Players: 1-8
Online Trophies: All can be on or offline
Online Pass Required: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No, but Create Mode effects trophies.
Estimated Time to Platinum:
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies:
Glitched Trophies: None reported at the moment.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Controls are as follows
  • to Jump
  • to open Crafting Menu
  • to open Inventory
  • to drop item held in right hand.
  • to cycle through your held items to the right
  • to cycle through your held items to the left
  • to use your action/mine/punch
  • to Use/Place blocks
  • to move your character/press to change camera mode
  • to to turn your camera around/press to toggle walk
  • to Pause the game and access game menu
  • to access invite menu
Alternate controls can be found in the options menu, but we feel this is the most comfortable and efficient.
  • Be careful when changing your world to creative mode, as even loading it up in creative mode, will disable trophies for that world. The only thing you can do is create a new world. Or delete the world and write down it's seed.
  • Also be careful when changing some options for the Admins (or the host/creator of that world) as these can disable trophies. They will warn you first though, so pay attention.
  • You can however change the difficulty of the world and the trophies will not be disabled. So if you want to build in peace, just switch to peaceful. Mind you, to switch the difficulty, you do have to back out of your game and change it in the main menu.
  • DO NOT switch to Hard Mode unless you are a masochist. Your health will deteriorate to 0 when you are hungry and monsters can kill you in very few attacks.
  • We suggest you raise the game sensitivity as the default camera sensitivity is rather low which makes reaction times when under pressure somewhat irritating.
  • The moment you start your game, your first objective should be to create a place to live. Four walls and a ceiling will protect you from monsters. Also make a bed as soon as possible, because sleeping resets your spawn point to the exact location of the bed. Meaning if you die, you won't be stranded in the middle of nowhere.
  • As soon as you can, make multiple maps. These are incredibly helpful tools as they give you specific coordinates to locations, even noting it's depth (Y coordinate)
  • We highly suggest you create a wheat farm, as they can be crafted into loaves of bread, which will keep you fed, and thus keep your life regenerating, thus keeping you alive.
  • Items in your inventory WILL NOT transfer to other worlds. So if you think you can steal diamonds from your friend and take it to your world, think again. All that will happen, is that they will be in a state of limbo, until you return.
  • Admins, we also suggest making a secret chest hidden in your world. As friends of friends can enter and steal your items. Be creative with your hiding spots.
  • As you dig underground, make small "mini bases" so you can store excess items and blocks and create new tools without having to travel back to your house.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Exit without saving: If you save your game and then attempt a trophy and don't get it. Simply exit without saving and then start your world back up. You can then try again.
Enderman Farming: Find an Enderman and use the exit without saving exploit mentioned above to get a pearl from every Enderman.
Easy Find: Copy your seed from your world and then use Creative Mode to find where useful things are and then reload your original world.


For this game, there wont be a huge walkthrough layout because all of trophies for this game can be obtained in practically any order. Instead please refer to each individual trophy for a detailed explanation on how each trophy is achieved.

For each trophy there will be two methods for earning the trophies:

The Normal Method:

This method is used for people who are playing minecraft on a randomly generated seed. (the normal game)

The Tutorial Method

This if for players who don't want to play the regular game mode and want to earn the platinum as fast as possible.

Play the Tutorial:

If you aren't new to Minecraft and have already played the game a lot, don't worry about this step. If you are, play the tutorial as this will get you familiar with the button layout and it will show you how the menu system works. Also, all of the trophies can be unlocked in it.


Awarded All Trophies
All trophies have been awarded.

Taking Inventory
Open your inventory.

The easiest trophy to acquire. Merely press to open your inventory. Can be done in the tutorial.

Getting Wood
Punch a tree until the block of wood pops out.

To punch a tree, press or hold , while facing it. Do this long enough and a piece of wood will drop. You don't need to pick it up (But why wouldn't you?) to earn this trophy. Can be done in the tutorial.

Craft a workbench with four blocks of wooden planks.

To craft a Workbench, go to your crafting menu pressing and highlight Oak Wood Planks (Roam around the map to find and trees) and press to create it. This will make 4 pieces of Oak Wood Planks, which is just the right amount. After that, highlight the Workbench and hit . You now are a proud owner of your first Workbench and this trophy.

Time to Mine!
Use planks and sticks to make a pickaxe.

