Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 10-20 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1


Congratulations, you have unlocked all trophies

Get all bronze, silver, and gold trophies to get the platinum trophy.

Off You Go
Completed basic training

Complete the tasks of the Tengu Master in the dojo. Learn how to control Hiro, then find Futo and learn how to control him.

Found Futo
Find Futo

From the dojo - after accepting the task from the Tengu Master - proceed to the Fruit Glade East of the dojo. Then unto the Path to Lookout Point and there will be Futo on the left hand side when you enter the cliff.

Found Suzume
Find and free Suzume

In the level "Leaving Home", as you progress you will see a cut-scene of the evil samurai taking Suzume away in a cage. Simply kill the samurai guarding her cage. If need be, use a power attack by holding and take them out faster if you have a red power sphere available.

Found Shun
Find and free Shun

In the level "A Distress Signal", as you progress you will see a cut-scene of the evil samurai holding Shun in a cage. You should drink a flask of arrow shield when approaching the cage because it is guarded by a few archers that shoot flame arrows.

Found Kunoichi
Find and free Kunoichi

In the level "Winter Range", as you progress you will see a cut-scene of the evil samurai holding Kunoichi in a cage. You can sneak through the southern edge of the camp where Kunoichi is, and free the boar and use Spirit Form to become the boar (press to charge through enemies, as this will clear them out faster then regular fighting). Destroy the platform and cage and free Kunoichi.

Found Tora
Find and free Tora

In the level "Grassy Hills", as you progress there will be a cut-scene of the evil samurai holding Tora on a tall platform in a cage. Simply kill the samurai guarding Tora then destroy the platform and the cage, and free Tora.

Lost and Found
Retrieve all five missing ninja

Once you find and free Kunoichi, you should get the trophy.

*Refer to the top of the guide for finding the missing ninja.*

Off the Richter Scale
Defeat Boss Lumbering Fool

Boss Lumbering Fool is at the end of the level "Earth Castle". He is quite easy to beat. Once you start the fight run behind one of the wooden pillars and wait for the boss to strike with his huge sword. It will get stuck in the pillar and you must jump on the sword and follow the button commands to damage him. He will then fall on the ground and break to a lower level floor where you must repeat this again, but this time there are archers on the higher walkways shooting at you. To fend off the arrows simply press to put on your hat and it will absorb arrow shots. Once you damage him a second time he will fall unto the final floor. Repeat the same process and he will be defeated and you will get your trophy.

Smell You Later
Defeat Boss Windy Pants

Boss Windy Pants is at the end of the level "Night Castle". He is quite easy as well, but takes more effort to beat. Once you start the fight Windy Pants will shoot a fart cloud that will chase you. You must press and hold to outrun the fart cloud and run towards Windy Pants and press the button command to slide under his legs and make the fart hit him instead. Then press the button commands that pop up; if it successfully hits him it will damage him. I found it easier to just wait until he farts the second cloud and then run towards his legs and do the button commands so that it will hit him for sure, because sometimes when there is one cloud in play and you slide under his legs, it won't hit him.

After you damage him he will use a new move in between gas clouds: he will shoot a lot of gas missiles. Just hide behind a pillar or stand in between them where they won't hit you. Eventually he will do the same fart cloud move and you can repeat the process to damage him.

After this he will use another new move. This new move requires you to jump over it because it causes a bit of damage and is an area effect move. Don't try to hide behind a pillar for this one; just jump over it. Eventually he will use a fart cloud and you can repeat the process to damage him and beat him once and for all. Now you have your trophy.

Note: Mix some health potions and flasks of strong ginseng. If you do get hit by the fart clouds, they will drain you of health and Ki energy. The less Ki energy you have affects how much stamina you have for running. You only have enough stamina as you have Ki, and you NEED to run from the fart clouds which use up stamina. If low on Ki, drink some flasks of strong ginseng to regain Ki which lets you have more stamina.

