Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 7-10 hours
100% Difficulty: 3/10
Minimum Playthroughs: One (and some "clean-up")
Collectible Trophies: Fullerene
Missable Trophies: None - All levels/way-points can be replayed.
Glitched Trophies: None


Released on January 4, 2011, Microbot is a twin-stick shooter developed by Naked Sky Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. In the game, you are presented with the task of navigating through the body of a human and removing an infection brought on by the corrupt little robotic machines that preceded before you. The visuals of the game are interesting, including that of the moving background. The way the levels behave are also noteworthy, as broken vessels spurt blood, altering the players robot movement and/or direction.

The game kind of has a Pixeljunk Shooter feel, with the navigation of tight spaces and cave-like atmosphere. If you played games like Super Stardust HD and Blast Factor, you'll definitely relate to this.

Currently $9.99 USD in the PSN.

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Throughout the levels you'll notice a yellowish cloud (usually near walls). Use these to your advantage! They will slow down enemies and allow you to easily pick them off. Useful for killing the kamikazes. Note this, though, enemy fire will not slow-down.
  • At certain points in the game you'll see a large white blob moving about killing enemies (if some are near) or munching on the little green bar things (kill these before it does!). Avoid shooting this too much, because it will then turn on you! This blob could also give a bit of damage being neutral just bumping into you. It will also follow you through some of the level, helping you kill enemies until it dies.
  • Once you obtain the "Life Cell" attachment, equip it! You may not think an extra 3 life bars isn't needed, but it can definitely make up for the times you slip up, or accidentally get hit by a kamikaze or fire by nanites. You can even stack more than one!
  • During some levels you will (or can) pass through a green gate. This will result in a trap, and the only way for it to open is to kill all the enemies within the area. However, DO NOT progress through a checkpoint (noted as a white triangle on the map) and then go through the gate. If you die, this will lock out that area and you won't be able to get back to it unless you restart the level.
  • In my opinion the Electron Gun weapon is best, with possibly the Micro-Seekers on the sides. When you move backwards, your front arms can't shoot, so the side Micro-Seekers can fire as you retreat to safety.
  • Using the "laser beam" weapon makes short works of the last boss; not so much a horde of enemies, though.

    **NOTE: Dying will result in restarting at the last checkpoint passed. However, if you back out and return to the level, there may be a chance the map has rotated. The general area of the "Bucky Balls" are the same.


  • Playthrough One - All trophies (except for ones noted in the "clean-up") can be obtained in one playthrough.
    **From the start, try to keep your upgrading to a minimum to obtain Up and Atom.
  • "Clean-Up" - Use either level 1-1 or 1-2 (has a upgrade station at the start) to obtain Loco Motion and Team Player (separate plays)
    Start up Challenge Mode and obtain Survivor.


Enter the body

The very first trophy you'll obtain. Once you start a game, you'll be shot out of a needle into the body. Seconds later you should hear the "DING!"

Diving Deeper
Complete the 1st of 5 worlds

You obtain this after beating level 1-5.

Loco Motion
Beat a level using only movement parts

Can easily be obtained during level 1-2. You can try in 1-1, but you'll need the "Hydra-Nuke" to destroy objects to progress through the one gate.

Cold Blooded
Kill 25 nanite enemies that emerge when you kill larger organisms

As you progress through the game you will randomly kill an enemy and a smaller little enemy will appear. That may be hard to see because of the background, but you can tell one is near because you can hear rapid firing and see short bursts of red dots. Don't underestimate these things as they can drain your health quickly!

Fully Buffed
Equip a bot with only max level parts

Just as it says. Must have the 2 auxiliary (two yellow slots in the middle) available, though.

Kill 1000 Bacteria

These are the little green bars that usually hang out in large groups. The things that shoot at you (the enemies) do not count. The trophy icon even shows them in the background. Once your introduced to them in level 1-1, start killing every one you come across. You should get this sometime in the 4th set of levels.

Collect all 20 Bucky Balls

NOTE: There is NO WAY in telling which level you obtained a bucky ball in. Your best bet is to write down which level you collected it in, and if you missed some for any reason, you can easily find out which ones you need. Below is a general description of where to find all 20.

Bucky Ball Locations

Toggle Spoiler

Below is two videos from YouTube user 'E5gAr0th' if you rather watch videos than read the description.

Toggle Spoiler

Up and Atom
Amass 50,000 Atoms

Any atoms spent towards upgrades do not count towards this trophy. You must have 50,000 at one time.

Collect ‘em all - parts, that is

Be thorough in destroying every enemy you find. The weapons you collect are similar to the enemies they come from (example, the "Hydra-Nuke" comes from a fat kamikaze like enemy that will explode once it hits you.

See also: Team Player

Beat 3 rounds in Challenge Mode

All you have to do it find the exit. I did this after I beat the game, and equipped all lvl-3 paddles and flew through the levels.

Alive or Dead?
Find the source of the hostiles and destroy it

Obtained after defeating the final boss.

Team Player
Kill 25 enemies while using the Coop Link Gun

  • You obtain this weapon once a second controller is "dropped in" (press at any point of the game).
  • Can easily be obtained in level 1-1.
  • If you played through the story mode and collected all the weapon data, you'll notice you have one slot left. "This is the Coop Link Gun."

I used two controllers, but having another person can make this easier. To make this go faster, use one controller to activate the gun, then once it turns off, hit the other controller while the other is recharging. I found it slightly difficult to get the hang of the gun to kill enemies, but thankfully it's only 25.

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