Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: There are no cheat codes
Estimated Time to Platinum: 5-10 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2 + challenges
Collectible Trophies: Zero
Missable Trophies: None - There is a chapter select, though the chapters are pretty big, so try do the first time around.
Glitched Trophies: None
Additional Equipment Needed: Two controllers (Playstation Move optional)

[top]Tips & Strategies

Shooting and General Play
  • Cover if needed, but it's not always needed.
  • The Refracto Shield works wonders to regenerate health.
  • The BANG'er and the Tribarrel are the best guns in the game.
  • Don't be afraid of spamming bullets.
  • Use attachments as enhancers... not standard weapons.

Stealth Missions
  • ALWAYS shoot the cameras first.
  • It's actually quite hard to get detected without specifically trying to, so don't wait for long periods to get a shot.

Car Sections
  • Go missile crazy, but always have one in reserve for the enemy platforms.
  • Remember to dodge signs and the like to not raise awareness.
  • Go through the "Alien Gates" to lower the awareness.

Investigation sequences
  • I usually just completes these without really listening to the dialogue. To do this just remember.
    • Examine everything at first.
    • Then talk to everyone about everything.
    • Then see if there is anything more to examine.
    • Then proceed to see if there are any new dialogue options
    • Proceed like this until completion.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Nothing here.......


  1. Agent Playthrough: Play through the game once, getting as many misc trophies as you can. Please note "Dodge and Weave" and "Hide’n’Seek".
  2. Elite Agent Playthrough: Play through the game again with the newly unlocked elite agent difficulty, and getting misc trophies you could have missed.
  3. VR Missions: Complete all Competitive VR missions, and get a score of 300,000 on at least one of them.
  4. Clean-Up: If you've missed any trophies along the way, get them now.


MIB Veteran
Unlock all trophies in game

This platinum is pretty easy and shouldn't take long. Achieve all of the other trophies to get this one.

Ugly on the Inside
Defeat Adorian Elite Guard in Story Mode

Story-related and can not be missed!
This is a mini-boss fight very early on in the game (chapter 1). You'll see more of these jackasses later, so don't fear, because they are a big pushover. Just shoot and avoid the attacks to your best ability, though avoiding isn't necessarily needed. It's easy to cover and regain health if needed.

Dodge and Weave
Dodge the mines placed by Nethera in Story Mode

This is the only trophy, that is not story-related, and can only be gotten at a certain point. This is probably the hardest trophy in the game. While chasing Nethera in chapter 7 (this is a car section). There are three places in the mission, where you have to dodge mines. The mines looks like electrical beams. The first section is easy, since it's just a few stationary vertical mines that's in a zig-zag pattern. Just slalom around them. The next one is a lot trickier. There is first a few moving vertical beams, and then a few moving horizontal mines. You need to be around the middle for the vertical lines (with a bit moving left and right). The second horizontal mine is a bit tricky. The other horizontal mines can be dodged fine by staying in the lower part of the level, but the second mine you have to quickly move up, and then quickly move down after having passed the mine.
The last set is the hardest. There are three pairs of mines where one is horizontal moving up and down and one is vertical moving left and right. To dodge these go right, about in the middle of the screen, and then towards the right again. There are also three rotating mines after that. Just move a bit down to dodge these. Once all of the mines have been dodged, and the level has ended you get this trophy.

Road Hog
Defeat 40 bikers in Story Mode

See "Own the Road " for information.

Own the Road
Defeat 70 bikers in Story Mode

Bikers are the most common enemy in the car sections. Unless you're really bad at the car sections this should come naturally throughout play, since that there is a lot of these guys.

Group Off
Destroy 3 enemy platforms in Story Mode

These come in the car sections. These are big vehicles, that have a few enemies on them. It's way to difficult to shoot them down with just the guns, so you'll probably have to use a missile on them. There is like 7-8 of these in the game, so you should be covered.

Brute Force
Achieve a 25x multiplier in a Story Mode

Really easy actually. Everytime you kill an enemy, the combo meter rises by 0.1x and every time you get hit the combo meter loses 0.1x. You'll have to achieve a 25x multiplier, which can be done in many places especially in the later chapters. If you use cover wisely, this is going to be easy. There is a lot of missions that gives opportunities for this. The most obvious spot, is at the Serleena (big plant boss) fight. Just fire away on Serleena and the combo meter should rise.

Smile for the Camera!
Neuralize 7 humans in Story Mode

To neuralize humans, you first need to find a human. After seeing one, use the bubble gun thing to capture a human (this will also lower the awareness bar). When you have the bubble gun equip it by pressing and holding and then press , and then shoot a human by pressing . Finish the level and a quick cutscene will come, where you neuralize all the people you've captured in bubbles. Do this to a total of 7 people and the trophy will be yours. There is a good 20 people in the game so don't worry.