Tripped and Fell
Defeat Boss Timid Swimmer

Once you reach the end of the Water Castle you will fight this boss. He is very easy, in fact. Once you start the fight, paddle for the stairs and head towards a red pillar; when your near it he will chop it down and you must follow the button commands quickly. If successful, this will damage him. There are 3 red pillars - one in the center, one on the right, and one on the left. After he chops one down, head to another that hasn't been chopped down and repeat the process. Also, don't stand in one place for too long or he will throw shurikens at you.

Note: There are a lot of enemies on the platforms, but I didn't even bother with them and finished the fight with no problem. If you're struggling you can try and kill them.

Crash Landing
Defeat Boss Screeching Owl

Once you reach the end of the Snow Castle you will fight this boss. He is quite easy in the beginning, but gets a little challenging towards the end. Basically once you start the fight, hide in the high snowy patches using then Screeching Owl will search for you. Sneak to his back and press . Once you're on his back, rapidly perform the button commands; if successful it will do a lot of damage.

Repeat this a second time until he starts to stay on top of the castle instead of looking for you. Now head to the top and press and follow the button commands rapidly. These commands are a bit more tough and if you fail them you have to repeat the second step again until he goes back to the top. Rinse and repeat if you can't get him on the third strike. When you do all the commands successfully you will get this trophy.

Restore Balance
Defeat the Evil Samurai Warlord

Once you reach the end of the dreaded Living Castle you will finally fight the Evil Samurai Warlord. He is a pretty tough boss unless you know the strategy to kill him, so here it is.

Note: Make sure you put the meteor storm spell on your quick spell wheel, and also lightning storm. Mix a lot of strong ginseng potions because you'll be using a lot of Ki in this fight.

When the fight starts just unleash meteor storm one after another while taking ginseng potions to regain Ki; this will damage the bosses orbs surrounding him. If you spam this spell it will prevent him from transforming some animals into samurais which will cause you more trouble. Once he starts levitating he will constantly use ice storm on you, so just keep outrunning him. Eventually he will start going back on the ground, so repeat the process of spamming meteor storm on him and taking ginseng potions. Then he will levitate again and reuse ice storm on you. Also, when he is on the ground sometimes he will throw a dark ball at you; just hit it back to him and he will be temporarily stunned allowing you to meteor storm him.

When you get him down to 3-4 orbs he will unleash a lightning storm which is extremely hard to outrun and will destroy you pretty fast. The best way I found to barely even get hit by it is to keep jumping instead of running, as it works wonders to survive this flurry of lightning. When he gets back to the ground spam more meteor storms and drink ginseng potions until he has 1 orb left. Now unleash lighting storm on his last orb to defeat him. This will net you the trophy and the corresponding difficulty trophy as well.

Animal Friend
Free all caged animals

Look in the spoiler box for the Animal Friend Trophy Guide.

The Water Castle count wasn't missing an animal, I just numbered two animals with the same number. This should have all the animals 100% listed.
Thank You Lelouch87 for pointing this out for me.

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Tree Hugger
Shake 15 trees

Whenever you come across a tree with fruits in it, get near the tree and press and shake the controller up and down to shake fruits off the tree. There are many trees upon all the levels so getting this trophy is cake. Just shake all the fruit trees you encounter and eventually you will get this trophy.

Sage of Philosophy
Reach level cap

Simply keep defeating enemies and collecting the small yellow spheres (EXP spheres), blue Ki spheres, and red power spheres. The yellow are more common than the red and blue spheres, so you will get a ton more of them throughout the story. Eventually late in the game you should reach level cap and attain this trophy.

Defeat an enemy as a snowball

On the level "The Big Jump", right when you step onto the slope of Ashida's Doorstep, equip the hat with then slide and hit a gray lantern. This will cause you to roll like crazy, but don't shake the controller. Keep rolling until you become a snowball and then run into an enemy for this trophy.

