Player: 1 during story, up to 10 online.
Online Trophies: 17: Anonymous , Getting to know you , Showing the World , Offering Opinions , Pioneer Racer , Remixer , Series Winner , ModNation Prospect , Beat Down , Sharing Carts , Sharing Mods , Sharing Splines , Flaming Hot! , ModNation Star , Taking On the World , Star Creator , ModNation Superstar
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: 75+ hours depending on you go about earning Create XP
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 of each race during the story, likely more required to earn all optional objectives.
Collectible Trophies: Hoarder
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • Drift whenever possible! Drifting fills up your boost meter, allowing you to race faster than your opponents. Being faster is an important part of winning, after all .
  • Use boost pads. See those red/green arrow pads on the ground? Drive over them for a very welcome boost in speed.
  • Avoid small jumps when possible. You lose speed during your airtime, and speed is king.
  • Boost whenever your meter is above 50%. Boost is easy to earn, so use it frequently to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Keep an eye out for shortcuts. Nothing like finding a straight line to drive instead of multiple S-curves.
  • Learn the ins-and-outs of every weapon type. This helps you learn how to use certain weapons in the best ways.
  • Always keep enough boost to deflect attacks. No need to lose a race at the last second from a Bolt Storm.
  • As a last resort, you can lower the game's difficulty from the menu while in the ModSpot. It can definitely make a difference when trying for the later grudge matches and Grand Tour races.
  • Promote your creations whenever possible. You never know, you might have created the next must-have item in the community.
  • If the online portion of the game becomes a chore, you can always ask for help in our boosting thread.


Welcome to ModNation. It's time to join the fastest, most dangerous kart racing league on the planet. Do you have what it takes to win the ModNation Racing Championship? There's only one way to find out.

Step 1: Career mode
This is your story mode. As you progress, you'll learn the ins-and-outs of how to race in ModNation. This is also where you'll earn a sizable chunk of the game's trophies. If you choose to go for some of the side challenges in this step, you can expect to earn:
  • Newcomer
  • Mayhem Tour Winner
  • Range Tour Winner
  • Grim Tour Winner
  • Fill'er Up
  • Shields Up!
  • Knockin' Boost
  • Trigger Happy
  • The Drifter
  • Slow and Steady
  • Pacifist
  • Bruiser
  • Aggro Racer
  • Win Grand Tour
  • Elite Hunter
  • Join the Team
  • Level of Merit
  • Hoarder
  • Dominator
Step 2: Create
Now for the main draw of ModNation: the endless possibilities of your own imagination. In this stage, you'll create your own works of art/abominations and publish them for the public to download. If they are good enough (or if you're knowledgeable in the ways of boosting), you will quickly earn the crap-ton of XP required by the two most tedious trophies in the game. Expect to work on:
  • Mechanic
  • Sculpture
  • Dresser
  • Offering Opinions
  • Remixer
  • ModNation Prospect
  • Sharing Karts
  • Sharing Mods
  • Sharing Splines
  • ModNation Star
  • Star Creator
Step 3: Online
Next up is the online portion of the game. Here we'll focus on the trophies centered around defeating online opponents. Expect to earn:
  • Anonymous
  • Getting to know you
  • Showing the World
  • Pioneer Racer
  • Series Winner
  • Beat Down
  • Flaming Hot!
  • Taking On The World
  • ModNation Superstar
Step 4: Cleanup
In this final step, we'll look for anything that may still need to be done. At this point, it's likely going to be simple things like viewing all areas of the ModSpot and watching Tutorials. This last step should net you:
  • Shopping Spree
  • Third Eye
  • ModSpot Explorer
  • Headspinner
  • Taster Session
  • Fast Learner
  • Drifting Superstar
  • Say Cheese!
  • ModNation Legend


ModNation™ Legend
Earn all the ModNation™ Racers trophies to unlock this platinum trophy

As always, you'll earn this prestigious trophy once you've attained all other non-DLC trophies.

Play an online race

The Race Station section of the ModSpot is where you will spend the majority of your time en route to Plat. Head over here and drive up to the Online gate. Once here you'll be given multiple options to create or join a group playing online. Select any of them for the trophy.