Kicking and Screaming
Escape Serleena’s drag attack

Story-related and can not be missed!
This is a part of boss battle (the giant plant one in chapter 2). You drain the health of Serleenas by using the Icer on those little "warts" Serleena stilk. When Serleena has 20% percent health left, she will grab you and pull you towards her mouth. There are these four petals (one of them even gets highlighted the first

High Score
Successfully finish the Virtual Reality training program in Story Mode

Story-related and can not be missed!
This is obtained around chapter 2 after, a long shooting section on the streets.

Party Crasher
Crash Chauncey’s party in Story Mode

Story-related and can not be missed!
This is the one of the few investigation sequences you'll come across. Just remember to talk to everyone about everything, and always check for new dialogue options. Also remember to examine the phone around the lower middle of the screen, because that phone is a bit tricky to find.

This Won't Take Long
Defeat Nakkadan Elite Guard in Story Mode

Story-related and can not be missed!
This is a boss... kinda. Throughout the game these Agorian Elite Guards will annoy you. Well, this is the leader. You'll meet him in chapter 6. He has multiple attacks, though his favourite seems to be a regular blaster. He also clones himself, in which you need to shoot the correct guard. Any weapon can do, but the BANG'er seems especially useful in this fight. Also if on Elite Agent difficulty use the Refracto Shield or the Carebo Accelerator, since he can actually drain your health quite fast. You'll meet this guy on the second visit to the museum.

Scan 2 hidden aliens in Story Mode

If you press you can put on your scanning sunglasses. In chapter four, you'll be fighting in a museum. As soon as you get to the entrance of the museum a lot of people will be running in fear on the streets. Scan the humans on the left side of the street to find, that one of them is an alien in disguise. There is also another alien in the central park area in chapter 7, on the left side of screen, when you descend the big stairs, but I personally find it less time consuming if you just die after getting the ifrst in chapter 4, and then just scanning the same alien again for the trophy.

The Spice of Life
Defeat enemies using 10 different combos

You'll pretty much be getting this without even trying. When you kill enemies in a certain fashion (bubbelize them, freeze them, kill three rapidly in a row etc.) you'll get a combo. A green text appears everytime saying something like "Triple kill" everytime you get a combo. Get 10 of those.

Flying Car? Where?
Don't be detected while flying the car

Story-related and can not be missed!
You'll get this after the first car level. You are flying a car and shooting aliens, so of course someone is gonna notice. Fly through the "gates"with alien heads to reduce the detection bar in the lower left corner.

Enjoy the Ride
Start playing in Story Mode

Start game. Start story mode. Get trophy.

Superior Fighter
Achieve at least 150,000 points in one V.R. Mission

See "Conqueror" for information.

Achieve at least 200,000 points in one V.R. Mission

See "Conqueror" for information.

Achieve at least 300,000 points in one V.R. Mission

These are in the V.R. missions that are not attached to the main game. Do this in the competitive maps, so you are closer to completing them all. There is 12 maps and you can achieve this score in about the half of them, without even really trying. I suggest either one of the mexico levels or "Central Park Assault". Build up a big combo chain. Don't just shoot a lot, dodge the bullets and cover.

Complete all the Competitive maps in V.R. Missions

This trophy requires 2 controllers!
The V.R. missions are available at the start and can be selected from the main menu. Remember to pick "Competitive Maps". Plug an extra controller in, and start completing those maps. Now, I got personally confused by the pictures used for the maps, in the maps select menu. It turns out, that there are two sets of maps (12 in total) and they just reused the same pictures for the maps. Remember the names of maps not the pictures. These missions are easy. Just play through the level with one controller, and let the other controller sit idle. These missions take about 4-6 minutes each and iit will take you around 40 minutes to complete them all.

50 Enemies - Std. Issue 1995
Defeat 50 enemies with the Std. Issue 1995

You'll acquire this pretty early in the game. It's equipped by pressing . This is also the stealth section weapon, so it's pretty hard to miss this trophy.

60 Enemies - Noisy Cricket
Defeat 60 enemies with the Noisy Cricket

The last acquired weapon. It's equipped by pressing . It needs to be charged but fires a massive strike that kills multiple enemies. Save this weapon trophy for last.

250 Enemies - Tribarrel
Defeat 250 enemies with the Tribarrel

See "350 Enemies - Tribarrel " for more information.

350 Enemies - Tribarrel
Defeat 350 enemies with the Tribarrel

This is acquired around the halfway through the game. It's equipped by pressing once. Use this as your standard gun when acquired. It's basically an assault rifle, and easily runs out of ammo.

100 Enemies - Adorian Crossbow
Defeat 100 enemies with the Adorian Crossbow

This is the first acquired gun. It's equipped by pressing . It's not that great of a pistol, so get it over with quickly.