To create your first Pickaxe you are going to need 3 Oak Wood Planks, 3 Sticks, and you must create this using a Workbench. If you don't have a clue on how to make a workbench, refer to Benchmarking

Access your Workbench using and create some Oak Wood Planks with a piece of Oak Wood. Sticks are made with 2 Oak Wood Plank. Cycle to the right using the D-Pad and create. Since you are using the Workbench, cycle to the "Tools And Weapons" tab using . Highlight the Wooden Pickaxe and create. Done and done. You now have a Pickaxe to finally go do some mining and this nifty trophy.

Hot Topic
Construct a furnace out of eight cobblestone blocks.

This is an easy one. Walk around until you see a grey block or dirt. Dig under the dirt and you'll find stone.

Mine the stone to obtain some cobblestone, should get them quite quickly. Once you have eight, open the inventory and on the "Structures" tab select the furnace and construct it.

Acquire Hardware
Smelt an iron ingot.

For this you will need Coal and 1 Iron Ore.

These both can be found anywhere underground. Coal looks basically all black and will most likely be near stone. Iron Ore looks quite like a stone block, but has brown spots in it.

Dig around until you find some of each, then return to your furnace. Place the iron in the top square and the coal in the top square and then wait for it to do the work. I suggest bringing a few Stone Pickaxes with you as they break quite easy.

Time to Farm!
Use planks and sticks to make a hoe.

Same process as crafting a Wooden Pickaxe, except this only takes 2 Oak Wood Planks and 2 Sticks.

Access your Workbench using and create Oak Wood Planks with a piece of Oak Wood. Sticks are made with 2 Oak Wood Planks, just cycle to the right using the D-Pad and create. Go to your "Tool and Weapons" tab and highlight the Wooden Hoe and create. The trophy is now yours.

Bake Bread
Turn wheat into bread.

You will need three wheat to make a bread loaf. In the tutorial level, head to the farm, it's right of the courtyard, and you will see crops being grown. Harvest these to get your wheat. Return to your workbench to bake a loaf.

The Lie
Bake a cake using wheat, sugar, milk and eggs!

To make a cake you need one egg, three pieces of wheat, three pieces of milk, and two pieces of sugar.

For the egg, find a chicken running around and follow it until it drops an egg, then just take it.

To get wheat, hit on the ground with your hoe until you get some wheat seeds. To plant them, find some ground next to water and use your hoe on the ground (grass or dirt - either will grow the wheat). Then use the hoe again to till the ground and plant the seeds. You'll have to wait 1-3 in-game days for the wheat to grow before you can harvest it. Once it has grown, harvest it with your hoe.

For milk, you must craft three buckets from nine pieces of iron (craft them in the "Food" tab). Then use those buckets on a cow and you'll receive milk.

Sugar must be crafted from sugar cane. These can be found on the outskirts of lakes (they resemble reeds).

Once you have all these, go to the "Food" tab in the inventory and create your cake. Remember though, it is a lie.

Getting an Upgrade
Construct a better pickaxe.

This is an easy one. You will need two sticks and three cobblestone for this trophy. For the sticks, just run around until you find a tree. For the cobblestone, just search around a bit. Should be able to find it easy. When you have the materials go to your workbench and underneath the "Tools" tab and then craft the cobblestone pickaxe.

Delicious Fish
Catch and cook a fish!

You need a fishing rod to catch a fish. To craft a fishing rod, grab some sticks and some string. Open the "Tools" tab of the inventory and you'll be able to craft it.

To obtain string, you have to kill spiders. You'll usually need to kill four or five spiders to get enough string, but if you get lucky it could only take one.

After you have obtained a fishing rod, head to some water. Use your rod and a fishing bobber will fly out. Wait until this bobber sinks under water, then use the rod again to pull it in. A fish should come flying towards you. Pick it up.

Now, take this raw fish to the furnace and cook it. When it's done, you'll have a cooked fish and an easy silver.

On A Rail
Travel by minecart to a point at least 500m in a single direction from where you started.

This is one of the most time-consuming trophies in the game. It requires a few hours of mining a bit of luck. If you have friends with this game, this trophy is better to get together, because once the track is made, anyone can ride it for the trophy, which is quite nice.

So in total, you will need 3 redstone, 34 sticks, 18 gold bars and 186 iron bars. Use these to make a total of 18 powered rails and 496 normal rails via the "Minecart" tab in your inventory. Minecarts can also be made in this tab with 5 iron bars.

Once you have all this, build the track in one straight direction with 1 powered rail to every 31 normal rails. I suggest digging down a bit through the ground and dig a straight line through once you're down. Keep in mind you will also have to alter the terrain by moving trees, flattening hills, etc. Continue this until your track is 500 blocks long (because one block is equal to one meter).

