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Players: 1-2 offline, 2-8 online
Online Trophies: 4
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: NA
Estimated Time to Platinum: 10 -12 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No (level select)
Glitched Trophies: No


Mayhem is the new Smash-Mouth, hard-hitting racing not really it comes with Anaglyphic 3D glasses that are more annoying than helpful (Motorstorm Apocalypse this is not).

However it is a fun arcade style racer that is set in a Mad-Max kind of world and it is up to you to destroy your opponents and race your way to victory.

[top]Tips and Strategies

This game is pretty straightforward as far as trophies go (just earn all 138 stars). For help on earning stars see Teacher's Pet

-The Trucks are the best vehicle in the game. The cars are too small to do any real damage and the Monster Trucks get stuck on top of other cars which slows you down in races and doesn't do a lot of damage in Demolition Derbies.

-The levels are all very short so I recommend to keep trying to get 3 stars on a level before moving on. If you don't do well in the first lap just restart and try again. If you really can't beat a level move on and try to earn a better vehicle by completing other levels and come back.

-To unlock new chapters you have to earn so many stars (see guide). Those stars have to be earned in the preceding chapter, which means if you are trying to unlock chapter 7 and are stuck on chapter 6 you cannot go to chapter 5 and earn stars.

-I don't like to encourage boosting but the online is DEAD so there is no other choice. When I say dead I don't mean it will take you a few tries to find a game, I mean dead as in the only people playing online are the ones going after the trophies. My boosting partner ArtistDude (and by the way thanks again) had this game since it came out and I was the first person he was able to play to get the online trophies. Check out the official boosting thread for partners Mayhem 3D Boosting Thread


1. Get 138 stars: Each level has 3 stars (a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place) so simply play through the game and complete each requirement for the levels until you earn every star. This will unlock basically every trophy in the game with only a few stragglers. See Teacher's Pet for more details.

2. Clean up: You may have missed some trophies while going for 138 stars so now head off to exhibition and follow the guide to see what kind of matches you should set up to earn those last few trophies.

3. Online: Use the boosting thread above to find a partner to get the last 4 trophies. They only take about 5 minutes to get both players trophies so it is not a huge time investment. Set the laps to 1 and take turns winning. In Demolition keep smashing your car against the wall to end it faster.


Show Off
Unlock every trophy in the game

As always unlock all trophies and take home this shiny new

Two For The Show
Unlock issue 3, "Date With Disaster"

Earn 3 stars in Chapter 2 Dead Man at the Gorge

For tips on earning stars see Teacher's Pet

Take The Wheel, Ferris
Unlock issue 4, "Blue Ribbon Brawl"

Earn 6 stars in Chapter 3 Date with Disaster to unlock

For tips on earning stars see Teacher's Pet

A Load Of Bull
Unlock issue 5, "Toro! Toro! Toro!"

Earn 8 stars in Chapter 4 Blue Ribbon Brawl

For tips on earning stars see Teacher's Pet

The Blender
Unlock issue 6, "Mixed Up Mayhem"

Earn 10 stars in Chapter 5 Toro! Toro! Toro!

For tips on earning stars see Teacher's Pet

Monster Mash
Unlock issue 7, "Unleash The Beasts"

Earn 12 stars in Chapter 6 Mixed up Mayhem

For tips on earning stars see Teacher's Pet

Dig It, Baby!
Unlock issue 8, "A New Level Of Mayhem"

Earn 12 stars in Chapter 7 Unleash the beast

For tips on earning stars see Teacher's Pet

Put Your Foot Down
Unlock issue 9, "The Final Standoff"

Earn 12 stars in Chapter 8 A New Level of Mayhem

For tips on earning stars see Teacher's Pet

Loyal Reader
Complete the career

Just get 1 Star in every level in chapter 9 to unlock.

