Players: 1 offline singleplayer, 2- 20 online multiplayer
Online Trophies: Yes, MVP, All In, There IS and I in Fire Team, Brothers in Arms, Warchief, Jack of all Guns, Back in the Fight, Honey Badger, Squad Leader, Downrange, Job done, Global Warfighters,
Online Pass Required: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None Available
Estimated Time to Platinum: 50-80 hours, depending on skill
Estimated difficulty: 6/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 3, one on Hard, one on Tier 1 and one for Hardcore
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No, use the mission select if you missed any trophies for the campaign
Glitched Trophies: No


Warfighter takes place right where Medal of Honor left off. Go to various places around the world while Dusty, Voodoo, Preacher (playable) and Mother return, along with a new member of Task Force Mako, Stump (playable). Preacher also returns home after years of deployment only to find his family crumbling. When the treat of a new dangerous weapon, PETN, threatens to cross American border, Preacher remembers why he is fighting ..... for the safety of his loved ones back home. Travel the world and complete the mission. You are Tier 1, nothing can stop you!

[top]Tips & Strategies

Combat Toggle - Some guns allow you to switch the sights using . This comes in handy in certain situations.

Peek and Lean - This is a very good, and new, implemented feature in the game. Use it wisely.

Melee - The Voodoo Axe is the melee weapon for the game. When using it, a kill animation begins. During those few seconds you are very vunerable.

Grenades - The indicator actually tells you how close the grenade is to you. White means you in the safe zone, while red means your in the blast radius. The darker the red, the closer you are to the grenade.

Ammo - Just like in 2010, you can request ammo from allies.

Door Breaching - Warfighter offers a decent variety, see which one you like best.

Run and Slide - While running, if you tap you will slide. This is good for moving from cover to cover.

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[top]Official Review

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Review by: dsluckay

Overall: 6.5/10
Medal of Honor: Warfighter is the sequel to the 2010 series reboot. You play as Stump and Preacher, with Voodoo and Mother at your side. They need to stop the PETN weapons from tearing America a new one. We all know most people that play FPS games play them for the multiplayer, but is it worth it in Warfighter? Click here to see the full review.


Step 1: Hard Campaign Playthrough

This step is fairly simple. Play the campaign on hard, so you can unlock Tier 1 and Hardcore. Go for the miscellaneous trophies so you can get them out of the way early, such as the mission specific trophies. Don't worry about the breaching options trophies because they carry over between playthroughs. Trophies to go for during this playthrough:
  • Every and all mission specific trophy and mission completion trophies
  • Warfighter, Preacher's Path, Stump's No Chump
  • Room Service, Master Locksmith
  • Extreme Realism
  • Tier 1 Imports
  • Peek-a-Boo, Lean With It
  • It's Dangerous to go Alone!, Lead Farmer
  • Tactical Toggler
  • The Axeman

Step 2: Hardcore Campaign Playthrough

This step really separates the men from the boys, women from the girls. Hardcore is harder than Hard and Tier 1 in terms of difficulty, but also there are absolutely no checkpoints, if you die you restart from the beginning! For a much easier time, it is said that you can back your save up with Playstation Plus then re-download it if you die, and repeating the process. Once this step is done, you are officially finished with the campaign. You should unlock:
  • Hardcore

Step 3: Tier 1 Campaign Playthrough

Tier 1 completely removes the Heads Up Display (HUD). Unlike Medal of Honor 2010, you aren't timed and there are checkpoints. But it is said that if you finish Hardcore first, you only need to finish the last mission on Tier 1. This step isn't for long nor hard, but you should get:
  • Tier 1

Step 4: Multiplayer

You have to be very dedicated to complete this step. You'll need to get to Rank 72, which already may overwhelm some. This is to unlock every soldier in every class. You'll also need 771,000 points to unlock every gun. If that wasn't enough, you also need 20 kills with each gun. And if even that wasn't enough, you need 50,000 points with all 6 classes. Plus a point streak of over 2000 to get an Apache. You have to use a class you are comfortable with when going for these trophies. There are a total of 72 guns, figure out which ones suit you early on, then when you've finish the 20 kills with everything else go back to it. My personal favorite is the AA-12 in the Demolitions class. That is a very good set-up, and I usually scored within the top three per-match when using it. Use the Battlelog to keep track of your stats!. When doing this step, go for these trophies:
  • MVP
  • All In
  • There IS an I in Fire Team
  • Brothers in Arms
  • Warchief, Global Warfighters, Squad Leader
  • Jack of all Guns
  • Back in the Fight
  • Honey Badger
  • Downrange
  • Job Done

Step 5: Clean Up

This step is mostly to unlock the trophies you may have missed in step one. Go back through the campaign via mission select and knock out the ones you need. These trophies may be killing 25 enemies with peek and lean, or 25 with melee, etc. Anything you missed, this is the time to get it, and ultimately:
  • Any trophy you still have left
  • For Honor For Country


For Honor For Country
Collected all other Medal of Honor Warfighter trophies.

Completed the campaign.

This is the standard "beat the game" trophy you find in most games. There are a total of thirteen mission you must complete, switching off between Preacher and Stump. You can play on whatever difficulty you would like, but if you want to lessen the amount of playthroughs you will need to do, start off on Hard. By doing so, you will unlock Tier 1 and Hardcore and will be able to go into one of those for your second playthrough instead of adding another playthrough.

Now if you're someone like me who enjoyed the campaign, an extra playthrough won't hurt .

Tier 1
Completed the campaign on Tier 1 difficulty.

NOTE: You must complete the game on Hard to unlock Tier 1.

