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Controllers Needed: 1
Total Trophies: 40
Online Trophies: 6
Offline Trophies: 33
Missable Trophies: Ride the Dragon, Pipeline, Digital Man, We'll Burn the Sky, Aces High
No. Of Playthroughs Needed: 1
Hours Required: 30-50 Hours
Difficulty Affects Trophies: No
Cheats Affect Trophies: Yes


Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is a video game developed by Pandemic Studios and published by Electronic Arts. It is the sequel to 2005's Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction, and it was released in the United States on August 31, 2008 and in Europe on September 5, 2008. The game is a third-person shooter with an open world, set in a fictionalized war-torn Venezuela, following the story of a mercenary getting revenge on the man who betrayed him/her, while causing as much mayhem and destruction as possible.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, and Exploits


Since EA are completely useless, they closed down the Mercenaries 2 PC servers. Now, the servers aren't down for PS3 as of 17/08/2011. But, there is a huge glitch that can prevent you from accessing the EA servers, meaning you can't earn all of the online related trophies and can't earn the platinum. Thankfully though, there is a way around this. The glitch is all down to EA's Terms & Conditions, you basically need to accept the Terms & Conditions, but, to be able to play Mercenaries 2 online, you have to accept the T&C's of it's time (around 2007/2008). So, this means that to be able to play online, you must own an EA game or demo from 2007/2008 that allows online access, bearing in mind that a lot of the old games servers have been taken down. To make things easier for yourself, I will compile a list of games that will let you accept the T&C's and get online.

- Medal of Honor: Airborne
- Need for Speed: Undercover (Not confirmed)
- Battlefield: Bad Company (Not confirmed) Tip from: wbb

If you come across other games, please let me know and I'll add them to the list.

Health Glitch:

This is a glitch that I came across whilst playing the game. To pull it off, just get your health down to about 2 or to the point where your health is flashing red. Then, just try to pick up a Health Pack, if done correctly, the health indicator on your HUD will disappear, but your ammo will still be shown. This has worked for me every time and has not stopped working, the only problem is your screen keeps flashing red. To stop the glitch, just save your game and then load it up again and the glitch will be stopped.


1. The first thing I advise you to do is to choose Mattias Nillson, I personally think he is the superior character because of his faster health regenerating ability. But feel free to choose Chris Jacobs or Jennifer Mui if you feel more comfortable with them.

2. Start your game up and when you have to take over the Villa see Ride the Dragon. After you have taken the villa, I advise you do the 'Winching Challenge' glitch until you reach $1 Billion. This will net you two gold trophies. You can then use the cash to purchase upgrades, weapons, ammunition, airstrikes, vehicles etc. This will make the campaign much easier. If you ever need more cash, do the glitch again.

3. I strongly advise leaving the campaign until you have finished most of the other single player trophies as some of them are missable and not achievable after you have completed the campaign. But, you may have to play some of the campaign to unlock a lot of stuff. Just don't complete the campaign until you have completed everything else in the single player, see the missable trophies. I recommend playing the campaign until the AN and Chinese Army invade Venezuela, complete one mission for both faction, then finish off everything single player before continuing with the campaign.

4. Clean up. After completing the campaign, finish off any other miscellaneous trophies that you may not have earned.

5. Online. Get yourself a partner and work together and go after the four co-op related trophies ( Partners in Crime, Wheels of Steel, Damage, Inc. and Nothin' But a Good Time)

6. . Congratulations.


World in Flames
You earned all trophies in Mercenaries 2.

Collect all other trophies in the game.

School's Out
You completed the tutorial.

Story related, cannot be missed!

Complete the tutorial; you will get this throughout the campaign. Make sure to complete all instructions, this is very easy and should be your first trophy towards the platinum.

The Rage
You completed "Rescue Carmona".

Story related, cannot be missed!

Complete the first mission; you will get this throughout the campaign. This mission is an introduction to the game, it introduces what this game has to offer: jeeps, tanks, etc. If you have trouble beating this level, which you really shouldn't, then you should consider playing as Mattias Nillson, his health regenerates quicker, and in my opinion, he is the superior character.