For tips on earning stars see Teacher's Pet

Rule The Roost
"Rules Of The Road" - Perfect score

Earn all the stars in Chapter 1

For tips on earning stars see Teacher's Pet

Dead Man Walking
"Dead Man At The Gorge" - Perfect score

Earn all the stars in Chapter 2

For tips on earning stars see Teacher's Pet

Grindhouse Groupie
"Date With Disaster" - Perfect score

Earn all Stars in Chapter 3

For tips on earning stars see Teacher's Pet

Top Steer
"Blue Ribbon Brawl" - Perfect score

Earn all stars in Chapter 4

For tips on earning stars see Teacher's Pet

Bull Fighter
"Toro! Toro! Toro!" - Perfect score

Earn all stars in Chapter 5

For tips on earning stars see Teacher's Pet

Cement Mixer
"Mixed Up Mayhem" - Perfect score

Earn all stars in Chapter 6

For tips on earning stars see Teacher's Pet

800-Pound Gorilla
"Unleash The Beasts" - Perfect score

Earn all stars in Chapter 7

For tips on earning stars see Teacher's Pet

Layer Cake
"A New Level Of Mayhem" - Perfect score

Earn all stars in Chapter 8

For tips on earning stars see Teacher's Pet

Sharp Shooter
"The Final Standoff" - Perfect score

Earn all stars in Chapter 9

For tips on earning stars see Teacher's Pet

Teacher's Pet
Get 100% completion on the career

To get this trophy you need all 138 stars, levels and cars, but by getting 138 stars you will inevitably get all the cars and levels anyways.

Each level has 3 stars and the requirements for getting stars will be shown when booting up the level. The levels in this game are very short so it isn't a big deal to play them again and again until you earn all 3 stars. If you are having trouble 3 starring a level move on and when you earn a better car or truck come back and try again.

Finally once you unlock the second row of trucks (not Monster Trucks) use them for everything. They have some of the best speed, traction and are big enough for you to knock everything out of your way.

There are 4 kinds of levels and 4 kinds of challenges so here is some advice on 3 starring them.

Demolition Derby: Here you have to earn Mayhem Points by smashing up your competitors. You get 3 stars by being the last car standing. There are 2 ways to get eliminated, either be the vehicle with the lowest points when the timer runs out or lose all your life. Once there are only 2 vehicles left you enter a last man standing match. The more smashing you do the more damage your car or truck takes so be careful to not let your points dip too low but don't damage your car so much it ends up blowing up. My advice is to make sure your points never dip below 2nd place and then just avoid the cars by driving around the track. Also alternate smashing with your front and rear end so one part of your vehicle doesn't take too much damage.

Banger Racing + Eliminator: I put these together because in both events you get 3 stars by placing first, the only difference is in Eliminator the last 2 cars get eliminated when 1st place completes a lap. As I said above the levels are short so if you are doing badly just restart and try again. You get boosts by either smashing other vehicles or completing a lap so use these to your advantage. To win the later races you have to learn how to e-brake around corners and then hit boost , this will help you save speed and not crash into walls. In the later races cars will just target you to knock you off course, I saw some cars deliberately turn into me just to knock both of us off a cliff. This will be the biggest annoyance but if you are using one of the later trucks it will help out a lot.

Domination: Here your goal is to knock your opponents off the cliff. To 3 star these levels you have to eliminate everyone before time runs out. To eliminate people you have to smash into them, this will stun them, and then proceed to push them off the cliff. Once eliminated you will be given more time and some boost. In the later levels you aren't given a lot of time so hopefully you have honed your driving backwards skills. To save time drive forward knocking out an opponent and then hit reverse and take some out that way. If you keep up the pinball effect you should be fine. Another tip is you don't have to drive the opponent all the way to the cliff. If you get some good speed and then hit boost your opponent should have enough momentum to go over by themselves (thank you Isaac Newton)

Pit Pusher: This is like Domination but now all your opponents are already stunned and instead you are trying to push them out in a given time period. To 3 star this just push all opponents out before you hit the target time. Once again utilize the pinball method and boost trick. In some of the later levels it gets tricky because the cars will be in a square formation which means if you push on one you will get a perpendicular car halting your process, if you are using a truck you can use this to your advantage though and get two cars out at the same time.

Duck Shoot + Rear Wrecker In both of these you are trying to destroy all the vehicles in a given time, the only difference is in Rear Wrecker your front end is damaged so you have to drive in reverse. The cars are all stunned so all you have to do is hit them once and they are destroyed. To 3 star this just destroy everything in the given time period.

Part Collector Here you will be given a set amount of parts to collect before time runs out, to 3 star this just collect the amount of parts the goal tells you to. Once again all the cars are stunned so to collect parts just ram into a car and it will blow up sprinkling those collectables everywhere. Usually cars are bunched 3 together so try pulling your e-brake as you approach the vehicles and take them all out at once. Then just collect as many parts as you can and go to the next set of cars, (remember parts = boosts so don't dawdle).

