Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:Yes, the cheat codes are the same as the original, and do lock out trophies.
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15-20
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectibles Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: E.T. Going Home
Glitched Trophies: Unknown

[top]Tips & Strategies

This is easier than MoH. Most trophies will come naturally except seeing the UFO and the Gold Star trophies. When going for the kill trophies for guns, grenades and melee, take it one at a time. It will make it a lot easier. There will always be an abundance of ammo but if you run short bust open one of the wooden crates. They can also contain medical supplies. As a rule of thumb: if you have 75% health only use canteens, 50% canteens and Medical Kits and 25% or less use the Field Surgeon Pack, Medical Kit and canteens. Hard is fairly easy except for a few tricky spots and for the most part you will always be alone. Even if AI are there the are barley any help. Gold Stars are best done on Easy, some enemies are very easy to miss or must be triggered be going one way or mounting a gun. Make sure to make use of the videos and Gold Star link.


  1. Start the game by playing on Easy and play through each level trying to obtain the Gold Star for each level. To get a Gold Star, you will need to complete each level with killing 95% of the enemies and have 75% of your health remaining SEE HEAVY MEDALS TROPHY . You should also try and obtain as many of the weapon related trophies as well through the first playthrough. You can try to beat the first level using the Classic MoH control scheme for its associated trophy, but it may be hard to maintain a high amount of health, so you may want to try to do this first and restart the level after changing the control scheme back to MoH-dern Control scheme.
  2. Next, you will need to play the game again so that you can beat the game on Hard difficulty. Since you played the game on easy you should be able to play the game at a much faster rate due to knowing what each level has in store. You should also try and finish up any other trophies you have remaining.


What do You Want, a Medal?
Earn All Available Trophies in Medal of Honor Frontline

Collect all trophies for this game and the Platinum trophy will unlock.

A Day at the Beach
Complete the Level Your Finest Hour

This will most likely be your first trophy, after you man the turret and destroy the MG nest then kill the remaining enemies under you the leader will come over, talk a bit, the mission will end and the trophy is yours!!

Your Finest Hour

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Thank you to JudgeMagisterPhoenix for the walkthrough. To subscribe and view more videos visit

Making it Rain
Complete the Level Into the Beach

After you plant the bomb at you bunker a door will open up to leave. Follow the trench and eventually you'll meet up with your leader. The game will pause and the trophy will appear.

Into the Beach

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Thanks to FrederichSchulz for the walkthrough. To subscribe and view more videos visit

Boom Goes the Dynamite
Complete the Level Special Cargo

Just go through, destroy all that needs to be destroyed and eventually you'll come to the escape hatch, go up, the mission will end and you will have another easy trophy.

Special Cargo

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Thanks to spicyechidna94 for the walkthrough. To subscribe and view more videos visit

I Blowed up U-Boat
Complete the Mission A Storm in the Port

MoH Frontline is set up like this, they are 6 Main Missions, but each mission has sub-missions so for this trophy you must complete Seaside Stowaway, Special Cargo, Eye of the Storm and A Chance Meeting but that should pose a problem for you, you are Lt. Patterson/

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Thank you once again to spicychidna94, visit to view more videos and subscribe. For the level Special Cargo refer to Boom Goes the Dynamite

Listen All, Ya'll it's Sabotage
Complete the Level The Golden Lion

This mission can be a little tough. Just make sure that once you get the the Truck Driver that when you stop at each station, shoot the alarm so more enemies won't trigger UNLESS you still need the gold medal, then let the Germans trigger the alarm. After you meet the informant at the bar he'll tell you you're late for a meeting. Go to the truck and the mission is over.

The Golden Lion

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Next Time Buy a Safe
Complete the Mission Needle in a Haystack

This another one of this Main Mission trophies where you must complete all sub-missions. Complete Rough Landing, The Golden Lion and Operation Repunzel and the trophy will unlock.