Hello, Hooray
You acquired the PMC.

Story related, cannot be missed!

Take Over Solano's Villa; you will get this throughout the campaign. After you are shot in the a** you will want revenge, you do so by taking the PMC from Solano. There are a lot of guards but it shouldn't be a problem; make sure to pick up their AK47's and ammo, they're effective weapons.

Runnin' with the Devil
You verified Blanco.

Story related, cannot be missed!

Complete the mission 'Blanco's Secret Meeting'. Make sure to extract him via helicopter so you don't miss out on the Aces High trophy.

You Better Run
You verified Carmona.

Story related, cannot be missed!

Complete the mission 'Solano's Amazon Bunker'. After you do this, you will need to rush back to your PMC to defend it. Make sure to extract Carmona via helicopter so you don't miss out on the Aces High trophy.

No Compromise, No Regrets
You battled for Caracas.

Story related, cannot be missed!

This is towards the end of the game. After choosing either the Allies or the Chinese, you will have to do some extra missions which will lead to the victory over Caracas.

Wild One
You recruited Ewan.

You will get this opportunity after completing a few missions for the Universal Petroleum. He's the Irish helicopter pilot, in case you didn't know.

The Analog Kid
You recruited Misha.

After recruiting Eva, she will recommend Misha. When she does, you should go to the location on the map and you will meet him at his shack. He will ask you to acquire some Bunker busters and then destroy a building for him, once you have done this, he will join your team and move into the PMC.

Oil and Gasoline
You recruited Eva.

After recruiting Ewan, he recommends Eva. When he does, you should go to the location on the map to go and see her at her garage. She will ask you to test out a vehicle for her, once you have done this, she will join your team and move into the PMC.

The Hero and the Madman
You completed Mercenaries 2.

Complete the Campaign, you will get this after completing the last mission.

Eat the Heat
You performed a burnout.

To perform a burnout, get into any nearby vehicle and hold and simultaneously to achieve this trophy.

Shoot to Thrill
You got 25 headshots.

You will most likely get this trophy within your first hour of playing the game. You can use any weapon, just aim for the head. If, for some reason, you have difficulty achieving this, try using a sniper rifle.

Armageddon It
You destroyed 25 buildings.

You can destroy buildings in many different ways. You can use C4, but this only works on smaller buildings. Tank missiles will do some damage against most buildings, RPG rockets are also effective on smaller buildings. The most effective is by Air-strike, however it costs much more. There's no need to worry about this trophy as you will easily destroy 25 buildings very quickly.

Hail and Kill
You destroyed 50 objects using melee.

This trophy is very easy, to melee, simply press . I recommend you go around the PMC and melee all Tables/Chairs/Pot Plants etc. If you scour all around the PMC, you will easily find over 50 objects to smash.

Holy Smoke
You destroyed 50 Objects With a Grenade.

This can be achieved the same way as the Hail and Kill trophy, except this time use grenades and blow up as much as possible. I recommend having quite a few grenades or keep returning to the PMC when you do have grenades.

Little Savage
You destroyed 50 Objects with an RPG Launcher.

This can be achieved the same way as the Hail and Kill, and Holy Smoke trophy except this time use an RPG launcher. After destroying everything you will need to find a new RPG launcher/rockets so I advise returning to the PMC when you have rockets to spare.

Balls to the Wall
You mastered the Winching Challenge.

Very easy gold. After you have recruited Ewan, go and talk to him at the PMC on the second floor. Then, select the 'Winching Challenge', you must complete the challenge three times (Level 1, 2, and 3). In this challenge, you simply need to get the object higher than the specified height required using the helicopters winch. To do this, make sure to stack crates on top of each other and then place the object on top of them.

Gone Shootin'
You completed one of Fiona's challenges.

Talk to Fiona in the PMC and select one of the available challenges. For an easier challenge choose one that is Level 1. Complete the required objectives and once you have completed the challenge you will have the trophy.