Tier 1
is different from Medal of Honor 2010. This time around, there are checkpoints and it is not timed. The only different thing is that there is no HUD. This is where the challenge lies. The ammo isn't too much of a problem, but the mode takes away the hip fire crosshairs as well has the grenade indicators. The best thing to do is ALWAYS aim down the sites. The grenades ... well they aren't so easy. You have to listen to the your comrades, listen for sounds and watch out for the enemies throwing them. You will die a lot from it, and there will be a lot of trial and error. Also, I do not know how long this will be here until it gets patched, but if you play Hardcore first, then reload the last level on Tier 1 and beat it, you will get the trophy. Just push through and you'll be golden.

Rain of Terror
Completed Changing Tides.

Preacher and Mother, part of Task Force Mako, are sent to Basilan, Philippenes. Their goal, meet up with a Philippene Counter Terrorist unit in the capitol city. The ASG have taken the city and are holding hostages. You have to move quick before the hostages get killed.

Part 1: Take out the enemy right at the start with a melee. Enter the shack and kill the enemy standing in the doorway with a headshot. Exit the shack and kill the enemy on the left. You will move forward and Mother will say you two will have to crawl under the next shack. Mother will kill the first ASG, and after moving forward a bit you will kill the next. As you come to the next shack, look through the doorway and kill that enemy. As you exit the shack you will come to a wall where Mother will take cover. Two enemies will be walking together. Wait for their heads to line up and kill them for a double headshot. Enter and exit the shack. Hide behind the short wall. Three ASG will be conversing a little ahead of you. Take them out quick.

Part 2: After killing the three ASG, you will need to breach a door. After breaching, kill all four enemies with a headshot. Follow Mother for a bit, and you will come upon an enemy scanning the area. Take him out with a headshot. Now more enemies will appear on the building in front of you. You can either kill them with your gun, or use the LTLM to mark the target for the Blackbird to take out. You will move forward with Mother and enemies will start coming to attack you. My advice is to stick back with Mother as much as you can and only move when he moves. The main threat are the shotgunners, if they get close (well, they will) it will most likely take you by surprise. Mother should provide decent back up though. Once all hostiles are dead, you will move into the building. Plant charges on the door, breach and kill everyone.

Part 3: You'll go through a flooded parking lot and eventually get to the mouth of an alley. This is really tight quarters, especially with the amount of enemies. Again, your main concern are the enemies with shotguns and the ones on the second floor balconies. Even if you decide to fall back a bit, they'll still have a good vantage on you. Once you're sure all ASG are dead you are clear to advance. You'll walk through an upside down bus and have to take care of a handful of easy enemies. You will then go up a ramp, then back down. Mother will warn of enemy machine gunners. Personally, I take cover on the right because it offers cover from the enemies in front and on the left. The machine gunners are priority number one, while the other enemies are the least of your concern. You'll advance a little more, and a few more ASG will come. After killing the you will stumble upon a flooded market. Stick behind the first pillar you find. Kill all enemies from this point. When it's clear, move along the right side. The construction site you come upon can be tricky. Just sit back, let Mother handle the closer enemies while you kill the more dangerous ones on the second floors. After all of them are dead, you will move up and a few enemies will come down some stairs. They will be the last of the ASG for the level. Head up the stairs, into the building and all the way to the top. Once there, you will breach the door and Mother will say you have to go towards the red sign. Mission complete!

Monsoon Lagoon
Completed Rip Current.

Task Force Mako, as Preacher along with Mother, are overwatching the hostage situation. After a bad call from Philippine Counter Terrorist command, the must work quickly in order to save the hostages from the ASG.

Part 1: You will meet with with the Philippene unit and move to a building. Don't rush in. Wait outside and pick them off. Once all are killed, move forward and take cover behind one of the small walls. Kill the sniper before he can shoot you. A friendly helicopter will come to provide cover, but will eb shot down. The first group of enemies come from the left. Kill them and when it is clear, advance. Enemies will now come from the right, but again it is an easy group. AS you move forward, the space will get tighter. Stay a little farther back so you'll eb away from the group of enemies. Pick them off one by one until all are dead. You will then follow Mother and the Philippines up some stairs and will see the capital building. Target it with the LTLM.

Part 2: You will take control of Stump for a few. Kill any and all enemies that come in your line of sight. None of them will hurt you or cause you to fail, so take your time if you need to.

Part 3: After Stump has cleared the area, you will go back to Preacher. After a few minutes trying to get into the building you will eventually enter. A few hostiles will be in the first corridor and offer a great chance to be taken out easily. After they are dead, you will enter another room. More enemies will flood the room. They are easy to kill (like all the others). You will now have to breach and clear a room. Aim for all headshot, it makes for quick and clean kills. The first floor isn't too bad. Your only worries is the enemy machine gunner and the enemies that wait on the steps. Once all are dead head to the next level. As you make your way along the second floor a bomb will throw you back. You will get up and continue fighting the ASG. As you continue around the second floor you will encounter a few more hostiles, none of which should trouble you. The third floor is the easiest floor, you have to take out an MG placement along with a group of enemies. If you have any grenades, use them now. When all are dead, plant the charge, breach the room and save the hostages.

Part 4: Now you need to extract the hostages. You will man a grenade launcher on the boat for the first half and then drive it for the last portion. This area shouldn't give you any trouble. Once you hook up to the helicopter, the mission will end.

Unexpected Cargo
Completed Unexpected Consequences.