Note: You will have to place a redstone torch next to each of your powered rails to power it. These are made from one redstone dust and one stick in the redstone tab of the inventory.

Note: An easy lanuching method: So your minecart doesn't run off before you jump in it, place a powered rail at the end of your track. When un-powered, these rails act as stopping pads. Place your minecart down, then power the powered rail. Also don't forget to block the end of your track off with a block, so your minecarts doesn't fly off the track!

Here's a video for reference:

Time to Strike!
Use planks and sticks to make a sword.

To craft a Sword you must be in your Workbench. Use the D-Pad while in the Tools And Weapons tab and highlight the Sword and create. The easiest Sword to make is the Wooden Sword, as it only requires 2 Oak Wood Planks and 1 Stick.

Monster Hunter
Attack and destroy a monster.

This can be done at the very beginning of your first night in Survival Mode. As night time draws near enemies will start to spawn, while others have special requirements to be encountered. The list of "Monsters" are as follows.

  • Spider
  • Cave Spider
  • Wold
  • Enderman
  • Zombie Pigman
  • Blaze
  • Creeper
  • Ghost
  • Magma Cube
  • Silverfish
  • Skeleton
  • Slime
  • Spider Jockey
  • Witch
  • Wither Skeleton
  • Zombie Villager
  • Chicken Jockey
  • Ender Dragon
  • Wither
Slaying any of these will net you the trophy. The most common you will run into are Spider, Zombies, Skeletons and Creepers. And you should definitely get this while working towards other trophies anyway, so don't worry too much about this one.

Cow Tipper
Harvest some leather.

Simply find a cow, kill it, and harvest leather. If you don't have a weapon, refer to Time to Strike! . Not all cows give leather, so this may take a few tries.

When Pigs Fly
Use a saddle to ride a pig, then have the pig get hurt from fall damage while riding it.

First, go find a cave and run around in them until you find chests in rooms with mossy cobblestone all around them. These are called dungeons. Keep doing this until you find a saddle in one of the chests. It isn't too rare, but it could take a few tries. This is the only way to get a saddle.

Once you have your saddle, go find a pig and put the saddle on it. You cannot control the pig once you hop on - it will just run around. There's a bit of luck involved in this aspect, but it won't take too many tries before the pig hurts itself falling somewhere. Or you can just make a little pit to do this

Refer to this video if you're having trouble:

Leader Of The Pack
Befriend five wolves.

This is honestly pretty simple to get, but may take awhile. You'll want to grab 15 bones from roaming around and slaying zombies. Or you can get them in the early morning when the enemies are disappearing.

Once you have 15, walk around until you find wolves and tame them by using the bone on them with . You may have to do this multiple times per wolf, but not likely. Be careful though, sometime other wolves may try to kill you while doing this.

Repeat this until the trophy pops.

Video for reference:

MOAR Tools
Construct one type of each tool (one pickaxe, one spade, one axe and one hoe).

For this trophy you need to have crafted all of the different types of tools. It doesn't matter what quality they are so long as you craft them. That being said, we suggest just getting this one out of the way during the tutorial or the beginning of your first real session. Not to difficult to get this one.


Wooden Pickaxe: 3 Oak Wood Planks + 3 Sticks
Wooden Spade: 1 Oak Wood Plank + 2 Sticks
Wooden Axe: 3 Oak Wood Planks + 2 Sticks
Wooden Hoe: 2 Oak Wood Planks + 2 Sticks

Just create them all, and you're good to go.

Dispense With This
Construct a Dispenser.

To Construct a dispenser you need 7 cobblestone, 1 bow, and 1 redstone.

Redstone can be found almost at the bottom of the map and looks like a stone block with red dots in it, basically a red block. Cobblestone is very common - just start digging down on top of dirt and soon enough you'll find it. Finally, the bow has to be crafted from three sticks and three pieces of string. String can be obtained by killing spiders. Head out at night around the jungle or near water and you're bound to find a few spiders.

Once you have all of the items, open the "Weapons" tab of the inventory and craft your bow, then tab across to the "Redstone" tab in your inventory and create the dispenser. Then place it wherever you like.

Into The Nether
Construct a Nether Portal.

For this you will need a minimum of 14 obsidian blocks and flint and steal. Flint and steal: To craft this you will need 1 iron ore and 1 flint. Flint is found by breaking gravel blocks. Note: not every gravel block will yield a flint.

