Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD takes place before all the events of previous games and is a prequel to the series where you take on the role of Big Boss in the Snake Eater mission. The story places you in Russia, during the Cold War, attempting to recover the scientist Sokolov who has defected to the United States before he's forced to finish work on the Shagohod project and cause a new World War. You will venture through jungles and over mountains either sneaking around or gunning your way through enemy patrols to complete your mission. You will need to save the world from devastation and the tyranny of a man named Volgin who is being helped by your former mentor, The Boss and her gang of "elite soldiers".


Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 with save/reloading, 1 1/2 playing with no kills - then part playthrough for CQC/The End sniping
Collectible Trophies: Yes; Just What the Doctor Ordered, Everything Is in Season, Fungus Among Us, A Bird in the Hand.., Charmer, Tall Tale, Them's Good Eatin', Snake Eyes, Believe It or Not, Fashionista, Only Skin Deep, The Early End, It Ain't Easy Being Green
Missable Trophies: Yes; The Cat's Out of the Bag, Believe It or Not, Fashionista, Only Skin Deep, The Early End, You Snooze, You Lose, It Ain't Easy Being Green
Glitched Trophies:N/A

NOTE: All collectible trophies can be missed if you pass up the last chances to catch or obtain some of the requirements.

For the No-Kills run, simply save before taking care of the kill trophies and then reload to proceed through the game as normal. Take care of the CQC kills early to knock them out, then snipe the Pain and you will be golden to play the game with no worries. Otherwise Replay to take care of them.



[top]Tips & Strategies

General Tips
Keep in mind that if you should die in an area, anything you did after entering that area is reverted back to just before you entered. This means any kerotan's shot, camouflages found, items picked up, etc will have to be refound again. Also this is the same if you save in an area and reload from that point. You will have to recollect anything you obtained all over again. Simply keep in mind after finding or doing anything you want saved.. Exit the area and then save.

Helpful Items
All items will be obtains in Operation Snake Eater unless otherwise noted for the item. Some items if you pass up an opportunity to acquire them, they will appear at a later point. These items will also be noted as such.
  • Cardboard Box A - Rassvet on top of some boxes
  • Cardboard Box B - Tikhogornyj: Behind Waterfall when you meet with Eva
  • Cardboard Box C - Grozny Grad Southeast
  • Cigar Gas-Spray - Graniny Gorki labs (used with the Scientist camo as one of it's few compatible weapons)
  • Croc Cap - Chynoryj Prud (must shimmy across the rope to the elevated area)
  • Knockout Handkerchiefs - Graniny Gorki labs (used with the Scientist camo as one of it's few compatible weapons)
  • Mine Detector - Rassvet; If missed appears in Chyornaya Peschera Cave Entrance after you defeat The Pain
  • Night Vision Goggles - Chyornaya Peschera Cave Branch in a dead end with a drop in floor leading to underwater area to circle back around
  • SVD - Ponizovje West after bearing left down path from Ponizovje South after defeating The Pain. Used to snipe The End.
  • Thermal Goggles - Dremuchij North(Virtuous Mission); Rassvet (Operation Snake Eater); Also if missed in Snake Eater mission appears later in Ponizovje Warehouse: Exterior where you see The End and The Fear early

Radio Banter
Don't forget to radio in to your friends for some in-game advice and suggestions. Helps greatly if you played bit of the game, and then coming back to it to get a feel for it again. You will already have the stations marked in game so you don't need to key them in, just listed so you'd know. Also, saving the game will spark some movie plot dialogue with Para-Medic. Just interesting stuff at times to lighten tension around you.
  • 140.85 - Major Zero: He will give some mission advice
  • 145.73 - Para-Medic: She gives medical information and will talk about various foods you have obtained and eaten. Helps to know if something is poisonous before you eat, though sometimes she is wrong.
  • 148.41 - Signit: He will talk to you about your various camouflages and weapons, along with giving some insight to tactics in the battlefield similar to The Boss during the Virtuous Mission.
  • 142.52 - EVA: Radio Eva for when you need some pointers on what's coming up in areas ahead and some information on your current location.

The End Tips & Tricks
Tip for The End battle is that you can snipe him off early in the game when The Fear wheels him outside with The Boss and Volgin before leaping off to hunt down Snake and you acquire a trophy for doing so. Also, during the actual battle with him, you can save your game, quit out.. and then change the internal time of the system up by around 24 hours or more. When you reload he'll be dead and you get a special cutscene. This worked 100% on PS2, but imagine it works same now on the PS3. Also, if you attack The End at the pier and he lives, he'll be slightly weakened during the Battle with him.

The Fear Tips & Tricks
Tips for The Fear battle. During the fight as you weaken him, you can throw down your own food(particularly rotten for "BEST" effects ) and he'll go after it and eat. This works on guards as well, you can make them eat rotten food and they'll become poisoned and die. If you have stun grenades to spare, use them and take down any prey he may be going after in the trees and stun him for a bit too.

Volgin Tips
For some reason, he REALLY hates tree frogs.. so capture one before you fight him and throw it at him. He'll spend few moments trying to squish it before coming back after you. Also, you can throw down the Russian cap mushrooms to absorb some of his lightning attacks.

You remember Raiden(Raikov's) mask and uniform.. Wear it into battle. Volgin will think you're him for a while, but then become EXTRA furious and more aggressive for remainder so keep in mind if it's worth that for a few free shots.

Random Enemy Tips
Destroy the ammunition and provision sheds to weaken enemy forces and take out their radios to cut off contact to reinforcements. Also interrogating soldiers will acquire you Intel on what's ahead, radio stations, and just various other facts. Most often, just them yelling about you being American Capitalist scum and the such. That's when you slice their throat.

Animal Tips
When you're searching for certain animals like the flying squirrel or the fungi and other plants, keep the Thermal Goggles equipped to see them easier. Helps alot mainly for the fungus and plant trophies, but also makes seeing that damned squirrel or the birds better. After you capture or kill something new, always eat it. This way you can go to the Cure option and view your medical and food history. Helps to keep track of anything you may have gotten so that you don't hunt for it unnecessarily.

First off, they are easily fooled by anyone or anything wearing the head of their brothers.. aka the croc cap. . Wear it and they won't mess with you preventing the next unfortunate event that can happen... THE CROCCY BARREL ROLL OF DEATH!!!! Yup, if you go near a croc or it gets too close to you, while in water only, you will be one shotted by this attack of theirs so keep eye out when going for a swim!