200 Enemies - The BANGer
Defeat 200 enemies with the BANGer

This is acquired around the halfway through the game. You can equip it by pressing twice. Use this as your secondary weapon (after the tribarrel). It's a shotgun and almost never runs out of ammo.

Shattered Expectations
Freeze 30 enemies with the Icer

You'll get this pretty early in the game. You can equip it by pressing and . It freezes stuff... yup. Freeze them and kill them. Get this one quickly over with.

What Goes Up…
Use the Anti-Gravity grenade on 30 enemies

These are obtained about halfway through the game. Equip it with and . You throw a grenade, that sends the enemies flying up in the air. You only have 5 at the time though, so be conservative.
Note: You do not need to kill 30 enemies, just make them fly up in the air.

Use the Refracto Shield to reflect 100 enemy projectiles

This is obtained fairly early in the game. You equip by pressing and . It's a shield, and that's basically it. Equip and just take the bullets from enemies to quickly block 100 projectiles. Works great for the minibosses.

Demolition Expert
Defeat 20 enemies with the Rocket Launcher while flying the car

These are the rockets you send out in the car sections. You don't have many at once, so get the ammo refills. Just remember to use them and this should be cake.

Keep it Slow
Defeat 30 enemies while they're under the effect of Cerebro Accelerator

The last acquired attachment. Equip it by pressing twice. It slows down time for you, doesn't consume ammo, a very short recharge... this attachment is awesome. Get this trophy as soon as you get the attachment.

Pest Control
Defeat 700 enemies

See "HOT Streak" for information.

Assert Fail
Defeat Khnemu in Story Mode

Story-related and can not be missed!
Khnemu is a car-related boss battle. It's pretty easy actually. Use the rocket on Khnemu and dodge the charge attacks. Just use the regular guns on the enemies around the boss. This battle shouldn't take long.
Note: The rocky landscape is not really dangerous to you, so don't worry about that.

Junior Agent
Complete Story Mode as an Agent

Agent mode is the basic mode. The bosses has been described in their respective trophies and check the "Tips and Strategies" section of the guide for how to just beat the game in general. Agent mode is easy... REALLY easy. It will take you 2-3 hours going through it.

The Gatherer
Gather 50 upgrade points

Sometimes when you kill enemies you'll see these ruby shaped green things. If you collect one, you will get an upgrade point. These upgrade points can be used by pressing . There you can upgrade your weapons and weapon attachments. There is a total of 113 upgrade points to be acquired in total, so as you can probably guess, this trophy is a cakewalk. I mean, you can get 5-6 of these on a regular level and bosses gives you 10 upon defeat. You will most likely get this trophy around the halfway point of the first playthrough.

HOT Streak
Defeat 900 enemies

There is around 1100 enemies in the game. If you kill every enemy you see, you should be getting this with no problems around the end of the game.

High Standards
Defeat Nethera and save Catyana

Story-related and can not be missed!
This is the final boss of the game. Even on Elite Agent difficulty, this fight is cake... as long as you use the right combination of gadgets. Nethera is a giant scorpion. She has several attacks. One attack is unleashing a lot of small critters. These are easily disposable with the BANG'er or the Tribarrel. If they get to you, you have to shake the left control stick to shake 'em off. Nethera shoots you with a weak laser while these small critters attack you. Another attack gets Nethera's stinger stuck to the ground. Shoot the stinger with the Tribarrel. Nethera can also use her stinger to hold you, and if you don't shoot her fast in the face... instant death. Use the Tribarrel or the BANG'er for this. The last attack is also the most punishing. Nethera hammers you with the stinger, and it's very hard to dodge... if you don't use the Carebo Accelerator. If you use it, you can VERY easily dodge her attack by sliding (move the left analog stick left or right and press ). So the way to hurt Nethera is to shoot those yellow... uhm.. things on Nethera's stinger, and then proceed to shoot the yellow thing on Nethera's chest. Eventually a cutscene appears, after the cutscene, firstly drain Nethera's health. Nethera will then lower a platform, that heals her. There are three wires over this platform shoot them to kill her. Use the Carebo Accelerator to slow down the healing, because when Nethera is reasonable healed, the platform rises again, and you have to drain her health again. Once all of the wires has been destroyed, you've won the battle and the game.

Senior Agent
Complete Story Mode as an Elite Agent

This is a mode that unlocks after having beaten the game once. Go to "Extras" menu and select to change the difficulty. Then go to chapter select and pick the first chapter, so you keep all of your weapons, attachments and upgrades. The bosses has been described in their respective trophies and check the "Tips and Strategies" section of the guide for how to just beat the game in general. Elite difficulty is also pretty easy. Some of the boss battles are a bit harder, but there really isn't going to be many places where you die.

Save the Universe
Complete all the missions in Story Mode

Story-related and can not be missed!
For some reasons getting a gold for killing the last boss, wasn't enough, but here you go, another gold for seeing the last cutscenes.

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