Complete the qualifier race

Welcome to ModNation Racers! Upon starting the game for the first time, you will meet Tag, your character throughout the game's story mode. He's trying to make it into the big leagues, and today's his best chance: The Qualifier Race. Use this race as a testing ground to practice and learn the various controls. Don't worry about missing any side objectives, as every race can be revisited later. So get out on that track and make a name for yourself!

Create a kart in kart studio

After completing the Qualifier Race, you'll unlock the Modspot, where you'll be spending much of the game while not racing against others. The main point of interest will be the Creation Station. Enter the building and make your way around to the Kart section. Here you can take any of the parts, paint jobs and wheels to create your own one-of-a-kind racer. For the sake of the trophy, just pick whatever you want and save the final design.

Create a track in track studio

After working on your first kart, you should move on to the Track corner of the Creation Station. Here you can make almost anything that comes to mind for other racers to enjoy (or become frustrated with). Big-air jumps? Hidden paths? The limit for the most part is your imagination (the other limit is track length, can't have the race last too long, can we?) For the trophy, you can even make a simple oval track and auto-populate it. Don't forget to save your design, or the track won't count towards the trophy!

Create a mod in mod studio

Time for a new you. Make your way to the Mod corner of the Creation Station to create your character's design. Here is where the possibilities are truly endless. By using all manner of clothing, as well as stickers and objects, you can create whatever you'd like. Slap together whatever suits your needs and save your creation for the trophy.

Shopping Spree
Enter the shop

Before you exit the Creation Zone for now, turn to the Shop corner. There are two sections to the shop, the first being the Token Shop. Here is where you'll be able to purchase new items for your mods and karts using tokens collected during races. The Online Store will allow you to purchase level packs as well as the DLC expansions. Take a quick look around and exit for the trophy.

Getting to know you
Invite 5 unique friends to an online race

Time for some social interaction! Don't worry, with any luck you won't even have to do anything with the people you invite. To invite a player to a race, you'll need to head to the Challenge section of your pop-up menu. From here, send a challenge to any 5 players, whether on your PSN friends list or randoms driving around the modspot. The 5 players you invite don't have to accept their invitation for it to count, and if they do accept, you don't have to complete the race!

Mayhem Tour Winner
Win the Mayhem Tour

The Mayhem Tour is the 2nd series you will participate in. After making your way through the first three races, you'll begin the final event on Flaming Jumps. Focus on finishing first here to take the title and move on to the next Tour.

Range Tour Winner
Win the Range Tour

The Range Tour is up next. Like before, battle through the first 4 races until you reach the finale on Drift Paradise. Same strategy as always, race to win! Doing so will unlock the next Tour as well as the trophy.

Grim Tour Winner
Win the Grim Tour

Next up is the Grim Tour. As always, race through the first 7 events to the finale on Launchers Rush. Winning this final event and the series will unlock the Grand Tour for you to participate in.

Fill'er Up
Fill your boost meter

Unless you make it your quest to either not drift, or use your boost whenever it becomes available, you will completely fill your boost meter during the story. It's even more likely that you'll fill it during the Qualifier when learning about drifting and boost. Keep in mind that drifting isn't the only way to gain boost points. Successful weapons use, mid-air spins, and drafting are all alternatives to drifting, but they are less common instances. Hold down and start smoking those tires through the turns!

Third Eye
Hit 20 opponents with weapons dropped as secondary weapons

Normally when driving through a weapon pod, you would simply press to fire it toward an opponent in front of you. There is a secondary mode of fire, however, that lets you drop the powerup as an explosive road obstacle for players behind you by holding instead. The game will notify you of any takedowns in this manner via an on-screen prompt.

Knockin’ boost
Drive over a hundred boost pads

You should earn this as you aim for the Grand Tour Championship. Boost pads are everywhere in ModNation, coming in two colors with different attributes. Green arrows provide a short boost and re last a bit longer. Since boosting and drifting are essential to winning races, you should have no trouble with this trophy, unless you make a conscious effort to avoid them.

Shields Up!
Successfully defend yourself with your shield 20 times

Let's face it, when you race around firing weapon powerups at other racers, they'll eventually turn the tables and fire back. But fear not, as you can block these annoyances if you have enough boost and press when prompted. If you time it right, you will deploy a yellow bubble shield that will absorb the attack and allow you to continue racing, albeit at the expense of your boost meter (you'll lose about half of it). Block 20 attacks in this manner for another easy trophy.