After the torture scene in the game, you will awaken inside a prison cell. There are several ways to escape here. If you paid attention during the torture scene and pressed R1 at the correct moment, The Sorrow holds up the radio frequency I list below to get out. You don't need to watch it to use it though, simply knowing is good enough.
  • Go to the camo viewer and make throw up and the guard will come check on you. Knock him out and go from there.
  • Use the radio frequency: 144.75 to unlock the door that way. Easiest way, but have to slip by the guards.
  • Go to camo viewer and spin Snake around when the guard is nearby. Now exit out so he gets sick and throws up and the guard will unlock door to check on you. Put a fork in him! Lol...
  • The guard eventually will start talking to you about his family and such and here will reveal the door unlock frequency on back of picture.
  • Also, get some food from the guard and check if rotten, if not let it go bad and then throw back to him so when he eats it, he gets sick. Now use the code and escape with ease.
  • During scene with Sokolov in Grozny Grad there's a green chalkboard in background with frequency written on it

Basic Clockworking
During the game, you will have food that will go bad. Trick to getting it back normal and good is to use the same time tricks mentioned before for special events with The End here again. You can change the time on your system to either revert the spoiling of food OR cause the spoiling to deal with pesky hungry enemies and for The Fear battle. Helps if want some rotten food when you're in prison as well. simply get some food from guard, and then save. Adjust time, and load back up. TA-DAH!

For The End if you didn't read that.. you can save when the battle starts, and then adjust the time of your system by a couple years or so and then when you load back up, he will be dead. Also, if you only move up a few hours to days or so, when you load, he will capture YOU so beware!!

[top]Extra Content

Here will be any unlockables in the game listed out, some ranks listed in time, Easter eggs, and just random "extra content" to fully enjoy this classic game, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

NOTE: The Snake VS Monkey mini-games have been REMOVED from this HD collection. As have some of the extra downloadable and subsistence camouflages. This means no trial times to beat to acquire the Banana camo or the monkey mask. ... Sad days!

Extra Games
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater has on it the original 2 Metal Gear games that started the franchise. These tell of more of Big Boss's story and the beginning of Solid Snake. Graphics are still as bad as they were then BUT good for it's time and epically fun to play. By the way, neither game has any trophies so don't worry about possibly "having" to play them if you don't want to.
  • Metal Gear
  • Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

Camo Suits
These will be acquired through playing the game and doing something special. They can't simply be found as other camo suits.
  • Animals- Defeat Ocelot by tranqing and stamina depletion. Will be lying nearby Snake in the caves at the beginning.
  • Hornet Stripe- Defeat The Pain by tranqing and stamina depletion. Will be lying next to where he was during the battle.
  • Spider- Defeat The Fear by tranqing and stamina depletion. Will be in the center of the area where you battled him.
  • Moss- Sneak up on The End and hold him up. He will drop it there.
  • Fire- Defeat The Fury by tranqing and stamina depletion. Will be located at start of next area after cutscene in front of the rubble.
  • Cold War- Defeat Volgin by tranqing and stamina depletion. Drops down to his knees and the camo will be laying next to him.
  • Snake- Defeat The Boss by tranqing and stamina depletion. Drops as she dies and lays on ground next to her.
  • Stealth Suit- Complete the game with ZERO alerts/Shoot all 64 Kerotan frogs throughout the game
  • Tuxedo- Complete the game once to begin your next game with this camo unlocked

Face Paints
There is only one unlockable face paint in the game.
  • Infinity- Finish the game with Tsuchinoko in your possession alive/Finish the game with Foxhound title.

If you choose the revolver on the right during the scene with Ocelot at the VERY end of the game, you will unlock the Single Action Revolver during your next game. Also, just for completing the game, you unlock The Boss's gun-The Patriot! . You have possibility of unlocking the EZ Gun for other difficulty modes other than VERY EASY, but it's unlocked by acquiring a special rank of Markhor. Acquire the Mosin Nagant tranq rifle of The End's by tranqing and stamina defeating him when you battle.
  • Single Action Army - Unlocked by dueling with Ocelot at end of the game.
  • The Patriot - Finish the game once to begin next game with The Boss's weapon.
  • EZ Gun - Finish the game and earn the Markhor rank to begin next game with this weapon/Also acquired from beginning a game on Very Easy difficulty.
  • Mosin Nagant - Defeat The End by tranqing and stamina depletion.


Your journey to the platinum will take only ONE playthrough if you do your research here for each collectible and take your time. Begin playing the game on any difficulty you want, doesn't matter, but the least difficult path will be on Very Easy difficulty. You will need to find every animal, plant, fungus, kerotan, camo, and face paint on this playthrough as well as NOT killing any people. This means use only your MK22 tranq gun or the EZ gun. Any other tranq weapon will work, but try to be as stealthy and avoid causing a commotion if possible.

SAVE constantly and in multiple files in case something messes up or have problems with going too far and missing something at one of the many points of no return. There are alot of collectibles which means LOTS of missable stuff in the game. Before playing for the platinum, be sure to check all of this and keep an eye out for them as you play.

Some trophies such as finding all snakes will be completed just before the end of the game so be sure before reaching this point you haven't missed one yet. Also same for some of the camo and face paints as they are obtained after the completion of the game(Tux, Stealth suit, infinity face paint).

Basic things to look out for to complete in one playthrough
  • Tranq(avoiding guards when possible) EVERYONE including bosses so you can acquire all camos unlocked this way and won't kill anyone. PEACE WALKER
  • Look everywhere for camo and face paints laying about in the environment before going through a point of no return. Check where they are listed at in the trophy sections for camo and face paints. Only Skin Deep, Fashionista
  • Keep an eye out for catching rare animals like Tsuchinoko and The End's Parrot.
  • Watch to catch or kill each animal as you go as soon as possible to avoid missing them. Same for plants and mushrooms. You'll want to check every area before proceeding. King of the Jungle
  • Keep multiple saves always for if you miss something and can catch it ASAP. Helps to do events for trophies and reload. The Early End
  • Check list of Kerotans and make damned sure you have them before continue through a point of no return. It Ain't Easy Being Green

NOTE: For all collectible animal, mushroom, and plant trophies, I've listed a few basic locations where they can each be found, BUT most will be able to be located all throughout the game. A select few are only located in very specific areas like Bird A: The End's Parrot is only during the fight with The End himself.. OR the vultures only being in the mountain region so keep in mind when you're searching for them.