8 weeks ago, Task Force Mako (Mother and Preacher) are sent to destroy a container that is about to be loaded onto a ship. They were to stealthy enter, plant the bomb and move to the extraction .... but of course things don't always work out like that.

Part 1: Preacher and Mother rise from the water. Shoot the enemy in the back of the head and advance. You will once again come to another enemy, for fun I would say melee him. As you move forward you will notice a stopped truck. Jump over the gate and plant the charges on it. As it starts to drive off kill the terrorist in the checkpoint station you hide behind. Move to the right and hide behind the cement cylenders. Detonate the explosives and watch the fireworks hell be raised.

Part 2: You and Mother have to head to the extraction while everything burns around you. The enemies here shouldn't cause any problems .. mostly because it seems this part is made for you to just run through and not get hit. Once you reach the stairs leading to the extraction, you will have to pick up a rocket to take down the enemy Littlebird. I recommend following Mother down below the building and using the cement pillars as cover for when you attempt to take it out. Once you destroy it the level is over.

One Shot, Three Kills
Completed Hat Trick.

This is the quickest and easiest mission of the bunch. Somali pirates have captured the Captain of an American ship and are holding him hostage. Task Force Mako is deployed in order to save the Captain.

Part 1: You start of lying on deck of a boat. There are three pirates: a lookout, the hostage taker and a gunner. Voodoo will order you to take out the hostage taker. Line up a headshot and hold your breath. When you're ready, fire and Voodoo and Dingo will take out the other two pirates. Like I said ... easy mission.

Hit the Beach
Completed Shore Leave.

One week ago, Task Force Mako (Voodoo and Stump) assist Task Force Grizzly in taking down a pirate town in Somalia. Fight your hardest as you make your way through hoards of the pirates.

Part 1: You start off in shallow water, advancing towards the building. Enemies will come along the beach line, on the stairs and in the windows. Stick with Voodoo as you do this area. The pirates don't prove to be a hard foe as you easily make your way to the building. Head up the stairs, breach the door and kill the enemies. Next, you will need to use the LTLM to mark a building. You will move into the building and Voodoo will set up a bot. Use it to go into the next room and kill the two pirates. Then, advance outside and help Grizzly defend their position. After a bit of fighting the drone will get disabled then taken out altogether.

Part 2: You will now regain control of Stump. You will breach a door and as usual kill four enemies. Pirates will come on the street level and second floor of the building across the street. Hide along the wall and use peek and lean. When everyone is dead your team will move to a lower level, but more enemies will come, including a truck with a machine gun. Stay on the lower level and pick off enemies from there. Once most are dead you can focus on the truck, which will have two enemies by it. Take out the gunner when he is vulnerable. Once all are dead, move up to the bus. The pirates will start to retreat. Kill any stragglers.

Part 3: you will move up the building and eventually come across another enemy truck with an MG, but it's easy to take out. Next you will breach another door with another four enemies to kill. You will now move up the building to a sniping position. Aim at the heads of the three enemies with the red arrow to kill them. Don't worry about the others. The next two pirates, you want to put the "1" tick mark no their head. The final two are easier than they seem. You don't have to kill the guy on the very top. To kill the pirate below him, put the "2" tick mark on his head and shoot. Mission complete, soldier.

Know the Enemy
Completed Through the Eyes of Evil.

In Yemen, a deep under cover agent, Codename "Argyrus" who is part of the OGA, is about to be trained by the enemy. Play through the level and learn the basics of the game .... and what is about to go down.

Part 1: After listening to The Cleric ramble on for a few, you will begin your training. In the first room, you will have to crouch under a barbed wire piece of wood then crawl under the next. Finally, hop over the wood fence to complete this area.

Part 2: This part consists of learning how to use your gun and grenades. You will also learn Combat Toggle as well. After you take out the target dummies, grab ammo from the terrorist in the doorway and proceed.

Part 3: The next room is a mock firefight scenario. A terrorist will shoot at you with an MG while a set of targets appear, one on the left and the other on the right. Use peek and lean to take them out. After the go down another set will pop up. Do the same to them and this area is complete.

Part 4: This part is a mock plane hijack. Run through the plane, taking out enemies as quick as possible. The final part is a door breach. Once completed, go to the left and the level is over.

Non-Official Cover
Completed Finding Faraz.

As part of the newly formed Task Force Blackbird, Mother and Preacher along with a local asset Ajab must track down weapons dealer Faraz. They think he may know something about P.E.T.N. This is a dangerous mission, they are in Pakastani borders ... meaning this is an unsanctioned mission.

Part 1: The first few minutes is spent simply chasing Faraz. Enemies won't arrive until after you jump off the roof and have a white truck on your left. The terrorists will run in plain sight, take them out as quickly as you can before you need to take cover. Than, take out the others. When you move forward, another enemy or two will pop out. A few more enemies will also come from the right. Find some reliable cover to use and take them out. When you go through the gate another enemy will run out. After he is dead and you move towards the trucks a few more will come. As you follow him through the open area and past the tower on your right, three enemies will be hiding there so do't run right up. try flushing them out with a grenade.

Part 2: This really starts the open area of the chase. You'll jump down into and walk through a little demolished hut. When you exit, an enemy should be hiding directly to the left. after killing him a few more terrorists will more will come to that general area. This area can easily be fought and won from a distance. Use the combat toggle to use the scope of the gun. Your main focus will be in the first building on the right once in the open area. A few enemies take cover here, one of them I'm pretty sure has a sniper. Make sure to focus on them as soon as they appear. After you cross the bridge, Faraz will bolt for his compound. Enemies will already be waiting at the entrance, so don't just run up. The best thing to do is flank either the right or left and use your grenades and kill them.