ModSpot Explorer
Visit all the locations in the ModSpot

As stated earlier, the ModSpot will be your base of operations while attempting the Plat. It is the game's hub world, with the game's major points of interest scattered around. You'll need to "visit" all of them for the trophy. Visiting is defined as driving up to the location and inspecting/entering it by pressing . The locations are:
  • Creation Station: The main draw of ModNation is the customization that is afforded to the players. Here you will be able to create Karts, Tracks, and Character mods to your heart's content.
  • Shop: Want new parts to customize with? How about new track locations and themes? If the answer is yes, this is the place to go. Spend Career tokens found during campaign races for individual kart pieces or use microtransactions for larger sets and themes.
  • Share: Another key feature is sharing your mods/karts/tracks with the world. Make your way over to this kiosk with the annoying modem sound to upload your creations or download others.
  • Top Players: Here's where you'll find the best of the best in ModNation. Feel like joining the lofty ranks of the top 3 in one of these categories? Better get to work.
  • Top Karts: The 3 most downloaded karts of any given day are enshrined here. You'll often see tributes to real world/famous vehicles here.
  • Top Mods: These are the 3 most downloaded character mods of the day. Keep an eye out for famous characters here.
  • Top Tracks: The screen here advertises the most downloaded tracks, as well as the highest rated by users.
  • Coming Attractions: The screens and podiums in this corner are used to advertise the newest DLC.
  • Hot Lap Race: This is where you can find the track used for the daily Hot Lap challenge. Enter here to download the track and try for the best time.
  • Friends Hot Lap: If anyone on your PSN friends list participated in the daily HotLap, their time will be posted here.
  • Current ModSpot: This screen shows everybody that is in the ModSpot with you.
Moving on to the Race section of the ModSpot, we'll examine the area you'll likely spend the most time in on your path to platinum.
  • Career: This gate leads to the ModNation career mode. Here you will race your way through multiple tours and attempt to win the Grand Tour Championship.
  • Split Screen: Have an extra controller laying around and have a friend willing to play against you? This is the place to find out who's best.
  • Quick Race: Starts either a Quick Race or a Time Trial. Good for practicing for your online grind later.
  • Online: This will be a major portion of your time in ModNation once you finish the career. There are multiple options for game types here, such as:
    • Join XP Race
    • Host Casual
    • Join With Split Screen
    • Host With Split Screen
    • Join Casual Race

  • Global Top Race XP: This is the player who has no life. He/she has played long enough to reach the most XP of any player in the game, forever enshrined here with a large statue.

Do a 1080 spin and land successfully

Time for the trophy that would look right at home in an MLG montage. During a mega jump, you'll need to make 3 full spins while in the air. To do so, you'll first need to find a jump long enough to finish the spins. One shows up late in the Career mode on Sink Hole that you can pull nearly 5 spins on. You can also find plenty of user created tracks with large jumps. To spin while in the air, hold the to the left or right.

Taster Session
Try all the game modes in single player race

There are four single player race types to compete in in the Race section of the ModSpot. They are:
  • Career Race: Simple enough, these races make up your story mode.
  • Time Trial (found under Quick Race): As the name implies, this is a simple timed lap around a specified track. Complete the race for it to count.
  • Action Race (found under Quick Race): Starts a single race with weapon pads versus AI opponents. You must complete the race.
  • Pure Race (found under Quick Race): A simple race to the finish with no powerups or weapons. You must complete the race.

Showing the World
Win 10 online races

You will earn this en route to 100 online wins. See Taking On The World for details.