Remember, save when after you defeat The Pain so that after traveling across the river, Ponizovje areas, when you enter the warehouse you will be prepared in case you don't save in time to take out The End here. You will need to do this and then reload so that you don't kill anyone and can hold him up later when you battle him in Sokrovenna areas.


Snake Eaten
Collect all trophies.

This trophy will be obtained when all other trophies are completed in the game.

Young Gun
Submit Ocelot.

Story Related. You will acquire this trophy during your first encounter with Ocelot during the beginning "Virtuous Mission" when you are sent to retrieve Sokolov the first time. It will be a cutscene battle and the trophy will be acquired at the end.

Pain Relief
Defeat The Pain.

Story Related. You will acquire this trophy after you defeat The Pain in the caves. After you finally face off with Ocelot, you will jump down into a crevice cave area to avoid the bees that begin attacking you. Make your way through here and you'll come to an opening where your battle with The Pain will begin. He attacks with bees as you should of noticed and thanks to the area around you being water, simply dive in when he sends them after you, pop up and shoot when get opening. His primary abilities are to throw bee grenades at you which you can shoot them and break up in the air and he will cover himself in bees, attacking as a shield. Throw smoke bombs to disorient him and break up the bee shield for easy attacks. During the fight as you weaken him a little, he'll fire homing bee bullets at you which won't do major damage but do track you for a while. When you have him about halfway down in health or stamina, he will form a Tommy gun and fire at you with it. Just keep up your same strategy of diving into the water to dodge his attacks and fire back when he's open until you defeat him.

NOTE: Tranqing The Pain unlocks the Hornet Camo which allows you to control bees and wards off other leaches, bees, and spiders.

If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It
Defeat the Fear.

Story Related. You will acquire this trophy after you defeat The Fear. You will encounter The Fear after you speak to Granin and acquire the key and have to backtrack a ways. As you are going back through the jungle, you'll be shot in the leg by The Fear. After the cutscene with him, go into the Cure Menu and use the antidote and extract the arrow before the fight, otherwise, you'll stay partially weakened and poisoned. You'll have to watch for him very closely as he hops from tree to tree and is semi-invisible. His stamina will drain making it slightly easier to take him out with tranqs, but he does recover this if you let him eat the fruit and other birds in the area. Keep a watch on him and fire as often as you can to take him out of his invisible state. He'll fire down at you as long as you aren't shooting back so don't worry much about dodging and simply stay focused on attacking him and chasing him with shots as he tries to eat. If you don't allow him to do this, you'll have a very easy win on your hands here.

NOTE: Tranqing The Fear unlocks the Spider Camo which gives enhanced camo rating at the cost of constant stamina depletion.

The End
Defeat The End.

Story Related. You will acquire this trophy after you defeat The End. The battle with The End will either be simply a headshot while he's in a wheelchair at the Pier early in the game after you have defeated The Pain OR a very long epic sniper battle in the forest with him. Either way, you earn this trophy but it will affect if you get another trophy now or later as well as affecting camo unlocks. If you want to take him out early and eliminate the long battle, simply refer to the The Early End trophy. Otherwise, let him go inside and ignore him at the pier warehouse area.

If you are going to battle him normally, it will take place throughout 3 different areas of the jungle and The End will normally be perched high above sniping down on you. Be advised he has very good vision and will spot you often if you simply run amuck through the jungles. Also, at times when he has you in his scopes, the game will give a perspective from him looking down at you so dodge behind some cover. Try to stay low and look up for his scope glare in the sun or watch from where his shots came from to get a few hits off quick. He will normally fire a time or two and then relocate so keep in mind.

Having trouble defeating The End fairly through the battle? Simply save your game and change up the system time by a week to a year or so. When you reload, you'll be granted a cutscene showing Snake finding his dead body and he has died from old age. Confirmed this still works on the PS3. Also, if you save and wait some time, when you reload instead of The End being dead, he will tranq Snake and you will have to make your way back from the Grainin Grad(name??) Base prison. Both make for interesting cutscenes but unnecessary for platinum. You won't get The End's rifle or camo if you defeat him this way.

NOTE: If you sneak up on the End and hold him up, he will give you his Moss camo, which is nearly the best overall in the game as it will recover some health in sunlight and gives you 100% camo index in right locations. You will have to aim your gun at him 3 times before he will give it up and run off. Also, if you finish him off by tranquilizing him, you will receive the Mosin Nagant rifle of his.

Houston, We HAD a Problem
Defeat the Fury.

Story Related. After you make it from the mountains, you will eventually come upon The Fury, who is equipped with a jetpack, a spacesuit, and a flamethrower. You will find a bit of difficulty most likely with him as you battle in narrow corridors and he will be flying around the place shooting his flamethrower down each one after you. Try to hide a bit and when he comes looking for you, sneak a few shots off into the back of his head and simply repeat. Just dodge down other corridors as he chases you with his fire and you will eventually overcome him.

NOTE: Tranqing The Fury unlocks the Fire Camo which gives you immunity to fire damage and has a cool red and black pattern.

River of Pain
Defeat the Sorrow.

Story Related. You will acquire this trophy after you journey down the River of Sorrows. During this part of the game, you will encounter everyone that you have killed so far in the story, including bosses if you killed any of them rather than tranqing them. You can simply use the Revival Pill from the beginning and avoid the entire thing if you choose, but interesting to see it through the end and necessary for the Spirit Camo. If you get to the end and reach the Sorrow, you will die and have to use the Pill anyways, so your choice. DO NOT HIT CONTINUE!!! Also, he will fire little ghost beams at you throughout the battle that will knock you down if get hit. Side step them to avoid and dodge around the enemies you will see coming at your throughout as well.

NOTE: If you do go through the entire river and reach The Sorrow, you will acquire the Spirit Camo which will be "automatically" in your bag when you get your gear back. So it's best to simply go through the river section, rather than get out of a few minutes... granted you didn't gun down every single soul around through the game.

Defeat Shagohod.

Story Related. After Snake gets discovered and makes it back to the base after acquiring C3 to blow up the Shagohod, you will plant it, but it won't work for destroying the thing. This will begin a cutscene and then you will become chased by the Shagohod while escaping with Eva on the motorcycle. Shoot out it's treads to slow it down during this point and watch out for enemies chasing around you. After so long, you will go across a bridge and need to snipe some C3 placed here as it comes over.

