Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-4 hours depending on skill
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 (2 recommended)
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Trophy Guide

[top]Tips & Strategies

Sam doesn't have an AR Mode and in its place is a new ability only available for Sam which is taunting. Taunt is mapped on the d-pad changing the AR Mode that is an ability of Raiden.

Taunting enemies causes them to attack more often and this also increases their damage output. You can still parry attacks (except for the unblockable ones) but parrying these attacks while the enemy is enraged now causes damage. In exchange for the enemy's increased damaged output, you can deal a larger amount of damage to them.

Charged Heavy Attack
While Sam has a regular 4 combo, placing a on it will alter the combo and what's more, you can charge the button by holding it and after it is charged, Sam will automatically perform a charged attack (Quick Draw). The action will depend on where you will place the on the regular 4 combo. While this attack does a decent amount of damage, the last hit must hit the enemy on order to deal the full amount of damage. If an enemy dodges before the final hit connects, it won't be dealing much damage.

Double Jump
Pressing twice will let Sam jump twice.

Air Dash
Pressing while in Air will allow Sam to perform a short air dash.

No Ninja/Stealth Kills
There's no button prompt when you go behind or above an enemy. You are free to perform Blade Mode and Zandatsu though on weaker enemies if they are unaware that you are behind them.

No Special Weapons
Sam will only have the Murasama Blade as his main weapon. There are still those sub-weapons like grenade, cardboard box etc available in the game but other than those, you won't be getting any other weapons.

No Ripper Mode
Sam doesn't have any abilities to power himself up like the Ripper Mode of Raiden.


Start on playing in Normal difficulty and collect all Endurance and Fuel Cells to prepare yourself for the next run. Try building up your kills or you could also try and get here all 100 Quick Draw kills for the Draw, Pardner! trophy by repeating VR Missions.

Make sure you HAVE 5 Nanopaste before you start your second run.

Trophies you can possibly earn on this run:
DL-Story-01: Status - Closed
Draw, Pardner!

The next run is where you will finish the game within 1 hour and also get the no damage trophy against the last boss. The no damage trophy ONLY applies on the last boss. You can get damaged a lot while you are going there.

This should be the hardest part of this DLC just because of the You're Hired trophy. You can get damaged a lot while going to the last boss but make sure you have Nanopastes when you get to the last part.

Getting to the last boss within 1 hour is easy because most fights are can be skipped through and there are only a few fights where you are forced to fight your way to advance. You should probably reach the last boss within 20-25 minutes by skipping most of the fights.

Again I will warn you that before you get to the last boss, make sure you have at least 2 Nanopaste so that you can restart immediately when you are damaged.

Trophies you can possibly earn on this run:
You're Hired
Master of the Wind

If you haven't earned yet the 100 Quick Draw kills, just start an easy playthrough and go though the whole mission taunting enemies and using the quick draw skill (holding ) . You can also earn the trophy by repeating VR missions here on Sam's DLC.

Trophies you can possibly earn on this run:
Draw, Pardner!


DL-Story-01: Status - Closed
Complete DL-Story-01: Jetstream.

This trophy is unlocked by completing the DLC regardless of the difficulty. Simply play through and finish the game and the trophy will be unlocked at the Mission Results screen.

You're Hired
Defeat Sen. Armstrong without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above.

If you found the Armstrong boss fight in Raiden's campaign to be easy, well don't expect it to be as easy as that one because he is much harder here just because of his favorite new move which he likes to use a lot along with his annoying grab attack.

I recommend doing this on Revengeance difficulty just because of the damage output done by Taunting him and using a charged to attack which deals around 13-18% of damage. You only get a few chances to use the normal charged (you don't need combo it with the ones. It's done by just standing and holding ) attack like when he creates cracks on the ground, when he sends out fire waves (not the firewall which divides the stage to sections) and when he uses an energy burst (when there is a red circle on the ground)

Since you will be taunting him a lot, parrying is useless here and you do need to perfect your dodging skills ( + )

Most of the time he will be doing his grab and the new move he has. If Armstrong uses his grabs, you can quickly counter him with a quick slash from (while running) + when you manage to dodge the grab attack. If the enraged mode from the taunt wears off, just taunt him again but make sure it is safe before you taunt him in order to dodge quickly.