Trigger Happy
Use all the weapons in the game

Weapons are granted by driving through the floating red pods on the tracks. After doing so, you will be given one of four different types of power ups to use. Red weapons are centered around rockets. Blue are sonic powered. Purple are electricity based. Green is all about speed. After picking up a weapon type, it is possible to upgrade to level 2 and 3 by picking up more weapons pods before using the first. These 12 powerups can all be used with a tap of the . In addition to this, each weapon type has a secondary attack that is dropped behind your kart by holding . You will need to use all 16 weapon types during your career in ModNation. The types are:
  • Red
    • Lvl 1 - Straight Shot
    • Lvl 2 - Swarm
    • Lvl 3 - Hydra (hail hydra)
    • Secondary fire

  • Purple
    • Lvl 1 - Bolt
    • Lvl 2 - Chain Bolt
    • Lvl 3 - Bolt Storm (thunderstruck)
    • Secondary fire

  • Blue
    • Lvl 1 - Sonic Boom
    • Lvl 2 - Sonic Cannon
    • Lvl 3 - Sonic Rift
    • Secondary fire

  • Green
    • Lvl 1 - Jumpstart
    • Lvl 2 - Supercharger (when this baby hits 88mph...)
    • Lvl 3 - Warp (some serious shit)
    • Secondary fire

Fast Learner
Complete all the race tutorials (and watch all the videos)

Tutorial time. The tutorials in ModNation's Career mode are essentially basic tips on how to race competitively with the game's mechanics. The Create tutorials, however, are essential if you wish to become the next great designer. There are 25 tutorials in total, and you'll need to watch them all for the trophy.

Throughout the Career, there will be four races that start with a tutorial. They are:
  • Mod Circuit (Home Tour)
  • Village Run (Home Tour)
  • Wild Run (Range Tour)
  • Modobahn (Grim Tour)
Before the race begins, you will be prompted to start a tutorial first. Select yes and complete the tutorial for each race. There are also two more race tutorials to be found in the ModSpot. You can view them by starting a HotLap challenge for the first time, as well as a Time Trial under "Quick Race."

Back in the ModSpot, the final 19 tutorials are ready for you to watch at any time via the menu under Tutorials. Make sure that as you watch the tutorials that you don't accidentally skip any of them, or you'll need to replay it for it to count. Some of the tutorials can drag on for a while, so occupy yourself with something else if you don't care about the more advanced features of track design. The tutorials you'll need to view are:
  • Online (2)
    • Introduction
    • Sharing

  • Creation Station (4)
    • Modifying
    • Colors and Materials
    • Basic Sticker Editing
    • Advanced Sticker Editing

  • Track Studio (13)
    • Track Studio Introduction
    • Basic Terrain Editing
    • Advanced Terrain Editing
    • Track Modify
    • Breadcrumbs
    • Testing and Previewing
    • Prop Editing
    • Setting Prop Height
    • Placing Props Along the Track
    • Dynamic Props
    • Theme Mixing
    • Budgets and Cleanup
    • Best Practices

Offering Opinions
Rate 10 tracks, 10 mods and 10 karts

When viewing another user's creations, you can press to rate them on a scale of 1-5 stars. For this you simply need to view the top mods/karts/tracks of the day and rate them however you see fit (but be fair, no need to troll others for a trophy). Once you rate 10 of each creation type, the trophy is yours.

Pioneer Racer
Be part of the first race on a published track

Very simple concept here. Every day, thousands of new tracks are added that you can download and race on. Just search for the newest additions. If for some reason you are having difficulty finding a track with no previous races held on it, you can simply upload one of your own and host a race on it. You must finish the race for the trophy to unlock.

Drifing Superstar
Earn 100,000 drift points in one drift

This can be difficult without a properly designed track. You'll need a continuous spiral shape that goes all the way to the height limit and then loops back down to ground level to connect with the starting line. You can either attempt to make one yourself, or take the easy route and download one from the Share Station by searching for "drift." Once on the track, begin a Time Trial on it and begin drifting around it. Make sure that you don't let go of or hit a wall at any time or you will lose the drift score and have to restart. Once you pass 100K, exit the drift without hitting a wall for the trophy to unlock.

There is also a spot during the Career where you can earn the trophy if you know where to look. On Miner's Rift, there is a small pillar of rock that you can drift around right before a super jump ramp. If you can avoid other racers, you can reach 100k here.

Not the best quality video, but it shows the method well enough.

Toggle Spoiler

The Drifter
Drift 1,000 times in total

You will likely earn this as you work your way through the Tours in Career mode. Since drifting is an essential part or racing in ModNation, it would be highly unlikely that you could win the Tours without it, if not impossible. Drifting is performed by holding during a turn and can be controlled with the . You can end a drift by releasing , but this can cause your kart to fishtail and lose speed/hit a wall. You can tap again while in a drift to end it while maintaining control.

