Players: 1-4
most trophies are done with 2 human players (or you and a second controller)
one trophy requires 1 player and 3 Hard AI
and the online can be done with 2-4 players
Online Trophies: 9
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 10-20 hours, depending on luck
Minimum Playthroughs: 23 - 12 offline, 11 online
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: N/A, but 2 require some real luck to get (roll a 15, roll triples)
Glitched Trophies: Taking Over the World (silver) - 10 online game wins - possible glitch in whether or not the online wins have to be Ranked games or not. The 10 online wins will not count if the human player leaves the game, then you beat the AI replacement.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Terminology Notes:
Mr. Monopoly Warp (aka MMWarp):
The speed die is the red die. The 6 sides are: 1,2,3, bus, and two Mr Monopoly sides
Mr Monopoly will warp you to the nearest unowned property. If all properties are owned, it will warp you to the nearest property owned by someone else.
You will use this option many times in this guide to get some of the trophies that require you to land on a certain property.
The Bus lets you move the displayed number on either die or the total of both dies.
you roll Bus-3-4. You can move either 3 spots, 4 spots or 7 spots.
You roll Bus-6-6. You can move either 6 spots or 12 spots.

Use this trick to your advantage when playing for real – if you have a monopoly on the Purples (St Charles, States, Virginia) with hotels and you also own Electric Company, and someone rolls and lands on St Charles with the Mr Monopoly die showing, they will have to pay on St Charles, then get warped to Electric Company and pay that rent as well. If you mortgage Electric Co, then the player would be warped to States St. and have to pay 2 hotel rents, as opposed to one hotel rent and a pittance for the utility. Or if you have hotels on the Lt Blues and the Oranges in a 2 player game, consider mortgaging the light blues so that the other player is always forced to the oranges and the higher rent.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Cheats - none

Glitches - I had problems with Hotels Maximus (silver) - See the bank run out of hotels in a game with Official MONOPOLY rules. I had to do it 3 times before the trophy popped. I spent an hour or two building up, saved the game midway, then for whatever reason it didn't award me the trophy. I don't think that playing a saved game should affect trophies, but it wasn't until the third time when i didn't save that i finally got it.

Exploits - The Mr Monopoly Warp (MMWarp) on the speed die will help you get a majority of the trophies. See above in "Tips and Strategies" for the explination and how to use it.


There are 31 offline trophies and 9 online trophies (plus the platinum for a total of 41). The majority of the offline trophies can be achieved in the first game, as long as you create a custom game to help you along.

Offline Game One
When you select your game type, press the square button to access the menus to customize your game, and change the following options:
Page 1:
Starting Cash - $2500
Starting Properties – all
Starting Property Distribution – Random Auction
Auction Timer – 10 sec (or set it as low as possible)
Use Speed Die – on

Page 2 (toggle with R1):
Build Rules – Free
Houses Available – 88 (or more)
Selling House Percentage – 100
Mortgage Interest – 0

Page 3:
Salary for Passing Go - $500
Double Salary for Landing on Go – on
Income Tax - $500
Luxury Tax - $250
Free Parking Payout - $500
Max Jail Turns – 4

Start a 2 player game with these rules. You can either have a second player help you get the trophies, or just use 2 controllers. When I write either P1 or P2, that refers to Player 1 (you) or Player 2. Trophies must be unlocked on Player 1’s turns.

Step One:
P1 wins one of each color group through the auction. Since you are bidding against yourself, P1 bids $1 and P2 bids $0, or vice versa. [Rainbow (gold)], [Flea Market]
When either Mediterranean or Baltic come up for auction, have P2 make a winning bid of $120 for it. [Market Inflator]

Step Two:
After the first turn, P1 trades for 3 color groups and all the railroads [Property Magnate (silver)], [This Plan is Better (silver)], [I Like Trains], and gives up the remainder of a color group to P2 [Philanthropist]

Step Three:
After P1’s next turn, trade away all properties so that P1 is left with only the Dark Blues - Park Place [PP] and Boardwalk [BW] (or whatever the last 2 properties are on your board) [All Your Eggs in One Basket (gold)], [Expensive Property]
Build hotels on both properties (you will need $2000) [Eviction Notice]
After the trophy pops (you may need to wait till your next turn), sell the hotel and houses on PP and mortgage it, leaving only the hotel on BW. P1 and P2 trade turns until P2 lands on BW, either by naturally rolling to it, a Chance card, or the MMWarp [Concierge Service (gold)], [Now that is ROI] NOTE: make sure P2 has at least $2000 in cash to be able to pay the rent.

Step Four:
P1 sells the hotel and houses on BW, and unmortgages PP.
P2 trades all properties to P1 for $1.
P1 trades all properties back to P2 for $1
Repeat this until [Celebrating 75] pops. After you get the trophy, P1 should have all property at this point.
Trade P2 the Utilities and try to get [Glad it’s not my Bill]

Step Five:
P1 builds 4 houses on each of the Dark Purples, Light Blues, Purples, and Oranges (you will need $3400 for this).
On P1’s next turn, sell all the houses.
On P1’s following turn, rebuild all the houses on those 4 groups. If you have an additional $1800, you can also build on the Reds (and subsequently the Yellows for an additional $1800). If you are just building on the first 4 groups, you will be building 44 houses at a time. You should get [No Ground Untouched] in 6 turns (3 to build, 3 to sell), and then [Subdivision (silver)] in 18 more turns (9 to build, 9 to sell).