However, the battle isn't quite over yet and Volgin and part of the Shagohod break off and jump up after you. Eva will drive around the area on the bike distracting it while you are able to shoot back. Aim for the treads and she will circle around behind the beastly machine. Here aim for the back area which is it's weakness and fire RPGs. You will have unlimited ammo so don't worry and keep firing periodically at the treads to hamper it's movement. After you take it down here, Volgin will come out from the machine and gain control with his lightning. You will essentially be repeating the same method as before now, except Eva drives around on the bike while you walk. Simply fire away at the treads and then aim your attacks directly at Volgin himself. Repeat this and you will eventually defeat him FOR GOOD!

Defeat Volgin in a fist fight.

Story Related. When you meet back with Volgin and get to finally put the bastard down, some major tips will help make it super easy battle. Firstly, throw down a tree frog and he will become distracted by it and chase around until he kills it. Also, if you have the Russian Glow cap mushrooms, they will absorb his lightning attacks as long as they are on the battlefield. Finally, equip Raiden's (Raikov's) mask to confuse him for a few moments and then cause him once he realizes it's you to become REALLY mad so watch out! Otherwise, during the fight, roll and dodge his punches and lightning attacks and fire back at him. No where really to take cover so have to watch out during the fight. Keep in mind, you will only be able to attack Volgin from behind, otherwise your bullets and attacks will do nothing.

:NOTE: Tranqing Volgin unlocks the Cold War camo which has Soviet colors on the front and US on the back. This will cause enemies to hesitate from shooting you when looking at you, but if see your back will fire away aggressively. As soon as you defeat him, the camo will pop out of him and lay nearby in the floor. Quickly acquire it.

The Patriot
Defeat The Boss.

Story Related. At the end of the game mostly, you will meet back up with The Boss and have to kill her now. You will fight this battle in a white field area so equip camo to match this environment and hide when you can to sneak off some shots and make her mad. If you try and CQC her, it will result in you getting your ass handed to you so don't try it. Simply take cover when she tries to shoot you with The Patriot and keep firing back when get a chance. The Fake Death Pill won't work her either as she'll simply know it's fake and kick the crap out of you for it. Remember to tranq her for the final camo, The Snake Camo. Nothing really special about this battle, except for the time limit and her counters of CQC.

NOTE: Tranqing The Boss unlocks the Snake camo. It unlike the other special boss camo suits offers nothing special aside from near perfect camouflage. .

Mama Said
CQC Slam a guard and knock him out.

To obtain this trophy, you need to run into an enemy soldier and slam him over you by hitting the CQC attack button while unarmed. Snake will grab the soldier and send them flying back onto the floor. If unsure how to do this, neutralize all enemies in a location but one and make sure he doesn't have a radio(or take it out). You can then hold him up and run at him as stated and should perform the move.

Tell Me Where the Bomb Is
CQC Interrogate an enemy.

To obtain this trophy, you need to grab an enemy soldier from behind and hit (or depending on control scheme possibly) to interrogate them. This is easiest if you hold them up with your gun first as no risk of them turning and seeing you (though a simple punch or two will silence them at this range). Interrogating enemies is useful to get information about upcoming enemy locations and will acquire you some radio frequencies.

NOTE: Do not press hard on the button as you will slit their throat, netting you a different trophy, but will kill them so they can't be interrogated.

Like He Just Doesn't Care
CQC Hold up an enemy.

To obtain this trophy, simply hold your gun up to an enemy soldier so that Snake yells, "FREEZE", and they will hold their arms up. While you hold , you can circle around the enemy. Now aim your weapon at their head or groin area and they will mutter something and shake, dropping ammo or other items. In MGS 2, this is done to acquire dogtags from the soldiers, but they do not have them in this game.

Close Shave
CQC Slit an enemy's throat.

To obtain this trophy, simply grab hold of an enemy soldier with button and press down hard on it. Snake will use his knife and slit their throat. Easy trophy and quick kill. Be sure to hid the body if don't want to be caught now. Notice all that blood? The other soldiers won't pay any mind so just dispose of the body and you're safe.

NOTE: You will need to do this trophy and reload to a previous save in order to platinum the game in one-playthrough. Keep in mind.

Don't Touch the Sides
Use a knife to remove a bullet.

For this trophy, you will need to get shot by an enemy soldier so that a bullet is lodged in Snake. Go to the Cure Menu, and select the knife to remove the bullet and finish healing it up. YOU MUST FULLY PATCH UP THE WOUND! I also noticed that the trophy wouldn't pop until I exited the Cure menu so don't panic if you sit there for a bit after using the knife and no trophy pop.

NOTE: Removing the bee bullets from the battle with The Pain does not count for this so keep in mind.

The Cat's Out of the Bag
Catch a glimpse of Ocelot, who's seen behind the president when he tries to shake Snake's hand.

Missable Trophy. At the end of the game after you defeat The Boss and play Ocelot's little game, you will have a secret R1 view watching the president shake Snake's hand at a point. IF you press R1 during this time, you will be able to look to the window slightly to the left and see Ocelot standing there looking in at you. And ofcourse, he's doing that thing with his hands . Very simply but easily missed trophy.

Snake Eyes
See all of the first-person views that are not indicated by the R1 button icon.

Missable Trophy. For this trophy, you will need to see every "hidden" First Person View in the game. These are the same as when "R1" prompt comes up during cutscenes, however, you will have NO prompt to alert you when to do it. If you are worried you may miss one, simply watch every video and hold "R1" at all times. Rotate the left analog stick to circle around and you will know that you're in one if it allows you to do this.
Definitely make sure towards the end game scenes that you are looking around as for another trophy you need to spot Ocelot in the view rather than just seeing it by pressing "R1". Refer to the trophy "Cat's Out of the Bag" for more details.

Complete List of Hidden First-Person Views
  • When you have climbed the mountain and Snake is spying at Volgin's base, you can press R1 during a point and see The Boss riding away and Eva motioning at you.
  • Right after the torture scene, you can hit R1 when Ocelot is leaving the room to view The Boss.
  • When you defeat the Shagohod, you can see The Sorrow standing behind Eva when she hugs Snake.
  • When you defeat The Boss, you can view The Sorrow's and her ghosts as her horse walks over to you.
  • TROPHY RELATED VIEW: At the end of the game when Snake and the President are shaking hands, you can view Ocelot in the window looking at you. NOTE: Look towards the left during this scene at the windows and you'll notice him. "Cat's Out of the Bag"
  • In the final scenes as Snake stands over The Boss's grave, you can press R1, but it will just be blurry as his "eye" tears up.

Prince Charming
Shoot a Kerotan for the first time.