Slow and Steady
Win an action race without using any boosts or a boost pad

This is easiest to earn during the first race, since your opponents are slower and less likely to use weapons against you. You'll have to avoid the boost pads and not press if you manage to build boost for the duration of the race, as well as finish 1st.

Win an action race without firing any weapons

Like the previous trophy, this one is easiest to earn in the tutorial race. While racing to the front of the pack, keep in mind that you CAN pick up the weapon pods scattered around the track! As long as you don't use the weapon by pressing or holding , the trophy will unlock once you win the race.

Remix a character, a kart and a track

Remixing is whenever you edit an existing design and save it. You can either do this with your own uploaded creations, or edit another user's mod/kart/track as long as they have allowed remixing. Just edit and save (make sure you change the name!) one of each type for the trophy to unlock.

Series Winner
Win a ranked race series

This may cause some frustration if you are matched up against highly skilled opponents. To start an XP Series, you'll need to join an XP Race set to series length (5 races). Once joined, you'll need to earn the most points at the end of the 5th race. The top 5 races are awarded points for how well they place at the end. 50 for 1st, 40 for 2nd, 30 for 3rd, and so on. Have the highest total score at the end to win the series. In the event of a draw, the tiebreaker will go to the racer with the lowest total race time for the series.

ModNation Prospect
Earn at least 1,000 total XP (including race and create)

You will earn this as you work towards Level 30. See ModNation Superstar for details on XP.

Say Cheese!
Use photomode in a race, a studio or in the ModSpot

Another easy trophy. At the end of a race, your kart will be shown driving around the track until you either exit the race or take a photo by pressing . You can also earn this in the ModSpot by pressing and going to extras > Photo mode and snapping a quick pic with .

Beat Down
Win your first online action race on a particular published track

Like Pioneer Racer , you'll need to find (or publish your own) new track and race on it. The difference here is that you have to win the race, and that it must be an Action Race. If it is set to Pure race, there will be no weapon pods and the trophy will not unlock upon completion. If you are having trouble winning, you can re-publish the track and invite a friend to let you win.

Get a total of 200 takedowns

Takedowns are the easiest way to get past the opponents that were dumb enough to compete against you. You can perform them with any of the 9 variations of the main weapons (green powerups won't do damage). The higher level an attack gets, the more opponents you can hit with it, especially the Bolt Storm that hits every opponent on the track. You can also use the secondary fire mode of the four powerup types. The attack is dropped behind you like a mine waiting to explode. Finally, you can sideswipe opponents by moving the in their direction. Keep in mind that this uses up a chunk of your boost meter. You'll likely earn this while racing through the Grand Tour.

Aggro Racer
Sideswipe 75 opponents

Sideswiping is the only way to attack opponents without the use of weapons pods. When your boost meter fills up enough, you can move the in the direction of an opponent to swing your kart sideways into them, spinning them out. This will remove a chunk of your boost meter, but a successful hit will refill it slightly. Just go around sideswiping other racers until you hit 75.

Sharing Karts
Publish a Kart and have at least 10 people download it

This is where you'll start relying on other people. Once you publish a kart, it's available for any player to download. You'll need 10 unique players to download this kart. If you are having an issue with people not downloading your kart, you can either ask some friends to help out or beg the players in the ModSpot. You can also search for a boosting partner here.

*Warning*Make sure you don't unpublish your kart at any time, or its download stats will be reset!

Sharing Mods
Publish a Mod and have at least 10 people download it

Once you publish a mod, it's available for any player to download. You'll need 10 unique players to download this mod. If you are having an issue with people not downloading your mod, you can either ask some friends to help out or beg the players in the ModSpot. You can also search for a boosting partner here.

*Warning*Make sure you don't unpublish your mod at any time, or its download stats will be reset!

Sharing Splines
Publish a track and have at least 10 people download it

Getting people to download your published track is much easier than getting them to try your karts and mods. For starters, players love to try out newly published tracks, as some would like to earn the trophies for wining/racing on a new track. If you still can't seem to get 10 downloads, you can ask friends for help or drop a request here. As a last resort, you can force people to download your track by challenging them to a race and choosing your course. They have to download it to race on it, so this should work well enough.