Smooth Sailing
Flawless Great River Canyon Rafting

Use the checkpoint at the beginning of the stream downwards in the level "Great River Canyon". This trophy requires some skill and, for some, a few tries. Jump in the water and equip your hat with . You MUST NOT hit any rocks on the way down the stream until you have reached the very end of the level when you fall off the waterfall. The best way to do this is by controlling your movement with the run () button . Use to quickly control sharp turns where you might hit a rock. If you do hit a rock then restart from the checkpoint at the beginning of the rapids and try again.


Refer to video below.
By GodzWarrior101x
"shows how to get the Smooth Sailing Trophy in Mini Ninjas, just go down river without hitting anything"

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Little Ninja
Complete game on easy or medium difficulty

Game is preset on normal difficulty when you start the story.

Hard Little Ninja
Complete game on hard difficulty

Change difficulty to hard before you complete the first level, or I believe it won't give you the hard trophy at the end of the game. Your best bet is to change it to hard right when you start the story, to be safe.

TROPHY DIFFICULTY DOES STACK, SO YOU CAN GET BOTH Little Ninja and Hard Little Ninja in one playthrough.

Bow Before Me
Defeat 50 enemies with the bow

You have to use Shun for this trophy. The best early on level to get this trophy is "Night Castle", there are A LOT of enemies to kill. With Shun, press to shoot the arrows at enemies. If close enough they will auto aim but if you're really far you can press AND hold to manually aim. It is best to lay some caltrops in front of Shun so that enemies slow down so you can have some range to shoot them. If you have red power spheres available then press and hold to aim at a big group of enemies to release Shuns special move, which is an explosive arrow that deals area effect damage and kills evil samurai in one hit. Clear all the enemies outside the castle then head inside and stand on the rooftops and clear out enemies. Eventually after 50 kills with the bow and arrow you will get this trophy.

Stop! Futo Time!
Use Futo in combat on all levels

Simply use Futo to kill at LEAST one samurai on EVERY level to attain this trophy.

Eat My Dust
Travel far in full gallop

Kill a few enemies with Toras special attack, which is charging into enemies and killing them. Eventually you will get this trophy.

Pied Piper
Incite 50 enemies to dance

You must use Suzume for this trophy. When you have red power spheres available, use Suzumes special attack by pressing and holding near a large groups of enemies without getting hit during the preparation of the move to make them dance. When under the spell, they can be killed in one hit. Do this to 50 enemies - preferably in large groups to cut the amount of power spheres you use - and you will get this trophy.

Defeat 30 spearmen with the spear

You must use Kunoichi for this trophy. Use Kunoichi's regular or special move with her spear on the evil samurai that hold spears. They are spread throughout almost all levels, so getting 30 kills on this is easy. Remember that you have to kill SPEARMEN with Kunoichis spear to get the trophy, not just any evil samurai.

Don't Blame it on the Sunshine
Bring sunshine to all the denizens of the graveyard

This is a storyline trophy, when you reach the level "Haunted Forest". On your first visit to the Haunted Forest you will eventually get to the graveyard where you encounter Ghost enemies. You can't kill them with neither regular and special moves, nor Kuji spells. Don't get near them or they will drain your Ki dramatically. Eventually you'll get to the shrine to attain a new spell called Sunrays. This is the only spell that can defeat ghosts. Summon the Sunrays on top of all the ghosts in the graveyard and you will get this trophy and be able to proceed to the rest of the levels.

No Conjurer of Cheap Tricks
Expend 1500 Ki using Kuji magic

Simply just keep using Kuji spells on enemies and eventually you will get this trophy. Happens pretty early in the game if you use Kuji spells a lot.

Now You See Me ...
Defeat 100 enemies with stealth attack

To use stealth, press and hold in tall grass and sneak up on an enemy; press and hold for a powerful one-hit strike from stealth. Do this 100 times and you will get this trophy.