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Visit to view more videos and subscribe to spicychidna94. For the level The Golden Lion refer to Listen Al, Ya'll it's Sabotage

They Should Write a Book..Or Make a Movie
Complete the Level Nijmegen Bridge

This one was a pain in the ass for me on Easy just because my brightness was low. I suggest setting it up all the way. Take you time and make sure to get the enemies on the top of the bridge. Once you get to the supply truck the mission is over and another trophy will be added to your Frontline collection.

Mijmegen Bridge

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Thank you once more to spicychidna, visit to view more videos and subscribe.

Panzerschrek The Third
Complete the Mission Several Bridges Too Far

Complete the levels Nijmegen Bridge, Yard by Yard and Arnhem Knights and the trophy will unock.

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Visit to view more videos and subscribe to spicychidna94. For the level Nijmegen Bridge efer to They Should Write a Book .. Or Make a Movie

Tickets Please
Complete the Level Riding Out the Storm

Basically you're just progressing through the train trying to make it to the head German (can't remember his name). Cars will pull up on the right so make sure to take them out. After he detaches his car section the level will and thus awarding you the trophy.

Riding Out the Storm

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Little Engine that could Not
Complete the Mission Rolling Thunder

Complete the levels On Track, Riding Out the Storm, Derailed and Clipping Their Wings and bing the trophy is yours.

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Thank you once more to spicychidna. Visit to view more videos and subscribe. For the level Riding Out the Storm refer to Ticket Please

Grand Theft Aero
Complete the Mission The Horten's Nest

Complete the levels Enemy Mine, Under the Radar and Stealing the Show and another trophy for you. Oh, did I forget to mention that you beat the game!

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A big thanks to spicychidna94. Visit to view more videos and subscribe.

Hero at Normandy
Earn the Army Distinguished Service Medal

Earn the Gold Stars in the 'D-Day' (prologue) campaign. see heavy medals trophy.

Your Finest Hour: This will be the most easiest Gold Star you get. None of the enemies are missable. You just have to get them before the get you.

Into the Breach: Another very short level. There is an MG at the very beginning. You MUST get on the MG to trigger the 4 extra enemies or you will not get a bronze.

See Heavy Medals.

Come Sail Away
Earn the Army Commendation Medal

Earn the Gold Stars in 'A Storm in the Port' campaign.

Seaside Stowaway: There is an MG at the very start, get on it to trigger more enemies. After destroying the tank, there is an Mg on top of the church you are told to go to. Get on and kill the guys in the hole in the building to the left. After lighting the cloth on the barrel, the wall will explode and you can go either left or right. I suggest going right, throw a nade or two then go left, kill those guys, man the MG and kill any survivors.

Special Cargo: This is just like the second level Into the Breach. Most likely you will kill everyone threw regular progression. If you fell that you missed someone, just retrace your steps, it's not a big boat.

Eye of the Storm: There's a fair amount of snipers, don't forget to take them out. There is also an MG that will trigger more enemies.

A Chance Meeting: At the very beginning you will come across a train/train cars. Find a switch around the exit, pull it and the MG on the one car will move to the opening, hop on and trigger more enemies. In the one construction room, right before heading to the U-Boats, kill the workers working on the propeller looking thing (if you the name please feel free to tell me!). Also at the end, when you get on the cannon on the final U-Boat, there are those big white Fuel Depot, shoot it until it explodes, ther is a guy on top of it.

See Heavy Medals.

Found the Needle
Earn the Soldier's Medal

Earn the Gold Stars in the 'Needle in a Haystack' campaign.

Rough Landing: Chances are you won't miss anybody. BUT you will come to a windmill that has a sniper on it. Kill him, go around back and climb the ladder to the top. A squad of Nazis will appear, kill them. This is the only way you can get gold on this level.

The Golden Lion: Pretty straight forward. Once you meet up with Fox (the truck driver) is when you'll start coming to areas where you'll have to sabotage cars. NEVER destroy the alarms. Either let a Nazi trigger it or go up to it and do it yourself. After you think you have killed everyone, wait another minutes to just go around and listen for any gunfire. Also, the guys that shoot at you while your in the truck don't count towards the 95%, but the ones that you can kill when you exit the truck do count.