During the game, you will sometimes locate these hidden little frog figures known as Kerotans. Simply shoot one and it will jiggle about and make a bit of noise, but you will acquire your trophy. Refer to It Ain't Easy Being Green for list and locations of all 64 of these guys.

Ralph Called
Make Snake throw up.

To acquire this trophy, simply go to the camo viewer of Snake and spin him around in circles there for a few moments. Then exit out to the game and he will puke and you will obtain your trophy.

Can I keep It?
Capture any animal alive.

To acquire this trophy, simply use any tranquilizer gun (EZ Gun, MK22, Mosin Nagant, etc) and shoot an animal such as a frog or snake and pick it up.

NOTE: Any tranq gun will work, as will stun grenades.

Just What the Doctor Ordered
Collect every type of medicinal plant.

Missable Trophy. Simply collect every medical supply from the medicinal plants in the game to obtain this trophy. There are 4 plants that will "turn" into Medicine and Cure items when you hit them. These are going to look just like normal plants throughout the game, but helps if you use the Thermal Goggles acquired in Rassvet(also if you miss them here located in the warehouse area where you spot The End for the first time). Wear them and all plants and animals will stick out with a heat image so that you know where to look. Simply kick or shoot any plants you come across and try to find all four of these.

NOTE: Easiest place I found for these were at the beginning of the Snake Eater mission. Backtrack after The Boss destroys the craft you landed in to where you began The Virtuous Mission in Dremuchij South. Here you can acquire all plants for the trophy. Makes easier if you go to Rassvet and acquire the Thermal Goggles
  • Styptic Plant
  • Cold Medicine Plant
  • Disinfectant Plant
  • Splint Plant

Tip by Fox Graniny Gorki Lab on the desk on the 1st Floor. Room contains all plants each in a separate orange planter. Easiest location by far.

Everything Is in Season
Collect every type of fruit.

Missable Trophy. Simply collect every type of fruit in the game to obtain this trophy. There are only three different fruits to find in the game. These can all be found at the beginning of the Snake Eater Mission around the cutscene with The Boss and her white horse.
  • Fruit A: Yabloko Moloko (Very Common, found almost everywhere hanging from trees but is easily mixed up with Golova fruit)
  • Fruit B: Russian False Mango (Most difficult to find, various locations, easiest location is just after getting out of caves when you defeat The Pain)
  • Fruit C: Golova (Very common, found almost everywhere hanging from trees but is easily mixed up with Yabloko Moloko fruit)

Fungus Among Us
Collect every type of mushroom.

Missable Trophy. Simply collect every type of mushroom in the game to obtain this trophy. There are 7 different types of mushroom to find in the game.
  • Mushroom A: Russian Oyster Mushroom (Very rare, found easiest in the beginning of the Snake Eater mission)
  • Mushroom B: Ural Luminescent Mushroom (Very rare, found where battle The End-Sokrovenno)
  • Mushroom C: Siberian Ink Cap (Very common, found almost everywhere)
  • Mushroom D: Fly Agaric (Found easiest in Graniny Gorki South area where battle The Fear)
  • Mushroom E: Russian Glow Cap (Found easiest in caves with The Pain, behind waterfall with meeting of Eva)
  • Mushroom F: Spatsa (Found in Svytogornyj areas & where battle The End, various locations
  • Mushroom G: Baikal Scaly Tooth (Found in Svytogornyj areas & in areas where battle The End)

A Bird in the Hand...
Collect every type of bird.

Missable Trophy. Simply collect every type of bird in the game to obtain this trophy. There are only 5 different birds to find in the game.

NOTE: The Parrot is The End's companion and you will only be able to catch it during the boss battle with him in the forest during that part of the game. If you miss out here, you will have to restart from the beginning. You will be able to find the parrot perched up in any of the areas and he flies around a bit so be alert and focus on finding it before trying to bring an end to The End. If you kill the parrot rather than catching it, you will piss The End off so be advised. 100% as long as you don't move around locations, after the cutscene the parrot will be perched on a stump just next to Snake's location. Tranq him and collect before engaging with The End. If you kill the parrot, he will become mad, but don't know outcome as didn't go through all the way.
  • Bird A: Parrot (READ NOTES, Found only during the battle with The End in the Sokrovenno locations)
  • Bird B: White Rumped Vulture (Found only in the mountain area)
  • Bird C: Red Avadavat (rarer bird, Svyatogornyj areas, Sokrovenno where you battle The End)
  • Bird D: Magpie (Various, Beginning of Virtuous Mission and Snake Eater mission, Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior, areas where battle The End)
  • Bird E: Sunda Whistling Thrush (Very common, found almost every location)

Collect every type of snake.

Missable Trophy. Simply collect every type of snake in the game to obtain this trophy. There are 11 different snakes to find in the game.

NOTE: The Tsuchinoko does not count for this trophy, but is still a trophy on it's own and needed for the Markhor Title Rank. Also, the final three snakes are found ONLY during the boss battle with The Boss. They will each be next to a log and you will have to be quick to capture them as you're fighting with The Boss and on a time limit. When going into this battle keep a cage or two open and you can eat the snake after you catch it in case you are carrying around Tsuchinoko and want to finish the game with it for the infinity face paint.
  • Snake A: King Cobra (Rare, Found in beginning of Snake Eater mission and in battle with Ocelot)
  • Snake B: Taiwanese Cobra (Found easiest in caves with The Pain in crawlspace tunnel and outside Graniny Gorki areas)
  • Snake C: Thai Cobra (Found easiest in caves with The Pain, mountain areas)
  • Snake D: Coral Snake (Easiest to find outside Graniny Gorki, various)
  • Snake E: Milk Snake (Easiest to find outside Graniny Gorki, various)
  • Snake F: Green Tree Python (Common, beginning section of Snake Eater mission, area Graniny Gorki South where battle The Fear, )
  • Snake G: Giant Anaconda (VERY common, found in almost every section)
  • Snake H: Reticulated Python (VERY common, found in almost every section)
  • Snake I: Snake Liquid (Found only in area with The Boss behind log)
  • Snake J: Snake Solid (Found only in area with The Boss behind different log)
  • Snake K: Snake Solidus (Found only in area with The Boss behind last log)

Tall Tale
Collect every type of fish.