“Step” Six – The Luck Trophies
There are 7 trophies that you need a moderate amount of luck to get, because they are dependant upon an event happening that you can’t make happen with the MMWarp or a trade. While playing this first game, try to get them while grinding for some of the trophies like Subdivision. These trophies are:
Better than Free - Received more than $200 when landing on Free Parking
Glad it’s not my Bill - Received $120 on a utility rent
Great Start - Someone pays you rent before your second turn
I’m Keeping this Card - Player paid to get out of Jail when they had a Get out of Jail Free Card
Repeat Offender - Went to jail for the 3rd time in one game
Tax Audit Nightmare! - Paid $1200 in Taxes in one game
Bypass Bail - Rolled doubles to get out of Jail for free

The only way to purposefully land on any of the above properties (like Free Parking, Go To Jail, a Utility, or one of the taxes) is to roll triples, since you can then go to any spot on the board. You may be able to get to one of these properties with the Bus, but it depends on where you were on the board and what your dice roll is.

There are also 2 trophies that require extreme luck to get:
Rolled a 15 (silver) - Player rolled a 15
Lucky Threes - Rolled Triples
There are no easy ways to get either of these, so just play til you get them. If you get the majority of the other trophies, feel free to complete this game and try for it in another game.

Step Seven:
After you get all the trophies in Steps One through Five, P1 needs to amass over $11,000 in assets for [So Big and Shiny (gold)] and [Mega-Tycoon (silver)]. Have P2 declare bankruptcy and you will get those two, as well as [Winner].

Offline Games Two through Ten
If you didn’t get Great Start, set “Starting Properties” to “All” and “Starting Property Distribution” to “Random Distribution” to start the game. Have P2 trade the Light Blues, Purples, Electric Company, Reading RR and Pennsylvania RR to P1. If P2 doesn’t land on any of these before P1’s second turn, then P2 just declares bankruptcy. You will then get [Quick Win (silver)]. You should be able to get Great Start in one of the games. Repeat this for a total of 10 wins for P1 and you will get [Building the Empire].

Offline Game Eleven
Start a 2 player game with Official Rules. During this game, send all properties that are landed on to auction (I do not mean from the custom rules, but in game, when given the chance to buy it or auction it) and let P1 win each auction for $1. You need to collect the Light Blues, Purples, Oranges, and Reds, and $6000 in cash. Once you get over about $4500, you can mortgage everything else for a total of $1745. Build hotels on each of the four color groups for a total of 12 hotels and the trophy [Hotels Maximus (silver)] will pop. P2 doesn’t need to land on any of the hotels, you just need to have 12 of them built at the same time.
Note: I had to do this three times before I got it – it seems like the game doesn’t like it if you save your progress halfway through and try to finish later, but it might have just been a glitch on my end.

You can also use this game to try and get any of the ‘moderate’ luck trophies as well, since you will be playing for a while in order to get that amount of cash. You cannot get the ‘hard’ luck trophies since they require the speed die.

Offline Game Twelve
Play a game against 3 Hard AI (computer) players and win [Needs a New Challenge]. I recommend a game with a few of the properties (between 3 and 5) randomly dealt at the start of the game, and the Speed Die set to on. The random properties will help you get a monopoly quicker and give you trade fodder.
A few tips:
You can usually just buy a property from the AI for $50-$100 above what the property cost.
You can usually trade 1-2 properties (and sometimes throw in $100) to an AI so that you can complete a monopoly.
If you have 2 of a color group and the AI has the other one, sometimes you can get away with trading only one of the two properties to the AI and still get a property back to complete a monopoly on another color group for you.
Use the speed die and MMWarp to your advantage. If you have a monopoly on a color group that is just after a railroad (like the oranges, yellows, etc), get that railroad and mortgage it so the MMWarp sends them to your color group, and hopefully a hotel.
I recommend going for one monopoly (the Oranges or higher) and then try to get one of the other groups to block any of the AI from building a monopoly.

The Online Trophies:
There are 9 online trophies, and there are no random luck-based trophies (yay). You can knock them all out in about 11 games. I recommend you get a boosting partner, and set up a 2-player Ranked game each time. I’m not sure if the 10 online wins need to be in ranked games, so play it safe and get them that way. Once again, P1 refers to you, and P2 is your boosting partner.