*Warning*Make sure you don't unpublish your track at any time, or its download stats will be reset!

Win Grand Tour
Win the Grand Tour

For this final Career trophy, you'll need to win the whole enchilada. The Grand Tour features some of the tightest races in the game and requires you to win them all to move on. Once you make it to the final event, focus on nothing besides victory and you'll drive away with a shiny new trophy for your troubles.

Elite Hunter
Beat all the elite racers in the grudge matches

Grudge matches are special races against the big name opponents in the Career mode. In order to unlock that racer's grudge match, you'll need to complete all 3 race objectives first (thankfully, not all in the same race.) Once you've completed all 3 objectives, the option to compete in the grudge match will become available for that driver. The matches come in 3 distinct types, each with a different method of achieving victory. They are:
  • Standard Race: Race against the Elite driver and some minions. Finish 1st.
  • 1v1 Race: You against the Elite driver. Show him/her who's boss.
  • Point Race: Drift, jump, spin to earn points. Most points at the end wins.

The 15 grudge matches can be found on the following tracks:
  • Mayhem Tour
    • Miner's Rift
    • Boardwalk
    • Island Dash
    • Flaming Jumps

  • Range Tour
    • Market Run
    • Craggy Hills
    • Rickety Bridge
    • Drift Paradise

  • Grim Tour
    • Sandstorm (by Darude)
    • Switchback Valley
    • Lost Temple
    • Sinkhole
    • Marina
    • Rumble Island
    • Launchers Rush

Flaming Hot!
Get in the top 10% in HotLap Mode on any given day

This is the trophy that will take the most skill to earn, and may even prevent most players from earning the Plat. Every day, a new track is selected by the development team as the daily HotLap challenge. While this challenge is active, you will compete against every other player that decides to try for the best time. The trick here is getting to, and staying in the top 10% of participants. Back when the game first launched, players were able to check the full leaderboards for the daily HotLap on ModNation's website, but the page leads to a 504 error these days, rendering this highly useful aid to the trophy useless.

Now the only way to estimate how many players have raced the track, check the "Times Downloaded Today" stat on the track's info page. For example, if 50 players have played it that day, you'll need to finish with a time within the top 5 for the trophy. This is no small feat these days, as most players look for any shortcut they can find to hit the top of the leaderboards. Tracks these days normally average 125 racers per day, so you'll often have to finish 12th or better. Adding to the mystery of the challenge, only the top 3 race times are displayed for any given day! The only advice is to find a track you are comfortable with and keep practicing on it until you feel confident that you are as close as possible to the top 3 times. If you are successful and remain in the top 10% by the end of the day, the trophy will unlock the following day when you first load the game.

Join the Team
Beat all 28 developer best lap times in career

Each of the 28 available tracks has a best developer time for you to beat. These times will always be shown in round numbers, ie: 1:00.000 rather than 1:01.234. If the best lap time has increments into the thousandths of a second, you have beaten the best time already. For the most part, the developer times are not too strict, allowing you to make a few quick errors as you go. If you do have trouble, however, there is a method to speed up your times by 5-10 seconds.

By idling for the first half of Lap 1, you can easily get the green Boost-Warp powerups once you start moving. Save this for the second lap and use it then. The Warp will often place you 5 seconds ahead of where you'd normally be, making the best times easy to beat.

Modnation™ Star
Earn at least 5.000 Total XP (including Race XP and Create XP)

You will earn this as you work towards Level 30. See ModNation Superstar for details on XP.

Level of Merit
Complete all the career challenges

Each of the 28 Career races has three challenges to complete. The Advance Challenge is often to finish 3rd or better (1st or GTFO in the Finales and Grand Tour races) and as its name suggests, allows you to advance to the next race. The Payout and Bonus challenges can be any number of side objectives. Some may have you knock out certain opponents on a particular section of track or making a clean lap. Each challenge that you complete is saved upon completion of the race, so you won't have to get them all in one go. You'll need to complete all of these side objectives in Tours 2-4 to begin work on Elite Hunter .