You captured all outposts for a single faction.

This trophy is missable!

This is a very easy trophy and can be earned very early in the game. I suggest taking over all Universal Petroleum outposts as the faction is available earliest, and you take over one of the outposts in a mission. To take over an outpost, just clear out as many enemies as you can, especially anti-air weapons, call in a strike team and once you have the required amount of men inside the building, contract completed.

Ride the Dragon
You hijacked the tank in the villa.

This trophy is missable!

When you have started your game and you are asked to take over the PMC from Solano, the tank appears from the left through a wall as you enter the PMC. Just go up to it and make sure there isn't a gunner on it and press the action button and the corresponding buttons that appear to successfully hijack the tank.

Heavy Metal Thunder
You successfully completed 10 action hijacks.

You should know how to action hijack vehicles from when you took over the villa. Just press the corresponding buttons. Repeat this ten times and you will have the trophy. Note that to action hijack a Helicopter, you will need to grappling hook which you will earn very early on in the game. You should earn this trophy very early in the game.

Be Quick or Be Dead
You sniped 50 enemy vehicle drivers.

This trophy is fairly easy, there are multiple methods of doing this, some methods suit others best. You can try going to some of the heavy VZ territories such as the Amazonas, climb on top of a billboard and pick off drivers passing by. Some people have found this to be a useful method but I found another method which was much easier and faster. This method is explained below:


A good sniper rifle (I used the Anti-Material Rifle)
Lots of ammo (I just stocked up on .50cal Anti-Material Rifle Kit's)
A helicopter (Something small and fast will do, such as the UP Anti-Tank Rogue)
Hostility with the UP
Take over the 'Maracaibo Airport Outpost'

What you are going to want to do is simple, get your helicopter and fly over to the Airport, a little south of the entrance to the outpost are two multi-storey parking garages, land on one of them. Then, get your rifle ready and pick off the UP mercenaries driving the Raven's below. Usually, nobody will come up to the to the roof, just in case, you can land your helicopter at the top of the ramp to the roof to stop anyone. if you run out of ammo, then just call in a supply. If there are no more drivers for you to shoot, simply get in your helicopter, wait for the disguise to kick in, then fly around and the mercenaries should respawn. Repeat this till the trophy pops.

Note: Shooting the mercenaries that are manned on the weapons does not count towards the trophy, only those that are in the driving seat count!

Stand Up and Shout
You achieved maximum mood with the Allies.

After doing a few missions for the Allies and taking over some of the Outposts, their mood level should be increased to the top.

Forever Free
You achieved maximum P.L.A.V. mood.

After doing a few missions for the P.L.A.V. and taking over some of the Outposts, their mood level should be increased to the top.

Island of Domination
You achieved maximum Pirate mood.

After doing a few missions for the Pirates and taking over some of the Outposts, their mood level should be increased to the top.

Longing For Fire
You achieved maximum Chinese mood.

After doing a few missions for the Chinese and taking over some of the Outposts, their mood level should be increased to the top.

Dirty Deeds
You achieved maximum Universal Petroleum mood.

After doing a few missions for the Universal Petroleum and taking over some of the Outposts, their mood level should be increased to the top.

No More Mr. Nice Guy
You pissed off everyone in Venezuela.

This trophy isn't very specific. I'm positive you don't need all factions to be hostile simultaneously. I got this trophy with all factions 100% hostile except the P.L.A.V. which was about 20% Hostile and the Allied Nation which was about 40% Neutral. So, all I can say is at some time or other in the game, get each faction's mood level to completely hostile. If you don't get the trophy, then maybe I was an exception, and you really do need all factions to be hostile simultaneously.

When you are trying to get a faction to be hostile, just open fire on the soldiers and wait for one of them to call backup, let him call backup and hopefully the bar will go down to completely hostile, if not, just carry on killing them, you could also call in an airstrike on that faction's HQ, that always seems to do the trick. You should be aware though that pissing off one faction can make another faction happy. For example, hostility towards the Allied Nation pleases the Chinese Army, hostility towards the Universal Petroleum pleases the P.L.A.V. and vice versa.

