Players: 1
Online Play: No
Online Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: 8
Cheat Codes: No
Cheats Affect Trophies: No
Trophy Difficulty: 1/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Suggested Playthroughs: 2
Time to 100%: 2-4 hours


Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. What to say...

As a fan of the classic series - and the new "Tales" series - this game is like a flashback to my childhood and to simpler days (like before the words 'wife' and 'mortgage' really meant anything). You can absolutely play through this game once and get all the trophies, but I HIGHLY recommend playing through twice. Once, play through enjoying it and listening to the commentary, and a second time to clean up and get any trophies that you missed.

Of course, that's just my opinion. You're free to do whatever you'd like. But all the cool kids are playing through twice. But whatever.


Complete Part One
Complete Part One: The Largo Embargo.

Story-related. Just after you give Captain Dread your monocle, the trophy will unlock.

Complete Part Two
Complete Part Two: Four Map Pieces.

Story-related. After you collect the four map pieces and give them to Wally, he'll ask you to go pick up a love potion. Do as he asks, hide in the crate, and the trophy unlocks.

Complete Part Three
Complete Part Three: LeChuck's Fortress.

Story-related. After freeing yourself from the ceiling shackles, you'll be in a dark room. Light a match, blow some $#!+ up, and the trophy will unlock.

Complete Part Four
Complete Part Four: Dinky Island.

Story-related. In part four, after ripping off LeChuck's mask, the game will have a surprise ending and the trophy unlocks.

Speed Demon
Complete the game in under three hours.

Self-explanatory. Finish the entire game in less than three hours and the trophy will unlock. In order to do this, your best tip is to use the A LOT. Every opportunity you get. If you do, there's entire conversations you'll miss that'll cut down the length of the game to a fraction of what it is otherwise. The downside to this is, of course, you'll also miss out on most of the humor the game throws at you.

Also, if you do this on the second playthrough, the game'll still be fresh in your mind and you'll have a better idea of what to do and how to get it done fastest.

Monkey Master
Beat the game without using a hint.

Simply put, don't use any hints - - through the course of the game and this trophy unlocks. Again, this is recommended to do on a second playthrough.

Free Thinker
Beat the game using fewer than 10 hints.

Like "Monkey Master" but easier. Use less than 10 hints - - through the game, and right before the credits roll, this trophy will unlock.

Old School
Switch to Classic mode at least once.

Easy as pressing a button. As soon as you start, press , the game will switch to Classic Mode, and the trophy unlocks.

Five Minutes Later...
Allow Guybrush to die.

This trophy is missable!

While in LeChuck's Fortress, you'll get captured and hung from the ceiling. Let five minutes pass, the candle will burn through the rope, and the trophy will unlock. Contrary to what you'd think, the five-minute timer starts as soon as the scene starts, meaning it counts even during the conversation you have with LeChuck. So once you're free to move around (after he leaves the room), you probably only have to hang there for two or three minutes more.

Turning the Lights Out
Complete the game using object highlighting five times or less.

This trophy is missable!
Like most of the trophies, pretty self-explanatory. Use Object Highlighting - - five times or less and this trophy unlocks. This is another trophy you should save for the second playthrough, like "Monkey Master" and "Free Thinker", when you have a better idea of what to do to advance the plot.

Helium Inhaler
Make Guybrush inhale some helium.

This trophy is missable!

After finding the helium tank during Part Four, inflate the balloon, then USE it, and the trophy will unlock.

Call 911
Call the LucasArts Help Desk when walking through the jungle on Dinky Island.

This trophy is missable!

In order to get this trophy, once you get to Dinky Island, enter the jungle off to the left. First take the right path, then any of the available paths on the right, then walk around aimlessly until you get to a screen with a "Call Box" and a phone in the middle (you may default back to the beach. If you do, reenter the jungle and try again). Once at the Call Box, "Use Call Box" and the trophy unlocks.

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