exploration and some awkward platforming sections. The hardest levels are the park, the fairground, and the circus, since they require some exploration. Here is a brief description of them.

The park:
Fairly straightforward you need to gain some glowing triangles to fill up a circle (trivial pursuit style). Some of them requires meticulously searching of the outside of the fence area, between the trees. Some of them requires you to interact with the playground activities.

The fairground:
This is the hardest level to figure out. Take a coin from the fountain at the beginning area, then insert it in the robotic fortune teller, next to the ferris wheel. You now have a gun. You can use this gun to shoot at the two galleries. You also need to climb the the two slides (they are in opposite corner of the fairground), and shoot a big target from there. You also need to make a visit to the bumper cars, and push them into the right areas, depending on their colors. After that has been done, you can complete the level.

The circus:
Not a lot to describe here. You need to find three glowing balls. Since the area is mostly filled with just trees, it's hard to point out where exactly to look, but the area isn't that big, so it shouldn't take too long.


Step 1: Welsh-through
This is the main playthrough. Pick Welsh as the language to get that trophy when you finish the game. Go for the normal end, so just play through the game, getting all of the misc. trophies and all of the collectables on the way, until you've collected all trophies but: "Master Reboot ". It is important to notice that you can replay every single level of the game, as long as you don't start the final level, with the exception of the intro stage.

Step 2: Alternative end
If you haven't started a new game you can pick "continue" from the main menu, and it will leave you back at the final level (if you don't like the Welsh language you can turn it back to English now). From here do as described under: "Master Reboot ", and you will get that trophy and this platinum trophy (woo, go you!)


Platinum Trophy
Platinum Trophy

Once you've hacked your way into the other trophies this should unlock.

Ducktective Inspector
Find all of the blue ducks.

Throughout the game you will find 57 blue ducks hidden across the levels. You need to locate them and examine them by pressing the button. They are relatively easy to find, and the game is kind enough to auto-save every time you find one. For a list of all of their locations look in the "collectables" section of the guide.

Find half of the blue ducks.

See: "Ducktective Inspector "

Welcome To The Soul Cloud
Complete the full game.

This is for getting the normal ending of the game. The game is very short, with only a few tricky parts. It's not even that hard puzzle-wise, and it can be beat in about 2-3 hours if you know what you're doing. Dying has little to no consequences, the levels are short and small, and the only two levels that can stump you are the park level and the fairground level, which takes a bit of searching.

Master Reboot
Find the alternative ending.

To get this ending you must initiate the last level of the game. You will come to a part with a virus sitting in a middle of a room and you will have to solve some annoying bell sound puzzles, where you have to shoot the bells in the right sequence to replicate a melody. Once that is done, you will end under the platform that the virus is sitting on. Here you will need to acquire an axe and destroy some black machine things. Once that is done everything will mess up, and at this moment pause the game, and then pick the "Quit the Soul Cloud" option and you will get this alternative ending.

Going Viral
Find all the virus symbols.

There are a total of 15 virus symbols in the game. They are a purple/red mark that can be found on some surfaces. These are more tricky to find at times though it helps that they glow. The game auto-saves every time you find one.

Welsh Wizard
Complete the full game in Welsh.

First time you boot up the game, the game will ask you if you want to experience the story in English or Welsh. Pick Welsh and get to the end of the game without changing it. If you already have booted up the game once, you will find this in the options menu, but you will have to start a new game. There are no points in the game that requires knowledge about the language to proceed. The only thing you will miss is the story.

The Virus, The Glitch & The Wardrobe
Attacked by the virus in the closet.

Technically missable, but hard to miss!
This is in the the children's room/childhood level (one of the first levels). To get a key in this level, you need to explore the dollhouse for coloured cubes. On the right part of the house, on the third floor (you need to sprint from the left part of the house and jump to the right part of the house to get there), there is a closet, get close to it, and an AI will jump out. Mash the shown button prompt to deal with the virus, and you will et this trophy.

First Class Ticket
Get the monorail to the Mainframe.

Story-related and can't be missed!
After completing the 11 levels in the soul village you will begin the last mission. Continue at you will get to a train station. Here you will need to take the nearby tubes and solve some memory pattern puzzles. Once all of them are solved a train will ride. Get on the train (don't forget to examine the virus symbol on the train), and it will drive with you and you will get this trophy.

Further Down The Rabbit Hole
Make the right choice in the Library.

If you know anything about the Matrix, from the title of the trophy, this should be obvious. In the library level (the library is in the third set of levels, and is unlocked towards the end of the game), after navigating through the maze, you will enter an office looking room and the AI will give you a choice between a blue box and red box to examine. Pick the red box (remember to get the virus symbol and the rubber duck before choosing).