Tattooed Millionaire
Be connected to EA Servers and earn $1 million.

This trophy sounds hard but it is easy. You should get this after the first few missions. Make sure that you are connected to EA Servers when you have over $1 million. You don't need to be signed in once you reach $1 million; once you have more than $1 million you can sign in and the trophy will pop up.

IMPORTANT: If you played this game before the patch was released then this trophy may be impossible for you to achieve seeing as your PSN ID may be locked. See Billion Dollar Babies for more information on this.

Billion Dollar Babies
Be connected to EA Servers and earn $1 billion.

You should get this towards the end or after finishing the game. Make sure that you are connected to the EA Servers when you have over $1 billion. You don't need to be signed in once you reach $1 billion; once you have more than $1 billion you can sign in and the trophy will pop up once you earn some cash.

This trophy is very easy if you do this: talk to Ewan and accept the Winching Challenge - set the bet to the maximum. The maximum you can bet is around 2% of your current cash, so as you get more money your maximum will be higher causing you to get a lot of cash towards the trophy.

IMPORTANT: If you played this game before the trophy patch was released, then this trophy may be unattainable for you as your PSN ID may be locked. Here's a tip I was given by Carbon Lancer:

Quote Originally Posted by Carbon Lancer
What I did was uninstall the game and then install again and download the patch. Then, I erased my saved data and started up the game and connected to EA and played online, I joined someone's game without creating a file. The person I joined had justed started a new game and so I kept on playing with him/her until I got $1 million just to see if the trophy would pop up. Unfortunately, it didn't, so what I did was exit the game and I went on single player while I was connected to EA. I created a server and the Mercenary I picked was Jennifer Mui and this is the first time I picked her because I thought her ability wasn't as good as Mattias Nilsson's because his ability is the best and I had played as Chris Jacobs before.

So I picked Jennifer Mui and started a new game and played through the first level, then when I was on the second mission (the one about taking the villa) when you're in the villa grounds there was some money on crates and on the floor. So I collected it all and it said score updated, then it showed how much money I had and I realised that I forgot to turn auto save off, but I left it on to see what would happen, so I was like ok then I might as well continue, so I collected some more money and then I had about $100k so it said updating score once again.

Then, I finished the mission and I did Fiona's challenges so I placed wagers until I got about $9.90k and the score updated again. After that I did the mission where you have to deliver the guns. I delivered all of them without dropping any and I got $9.5k which meant I had $9.95k. After that, it updated and auto saved. I then did the mission where you have to deliver the pink scooter to the U.P. Once I did that, I got $1.1 million (I did get a few innocent kills while doing this mission but I still got $1 million).

After that, I waited and it said updating score, I thought the trophy wasn't going to pop up but it did so I was like WTF ok then nice. I manually saved the game, I quit to Mercenaries 2 main menu and I went to the Leaderboards and looked at my results. The results were the same as before so nothing reset or updated so I just don't know how I got the trophy.
Apparently a few people have been able to get the trophy this way and the platinum, so if yours is glitched, try this out and may you be able to get the trophy as well.

Here is a glitch to speeding this up:

Start the challenge, now put the wager to maximum. Then start the challenge, get in the chopper in front of you and pick the toolbox up. Then, just fly directly up until you get just above 100 metres. Once you're this high, just let go of the toolbox and keep flying to the right. Then, a few seconds later, wager won! Here is a video to show how to do this:

YouTube- Mercenaries 2 - Easiest Winching Challenge Glitch - No Stacking Involved


When doing this glitch, the wager will continue to rise until it hits $5 million. Don't worry, once your current cash is over 100 million, it will carry on rising, but DO NOT! ever mess with the wager amount again, as it will stop the rising of it and limit it to $5 million.

...And Justice For All
You verified all high value targets.

See Aces High

Digital Man
You unlocked all shop items.