Part 3: As soon as you enter the compound, enemies will run to the left. Kill them first, the rest of the enemies will be on the left, on the roof of the building in front of you or directly in front of it. Don't take cover along the right side. There are a few spots that if you happen to hide there and a grenade gets thrown you have little chance of escaping and none if two are thrown at you. After you finish this area, I recommend going to the next small area via the right, nott he left. One enemy will rush at you, but he is easily killed. Mother and Ajab always go to the left way so going right offers you a great sneak chance while they take the fire. After you clear the terrorists not he ground, a few will be on the roof behind the techical and a few on the ground level, but in the building.

Part 4: This is the trench area. Once you start going down it, an enemy will be on the left and after killing him and moving up, one will come right at you. When you get to the part when the path splits and you can go left or right, go right. An enemy will be right behind the little wall. since you know he's there, this won't give you any trouble. When you round the corner a few enemies will be waiting towards the bottom. After you kill them Faraz will run to a bridge and cut left, during that time another terrorist will head to it and take cover. He is easily killed. When you round the left corner, terrorists will be waiting ahead of you. Kill them from a distance. When you head up the hill and continue the chase, one enemy will hide behind a wooden fence, another at the top of the short set of steps. After you jump over the little wall, you will be in front of a truck. All of the enemies will be hiding behind wood piles behind the truck. This spot is actually good for you: lots of cover and easy targets. After killing them, an enemy will run down the steps on the left.

Part 5: After all that fighting you will finally catch Faraz ....... but no sooner due you catch him he gets killed. There is no fighting for a minute or two so just keep running. Eventually, you will come to a circular building. Enemies will come out to fight but are quick and easy to kill. A few more enemies will be in the building. Once everyone is dead, Mother will bust open a doro and the both of you will get in Ajab's van.

Class Dismissed
Completed Connect the Dots.

After using the information gained from the now dead Faraz, Task Force Mako (Stump and Voodoo) use Littlebirds to attack a terrorist training facility in the mountains of Yemen. Get ready for a fight!

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Pedal to the Medal
Completed Hello and Dubai.

Mother and Preacher must head to Dubai and capture Hassan, who is connected to the P.E.T.N. Once captured, you will bring him to a safe house for interrogation.

Part 1: The first part of this level is speeding away from your pursuers. Not much I can say, just try not to hit other cars.

Part 2: You will need to hide from Hassan's patrol cars during this part. Again, there is not much I can say. Move to the blue hiding spots when you can and wait for the cars to pass. This portion depends solely on how the player goes about it.

Part 3: This is the final escape. Evade the the final pursuers via the sandstorm. After you evade them, Al Din's SUV will ram you off the road. Level over.

Closing Ceremony
Completed Old Friends.

Task Force Mako, as Stump and Voodoo, head to Sarajevo to continue the search for P.E.T.N. They meet up with an old friend, Greko, and the rest of his Polish GROM unit. Together, they will try to get to the bottom of this.

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One Man Mutiny
Completed Bump in the Night.

The MV Mistress is en route to Pakistan. Task Force Mako, once again as Stump and Voodoo, are assigned to investigate. When they arrive, the boat seems to be adrift .... not powered. There is also a lot of dead terrorists on board. They will make a discovery that noen of them will like and it also leads back to Task Force Blackbird.

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Pit and Pin
Completed Hot Pursuit.

Shorty after the events of Unintended Consequences, Preacher stakes out the ship yard area to watch for a target to see just what the hell is going on. When the target arrives, he is shot in the head. You play as Preacher as you drive throughout Karachi, Pakistan in order to catch the killer and gain any info you can.

Part 1: There isn't much to say for this. Just follow the target. Make sure to dodge traffic and keep collisions to a minimum. Watch out for the little bits of buildings that jut out as well. When you comes to tight turns, press and hold to make cutting the turn a bit easier. Towards the end, Mother/Dusty will tell you to ram the target vehicle. Eventually, you'll get close enough, ram him and cause him to go out of control. After he crashes, you'll get out and take his phone, but not without a little punch in the face before leaving. You'll head back to your car and the mission will end.

Let Him Rot
Completed Shut It Down.

After the execution of Mother, Preacher is reassigned back to Task Force Mako. He, along with Voodoo and the rest of the unit plan to stop The Cleric and his plans once and for all. Dusty comes out from behind the scenes to help in avenging his lost friend. This stretches beyond the simplicity of stopping The Cleric and the P.E.T.N. threat .... this is for all of their lost comrades ..... it's for Mother .... and for Rabbit.

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Preacher's Path
Finished all the Preacher missions.

Preacher is a returning character from AFO Neptune in Medal of Honor 2010. This time, he is a playable character, with much of the story based on him. After years of deployment and broken promises his family life is shattering. He has to learn to balance the two, or choose what's more important: his family or his job ... his duty ... what makes him happy. Preacher is now with Task Force Blackbird, occasionally with Task Force Mako as well, under the command of Dusty, from Medal of Honor 2010, who is now retired and works for the CIA. Preacher is playable for six missions, he appears in two others where the playing time is split with Stump, although Preacher plays the majority of the two missions. The missions featuring Preacher are:

"Unintended Consequences"

"Hot Pursuit"

"Changing Tides"

"Rip Current"
(except for when you switch to Stump and man the Blackhawk's gun)

"Finding Faraz"

"Hello and Dubai"

"Bump in the Night"
(except for the very beginning when you play as Stump)

"Shut It Down"
(you will get the trophy after this mission)

Stump's No Chump
Finished all the Stump missions.