Heavy Reading
Get crushed by a bookcase in the Library.

Technically missable, but hard to miss!
In the library level you will need to navigate a maze. If you take a wrong turn somewhere you will be crushed by a bookcase, and respawn outside of the maze again. This will more than likely happen to you, since it's hard to avoid.

Scared Of The Dark
Complete the Hospital Level without a torch.

This can be a bit tough. For this you need to find 4 screens that shows pulse, without picking up the flashlight at the starting area of this level. Three out of four of them are relatively easy since they are in relatively well lit rooms (one is in the big room with the chairs and table, one is in the big room with all of the beds, and one is in a corridor with lockers, where you will be attacked by an AI). The last one is tricky. It's at the back of the hospital and the corridors here are completely dark. There is a blue rubber duckie nearby under a chair that you can use as a marker since it glows. Once all four screens have been found and examined, the door will open. Go through the door and you will get this trophy. I do not reccomend going for the rubber ducks and virus symbols in this run of the level.

Designated Driver
Complete the Street Level without taking a hit.

This is one of the trickier ones. The street level lets you control a car. You drive forward automatically and you can then swerve left or right to avoid oncoming traffic (which are for some reason coming from both lanes (traffic is crazy, man)). The level takes around 45 to 60 seconds, and sometimes you get unlucky and it is hard to dodge a car, but then you can just try the level again. You know that you've taken damage if you hear a loud thud sound and some code can be seen on the screen. If this happens you have already failed.

Complete the planet puzzle in the School Level without checking the answer.

This is in the school level, which is at the beginning of the game, you are required to solve three puzzles to complete the level. One of these is an astronomy puzzle where you have to sort the 8 planets (and pluto) of the solar system in order. Once you interact with the solar system model in the classroom you will be transported to a big room, and here you will press some buttons to toggle the different planets.

The order goes (from closest to the sun to the farthest from the sun):
1. Mercury - Small gray planet.
2. Venus - Small orange planet.
3. Earth - This one is fairly obvious.
4. Mars - The small red planet.
5. Jupiter - The big orange and red striped planet.
6. Saturn - The planet with the rings
7. Uranus - The big green planet.
8. Neptune - The big blue planet.
9. Pluto - the small orange/green planet.

If done correctly the planets will fly up above you and you will be transported back to the classroom.

Unlucky Duckling
Go down the wrong path in the Fairground Zero Level.

In the second part of the Fairground level (after activating the ferris wheel), you will follow a dotted path in an otherwise completely dark room. At some point the path is going to split into two. Take the right path and follow it to the end and a rubber duck will pop up, and you will get this trophy.

I Don't Like Aeroplane Food
Complete the Aeroplane Level without dying.

In this level there are two places where you can die. The first one is at the very beginning. Here a spooky AI stewardess will walk back and forth the airplane. Your objective is to get three orange... things, while not getting spotted. When the stewardess turns around you can move, but to have her go by you and not notice you will need to hide at a seat where the overhead light is off, so you need to look out for that. The three orange things can be found at the front of the plane, around the middle of the plane, and at the back of the plane. Once you have all of the pieces, sneak past the stewardess and through the open door.
The second place you can die is when you're crawling in the vents, suddenly a cutscene of the little AI girl and tense music starts to play. Just hurry through vents as you can, before she catches up. Once you've gone through those two parts this trophy is as good as yours.
You do not have to complete the Aeroplane Zero level, which is good, since that part is really frustrating.

Smack My Glitch Up
Hit all the viruses in the Graveyard Level.

This is as said in the Graveyard level, which gets unlocked towards the end of the game. You first need to acquire the hammer in this level. After doing so, you will need to find 5 viruses that are stuck in stone coffins. They can take an infinite amount of hits, but you just need to hit them once. The first two is in the big area at the beginning. They are both in tombs that you need to access by destroying the wooden planks in front of them. The next two is in the big crypt, where you will be chased by viruses. You won't be able to get both of them and get out in time, but it doesn't matter if you die; they still count. The last one will be found not far after, and once you whack her, you get this trophy.

The Final Countdown
Complete the Final Level in record time.