Operation Rapunzel: First off, you can just blow your cover right away and kill the guys outside at the start. Next, when you enter the big hall with the bridge going across, don't go downstairs, go to the right, a Nazi will shoot an RPG at it causing it to collapse and trigger more of them. At the end, there will be a clocktower to you right, shoot the 2 snipers at the top. Make sure to open every possible door and check every corner in this mission.

See Heavy Medals.

I Think it's Dutch
Earn the Dutch WWII Commemorative Cross Medal

Earn the Gold Stars in the 'Several Bridges Too Far' campaign.

Nijmegen Bridge: This can be very tricky. Whenever you see an MG hope on it to trigger more Germans that will come up the ladders/stairs across from you. The are also snipers that you MUST kill from the ground. Once they are all killed, climb the ladder on the side of the bridge and some more Germans will be up there, waiting,

Yard by Yard: This can take a good eye and luck. Check every corner, go down every all or street and open every door. Towards the end you'll go down an alley, kill the snipers at the end in the house. Go into the house and look out the window, some Germans will be coming down the alleyand be on the rooftops. Don't leave that spot until you are sure you killed them all.

Arnhem Knights: Very straight forward. Check every area you come to, the roof tops and in multi story structures, especially when you get to the one building where there is a ditch in the ground and on your left and right Germans will be shooting from the floors. Go up each set of stairs and COMPLETELY clear it out.

See Heavy Medals.

Striking Lightning
Earn the Legion of Merit Medal

Earn the Gold Stars in the 'Rolling Thunder' campaign.

On Track: Just take your time, nothing more can be said for this level.

Riding Out the Storm: This is very easy. Kill any guards that are asleep and when you come across and, take them out quick. There will be some cars on the opposite track, it doesn't count towards the total but take them out.

Derailed: Follow the path to the right to take out the MG position, once that's done head towards the yards. There are snipers and RPGs in the next locations, take your time and kill everyone. Luckily with this mission, you will come across everybody, there are none you have to trigger.

See Heavy Medals.

Bug Spray
Earn the Distinguished Flying Service Cross

Earn the Gold Stars in 'The Horten's Nest' campaign.

Clipping Their Wings: Another straight forward mission. Just kill every German scientist or soldier you come across. This level shouldn't pose a problem at all.

Enemy Mine: This is tricky. You only get 2 med kits and 32 kills get you a gold (31 is a bronze). It took me a couple tries but after a couple times I memorized where the Germans were. Just shoot the explosive barrels and make very good use of your grenades and RPGs.

Under the Radar: Use EVERY MG you come across to trigger more Germans, there should be 4 to use in total. There will be MG nests in towers so take them out right as you see them.
(NOTE: At the beginning of the level when you come across the first MG, throw a nade and try to get it near the placement, it is a good spot to get the Darth Nader trophy.)

Stealing the Show: You will just be flooded with enemies, especially RPGs in the beginning, throughout the whole level. Utilize the Field Surgeon Packs, Medical Kits and Canteens. Take you time on the first section. Once you get to Sturmgeist more Germans will spawn with him. Just throw all of you grenades in the area (I"m not kidding). Most likely you will kill everyone except him. He is fairly easy to kill. I prefer to toy with him, shooting him in his feet. Once he is dead, hope into the plane and the level, and game, is over.

See Heavy Medals.