Stump basically is the new Rabbit for Warfighter. He is a U.S. Marine turned U.S. Navy SEAL. We don't know much about him and he is only playable in four missions and playable for the beginning of another level and shortly in another. Stump is playable in:

"Shore Leave"

"Rip Current"
(briefely as the Blackhawk gunner)

"Hat Trick"

"Connect the Dots"

"Old Friends"

"Bump in the Night"
(only playable for about the first five minutes, the trophy will be rewarded after this mission)

Double Header
Killed two enemies with one bullet in the Changing Tides mission.

Location: Mission 5 - Changing Tides
Objective: Stealth Way to Hotel - Eliminate any Resistance

After crawling under a building and taking a few guys out, you will come to an area where there are two guys walking beside each other. They are walking to a door on the right. Move to the left, and aim for their heads. When one is right behind the other, take the shot and both guys should drop.

Double Header Video Trophy Guide

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Release the Kraken!
Killed 20 enemies during the boat exfil in Rip Current.

Location: Mission 6 - Riptide
Objective: Evacuate the Hostages

Eventually, you will arm a grenade launcher in a boat while trying to escort hostages. It is now that you have to kill at least 20 enemies. They will usually have blue arrows above their head, so when you see those just go crazy with the grenade launcher. There are more than 20, giving you some leeway. If the trophy doesn't pop before you hit a dead-end and have to turn around, restart from the last checkpoint.

Release the Kraken! Video Trophy Guide

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Completed the campaign on Hardcore difficulty.

NOTE: You must beat Hard in order to unlock Hardcore.

Hardcore basically takes the "die and restart" aspect from 2010 and makes it it's own mode. You HUD is present but if you die, you restart the entire game. There is a work around this though. If you have PS+ you can back up your saves so if you know there is a a part where you might die a lot, quit and upload the save to Cloud. If you die, delete the system save, download the Cloud Save and retry. Even though if you die the game will start over, the save icon still appears and actually saves the game, that is how the Cloud Save/USB save works.

Tag, You're It
Caught Faraz within 15 minutes in Finding Faraz.

Location: Mission 8 - Finding Faraz
Objective: Interrogate Faraz - Chase Faraz

In the beginning of Mission 8, you're chasing Faraz. You will eventually find many other enemies that you need to kill. Make sure you are sprinting, and killing the enemies quickly so as to keep the chase going. 15 minutes is far more than enough, and you can even die and restart from the last checkpoint without the time counting. Make sure to grab cover when you need to, otherwise just run and gun.

Tag, You're It Video Trophy Guide

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Leftover Lead
Completed the sniping section in Shore Leave without missing a shot.

Location: Mission 3 - Shore leave
Objective: Eliminate the SAMs

At the end of Mission 3, you are given a sniper and told to take out some guys with RPGs in the distance. Only take out the men with red targets above their head, to lower the risk of you missing any others that aren't required to be killed. For a much easier time, hold your breath and zoom in with . The first guy is on a roof on the top left of the screen Aim near his head and take the shot. Next, go lower and you'll see another guy on the ground. Kill him, then up and to the right will be another guy in a window of a building. Once the first three are dead, two more will come out from a tower. Shoot one and the other will run off. Wait for him to stop and shoot just above his head to kill him. After that, a friendly helicopter appears. Two more men with RPGs do too. Only focus on the lower one, and wait for him to run to the left. Once he does, zoom in with and line him up with the "2" on your scope. The bullet should arc enough to kill him, and the helicopter will take out the other guy.

Leftover Lead Video Trophy Guide

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On the Clock
Completed the training in Through the Eyes of Evil in under 18 seconds.

Location: Mission 2 - Through the Eyes of Evil
Objective: Complete the Final Challenge

After you finish the basic training in Mission 2, you will start the Final Challenge. This is a timed course, in which you will need to shoot 16 targets. This takes practice, but you will need to earn a head shot on all 16 (you can miss one or two if you are quick). At the end, your total will be shown but also time will be taken off for head shots. Time will be added if you kill the civilian targets. You will want to hit before starting, to switch from automatic shooting to semi-automatic to make this easier. Changing the sensitivity might also help and depends on your play style.

In the first room you'll see three targets. Start from one side and pick them off with head shots. Sprint to the next room. In front of you will be two more targets that are lined up perfectly. Shoot one in the head then the one right behind, and quickly get the one in the middle. From here on it's basically the same thing, you just need to be quick at aiming at the heads. If you don't make it in under 18.00 seconds, there is a door where you can retry, or you could simply reload the checkpoint.

On The Clock Video Trophy Guide

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Target Practice
Shot down the targets in the training camp caves in Connect the Dots.

Location: Mission 9 - Connect the Dots
Objective: Clear the Training Camp - Clear the Hidden Shoot Houses

Near the end of the mission you will come to an underground area with targets spread about. There are a total of 16 in this area (only the first area counts). Kill all of the enemies in there, then just shoot one shot into each target. Targets that are still intact have not been shot yet, you will know if you've shot them if pieces are broken off. In the first section, there will be 6 targets. Behind them will be another 5 targets, in the next little section. The next part has another 5 targets, be sure not to miss the 2 on the left side wall.

Target Practice Video Trophy Guide

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Storm Watch
Got through the sandstorm without hitting any vehicles in Hello and Dubai.

Location: Mission 10 - Hello and Dubai
Objective: Lose Hassan's Security Chief

This trophy starts near the end of the mission, when you turn left to get on the freeway during the storm. Any cars you hit before that doesn't count, and there's a handy checkpoint right at this spot so you can reload it and try again. You'll have to evade oncoming traffic, I found it useful to scrap your car on the side, and drive between spaced-out cars. Once you shake the Security Chief and head through the exit, the trophy should pop soon after. If not, reload the checkpoint and try again.