Missable Trophy. Simply collect every type of fish in the game to obtain this trophy. There are only three fish to find in the game. These can all be found in the first swamp with the crocodiles you find and then in the cave where you fight The Pain. The Bigeye Trevally may not be in those locations, but is easily found in the river leading away from those caves where you see the sentries flying about.
  • Fish A: Bigeye Trevally (Found easiest in river Ponizovje South leading to warehouse)
  • Fish B: Maroon Shark (Found easiest in caves with The Pain and outside in river Ponizovje leading to warehouse)
  • Fish C: Arowana Fish (Most common fish, found almost everywhere in water)

Them's Good Eatin'
Collect every type of frog.

Missable Trophy. Simply collect every type of frog in the game to obtain this trophy. There are only three frogs to find in the game. You are able to find all three frogs in the beginning of the Snake Eater mission. Poison Dart Frog will be more difficult one to find, but plenty in the area where you will battle The Fear.
  • Frog A: Otton Frog (Most common frog, found everywhere nearly)
  • Frog B: Green Tree Frog (Found early in Virtuous and Snake Eater missions, common)
  • Frog C: Poison Dart Frog (Found commonly in area with The Fear)

Snake Eater
Eat a snake of any type.

To obtain this trophy, simply capture or kill any snake you come across in the game, and eat it. Most are tasty and give good stamina so be very hard to miss out as they are the largest animal group in the game as well. Simply look for a python or anaconda slithering around at the beginning of the game, kill or tranq it, and then feast away for a trophy.

A Good Man is Hard to Find.
Achieve a camouflage index of 100%.

To obtain this trophy you will need your Camo Index to read 100% and so that you are perfectly camouflaged. You will have to acquire the Moss Camo from the battle with The End to get an index of 100% so don't expect it until then. Simply wear this camo and crawl around and you should find some spots that match you and will hit your mark. Try staying in low grass or on logs with woodland facepaint or whatever matches environment best and should be fine.

Refer to You Snooze, You Lose for details and tips on how to hold up The End and obtain the camo.

NOTE: Fox confirmed that the Stealth camo does NOT work for this trophy so that you will have to obtain using the Moss Camouflage. Also, when you have 100%, when you stand your rating will be 55%. Lying down with hit 100% so keep in mind when wearing if can't find a spot easily.

I Can Totally See You
Achieve a camouflage index of +90%.

Same as with the A Good Man is Hard to Find trophy, except you will simply need your camo index to read 90% or more. For this, simply equip a camo type that BEST matches your environments, such as the Woodland OR Flecktarn Camo and face paints. Now lie down flat in a patch of grass on the ground and it should be 90% with this match up. If not, experiment around and you will find some. Such as in the mountains, lie down with the desert camo styles equipped and you should hit your mark.

Problem Solved, Series Over
Create the Ocelot Time Paradox.

Missable Trophy. To acquire this trophy, you will need to kill Revolver Ocelot during the story. You will be able to do this after the cutscene and he's left lying knocked out on the ground. Simply shoot him in the head or knife him until he dies and you will fail the game, but obtain this Easter egg trophy.

Snake Bit
Poison a guard.

For this trophy, you will need to poison a guard. This is done by dropping some rotten or poisonous food down nearby them, and then having them eat it. Easiest to make them eat food by destroying their food/provisions shed in some areas. Can also throw a poisonous animal at the guards such as a spider or snake and have it attack them to become poisoned.

Serenity Now
Call one Healing Radio frequency.

Simply call a Healing Radio frequency and you will obtain this trophy. These can be acquired on different difficulites by interrogating certain guards. For entire list of frequencies, refer to the Tune-In Tokyo trophy.

Tune-In Tokyo
Call every Healing Radio frequency.

For this trophy, you will need to call in at every Healing Radio frequency. These are normally acquired from interrogating guards, but you do not need to do this if you know the frequency. They are all different per difficulty(granted Very Easy and Easy are same) so keep in mind, BUT you only need to call every station on one difficulty setting. It's for the same stations, just different frequencies.

List of Stations and Frequencies

Toggle Spoiler

NOTE: You only need to get all of them for the difficulty you're playing on. You don't have to interrogate anyone and recover the frequency, but that is how you normally would find them out if couldn't look them up on the internet.

Use bees to harass an enemy.

This trophy can be obtained by shooting a beehive near an enemy soldier, thus causing the bees to attack them. This is easily used to clear paths or create diversions for sneaking around groups of enemies. Easiest point for this trophy is during the Virtuous Mission at the beginning when you come to the bridge. You will notice in the cutscene the beehive overhead the enemy soldier there and can easily shoot it down. He will be attacked and run off and even scare away the guards at the end of the bridge allowing you safe and unobstructed passage.

Just Because
Blow up a munitions shed with TNT.

To acquire this trophy, you will need to blow up any ammo dump with some TNT that you come across. Easiest point is in the area where you first find TNT and set some off in the same ammo shed that you find it. Set it and detonate when you're safe distance away and the trophy will pop. This is also helpful to reduce the ammo and or provisions of the enemies making them more susceptible to eating dropped food AND causing a lack of ammo for them.

Mostly Dead
Use the Fake Death pill.

At the beginning of the game when you can control Snake and get your backpack, you will have an item called the Fake Death Pill. Simply use it and then the revival pill to come back and you will obtain this trophy. If you use the Fake Death Pill and wait too long, you will really die.

Believe It or Not
Catch a Tsuchinoko (mythical serpent).

Missable Trophy

For this trophy, you will have to capture the Tsuchinoko snake alive during the game. You won't be able to see him at all, but have to lay down mousetraps in an area, leave and come back to see if you caught anything or not. Not sure if it's specific areas as everything leads to it's entirely random, but for all purposes I KNOW you can locate one in the area where you battled The Fear. Put down as many mousetraps as you have gotten a hold anywhere in the area, leave, and come back. You can retrieve your mousetraps infinitely by crawling over them as you would the claymores. When you go to pick them up, if you caught this snake, it'll say something like TNECHNO or similar anyways. Now you will obtain your trophy. Call Para-Medic to hear what they say about this snake.

NOTE: Now for the Infinity Face Paint, you will have to finish the game with Tsuchinoko alive. However, you will lose it when you get captured and tortured and do NOT get it back when Eva returns your weapons and backpack. You will have to catch it again. If you managed to catch one earlier in the game, it will be on the path outside from the waterfall where you meet with Eva in area, Tikhogornyj. Once you get your gear back from Eva go outside and tranq it again. This time holding on to it for the rest of the game. When you begin playing again on that same save file, you will have unlocked the Infinity Face Paint, also unlocked by acquiring the Foxhound rank.

