Modnation Racers hit the next level with this DLC pack.
The Far East Track Theme hit the PlayStation Store on Tuesday, December 21st 2010 and it brought a whole new series to your career, new Trophies, and tons of new unlockables. Race on and over the Great Wall of China, drift and dodge huge obstacles in an abandoned fortress, or speed through a thick bamboo forest filled with obstacles and surprises.
United Front Games created 7 all new Tracks:
  • Great Wall
  • Hidden Forrest
  • Dragon City
  • Terraced Drop
  • Fortress
  • Monsoon Edge
  • Imperial Gardens

Five of these tracks were added to career mode and give you the ability to fulfill 10 new objectives and gather 35 new objects for all you creationists out there.


Players: 1 - 4
Online Trophies: Yes, 2
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to 100%: 2 to 5 hours strongly depending on skill
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes, sort of
Missable Trophies: None


Finish the campaign and its 10 objectives first.
Additionally get all 25 marks (5 per track) during this step to get all campaign trophies out of the way.

Secondly create and publish a Far East creation.

Thirdly finish an online race on one of the five campaign tracks.

Lastly get all the weapon trophies done.
Use additional controllers or search for a Partner in The Official Modnation Boosting Thread to get them faster than in singleplayer racing.


Ricochet a Straight Shot then hit an opponent on the Great Wall track.

For this bronze trophy you have to hit any opponent with a level 1 rocket after hitting the great wall.
It is the first campaign track and it can be done during career races online races or in offline multiplayer.
You can search for a partner in the Official Modnation Racers Boosting Thread.
If you have a second controller place the second player in the direct path of the rocket after player 2 was hit the trophy will pop.

As a little help i dug up a video of how to get the ricochet trophy.

Toggle Spoiler

Hit three opponents with a single Chain Bolt on the Fortress track.

For this trophy you have to hit three opponents on the racetrack Fortress with a level two lightning weapon.
To archieve this three opponents have to be in close proximity of each other and you only have to zapp them at the same time.
This trophy can be achieved during a campaign race or with friends on or offline.
You can search for a partner in the Official Modnation Racers Boosting Thread.

As a little help i dug up a video of how to get the shocker trophy.

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Coat Tails
Follow an opponent into his or her Warp on the Terraced Drop track.

For this trophy you have to enter a level 3 boost weapon after another racer started warping.
This trophy is achieveable in regular campaign races or online and offline multiplayer.
To boost this trophy you can search for a partner in the Official Modnation Racers Boosting Thread.

As a little help i dug up a video of how to get the coat tails trophy.

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Far East Promoter
Host a casual race using a UFG track from the Far East theme.

To achieve this trophy you just have to invite one player to a race on any of the 5 far east campaign racetracks.
To be able to choose those tracks you have to place at least thrid in every race during the campaign.

Any person in the Modspot will be good to get this trophy.
Just invite someone change the settings as you please and finish the race and Bling the trophy will pop.

Far East Creator
Create and publish a track using the Far East theme.

To get the easiest trophy in this DLC pack you just have to create any kind of track and publish it afterwards.
In the create station you just let the track autofinish and press triangle in the publish area.
Bling easy bronze for you.

Far East Tour Winner
Win the Far East Tour.

For this trophy you just have to beat the Far East DLC campaign.
You have to place at least 3rd in the first 4 races and first in the last race and this trophy is yours.
Great Wall: Place 3rd or better
Hidden Forest: Place 3rd or better
Dragon City: Place 3rd or better
Terraced Drop: Place 3rd or better
Final Race: Fortress: Place 1st

Undisputed Champion
Come 1st in every race, collect all the tokens, and complete all the race objectives in the Far East Tour.

For this trophy you have to finish the Far East DLC campaign and achieve every race objective and gather all tokens (5 per Track).
Here is a list of what challenges await you:

Great Wall:

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Hidden Forest:

Toggle Spoiler

Dragon City:

Toggle Spoiler

Terraced Drop:

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