This trophy is missable!

As you play through the game, you will unlock new shop items by doing various activities such as completing missions, side missions, taking over outposts etc. In total there are 165 shop items to be unlocked, you will unlock a lot of them as you play through the game, but there are some shop items in which you won't unlock through the main missions, see below for a complete list on how to unlock all shop items:

- Find all 100 spare parts. There is a map here. If you don't want to collect all spare parts, then there is a glitch which will speed up the process, instructions on how to trigger this glitch are in the spoiler below:

Toggle Spoiler

- Verify all high value targets

- Capture all outposts

- Complete 3 levels of all faction challenges (Does not include PMC challenges)

- Destroy 40 billboards. (Once you have the P.L.A.V. unlocked)

- Destroy all buildings for each faction

- Kill 50 members of each faction

- Beat the game. (Unlocks the nuclear bunker buster)

Remember that you can check some of your progress by going into the PDA > Info tab > Score > Progress. You can also check some of your other progress by going into the PDA > Map > Factions (). From here, you can check almost all of your progress.

We'll Burn the Sky
You unlocked all landing zones.

This trophy is missable!

To unlock a landing zone, you will need to capture the outpost nearby, so you will have to capture all outposts in the game. You must also capture them all before you finish the game or you will not be able to earn this trophy. Make sure that you also complete at least one mission for each faction, doing this will unlock that faction's HQ landing zone.

There are:

- 4 P.L.A.V. Landing Zones

- 4 Allies Landing Zones

- 3 Pirates Landing Zones

- 5 Chinese Landing Zones

- 5 Universal Petroleum Landing Zones

Highway to Hell
You completed 3 races.

To do this, you can go and talk to Eva and start up the 'Destruction Race Challenges'. Simply repeat this challenge three times and you will have the trophy.

Aces High
You captured all high value targets.

This trophy is missable!

For this, you need to capture all 55 HVT's in one playthrough. Make sure to save your game before and after capturing each HVT so that just in case you do kill one, you can reload your game and try again. When trying to take a HVT, make sure to clear the area and if enemies keep re-spawning, destroy the building they're coming from. Make sure to carry the HVT to safety and call the chopper. If you have killed any HVT's, you will need to start the game again to get this trophy.

Below is an overview of the HVT's in the game:

Toggle Spoiler

Partners in Crime
You've experienced co-op.

This is easiest when joining a friend's game or getting a friend to join your game because normal games are very hard to get into. This game has one of the worst servers I have ever seen.

Wheels of Steel
You came in first during a co-op race.

Get a friend to join your game. Go and talk to Eva and start the 'Destruction Race' and make sure that both of you cross the finish line. Once you both do, whoever won will get the trophy.

Damage, Inc.
You used 20 Air-strikes in co-op.

Firstly, this trophy is super glitchy. Many people have to claimed to have called in more than 20 Air-strikes and no trophy. One solution I have seen many people recommend is to use different air strikes, some have even recommended using different air strikes on different buildings. So, if you have called in more than 20 air strikes and no trophy, then I suggest trying these two recommendations. A lot of people have also claimed to have achieved this trophy whilst doing something entirely unrelated and the trophy popping up, as I've said, the trophy is super glitchy and it may take a while for it to pop up so just keep letting off air strikes.

Nothin' But a Good Time
You destroyed 200 objects from the gunner seat in co-op.

For this trophy, get a friend to join your game or vice versa. Then get a vehicle that has a gunner seat on it. Make sure that your friend drives and you get in the gunner seat. Then tell your friend to drive around looking for tables/chairs/pot tables/benches etc. Anything that can be destroyed from the vehicle's gunner seat will do. Make sure to visit the PMC as well, there are lots of breakable objects there.


Thanks to Carbon Lancer for providing a method on how to workaround the Tattooed Millionaire/ Billion Dollar Babies glitch.

Thanks to PringlesForAidan for the 'Winching Challenge Glitch' video.

Thanks to IGN for the spare parts map.

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