There will be a checkpoint when you reduce his health to 50% so take your time to dodge and counter when the time is right.

You're Hired Trophy Video

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Master of the Wind
Complete DL-Story-01: Jetstream on Revengeance difficulty in one hour or less.

This one is easier than it looks since most fights are can be skipped just by going through the whole DLC with the trusted stealth equipment, the cardboard box. You will probably be able to finish this DLC around 25-30 minutes if you skip most fights.

Make sure that you have Nanopastes before you reach the final area of the DLC.

The first part of the DLC is the sewer area and you can just run pass through the soldiers and using the cardboard box to hide against the metal gears until you get to the first boss which is Blade Wolf.

Boss: LQ-84I
All of Wolf's attacks are can be blocked. Don't bother taunting him since he is too fast for you to go head on and attack. What you are just going to do here is to parry all his attacks until he uses that Spinning Charge Attack of his where when you manage to do a Perfect Parry, Blade Wolf won't have time to recover from the parry and the counter will hit him dealing around 15-18% damage. Keep blocking until he uses that attack and Wolf will go down quick. This is the best way to end this boss fight quickly.

After the sewer area you will now enter the facility. Again good use of the cardboard box, you can skip most fights except the freight elevator area.
The next boss will be on a hangar once you clear the freight elevator area.

Boss: Metal Gear Ray
MG Ray here is almost the same as the one in Raiden's campaign except that it is just more aggressive. The only attacks you can't parry are the Plasma Beam and the Missiles (you can cut these though). Unlike on Raiden's campaign, parrying it's attacks won't let you enter Blade Mode right away but it will make the boss fall on the ground for a few seconds. Just use a charge to chip away its health until you enter Blade Mode dealing major damage to MG Ray.

After the fight, the next area will be the Japanese Garden. You will be forced to fight 3 Geckos here, all you need to do is gather them close together and perfect parry their attacks so that you can enter Blade Mode and just Zandatsu them.

Next will be the Server Room. When you are going to search for the keycard, just skip the enemies below and go back to where you came in and you will fight two soldiers and one mastiff here. The armored soldier holds the key to the next area.

Boss: Senator Armstrong
The hardest part of this DLC. To end this battle quick, I recommend that you don't parry his attacks because you will be taunting him most of the time. The taunt increases the damage out put that the charged will do.

When the battle starts quickly taunt him and use dodge cancel to reduce the taunt animation and attack him right away. After he finishes his enraged animation quickly do (while moving) + then hold it to charge the second attack and do this two times to quickly chip away 25% damage.

Most of the time he will be using his new move where he turns into some kind of fireball or whatever it is plus a grab attack. When he does the grab attack, just dodge it ( + ) and you can quickly counter him with (while moving) + but don't hold the here. When he uses his new move, you can't do anything here but to dodge it ( + ) and wait for the moment to taunt him again.

The only time you will use a normal charged is either when after he uses the flaming waves (not the firewall) attack or when after he uses a blast wave attack (when there is a red circle on the ground).

When you managed to get his HP to 50% it's time to get a little breather but be careful not to miss on the Zandatsu sequence when senator throws helicopters at you and when you are successful there will be a checkpoint and do the steps above again dodging and waiting for the right moment to counter. Don't forget to taunt him to recast the enraged mode.

Draw, Pardner!
Defeat 100 enemies in DL-Story-01: Jetstream's Story Mode using Quick Draw.

Doing this in one sitting and one playthrough is impossible UNLESS you do this on VR Missions or else you should expect to be doing this a lot and having a lot of playthroughs. So to save time like I said and you want to do this in one playthrough, you can repeatedly do VR Missions and just spam and hold the button for the quick draw move. Don't forget to taunt enemies with the button to increase your damage against them.

If you don't want to do it on your first playthrough well don't worry since the kill count stacks and you can continue it on the succeeding playthroughs that you will be doing.

After you have your 100th kill, the trophy should pop out by then.

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