Storm Watch Video Trophy Guide

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Vender Bender
Destroyed 90 market stalls in Hot Pursuit.

Location: Mission 4 - Hot Pursuit
Objective: Chase the Target

All through Mission 4 you will see market stalls along the streets and in the markets. There are hundreds of them, but make sure you are going a little out of your way to hit most of them. About halfway through the mission you will actually come to a market. This market has a string of stalls, more than 90 are here. Follow the trail of market stalls and just run them through.

Vender Bender Video Trophy Guide

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Dirty Laundry
Found the grenades in the laundry room in Bump in the Night.

Location: Mission 12 - Bump in the Night
Objective: Exact Revenge on Sad Al Din - Find Sad Al Din

After taking control of Preacher, you will eventually have an objective to get to the bridge. Eventually, you will look at your watch, then go up some stairs. Kill the guys in the room, and get to the hallway. Press to open a door on the left in that same hallway, and there are grenades. Hold to pick them up.

Dirty Laundry VideoTrophy Guide

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Room Service
Unlocked all door breach options.

There 6 ways to breach a door. Each will have to be unlocked with 4 head shots during a breach sequence. Head shots are cumulative, but reset for each option. These options are:
  • Kick - You or your partner kicks down the door
  • Tomahawk - Your partner takes out a tomahawk and hacks at the door knob
  • Crowbar - Your partner takes out a crowbar and busts the door knob
  • Shotgun - You or your partner shoots the door knob with a shotgun
  • Door Knob Charge - Your partner puts a device over the door knob, which destroys it
  • Flex Linear Charge - Your partner plants flex charges along the door
  • Sheet Charge - You or your partner places a large sheet on the door, and arms it

NOTE: Breach options carry over between playthroughs! Don't worry if you missed these trophies on your first playthrough!

Master Locksmith
Used each breaching option at least once.

This trophy is pretty straight-forward. Use the list in Room Service for this trophy. Use all six breaching options. There are many breach sequences throughout the game, so as long as you aim for the head you should be alright. Always use the option you've just unlocked, to keep a better track of which ones you need. I randomly got this trophy on the last breach sequence, but I unlocked the trophy before even unlocking the final option, then when I did unlock the option I didn't get Room Service. So be on the lookout for that.

NOTE: Breach options carry over between playthroughs! Don't worry if you missed these trophies on your first playthrough!

Extreme Realism
Recovered from near-death 5 times without dying.

To be near-death, you need to have your screen bordered with pulsating blood, with a green tint on everything else. If it isn't pulsating you aren't near-death enough. Once you see this, grab the nearest cover and go prone until it all goes away. All you need to do is repeat that five more times. You are bound to get this trophy during your Hard, Hardcore or Tier 1 playthrough, so don't go out of your way to get shot just for this trophy.

Tier 1 Imports
Got 50 kills while holding enemy weapons.

After you kill an enemy in the Campaign, they drop weapons for you to use. When you use one, you don't drop your own weapons, but if you switch to your weapons the enemy weapon will be dropped. The most common weapon is the AKM, found in almost every level in the game. To get more ammo, you'll need to find more of the same weapon on the ground. The kills are cumulative throughout the Campaign, so go for kills with enemy weapons every once in a while.

Killed an enemy while using peek and lean in the Campaign.

To peek and lean, aim with . Then move to lean and shoot . All you need is one kill for the trophy, so this should come fairly early.

Lean With It
Killed 25 enemies while using peak and lean in the Campaign.

Like Peek-a-Boo, you'll need to peek and lean while killing enemies. Peek and lean ( + ) and kill 25 enemies throughout the Campaign.

It's Dangerous to go Alone!
Requested ammo from an Ally in the Campaign.

This can be done at any point and time when you have a partner with you in the Campaign. Shoot a bullet or two from your gun, and reload. Now walk up to your partner and hold to replenish your ammo.

Lead Farmer
Requested ammo from an ally 25 times in the Campaign.

Like It's Dangerous to go Alone, you can do this with any partner during the Campaign. Shoot, reload then walk up to your partner and hold . Do this 25 times throughout the Campaign. There's no reason to farm it, as it should come naturally from playing.

Tactical Toggler
Killed 25 enemies while using Combat Toggle.

To use the combat toggle, press to look through your sights (be it a scope or red-dot), and press This either changes to a new scope (like an ACOG scope) or zooms in. You need to kill people with the alternate sight, so when you're in battle just toggle it and shoot. This should come naturally throughout the course of the game, just make sure you're using the combat toggle.

Completed Shore Leave on Hardcore difficulty.

Shore Leave is the third mission in the game. Remember, Hardcore is the "die and start over" aspect of Tier 1 from Medal of Honor 2010. Makre sure to aim for headshots, use lots of cover and don't be afraid to constantly go for ammo refills. If you follow the written walkthrough for the mission in this guide, as well as using the video below, you shouldn't have a problem.

Unstoppable Video Trophy Guide

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The Axeman
Killed 25 enemies with melee during the campaign.

To melee press the button when in front of an enemy. You will either get a gory animation or a normal swing and kill. All you have to do is kill 25 enemies like this, which should come naturally during the Campaign. Restarting checkpoints still counts, so if you find a place that you would like to farm this trophy for, then go for it. Mission 9 - Connect the Dots allows for a fair amount of melee kills.