Obsidian blocks: To get obsidian blocks you need to mine obsidian which can ONLY be mined with a diamond pickaxe. Obsidian can rarely be found in the open above ground. Obsidian is more commonly found underground, but it is still difficult to find. The last alternative way would be to get a bucket of lava (buckets need 3 iron ores to craft) once you have the bucket of lava, drop water on lava and it will turn into obsidian. (see video below for a tutorial).

After you have the materials find a spot where you want to build your Nether portal. Detailed Instructions to build the Nether portal can be found here on the wiki page. But essentially you will need to build 4 blocks for the base and top then 5 tall for the height.

Quote Originally Posted by w1n5t0n View Post
In the tutorial world there's a huge Minecraft logo up in the sky.Build a pillar to reach it and you will find a Nether Portal inside.
Tutorial Method:

First you will need to manually find 1 iron ore and a flint which is obtained from gravel blocks. Make a flint and steel now.
Then go to the coordinates (X 254, Y 92, Z -185) You will find a Diamond pick axe here.

Once you have all of this, go to the huge mincraft sign. Inside will be a Nether portal. Break one obsidian block from the portal and replace it. After that, just use the flint and steel to activate the portal.

Sniper Duel
Kill a skeleton with an arrow from more than 50 meters.

Do this trophy in the tutorial world because you will already have 20 arrows. View the Glitches and Exploit sections of the roadmap for tips on this trophy. You will need to wait until night and kill a few spiders to get string. use that string to make a bow. Find a skeleton and get exactly 50 blocks or more away from Mr. Skeletor and shoot him till he dies. Should only take a few arrows.

Quote Originally Posted by HollyLynnFTW View Post
A tip for anyone having trouble with Sniper Duel, you can make a trap in which to kill the skeleton in a 1x1 block so he doesn't do any wandering.

You will need 4 pistons (planks, iron ingots, cobblestone, & redstone needed to construct), 1 pressure plate (planks needed to construct), & 3 blocks of dirt. Now pick any 3x3 area of ground - I chose the desert due to large spots being flat - and stand on the middle block. Using your dirt build a 3 block high tower here and then break the two bottom blocks, so you should have a floating piece of dirt. This is so the skeleton will not be able to jump out of the trap. Standing directly under the floating dirt block dig up one ground block on all four sides of you - it should look like a plus sign - this is where your pistons will go. Make sure the wooden part of them is facing up. Now you just place the pressure plate in the center of the pistons. Activating the pressure plate should now raise the pistons creating a trap.

From here you find a skeleton at night and lure him onto the pressure plate. Then count 50 blocks away and shoot at him. I hope I didn't make that sound too confusing, it's an easy way to trap a skeleton so he's not moving all over the place while you're trying to shoot him.

Acquire diamonds with your iron tools.

Normal Method:

This is pretty luck based. Diamond looks like cobblestone with Turquoise (bluish/green) specs. You must mine diamond with an Iron pickaxe. If you mine it with anything other than that, it will just destroy it. This is luck based, but you can increase your chances to fin diamond if you mine a few blocks above the very bottom of the world.

Tutorial Method:

For this trophy you will want to get the iron pickaxe in the enchanting room at the spawn area. After that simply go to these coordinates and dig straight down (X 96, Y 9, Z -175).

Quote Originally Posted by HollyLynnFTW View Post
Also just a random tip for finding diamonds; in addition to mining a few blocks up from bedrock, creating a strip mine is a great way to find diamonds (as well as any other ore, really). To do this you just mine two blocks high in a single direction for a decent amount of time. Then start another strip three blocks away from the entrance of your previous one. It's an efficent way to clear out an area.

Mining around standstill pools of lava deep underground is another way to find diamonds. Slightly more dangerous than the previous method, just make sure to bring a bucket of water (; I've had much success in using both methods.

Return to Sender
Destroy a Ghast with a fireball.

This is a very tricky trophy! When in the Nether, there will be huge flying white monsters; these are called “ghasts.” For this trophy you need to have a sword, any sword. Occasionally the ghast will shoot a fireball at you. And what you need to to is hit the fireball back at the ghast and kill it. Note: your timing is key here and it will not be easy to hit it just right, also it may take 2-3 hits to kill the ghast. You can hurt the ghast with bows and arrows etc. But the final blow must be done by hitting the fireball back at it.

Here's a video for the trophy:

Into Fire
Relieve a Blaze of its rod.

For this delightful trophy you need to kill a blaze which can be found in "Nether Strong Holds. These are located in the Nether of course. These are quite rare structures and aren't very easy to find. I would suggest making a 2 line tunnel straight until you find a stronghold. You can always find your way back. So you won't be getting lost. Or you can wonder around until you happen to come upon a stronghold. Once you find it, search through it until you find a orange monster. There are quite a few of these suckers and they shoot fireballs at you... which is even better. Kill one and it will drop a blaze rod, pick it up for the trophy.