One of the best levels to do this in is the early parts of "Haunted Forest", where there is a ton of tall grass and you can sneak unto enemies and kill them without them noticing. Note: If they do see you, throw a smoke bomb and it will re-stealth you, but you still have to hold in tall grass to keep the stealth. It will tell you if your stealthed with a Ninja icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Big Guy
Defeat a large one

Eventually in the early parts of the story, you encounter a huge samurai that is immune to regular ninja attacks. You can use Kuji spells to defeat them, but that will drain you Ki, so the easiest way to defeat them is by using Futo. Futo is strong enough to damage these large samurai. Since they are slow attackers, just run by one and let him swing his club, but don't get hit. Then hit him twice with Futo and a button command will pop up which tells you to press and that will cause Futo to smash the big samurais head. Repeat the same process two more times and the samurai will go down, netting you the trophy.

Note: Regular large ones go down with 3 head bops, but Red large ones go down with 5 head bops.

Defeat 10 enemies as the boar

When you release or find a boar, use Hiros Spirit Form spell and run towards the boar to possess it. Then charge evil samurai by pressing and holding . After you kill 10 samurai as the boar you will get the trophy.

Bear With Me
Defeat 10 enemies as the bear

Do the same process as the boar - possess a bear with Hiros Spirit Form spell and charge evil samurai by pressing and holding . Also, the bear can scare samurai by pressing to roar; then you can swipe them with . If you get hit while possessing a bear, or any animal, you will lose the form of the animal and will have to use Spirit Form again. Your best bet is to just charge since it's a fast move.

Silent Assas... Ninja
Complete a level without being seen

Refer to video below.

Easiest way to do this is on the level "Flooded Valley", which is on the video. Note: You must get the Sturdy Fishing Rod to allow the large Koi to pull you to the second half of the level.

By GodzWarrior101x

"After you get Hiro to level 15 you can possess small samurai and other samurai will not attack unless you get too close. All you gotta do is sneak by them and you get your easy gold trophy"

Toggle Spoiler

Collect one of each ingredient

Note: You only need to attain one of each ingredient, or have attained one somewhere down the line. Even if you have used your last one of that ingredient, you will still get the trophy. I'm only listing the first ones you encounter, but there are a ton more of each.

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Collect all Jizo statues

Refer to the spoiler box below for the Completist Trophy Guide.

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Tengu Friend
Complete all Wandering Tengu quests


You must complete the wandering tengu quests on the first visits to the levels. If you miss one and revisit a level to do one you're missing, it will glitch and you can't get the trophy. The only other way if this happens to you is to delete your save file of the game and redo the story. I posted a thread on the Mini Ninjas official forums asking if they can patch this glitch so I, and others, don't have to do the entire story again for one missing tengu quest that we already went back and found.

Solution: I found this solution on the Mini Ninjas Official Forums. You can use an external usb device such as a flashdrive to save your Mini Ninjas save file into it. Then delete the save file once you already saved it into the usb device. Now make a new file and just rush through the levels just doing the 5 tengu quests without missing and going back and once you reach the final tengu quest you should get the trophy. Then once you get the trophy delete that incomplete save file then insert your usb device and download your original save file back again. Now you should have the trophy and your original save file. This bypasses the glitch and allows you to platinum the game if faced with the glitch. I have gotten the platinum using this method because my tengu friend trophy glitched as well.

By: ibrake4dragons
1) Leaving Home - Tengu in the village: Destroy all samurai on other side of the bridge. Just kill all the samurai across the bridge and that's it. There are a total of 13 that need to be killed.
2) Leaving Home - Tengu near the Temple: He wants a Burdock Flower. The Burdock Flower is right up the stairs near the temple, behind a few statues.
3) Haunted Forest - Tengu in the woods to the left of the main path from start: He wants a Spear of Ashida. You should have 1 to spare so just hand it over to him.
4) Flooded Valley - Tengu near the start of the level: He just wants you to go to the temple and check on the Tengu there. Once you return, he gives you the sturdy rod, which will get the Koi to drag you into the next area.
5) Winter Range - Tengu by the split in the path near the start: He just wants a Tiger Lilly. Just hand one over and you're done. The achievement unlocks right after doing this.

Visit all Temples

Simply visit all the temples where you can purchase recipes. They will be easy to spot since they all have red pagoda-like entrances.

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