Finished in first place in any online match.

To be the Most Valuable Player, you need the highest score overall. This is individual, so you can even lose the game and still get this trophy. Playing objective-based modes like Sector Control or Combat Mission makes this easier, as you get more points for the objectives. Try to use a class you're comfortable with, and try to get point streaks. Rewards like the Guided Missile are great at boosting your score. Be cautious, and ready. Completing the objectives is a good idea, and get kills along the way to make it easier.

Strategy #1: Pretend boosting! Play as your favorite class, and play Combat Mission. Go for this when on the attacking side. By the 3rd objective, there's usually a larger area for you to plant the bomb. If you run in, plant the bomb quickly and shoot anyone along the way, you can easily rack up the points. Then if they defuse the bomb, you just do the same thing. This should boost you to the top if you can manage to get plenty of kills.

Strategy #2: Snipe! Playing Combat Mission or Sector Control, if you camp in a building above the battlefield that's near your objective, you know where the baddies will be going. So snipe them out soldier! Using the US Navy Seal sniper is a good idea, as he has a G18 as his secondary (automatic pistol).

Strategy #3: Boosting! Find some friends in the Official Boosting Thread and play Combat Mission. Whoever is boosting the trophy plants the bomb, another defuses it and the rest of the people just kill each other. Just repeatedly plant and defuse the bomb.

Strategy #4: Demolitions! Use the AA-12 SEAL in the Demolitions class. This class and weapon are very good, especially with the ballistic armor. I recommend playing Hotspot, and go for plants or defuses. The point streak rewards are also very affective.

All In
Called in Apache support.

To earn an Apache helicopter, you need a staggering point streak of 2,300. Quite obviously, you need to be fairly good to earn this trophy. Sometimes you may get lucky and get in to a lobby where others aren't very good, but don't count on it. I suggest going for this trophy near the end of you multiplayer experience (while still trying to get it here and there). The reason being you will have most if not all of the guns unlocked, and a better understanding of which class, weapon and soldier you like to use. Stick to your buddy! Having someone feed you ammo and health is vital!

Strategy #1: Camp! Though many people don't like them, campers for the most part get the points. If you select your favorite assault rifle (or any automatic weapon) and camp near the objective (playing Combat Mission, Hotspot or Sector Control). It's better to be the defending side, and always go to disarm or control a sector when it's safe. You want to stay there, not have to move.

Strategy #2: Demolitions! Like I said in MVP the AA-12 in the Demolitions class using the US Navy SEAL worked well for racking up the points. Play any objective based game (Hotspot or Sector Control is generally thought of as the best for an Apache) and basically run around the map, and playing cautious when you know you're near enemies. Use the ballistic armor when you're in a tight jam. For the first point streak I recommend using the offensive one , the grenade launcher. It has 6 grenades, and packs a punch. For the second points streak, the defensive to replenish others' health on your team. For the third, use the defensive for a UAV, letting you know where enemies are. I can't stress enough how useful this is. Then finally for the last one use the Apache.

Strategy #3: Boosting! Use the Official Boosting Thread to find other players willing to help you get an Apache. Play Combat Mission and repeatedly plant and defuse the bomb, it should take 22 or so plants/defuses (200 per). You don't need to kill anyone, which is why this method works well for both people planting and defusing the bomb. Both can unlock the Apache.

Strategy #4: Snipe! Using the TAC-50 Sniper (once you unlock it) is a good choice. For the most part it is a one-hit kill. Use this to your advantage when playing Sector Control or Hotspot. Use the point streaks to your advantage as well.

There IS an I in Fire Team
Finished a round as part of the top Fire Team.

For this trophy, you need to win a round with you and your buddy having a combined total of points that is bigger than any other fireteam. If you're lucky you can get an elite player (one that's very good) or just be very good yourself. Try to get kills, and if you're playing an objective based game try to do the objectives, they give you point bonuses that are worth a lot of points (planting the bomb in a Combat Mission gives you 200 points, more if it explodes). If both you and you're buddy are fairly good players, this shouldn't be too difficult. While going for this trophy, I suggest having a friend as your buddy, as you can use your mics to talk to each other and even earn Brothers in Arms.

If you are having trouble, I suggest trying to find someone from the boosting thread The Official Medal of Honor Warfighter Boosting Thread

Brothers in Arms
Won a round with a friend as a Fire Team Buddy.

You'll need your fireteam buddy also added to your friends list on PSN. Unlike There IS an I in Team, you don't have to be the top fireteam. You just need to be part of the winning team, no matter which place your individual fireteam is. A good idea is to just play with your friends, or you could try to add someone while in-game, and hope they accept during the same game.

If you are having trouble, I suggest trying to find someone from the boosting thread The Official Medal of Honor Warfighter Boosting Thread

Unlocked all soldiers in multiplayer.

Much like Global Warfighter, you need all 12 soldiers from any class. EXCEPT this time, you need to do this for EACH CLASS. If you are doing the math, that adds up to 72 SOLDIERS. You unlock soldiers by ranking up and earning points, so if you're going for Jack of all Guns you should get this trophy along with it. You don't have to use each soldier for the trophy to unlock, just have each soldier unlocked. Once you reach RANK 72 you will earn this trophy. Check your stats on the Battlelog and keep track of your soldiers!

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Jack of All Guns
Earn the Marksman Pin for all weapons.

To earn a Marksman Pin, you need 20 kills with the weapon in question. For this trophy however, you need this pin for each and every gun that you find unlock in the game. There are a total of 6 CLASSES, with 72 GUNS, which adds up to 1440 KILLS needed for this trophy! To unlock each gun, you need a total of 771,000 points, as that is the highest amount of points needed for a gun. Check your stats on the Battlelog and keep track of your pins!