Heavy Medals
Earn All Medals

Earn all of the Gold Stars in each campaign. Use this Gold Star Guide for any addition information and details. You MUST finish the mission killing AT LEAST 95% of the enemies and finishing with AT LEAST 75% health. I highly recommend doing this on Easy. Some enemies are hidden or must go a certain route to activate more people. Also, you can always backtrack to pick up Med Kits and Field Surgeon Packs. Remember to smash open crates because they may contain a special surprise! As long as you use the strategy in the link you do fine. Now, go kick some Nazi Ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Full Frontal
Complete the Game On Any Difficulty

Complete the game on any difficulty level, if you follow the Roadmap you will get this on your first playthrough of Easy

You Still Aren't As Tough As Audie Murphy
Complete The Game On Hard Difficulty

Complete the game by beating it on Hard. You will get this on your second playthrough if you follow the Roadmap.
This can be difficult. You health WILL NOT regenerate after each mission so make sure to finish with a decent amount of health. Take your time, utilize cover, and NEVER use the Med Kit or Field Surgeon Pack when you lost 25% health. They will come in handy. There were MANY times i have wanted to break my controller and I'm only halfway through on hard! Patience is key though. Just take your time. Just as a little tid bit, Audie Murphy is one of the most decorated people ever. No pressure right?

Darth Nader
Kill 3 Enemies With 1 Grenade

There are many spots with three enemies together. When you see a group of enemies together, throw one or two grenades. Sometimes the enemies kick or throw the grenades away from them. I find the easiest place to do this is on the level Operation Rapunzel, there are many bunched up enemies there.
I found it to be easiest to achieve this on Rough Landing in the Needle in a Haystick. Once you part ways with your two comrades you have to set fire to the haystack to draw out 4 Nazis from the big doors ahead. Go on the left side and just throw a couple nades and you should kill all 4. Another easy spot will be on the final mission, they group up a lot and should have no problem getting it.

Hokey Pokey
Get 20 shots in each shot location (Head, Torso, Groin, each leg, and each arm)

Check your stats in the Records section after every level and see what you need to go for. It may be best to use the sniper rifle for a more precise shot. But you most likely will get this without even trying by the end of the game.
Easiest to do is just go location by location, one mission focus on the left leg, next mission right leg etc.

I said Dance
Make 20 enemies hop around by shooting them in the foot

When shooting at an enemy, they will jump if you shoot them in the foot or near their feet. Do this twenty times to get the trophy. This one isn't to hard and you may just get it before the end of the game.
While going for the 20 shots in the leg, shoot at the feet instead and it will count towards both totals.

Get 50 headshots

Throughout your game, achieve 50 headshots and you will obtain this trophy. Best chance at doing this is with the sniper rifle.
Do this while you are equipped with the sniper rifle, sit back at a distance and pickem off.

Get 50 shots in the groin

Throughout your game, achieve 50 shots to the groin on your enemies and you will obtain this trophy. Try to aim low on them so you don't get a torso shot. One of the ways you'll know if it's a groin shot is that they'll bend over and look as if they just got hit in the nuts.

Hit Em in the Face
Get 20 Melee Kills

Throughout your game, achieve 20 melee kills and you will obtain this trophy. The only annoyance with this trophy is that it can take 2 hits to kill a German.

Less is More
Kill 1000 Enemies

Throughout your game, kill more than 1,000 enemies and you will obtain this trophy. You wll most likely obtain this trophy long before the end of the game.

Trigger Happy
Fire 5000 shots

When you see a Mounted Gun, just keep on firing it, as you have unlimited ammo and it can fire quite a lot of shots in a little time. It seems this trophy is glitched, but in a good way not a bad way. A lot of people seem to be getting this trophy a lot earlier than they should. I only had 3700 bullets fired when I got it, others have gotten it when they have 4000 bullets. You can get this on the second level, when there's a machine gun near the beginning of the mission, just man it and continually fire the gun. If you don't feel like doing it that way, you should get the trophy on your first playthrough.

Use 25 Medicinal Canteens

Canteens are everywhere, just play through the story and you will get this without trying. They look like little jugs that are left behind by dead soldiers or on table tops.

Is it Monet or Manet?
Look behind 15 pictures in Operation Repunzel

During the mission Operation Repunzel, the one in the mansion. You will see a lot of paintings on the walls. You will need to find a map in one of the paintings, so each one that you see, go up to it and use the action button to look behind it. There will be plenty around so no need to really keep track.