TIP from GOIVA: If you capture every animal in a location, namely the one with The Fear for example, it makes it easier to capture Tsuchinoko with the mousetraps as there will be no other animals or life to capture in the area.

Find every type of camouflage.

Missable Trophy

For this trophy, you will need to find and acquire all camouflages located throughout the game. This includes all camo suits that are obtained through defeating bosses with "stamina depletion" using CQC(if able), MK22, or any other tranq weapon.
NOTE: All camouflages carry over into the next playthrough after game completion. You must use the same save file. The special story uniforms will have to be reacquired, however.
Camouflages Found In Game
  • Raindrop: Located in Dolinvodno, underneath the ledge after crossing the bridge. Snake Eater Mission, NOT Virtuous Mission. A weapon will be here in the beginning section but you must wait until you come back later for the camo.
  • GA-KO: Located in Chyornyj Prud, area with crocs and quick-mud swamp. NOTE: This camo will be useful with trying to located Kerotans as it makes a sound when you get near them.
  • Choco-chip: Located in Bolshaya Past South area inside the tree trunk in north section.
  • Splitter: Located in Bolshaya Past South, near the mud.
  • Water: Located in Bolshaya Past base area, on top of a building here.
  • Snow: Located in Chyornaya Peschera Cave in a crawlspace.
  • Fly: Located in Graniny Gorki Lab 2F (bathroom), behind the locked door so you will have to break it down to get this camo.
  • Sneaking Suit: Located in Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing in locker room. NOTE: Second visit here after capture and torture!
  • Maintenance Uniform: Located in Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing in locker room. NOTE: Second visit here after capture and torture!
  • Scientist: Given to you by Eva during the meet in Rassvet in the Snake Eater mission. (Story Related)
  • Raikov's Uniform: Acquired in Graniny Gorki after putting Raikov's body in the lockers upstairs. (Story Related)

Special Boss Camouflages
  • Animal: Defeat Ocelot with tranq weapon. Appears next to Snake after cutscene in the caves.
  • Hornet Stripe: Defeat The Pain with tranq weapon. Appears next to where he was during battle after the cutscene.
  • Spider: Defeat The Fear with tranq weapon. Appears laying near middle of area after cutscene.
  • Moss: Hold up The End during your battle with him. Tranqing unlocks the Mosin Nagant tranq rifle. Moss camo is dropped on the spot from him. Rifle laying nearby Snake after cutscene.
  • Fire: Defeat The Fury with tranq weapon. Will be outside rubble after cutscene.
  • Spirit: Walk completely through the river and reach The Sorrow during the event with him. Appears in your bag when you get it back from EVA.
  • Cold War: Defeat Volgin with tranq weapon. Appears next to him as he drops when defeated.
  • Snake: Defeat The Boss (also The Joy ) with tranq weapon. Appears next to her when defeated.

NOTE: You acquire these two camouflages when you complete the game BUT they are not required for the trophy.
  • Stealth Camo: Acquired by shooting all 64 Kerotans throughout the game. Also obtained by finishing the game with ZERO alerts.
  • Tuxedo: Acquired by completing the game once.

Only Skin Deep
Find every type of face paint.

Missable Trophy

For this trophy, you need to find and acquire all face paints located throughout the game. None of these come from stamina killing bosses as the camouflages do so no need to worry there.

NOTE: All face paints carry over into the next playthrough after game completion. You must use the same save file.
  • Infinity Face Paint: Acquired through finding Tsuchinoko and finishing game with one alive. Also obtained by completing the game with Foxhound ranking. No completely sure if this counts yet for the trophy!
  • Zombie: Found in Rassvet area, around behind the buildings.Operation Snake Eater. Only appears after meeting Eva.
  • Water: Found in the river Ponizovje South, just after the battle with The Pain near the entrance to the caves right after you leave them. It will be underwater with fishy! This face paint only appers after you speak with Granin and have backtracked after defeating The Fear.
  • Desert: Ponizovje Warehouse: Interior, inside the building you see The End go into after the cutscene after you cross the river area.
  • Snow: Found in Bolshaya Past Base area, hidden in the trenches.
  • Oyama: Found in Graniny Gorki Lab 1F in vents. Easiest to locate if you enter this area by the vent from outside rather than the front doors.
  • Kabuki: Found in Tikhorgornyj in the water directly in front of waterfall where you meet Eva to get your gear back after your escape from the prison. You must meet Eva before it will appear!

The Early End
Kill The End before the boss battle.

Missable Trophy. To obtain this trophy, you need to take out The End before you actually get to the boss battle with him. During the story after you defeat The Pain, you will come to a cutscene showing Sokolov, Volgin, The Boss and others talking. Here you'll see The End sitting in a wheelchair sleeping and after the cutscene is over you'll be able to shoot him just before the soldiers wheel him back inside. You will have to be really skilled and use your pistol at this point and hit him in the head OR use the Sniper Rifle found just before entering this area in the other path to the left on the river. The sniper rifle is found inside the provisions warehouse in this section, but be sure to grab it because after you enter the cutscene if you leave, The End will go inside. Only have a limited bit of time after the cutscene to try this so save after you defeat the Pain and if you're ready, save after cutscene so you can load and try right from this point. Aim quickly, and you will catch an opening where The End is facing directly at you before they wheel him away. Take your shot and keep firing as soldiers will be alerted when you kill him. If you manage to kill him, later in the game, he won't be waiting for you as you head for the mountain path and can avoid a very time consuming and somewhat difficult battle. Instead, you will fight some GRU soldiers here but nothing to worry about.

TIP: I_NERO_I says that if you destroy the provisions section here, it will affect how fast soldiers will react to protecting The End at this point. Could be helpful if you missed the rifle and need bit of time to try and snipe him with a pistol or AK-47.

You Snooze, You Lose
Sneak up on The End and hold him up.

Missable Trophy

During the battle with The End, you will face off against him in a sniper battle of sorts in several areas of the jungle. For the trophy, you will need to locate him before he finds you, and "sneak" up on him somehow. Hold him up here and you will obtain your trophy along with the Moss Camo, that will allow for 100% max camo index. You will have to be very sneaky and crawl for most of the battle to get jump on The End. Look for the sniping points that are labeled on the map and watch for glares at top of hills.