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Back in the Fight
Completed one tour with all classes.

When you hear "Tour" you may be thinking that you only have to play a match or X amount of matches with each class. Well, that's not Danger Close's definition of "Tour". In Medal of Honor: Warfighter, a "Tour" is when you get 50,000 points with a class. Then, you get a "Tour Grade" which consists the amounts of kills and deaths you get over a period of time. You will be awarded a Tour Pin when you finish a "Tour" with a specific class and the more "Tours" you do the better looking Tour Pin you will get. This will take a while, and may even be a grind. In order to get the necessary points you need, you will need to reach Sergeant Major 4 which requires 301,500 points (you really only need 300,000 points, but this rank is a good indicator). There is really no advice to give due to every player being different. All I can really say is stick to one class at a time. Jumping around between classes may make it seem like it takes a lot longer than it should.

Honey Badger
Used your Fire Team buddy to re-arm or heal.

This basically works the same way as in the Singleplayer portion of the game, but this time you have to do it with your Fire Team Buddy in Multiplayer. Your Fire Team Buddy has a green aurora to him. By far the easiest thing to do is resupply from him. To do this, take a few shots then run up to him. When the prompt comes comes, press and hold to gain ammo from him.

NOTE: At this time I do not know if your Fire Team Buddy has to confirm the resupply for it to work or if he has to be a certain class.

Squad Leader
Unlocked a soldier of each class.

There are a total of six classes in Medal of Honor: Warfighter. No matter which faction you choose to play as, the Assaulter is always the first to be unlocked and is the only unlocked class from the start. In order to unlock the final five, you will have to get to Private First Class 2 at 19,000 points. Here is a breakdown of what each class has to offer.

Assault: This is basically the standard soldier. This class is best for the "into the heat of the battle" type players.

Heavy Gunner: You have an LMG .... I think you know what this class is for. Cover your teammates from close up and wipe out waves of the enemies.

Spec Ops: You do what you need to do. Do it quick and silently then get the hell out of there.

Sniper: Sit back and cover your team from afar. If any enemies come to you, you'll have a nice little Secondary weapon to hold them off .

Point Man: Basically, this is just the way it sounds. This class is for those who like to "take the lead".

Demolitions: Yeah, just blow shit to hell, all you need to know.

Played online for 15 minutes.

This is a pretty straight forward trophy. Depending on the game mode you will get this in two or three matches. Here is a quick list of the game modes and some descriptions.

Combat Mission: This is similar to Rush in Battlefield 3 or Demolition in Call of Duty. There are objectives you must destroy, but they go one at a time. The attackers must plant and destroy the objective before the counter reaches zero. The attacked must destroy three of the objectives in order to win.

Sector Control: This is basically Domination from CoD or Sector Control from BF3. There are a set number of flags around the map. Your goal is to capture and defend as many as you can and for however long you can until the enemies' tickets run out.

Home Run:
This is best compared to a mish mash of Capture the Flag and Search & Destroy from Call of Duty, but with the objective being two flags. Each person starts with one life and only gets one life per round. The goal of the defenders is to kill all the attackers, while the attackers must capture one of the two flags. Each team plays five rounds as the attackers then five as the defenders.

Team Deathmatch:
Standard game mode, get the most kills before time expires or reach the 75 kill limit before time runs out.

Job Done
Complete 3 Combat Mission objectives.

Firstly, you need to play Combat Mission in order to get this trophy. During Combat Mission, there will be objectives: A, B and C. They will go in that order. If you are an attacker, you must pant the bomb. Defenders must defend the site. In order to complete an objective, you either have to plant the bomb AND have it detonate or defuse the bomb. Also, this is not in one match. You just need to do it three times throughout your multiplayer playing time. For some reason, I've always found it easier to plant the bomb. Sneak around the back side of the enemies and don't kill if you don't have to. When it's clear, plant it and find a good cover spot. The difficulty that comes with defusing it is that the enemy will most likely be firing, throwing grenades at or using offensive support on/at your position. Don't worry though. As long as you play Combat Mission this trophy will come naturally.

Global Warfighters
Unlocked a soldier from each unit.

In Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Danger Close has brought together some of the best units across the globe and have them in Warfighter, unlike Medal of Honor 2010 when it was basically Taliban vs. US Military. There are a total of twelve units streching across ten countries.

Austailian SASR (Special Air Service Regiment)

British SAS (Special Air Service)

Canadian JTF-2 (Joint Task Force - 2)

German KSK (Kommando Spezialhrafte)

Norway FSK/HJK (Forsvarets Spesialkommando/Haerens Jegerkommando)

Polish GROM (Grupa Reagowania Operacyjno-Manewrowego)

ROKN UDT/SEAL (Republic of Korea Naval Special Warfare Flotilla)

RU Spetsgruppa Alfa

Swedish SOG (Sarskilda Operationsgruppen)

U.S. Army SFOD-D (Delta Force)

U.S. Navy Seals

U.S. OGA (Other Government Agency)

Now depending on what faction you choose, these first class of each will unlock at different times. The faction you choose will obviously be the first one unlocked, but in order to unlock the first class from each unit you will need to reach Corporal 3 at 46,000 points.

NOTE: Some people have reported this to be glitched (it has happened to me). I do not know of a work around but I have heard if you play a match as an Assaulter, the next match as a Heavy Gunner then the next match as a Sniper, after a few kills it will unlock. It has worked for a few, not all.


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