Tickets, Please
Watch a saved replay in the replay theater

After beating an event select Store Replay and then after it saves go back to the main menu and select Extras and then Replay Theater. After the video loads you will get the trophy.

Star Struck
Collect 25 career stars

See Teacher's Pet

Collect 100 career stars

See Teacher's Pet

Moving Violation
Earn 20,000 mayhem points

See Reckless Abandon

Reckless Abandon
Earn 100,000 mayhem points

Mayhem Points are earned by ramming other cars, the harder you hit them the more points you get. You should get this by the end of career. If you still donít have it you can just keep playing on Exhibition until it unlocks.

Rabid Beast
Earn 3,000 mayhem points in a single event (excluding challenge events)

Challenge Events are the last event in each chapter.

Best done on a Domination event. Just keep knocking cars out of the park and you will get this pretty quick. After the event it will unlock. This is best done later in the game because there will be more opponents to knock out.

If you were unable to do this during career go to exhibition and just set up a lot of opponents and keep knocking people out until you get it.

Pack Rat
Collect 20 vehicle parts in a single event (excluding challenge events)

Challenge Events are the last event in each chapter.

Best done in Demolition Derby. Just keep smashing cars and collecting parts (boosts) and you will get this with ease.

Unlock every level

You have to have played and beaten every level in the game to get this. You don't need to earn any stars just as long as you beat the level it will become playable.

Four Car Garage
Unlock every vehicle

The last 4 cars in the game are the Hutch Cars. To unlock the Hutch cars you need to have obtained all 138 stars.

For more detail see Teacher's Pet

House Rules
Unlock all game options

OK kind of a weird description because there is only one game option to unlock. When you earn 50, 000 mayhem points you will unlock Infinite Boost and the trophy.

Speed Kills
KO an opponent with ramming speed (excluding challenge events)

Challenge Events are the last event in each chapter.

To do this trophy you have to weaken your opponent until their health is in the red (do this by ramming them). Then just collect enough boost icons to get up to ramming speed. Finally aim at your opponent and hold down and they should blow apart. This is best done in a demolition derby

Pile Up
Hit 4 opponents with a single ramming speed boost (excluding challenge events)

Challenge Events are the last event in each chapter.

I recommend doing this in Exhibition. Pick a car you like and set the opponents to Trucks or Monster Trucks (make bigger targets) pick 11 opponents and set the laps to 9. Either pick up boosts or just complete a lap (it should fill up your boost guage to ramming speed) Finally hang back and try to crowd a bunch of trucks together. Then make sure there is a bit of space between you, to build up speed, and hit as many trucks as possible.

If you donít get it just complete another lap or two until you get up to ramming speed again and rinse and repeat.

Use a stunned vehicle to push another vehicle into a pit (excluding challenge events)

Challenge Events are the last event in each chapter.

Done in any domination event.

Try to stun (ram into) a car close to the edge. Then ram another car and aim it at the first stunned car. Finally start pushing it (use boost to make it easier) and try to knock that first car over using the second car.

A little tricky but once you get to the 11 car events there are enough opponents to make it work.

Hang On By A Thread
Climb out of elimination position after having seen the crossbones

In a Demolition Derby stay in last place until the 5 second mark then quickly get enough points to get into the next spot. You donít have a lot of time so try not to let your points get too low.

Crazy Eddie
Win an exhibition event on insane difficulty (minimum of 7 opponents)

Go to Exhibition and I would suggest doing this in Domination. Select Insane difficulty and put it down to 7 opponents. Then to make it easier select a truck and put the opponents to Sedans or something and just push everyone out of the ring. I liked the Quadcore level the best because it was the smallest and offered the most cliffs.

Excessive Acceleration
Win an online race

Go online and set it to race and win.

Failure To Yield
Win an online demolition derby

Go online and set it to Demolition and win one match. To help out your boosting partner keep ramming the wall to damage your car quicker.

Repeat Offender
Win 3 games in a single online session

See Hatchet Man

Hatchet Man
Win 5 games in a single online session

Go online and win 5 races (doesnít have to be in a row). Trophy will unlock when you exit to the lobby. This is best done with a boosting partner so put it to 1 lap and take turns winning.

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