What Time is It?
Destroy 15 clocks in Operation Repunzel

During the mission Operation Repunzel, you will see a bunch of clocks inside the mansion. You will need to find a key which is in one of the clocks, so every time you see a clock just destroy it with a few shots. There will be plenty around so no need to really keep track.

Drinking Problem
Spill three drinks in The Golden Lion

While at the ending of The Golden Lion. you will see three drinks on a railing in the rear of the outside portion of the bar. Use the action button to spill the drinks. You will know when you have spilled three drinks because the German soldiers below will start yelling start a fight with another soldier.

That Bread IS Delicious… Healthy Too.
Eat bread to regain health

You can find bread in some missions, but the best way is during the mission Operation Repunzel. While in the kitchen of the mansion, there will be a bunch of bread for you to eat. Just walk by one and you will automatically eat it.

Kicking it Really Old School
Play Any Level using the Classic MOH Control Scheme

To obtain this trophy, you will need to set your controls to use the Classic MoH scheme. Start a level and complete it. The first level will probably be the best to try this on since it is short and not full of enemies. It does seem a little confusing at first due to the new control layout but if you do it on the first mission set on Easy you shouldn't die.

Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart
Get 50 kills with shotgun

Shoot and kill 50 enemies with the shotgun to get this trophy. The shotgun is first available in Operation Repunzel.
If I recall correctly the Shotgun is only available for a level or two so make sure to use it.

You can't go Wrong with the Classics
Get 50 kills with the M1 Garand

Shoot and kill 50 enemies with the M1 Garand rifle to get this trophy.

People have reported getting this trophy by killing enemies with other weapons so it may be glitched.

Pistol Pete
Get 50 kills with the Colt.45 or the Walther P38

Shoot and kill 50 enemies with the Colt.45 or the Walther P38 pistol to get this trophy. You will be able to use the pistol near the beginning of the game. Luckily you will have a pistol in every mission. I would suggest getting this out of the way first, during the 3rd or 4th level after you get the M1 Garand trophy.

Burp Gun
Get 50 kills with the MP 40

Shoot and kill 50 enemies with the MP 40 assault gun to get this trophy.
Another gun that is very common and will always have an abundance of ammo.

Long Shot
Get 50 kills with the Springfield 03

Shoot and kill 50 enemies with the Springfield 03 sniper rifle to get this trophy.
You will have this most of the game so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Sturmgewehr and Drang
Get 50 kills with the STG

Shoot and kill 50 enemies with the STG assault gun to get this trophy. The STG is first available in Operation Repunzel.

have You Met my Friend, Tommy Gun?
Get 50 kills with Thompson SMG

You have this gun for a couple missions. You'll start with it on Rough Landing and just use it the whole level and you'll be fine.

Get 25 kills with the Welby and Scott Silenced Pistol

Shoot and kill 50 enemies with the Welby and Scott Silenced Pistol to get this trophy. It is available first on the level The Golden Lion, it shouldn't be too hard, ammo is everywhere.

BAR None
Get 50 kills with the Browning Automatic Rifle

Shoot and kill 50 enemies with the Browning Automatic Rifle to get this trophy. Just like I said for the Tompson, use it the whole first mission you get it and you should get the trophy by the end of the mission.

Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Pineapple
Get 50 kills using grenades

Kill 50 enemies with grenades to get this trophy. Grenades have their good and bad times. If you don't cook and just throw it, most likely a Nazi will throw it back. But the good thing is that if they hit a Nazi the grenade will explode on impact. A really good time to rack up nade kills is in the final mission, there are tons of enemies.

E.T. Goin Home
Find the UFO in "On Track"

While playing the level 'On Track' look for the UFO. Below is a video with the UFO, skip to the 5 minute mark to view the UFO. This can be easily missed. Depending how fast you go through the mission at the end, there may be a guy or two out the doors, chuck a couple nades, go out the door, look to your right then look up at the sky. It will pass by rather quick, just try to be quicker

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