I did this twice to see how went. First time he kept spotting me quite a bit, but second time I managed to not get seen at all. I looked for where he was, crawled around and took as much cover behind logs and in grass as I could with the Flecktarn Camo and Woodland face paint equipped. Super easy if you have Stealth Camo from a previous game, but assuming you won't. In the area with the river, you can equip the gator cap and crawl in the water also and he won't notice you. Well you will come up in the scopes, but he'll say something like "Just a croc" or "what a croc" and ignore you. If you stand up, however, you'll take a bullet dart. Also, you can use the fake death pill to make him come out of hiding thinking you're dead, but can only be used one time as he'll fuss if try it again. Found easiest way to locate him by equipping the AP sensor and crawl around. When you come near him, it will go off slowly beeping and more so the closer he is. Be advised that he will hear the beeping if you get too close. If sit and wait for a while, he will sometimes fall asleep and allow you to sneak up on him. When you catch him, walk or crawl over VERY slowly and then point your gun at him to hold him up.

Remember to use the directional mic as well to hear his location if you can't quite find him by seeing a glare on the hills. You can hear him snoring at times and this is best time to try and hold him up, just remember to be extremely quiet when approaching him. Also, you may catch him muttering to himself allowing you to find his location. Catching his parrot and releasing him, it will fly over to his location revealing it if you pay close enough attention.

For any extra help on defeating The End or tips in the battle that you may need, refer to The End trophy.

King of the Jungle
Obtain title of MARKHOR.

You earn the title of Markhor when you complete the game and have captured or acquired every animal and found every plant located in the game. Tsuchinoko and The End's parrot count for this so you will need to obtain them also for the trophy. Will note all necessary animals and plants, etc soon! There are a total of 44 items you need to have acquired, with some being quite rare so try and obtain as soon as possible. For more help on where to acquire each animal, refer to the other trophies for collecting all Snakes, birds, frogs, fish, fungi, and fruit. Locations will be provided for the miscellaneous animals and plants.

Complete List of all required items for Markhor Rank

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NOTE: Interesting tid-bit I got from talking with Para-Medic after obtaining some Markhor meat was what the name stood for. Forgot language or whatever she said it was, but means "Snake Eater".

It Ain't Easy Being Green
Find all 64 Kerotans.

Missable Trophy

Find all 64 Kerotans located in the game to unlock this trophy. You will also unlock the Stealth Camo as well, which this unlocks as well if you have ZERO alerts throughout the whole game. Listed below are the locations for all 64 kerotan frogs found in the game. There is essentially one for every area, with select areas containing more than one so keep and eye out for each one. The locations are going to be as helpful as possible in detail, but there may be a few that are harder to explain as need to be looking at it the same way as Asuka or myself.

I apologize if you can't find one in an area, but will try to post a video showing each location to be even more thorough. REMEMBER! Save frequently and keep up with ones you have. Also, use the GA-KO camouflage to help in locating each kerotan as it will sound off when you enter an area with a frog you haven't shot yet. If you enter your in-game menu and then exit out, it will resound if a kerotan still resides un-shot. These will carry off into a new game for any that you missed. For example, if you missed only one out of all 64 in Rassvet area in Snake Eater mission, when you replay the game, you will only need to acquire that one. However for the rank and the stealth camo, you need to complete the game. This trophy should pop when you have shot all 64 and shoot the last one in the area with The Boss (unless replaying cause you missed one).

Virtuous Mission Kerotans
Keep in mind these first five kerotans are unobtainable after you complete the part where Snake gets owned by The Boss and concludes the Virtuous Mission. If you miss one OR go through a point of no return, you will have to wait to reacquire it when you replay on the next game.

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Snake Eater Mission Kerotans
NOTE: For the next five Kerotans (Dremuchij East - Dolinovodno, you MUST collect them before you go into the room Sokolov was in within the Rassvet area. This is a point of no return! Make your way to Rassvet and collect the AK-47 near the local Kerotan. Then backtrack all the way back to where you began the Virtuous Mission, and activate all of the Kerotans you originally passed up. Once you're positive you've shot all of them, you can proceed with the mission. If you play on VERY EASY difficulty, you will still have your EZ Gun and can shoot them with that. Also, any other special items(like The Patriot) that you have unlocked if playing on a NG+ playthrough you keep as well.

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Motorcycle Chase Kerotans
TIP: It is best to save as soon as entering each new area during this part so you can retry to get the kerotans if go and miss them. There will be one in each motorcycle scene you go through so keep in mind. Equip the SVD or RPG and fire away at them as quick and accurately as you can. If can't tell if hit, use the Directional Mic to listen for their noises. Also, keep the GA-KO camo equipped and enter your menu screen and exit back out. If you hear a noise of the kerotans, you still haven't gotten it yet so keep in mind for this.

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Quote Originally Posted by werep3nguin
Regarding the "It's not easy being green" Trophy: If you miss one or more kerotan, the
'tagging' of all of them will carry over to your New Game+ save file. I can confirm I have just gotten this trophy on my second run through after shooting the Kerotan in Chyomij Prud swamp (ironically where you get GA-KO camo), which I must've accidentally missed. You can also confirm this by the previously tagged Kerotans' refusal to 'call-out' when wearing GA-KO Camo in New Game+.
This means, that any Kerotan you have gotten before, won't make any noises when you use the GA-KO camo that lets you hear them and they stay tagged completely, allowing you to hunt only for ones you have missed in the NG+ play.

Video Revealing All Kerotan Locations
Video courtesy of youtube member, 1PlaystationWorld

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Like a Boss
Finish the game on any difficulty.

You will earn this trophy when you complete the game on any difficulty setting.

Finish the game without killing anyone.

For this trophy, you will have to go through the entire game without killing a single soldier. This includes every boss so you'll have to tranq each of them AND can't allow any soldiers to die by anything of your doing, such as moving them when they're knocked out and dropping them OR knocking into water and drowning. You can use the River of Sorrow to judge if you've killed anyone during that first half of the game as they will be spirits here walking past you, but afterwards, you'll have to be careful to make sure no one dies as you have no signs until the end. Easiest way is to play on Very Easy difficulty and use the EZ Gun most often or the M22 tranq gun.


Thanks to Asuka, werep3nguin and GOIVA for their tips on Kerotans and The End. As well as helping with some other details in the guide. Nice job!

Thanks to dan_cristofori, for helping fix few minor details in clarifying locations of the facepaints and for kerotan location typos.

Thanks to Eckes13, Drebin, & Dudemaximum for their posts on the guide and helping clarify specific issues and locations.

Finally, many thanks to everyone reading and enjoying the game who has used the guide.

OH! And thanks to Hideo Kojima for creating this epic story and game!!!

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