Missable! Be extra careful about this one! Also spoilers!
In the very last part of the game, you will be set on a timer (180 seconds (3 minutes)), where you need to use the axe to smash 5 cubes. This part is actually kind of tricky. You will see two passageways if you look around the area, and three jumppads on the ground.
One of the passageways will lead to a puzzle where platforms will appear under you and disappear in a long corridor. This one can be tricky, if you don't realize that you just have to walk forward in normal pace. Don't run, don't jump. As soon as you see the first white platform just begin to walk normally and you will get to the first cube.
The second passageway leads to a hall with big cubes that can push you off the walkway. This one is really easy and I have never failed this one.
One of the jumppads will lead to a room with a long corridor where red glitch.... things.... fall from the ceiling. Just run through the corridor for this one.
Another of the jumppads will lead to a room where two lines of the red glitch things go back and forth. One of them you have to jump over and the other you need to duck under. Timing-wise I found it easiest to jump over first and then duck.
The last jumppad leads to a simple jumping course. This one is easy, but it's the one that takes the longest amount of time to beat. Don't get cocky or overly brave. You will just fail and have to do it again.
When you get acquainted with the courses, you now have to do it in a nice time. The exact time required is unknown, but I would say that you should at least try to beat it with 45 seconds left on the clock. If you're unsure if you're going to make it, just the let time run out and try again. This is not as hard as it first appears to be, because I was able to do it with 70 seconds left on the timer.

Whales Interactive
Touch the whale on the Beach Zero Level.

In the beach level, after summoning the boat and ride on it, you will begin to dive underwater. Look up, and you will see the whale (it kind of looks like the underside of a boat, but don't get fooled. Swim to it quickly and bump in to it for this trophy. It won't be there forever, so you will need to be quick. If you look below you will see another creature, but this one looks more like a shark, and I'm not sure if it counts.

Listen to the radio show in your Soul Village.

Note: If you live in the EU region, you NEED to download the patch for this game or else this trophy will be glitched and will not unlock.

After completing the streets level, you will then find a radio next to the door to the streets level in the Soul Village (the level select room). Reach this radio and examine it to get this trophy.

Read the employee handbook.

Story-related and can't be missed!
After the intro with the axe, and the forest, and the duck shrine, you will get to a bridge. Cross it, watch the film and then enter the door that opens. Enter the next building and on the desk there is a blue rubber duckie. Examine it to get this trophy, and to progress.



Virus Symbol #1:
As soon as you start out on the beach turn around and you will see this symbol on the structure behind you.

Virus Symbol #2:
In the forest area, after you pick up the axe, explore the area until you find a cube buried in a small area of water. The symbol is inside the cube.

Duck #1:
Unmissable. It's on the counter before entering the Soul Cloud.

Childhood Memory:

Duck #2:
As soon as you enter the memory you will find this duck next to a teddy bear.

Duck #3:
Enter the mirror and you will get to the main area of the level. This duck is inside the dollhouse to the right. On the second floor, next to the bed.

Virus Symbol #3:
It's on the right side of the dollhouse closest to the bed.

Duck #4:
Hard to miss. You will see this duck while climbing the shelves for one of the keys.

Duck #5:
On the bed. You can use the dollhouses to get on top of it.

Duck #6:
Inside the labyrinth under the bed. Once you enter, keep turning left at the intersections and you will find this duck.

Duck #7:
At the beginning of the labyrinth, turn left at the first intersection, then right at next, then left at the next one, and then walk straight across the last one to find this duck.

Note: The street level does not have any collectables.

School Memory:

Duck #8:
This one is in the classroom you start in. You need to open the cabinet on the desk that has a microscope on top of it.

Duck #9:
Exit the classroom, and you will find this duck in the locker, directly adjacent to the classroom you have just stepped out of.

Duck #10:
Go down the hallway and enter the first door to your right. The duck is on the chair in front of the piano.

Duck #11:
Continue down the hallway into the room to the left (which looks like a chemistry class room). It's in one of the sinks.

Virus Symbol #4:
Continue through the hallway and enter the next door to your left. Here you will find this symbol on one of the canvases.

Duck #12:
Continue through the hallway, up the stairs and you will see this duck on a locker to your left.

Duck #13:
Moving on, round the corner, and you will find a door to your left. Enter it and you will find this duck in a pool (weird place for a pool).

Duck #14:
In this room, you can go behind the lockers to the left and find the showers. The duck is at the end.

Duck #15:
Enter the bathroom adjacent to the previous room and you will find this duck in one of the toilets.

Park Memory:

Duck #16:
Outside of the fenced area. Behind a tree close to the yellow triangle piece.

Virus Symbol #5:
Also outside of the fenced area, on a tree not too far away.

Duck #17:
Next to the tree right next to the rocking horses.

Duck #18:
Under the bench near the slide.

Duck #19:
Under the jungle gym.

Flying Memory:

Duck #20:
In the big airplane passenger room. It's around the middle of the room on a passenger seat.

Duck #21:
In the passenger room. It's on a passenger seat close to the exit.

Duck #22:
It's in the waste basket in the bathroom with the vent.

Duck #23:
It's in the cockpit, in the left side of the room.

