Players: 1-2 (solo or co-op)
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 8-15 Hours
100% Difficulty: 7/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1


[top]Tips & Strategies



Your Life For Mine
Steal a life from a buddy, he doesn't need it.

You have to do this in co-op. Let Player 1 die and when his life runs out, press + to take a life from your co-op partner and you will receive the trophy.

Stick That In Your Archive
Complete the game in single player mode.

Just as the description says, beat the game and it can be done on any difficulty. This can only be done in the single player campaign, you will not receive it if you beat the game in co-op mode.

The Hate Boat
Booty Call
Oh. Canada
Dismember the Alamo
Well FU, Too
Whose Mine is it Anyway?
Zoom, Pow....
... to the Moon!

Master Collector
Collect all the Matt Hazard Game Boxes throughout the games.

The Game Boxes are collectible objects in the game. There are 3 in each level so make sure you kill every enemy and destroy every box.

Here are videos for the Game Box and Pachinko Coin locations:

My Buddy And Me
Complete the game in Co-op mode.

This MUST be done with 2 controllers since there is not online play. You could just let Player 2 die off completely so you, Player 1, can finish the game by yourself and you will have yourself the trophy.

Half Way There
Complete half the game.

As easy as A, B, C. Complete half of the game on any difficulty and you will receive the trophy.

Reach 500,000 points.

This is a lot of points and has to be obtained in one playthrough. Remember, high combos will get you a high score and always use to use your shield when necessary. Try to minimize your use of continues because they will remove 5,000 points each time.

Come On Down!
Collect all the Pachinko Coins in the game.

Like the GBs, the PCs are collectables in the game. Use the tips from Master Collector and the videos provided will show you locations of both GBs and PCs.

Houston, We Have Perfection
Take no damage to the Landing Pod and land perfectly on the landing pad.

This is probably the toughest trophy in the game and The Pod will be unlocked in Mission 7. This could take a couple tries so make sure to you follow these tips:

-Fly carefully
-Avoid incoming enemy fire
-No crashing
-Do not leave the screen for more than 10 seconds
-Don't go too fast
-Take your time to land

Good luck with this one!

Its Aboot Time
Complete 'Oh, Canada' in 12 minutes.

Don't worry about killing all of the enemies. Just keep running and gunning. When you get to the boss, just keep grenading the hell out of him and if you run out of grenades, die and it will give you grenades.

Lights Out
Defeat 'Old Berney' without losing a life.

This isn't too hard, just time consuming. Old Berney can be found in Mission 3. Make sure you don't die! You will have to start over if you do.

He will try to hit you with an anchor so make sure to keep running and attacking him and the anchor.
Next, he will fire missiles, so make sure you shoot the missiles and they will go back to him.
Finally, his last attack will come, which is a light. It will blind you and switch the controls on your game controls. He will also shoot balls at you so try to destroy them as well.
NOTE: Enemies will be attacking you during your fight with Berney.

Smooth Sailing
Complete "Hate the Boat" without using a continue.

This can easily be done on Wussy difficulty. This will be Mission 1. Some tips are to not die and save lives for the boss. Also, kill every enemy in order to obtain extra lives. An easy way to beat the boss, from what I've heard, anywhere from the right to far-right is the best place to hide and attack the boss.

With Honor
Melee 10 Samurai in "Well FU, Too."

Press when close to an enemy to melee him. This mission has many Samurai in it so just keep meleeing until the trophy pops up.

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