The third DLC experience of Modnation Racers hit the Playstation Store on June 14th after Sony reopened the PSN.
Excited by a community that created over 2million creations and 300k tracks United Front Games created another 5tracks that added some interesting tweaks to the races of Modnation.
The Big City Tour DLC expands the Racing campaign by another 5 races and 10 objectives.
  • Tourist Trap
  • Subway Mayhem
  • Gridlock River
  • Home Run Circuit
  • Skyscraper Hop

For the anxious creators out there about 70 elements were added to help you create your dream creations for the ModNation community.


Players: 1 - 4
Online Trophies: Yes, 2
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to 100%: 2 to 5 hours strongly depending on skill
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes, sort of
Missable Trophies: None


Finish the campaign and its 10 objectives first.
Additionally get all 25 tokens (5 per track) during this step to get all campaign trophies out of the way.

Secondly create and publish an Big City Tour creation.

Thirdly finish an online race on one of the five campaign tracks.

Lastly get all the weapon trophies done.
Use additional controllers or search for a Partner in The Official Modnation Boosting Thread to get them faster than in singleplayer racing.


Use a Supercharger and for the duration of the boost don't hit a wall on Tourist Trap

For this trophy you have to use a level 2 boost power-up and not hit a single wall during the duration of the boost.
Tourist Trap is the first track and getting a boost power-up is easily done when your in last place and every opponent is at least half a lap in front of you.

As a little help i dug up a video of how to get the speeder trophy.

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Mind The Mine
Hit an opponent with a level 1 secondary weapon on Gridlock River

For this trophy you have to use the secondary option of any power-up and hit an opponent.
To activate the mine function of the power-ups you have to press and hold and release the button when you have a great place for the mine.
After any opponent drove over your level 1 mine on the Gridlock River track the trophy will pop.
This trophy can be achieved either during the campaign or with the help of a boostpartner.
You can search for a partner in the Official Modnation Racers Boosting Thread.

As a little help i dug up a video of how to get the mind the mine trophy.

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Air to Air Combat
Hit an opponent in the air with a Swarm on Skyscraper Hop

To get this trophy you have to hit one opponents whilst in midair with a level 2 rocket power-up.
You can either try and do this in a regular race but it is easier with additional controllers or online partners.
You can search for a partner in the Official Modnation Racers Boosting Thread.

As a little help i dug up a video of how to get the air to air trophy.

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Big City Promoter
Host a casual race using a UFG track from the Big City theme

To achieve this trophy you just have to invite one player to a race on any of the 5 big city tour campaign racetracks.
To be able to choose those tracks you have to place at least thrid in every race during the campaign.

Any person in the Modspot will be good to get this trophy.
Just invite someone change the settings as you please and finish the race and Bling the trophy will pop.

Big City Creator
Create and publish a track using the Big City theme

To get the easiest trophy in this DLC pack you just have to create any kind of track with the Big City theme and publish it afterwards.
In the create station you just let the track autofinish and press triangle in the publish area.
Bling easy bronze for you.

Big City Tour Winner
Win the Big City Tour

For this trophy you just have to beat the Big City Tour DLC campaign.
You have to place at least 3rd in the first 4 races and first in the last race and this trophy is yours.

Tourist Trap: Place 3rd or better
Subway Mayhem: Place 3rd or better
Gridlock River: Place 3rd or better
Home Run Circuit: Place 3rd or better
Skyscraper Hop: Place 1st

City Slicker
Come 1st in every race, collect all the tokens and complete all the race objectives in the Big City Tour

For this trophy you have to finish the Big City Tour DLC campaign and achieve every race objective and gather all tokens (5 per Track).
Here is a list of what challenges await you:

Tourist Trap:

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Subway Mayhem:

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Gridlock River:

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Home Run Circuit:

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Skyscraper Hop:

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