Virus Symbol #6:
In the cockpit, walk out of the door towards the back and you will find this on the wall nearby.

Fairground Memory:

Duck #24:
Inside the fountain, right in front of you.

Duck #25:
At a candy stand to the right of the fountain.

Virus Symbol #7:
Find and face the duck shooting game, and then turn right and you will see this virus symbol inside a stand.

Duck #26:
Face the duck shooting game again, but this time turn left and keep walking in that direction until you get to the corner of the fairground area, and you will find this duck hidden away here.

Duck #27:
It's at the top of the helter skelter (the big slide next to the ferris wheel).

Beach Memory:

Virus Symbol #8:
It's on the stranded boat, inside the cabinet.

Duck #28:
It's also on the boat. Right at the front.

Duck #29:
It's under one of the chairs at the parasol area.

Duck #30:
This one is under the counter in the bar.

Duck #31:
This one is at the edge of the water behind the bar.

Duck #32:
This one is in the grassy area, close to the fire camp. It glows and is not that hard to spot.

Hospital Memory:

Duck #33:
From the beginning area, go through the path to right, and you will get into a room with a lot of beds. It's in the corner if you just continue to walk forward.

Duck #34:
Return to the starting area, but walk the other path this time, and make a right, as soon as possible, and you will get to a room full of chairs. It's in the corner of this room.

Virus Symbol #9:
Return to the starting area again, and go the same way again, but don't turn right, and you will soon see this virus symbol to your right.

Duck #35:
Continue down the hallway, round the corner at the door, and you will be able to see this duck to your right, at the corner of another corridor to the right.

Duck #36:
Continue forward and you will find yourself in a really dark corridor. The duck is under a chair in this hallway.

Circus Memory:

Oh boy, this one sucks. It's basically a big open area with a lot of trees and it all looks the same except for a few landmarks.

Duck #37:
Right as you start look behind you and you will find this one.

Duck #38:
Walk straight ahead and you will see a bed. Turn right and walk forward and you will find yourself nearby a fountain. The duck is inside the fountain.

Duck #39:
Get back to the starting area (at the bog green cube). Instead of walking straight ahead, turn left and follow the edge of the area, past some giant mushrooms, until you see a patch of beetroots (?). At this location you should see a duck at a nearby tree.

Duck #40:
Find the big carrousel. It's straight ahead and slightly to the left of the previous duck. You will find this duck spinning close to the carrousel.

Duck #41:
Locate the big top. This duck is in a bucket right outside of the tent.

Virus Symbol #10:
This one is on the outside wall of the big top.

Graveyard Memory:

Duck #42:
Next to the door to the big mansion.

Virus Symbol #11:
Behind the big mansion, on the wall.

Duck #43:
To the left of the crypt with the password required, there are a few graves. One having a stone angel, holding the duck.

Duck #44:
This duck is inside one of the optional crypts to the right of the mansion, where you will also find a virus for: "Smack My Glitch Up ". You need the hammer to smash the boards to get in.

Duck #45:
This one is in the crypt next to the crypt with the password required. You need the hammer to get in.

Duck #46:
Inside the big crypt where the viruses begin to follow you, smash through the first door, and then immediately look to the right.


Duck #47:
In the beginning area, you will find this duck in a bookcase.

Duck #48:
In the same room you are able to go behind some of the bookcases, and you will find this duck.

Duck #49:
This one is inside the maze, but it's kind of hard to miss. It's right next to a photo copier.

Duck #50:
After the maze, get into the next room, and you will find this duck in one of cubicles.

Duck #51:
In the same room as the previous room it's in between some seats in the long line of blue seats.

Duck #52:
Continue through the room and you will find this duck inside the broken elevator.

Duck #53:
In the room where you have to make a choice you will find this duck on the table.

Virus Symbol #12:
In the same office as the last duck, you will find this symbol on the back window

Final Level:

Duck #54:
As soon as you start off the "Indiana Jones-like temple" area turn right and go into the small river, and then look down and to your right to see this duck.

Duck #55:
In the same-ish area, turn the valves and then walk down the circular stairs, and then look back to see this duck at the fire goblet.

Duck #56:
At the train station, go under the rails and onto the other platform. Here you will find a duck on top of an advertisement sign.

Virus Symbol #13:
Once you have solved all four of the train station puzzles, you will find this symbol on the train that has just arrived.

Duck #57:
After the battle with the virus, with the bell puzzle and the destruction of the machinery, you will see this duck on the stairs leading to the portal that you need to go through.

Virus Symbol #14:
Unmissable. This one activates itself when you walk over it. It is located at the beginning of the walkway leading up to the final battle.

Virus Symbol #15:
Unmissable. Same as #14, but this one is at the end of the walkway.

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