Collect all tokens in the single player career

Tokens are a form of currency in ModNation that look like a small purple balloon holding up a small gold coin. There are five on each of the 28 Career courses and can be collected by driving through them. Though some tokens are out in the open, others are hidden in shortcuts and can often be found in the middle of a super jump. Make sure you don't restart or quit the race once you collect one, or you'll have to re-collect it. Finish the race to keep any collected tokens. If you're having trouble finding some of the tokens, try slowing down and looking around that way. Keep in mind that some tokens may require you to jump with to reach them or shoot a trigger with (requires boost) to unlock a shortcut. The token locations are shown below.

Home Tour

Toggle Spoiler

Mayhem Tour

Toggle Spoiler

Range Tour

Toggle Spoiler

Grim Tour

Toggle Spoiler

Grand Tour

Toggle Spoiler

Taking On The World
Win 100 Online Races

While you will undoubtedly make progress on this while aiming for Series Winner , you will likely have a lot of races to win. The great part about this is that it doesn't matter what type of race you compete in, so long as it's with an online player. I would recommend doing this with XP Races, if only to make progress on ModNation Superstar at the same time. If you have difficulty defeating today's opponents, you can always fall back on having your friends help. For this you only have to make a 1-lap short track and take turns winning. 100 will fly by in no time and the trophy will be yours. You can also search for a boosting partner here.

Come 1st in every race in career

Your final main challenge for Career mode will be to finish 1st on all 28 tracks. By this point, you will likely only have to replay a couple of races, as the Finales and all of the Grand Tour require you to win. Remember to always drift and boost. It's never a bad idea to save some boost to shield yourself from attacks as well. Nothing ruins a race more than being blown up right before the finish and coming 2nd. If you have any trouble with this, you can lower the game difficulty from the options menu while in the ModSpot.

Star Creator
Earn at least 250.000 Create XP

And now for the portion of the game where you'll spend more time than anywhere else. Create XP is earned whenever other users interact with your published creations. The five ways you earn XP are:
  • Views: 20 XP - Just by looking at one of your designs, another player earns you 20 XP. You can even view your own creations for 20 XP once you publish it (one time only, sadly).
  • Comments: 20 XP - Like with views, a simple comment nets you another 20 XP.
  • Voting: 40 XP - Whenever a player rates a creation of yours with 1-5 stars, you get another 40 XP.
  • Races Started: 40 XP - For every race that a player takes part in while using one of your designs, you earn 40 XP.
  • Downloads: 100 XP - This is the big one. You'll want to push your designs as much as possible for this. The more downloads you get, the higher the chance that the other options above will stack and net you a ton of points.
You'll start off with a maximum of 20 total publishable mods/karts/tracks. As you level up, you earn 5 new Create slots to publish more stuff. By Rank 25, you'll have a full set of 60 Create slots available. Unless you create something that people simply adore, you will need to boost this with either a group of friends or some alternate accounts.

For those that DO have an alternate or two, this method will be very boring, but fast and effective. Once you unlock a full set of 60 Create slots, you can net nearly 11,000 XP in one hour by using a single alternate account with the following steps. If you don't have an alternate account, you can ask friends to follow these same steps every time you publish your creations.
  1. Simply publish every possible creation that you can at the time.
  2. Log in to your alternate account and begin viewing, commenting, voting on, and downloading all of them. Repeat this process for any remaining alts.
  3. Once done, you should head back to your main account and un-publish everything. Repeat these steps until you are over 250,000 Create XP.

ModNation™ Superstar
Achieve level rank 30

With Star Creator out of the way, you're in the home stretch for the most time consuming trophy in the game. Thankfully, Create and Race XP combine into your total XP when ranking up. To reach Level 30, you'll need a whopping 500,000 XP (that's right, half a million!) But hey, at least you're over halfway there by this point. If you wish to continue the rest by racing, you're in for a long haul. You'll only be able to earn XP in XP Races (go figure) and the rewards aren't spectacular, at only 100 XP per win. If you're really good at the racing in ModNation, you can try your hand at XP series, which grant a 500 XP bonus to the winner. If racing against real opponents isn't your thing, you can continue to earn the rest of your ranks via Create XP. Either create something that other players love or continue with the boosting method for Star Creator .


Thanks to ERICVOLTAGEfor his great banner work.
WereJackal for his 100k drift location.
BludgaBoy for his Token guide.

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