Note: You can also find someone who already has a blaze rod and pick it up from them to earn the trophy.

Local Brewery
Brew a potion.

This can be easily done in the tutorial. Takes about 10-20 minutes. Depends on where you are in it. So walk up the stone stairs in front of where you spawn. There will be a wood house on your right side. Inside the house will be a chest. Take the "nether warts" and the glass bottles. Equip the bottles in your hot key and fill the up with water in the containers beside you. After that is done press on one of the brewing stands and place 2 of the 3 bottles of water in the bottom part and the nether warts in the top part. After the potion is done - just exit the station and the trophy will pop up.

The End?
Enter an End Portal.

First and foremost please note that End Portals CANNOT be constructed. They are placed randomly in the world when you first create your world. However to find one you must find a Stronghold. Strongholds are (Just like the End Portals) randomly placed upon world creation. They are designed to be difficult to find as they have no landmarks to look for when you are above ground and no real clues to finding them below ground. Typically the strongholds are below large bodies of water.

However there does exist a way to find a Stronghold and in turn, find an End Portal. You must create several Eye's Of Ender. These are made with an Ender Pearl and Blaze Powder. Ender Pearls are found by slaying Endermen, and Blaze Powder is created using a Blaze Rod, which will drop from Blaze enemies. Blaze enemies can be found in The Nether. Also you will need 12 Eyes Of Ender to activate the portal. However sometimes the portal will already have up to 6 Eye placed already. But bring at least 12 with you, just to be safe.

When you have created an Eye Of Ender press while it is in your hand and you will throw it. Once thrown it will hover in the air and move in the general direction of an End Portal. It will hover the air high enough for you to see, but not high enough to where it disappears. It will also leave a trail of purple particles, giving you an easier path to follow if you can't see it in the air. After a while it will stop hovering and it will do 1 of 2 things. Either it will just fall back to the ground, allowing you to pick it up. Or it will shatter in the air, meaning you will need to create another Eye. It will shatter 20% of the time after thrown.

When the Eye Of Ender gets close enough it will stop moving horizontally and start descending underground towards the End Portal. This is your que to start digging. Once you find the Stronghold, search the rooms for the End Portal. Like we said previously, you will need 12 Eyes Of Ender to activate the portal. Place the eyes in the correct positions and the portal will open. Now jump in, and the trophy is yours.

The End.
Kill the Enderdragon.

The Ender Dragon is a mob boss that is found in The End. If you followed the instructions in the The End? , you should only need to enter the End Portal to face the Ender Dragon. We suggest you suit up with the best armor and weapons you can get your hands on before heading off to face the dragon, and remember to bring some extra blocks AND some food. This should also be done with more than 1 person, as the dragon has a massive amount of health.

The Ender Dragon has 200 HP or 100 hearts. Each heart is 2 hit points. With a Diamond sword you can inflict 8 points of damage or 4 hearts. Thus it will take 25 hits with a diamond sword to defeat The Ender Dragon. However even on Easy, The Ender Dragon can inflict 3 hearts of damage if you are struck by her. Also the The End has these End Crystals that will allow the Ender Dragon to restore her health.

Also note that in The End there are a huge number of Enderman. Do not look at them, just head for the Dragon.

The best way to beat the Ender Dragon is to focus first on the Ender Crystals so she can't regenerate her health. Earlier we stated that a Diamond Sword will do the most damage, the recommended method to fighting her, is to use a bow. Bring at least two bows each and two stacks of arrows per person. When attacking her, she will get knocked back, which will give you time to walk backwards and kite her. We also recommend that if you can reach her, to have other players use their strongest melee weapons to hit her. Even if it's a few hits here and there, it will add up.

Once she is defeated, she will sometimes drop valuable loot. Now walk into the exit portal and this trophy is yours.

HOWEVER, you do not actually have to fight her. Yep. Just enter the portal and find the exit portal and this trophy is yours. I'm serious. It's that easy.

Construct an Enchantment Table.

To create an Enchantment Table you will need 4 blocks of Obsidian (which is lava cooled down by water, and can only be mined using a Diamond Pickaxe), 2 diamonds, and a book. This must be crafted with the use of a Crafting Table. You can use an Enchantment Table to enchant various tools/weapons and give them special effects. However you must use the experience you have gained from slaying monsters and mining ore to enchant an item.


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