Online Game 1:
Set the custom rules where “Starting Properties” is set to “all” “Starting Property Distribution” is set to “Random Dealt”, and Speed Die is set to “On”.
P1 trades away all color groups for the railroads and utilities [I Can do this Without Houses (silver)].
P2 trades away everything except Mediterranean (or whatever the first property is called on your board). P1 keeps rolling until the MMWarp brings you here so you can pay your whopping $2 and get [Doesn’t Hurt Much]. Note: make sure P2 doesn’t have both properties in the first color group, or else you won’t get the trophy.
P1 declares bankruptcy [How We Played Back in my Day, Plays Nicely with Others, I Want a Rematch]

Online Games 2 and 3:
Set up custom rules where “Starting Properties” is set to “all”, “Starting Property Distribution” is set to “Random Auction”, and Speed Die is set to “On”.
P1 wins all auctions for $1 each. After all properties are auctioned, P2 declares bankruptcy. [Better Luck Next Time, Next Rung on the Ladder].
Repeat this same game one more time, where P1 wins all auctions for $1 each [Auctioneer (gold)].
P2 declares bankruptcy again after the first turn.

Online Games 4-11:
Start a 2 player online game and have P2 declare bankruptcy after the first turn. After the 11th game, P1 will have the 10 online wins for [Taking Over the World (silver)] and will then get [Platinum Trophy] as well.


Platinum Trophy
Win all trophies

Self-explanatory from the description.

Player has won 50 online auctions

Easiest when completed with a boosting partner. Set up a custom game online where all properties are auctioned at the start of the game. Let P1 win all auctions for $1, then P2 declares bankruptcy. Repeat once more and you will get it.

Concierge Service
Provide the best Hotel Service on the most expensive property without a player going bankrupt

Play a 2 player game offline, with custom rules of speed die and uneven build (you can also lower the number of houses for a hotel to 1 if you like). Have P1 get Park Place and Boardwalk, either via auction or trade. P1 mortgages Park Place and builds a hotel on Boardwalk. P2 rolls until he/she lands on Boardwalk (or is MMWarped there) and pays rent – MAKE SURE P2 HAS AT LEAST $2000 IN CASH FIRST. If P2 doesn’t, then trade cash to P2 in order for him/her to pay the rent in full.

Own one of each color group at the same time

Start a 2 player offline game, where all properties are dealt randomly at the start, then trade until P1 has one of each color group.

So Big and Shiny
Get the largest upgrade to your corporate HQ

You need to win a match with at least $11,000 in total assets. Just trade for all the properties and grind away until you get it.

All Your Eggs in One Basket
The only properties owned are part of a single color group

P1 trades all property to P2 so that P1 is left with only one complete color group.

Hotels Maximus
See the bank run out of hotels in a game with Official MONOPOLY rules

To reiterate: must be done with OFFICIAL MONOPOLY RULES. The bank has 12 hotels, so:
Start a 2 player game, and let P1 win all auctions for $1. Once P1 has about $6000, build hotels on the Light Blues ($750 for 3 hotels), Purples ($1500), Oranges ($1500), and Reds ($2250).
The easiest way is to let P2 hit the undeveloped properties to get P1 double rents until P1 has the Light Blues, Purples, Oranges, and Reds and about $4500. P1 should avoid building early, because if you bankrupt P2 prior to getting the trophy, then you have to start all over again. P1 can then mortgage all the other properties for a total of $1745. You don’t need to buy all the properties, but as long as you have those 4 groups you can do this.

I can do this without Houses
In an online game, own all the railroads and utilities

I don’t think you have to get rid of all the color groups – it should pop once you get those 6.

Finished a game with total worth greater than 9000

You will get this when you win a game with more guessed it...$9000 in assets.

Property Magnate
Own 3 color groups at once

Either acquire the 3 color groups on your own or via trade.

Quick Win
Won a game in under 20 minutes

Start a 2 player game and have P2 declare bankruptcy after the first turn.

Rolled a 15
Player rolled a 15

The hardest luck-based trophy in the game. You have to roll a double six on the white dice and a three on the red die. Odds: 1 in 216. Expect to grind on this for a while.

Player has built 500 houses

Set up an offline 2 player game with custom rules of “Selling Houses - 100% return” and “Number of Houses = 48”. Then when you get the first 4 color groups (Dark Purple, Light Blue, Purple, Orange) and $3400, build 4 houses on each. On your next turn, sell all the houses and get all the money back. On turn 3, build the 4 houses on each property back up. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until you get the trophy. At 44 houses per turn, it will take 24 turns to accomplish this (12 to build, 12 to sell).

Taking Over the World
10 online game wins

Important Note: if you are playing online and the human player leaves (does not declare bankruptcy, just quits the game), he/she will be replaced with a computer player. The wins against the computer players DO NOT COUNT. I’m not sure if the wins have to be in ranked games, but to be safe, get a boosting partner and have one of you Create a Ranked Game, 2 players, any game rules except Bull Market (since you don’t want to sit thru the auction process at the start). Have P2 declare bankruptcy at the end of their first turn. Repeat 10 times.

This Plan is Better
Completed a trade that gave you a color group

Trade for a color group monopoly.

Better Luck Next Time
Bankrupted another player online

If you are doing the Taking Over the World trophy, you will get this on the first turn.
Or just have P2 declare bankruptcy after the first turn.

Better than Free
Received more than 200 when landing on Free Parking

Set up a custom game where Free Parking pays you $300 or more, then roll until you land there or are sent there via a card.

Building the Empire
Won 10 offline games

Start a 2 player game and have P2 declare bankruptcy after his/her first turn. Repeat 9 more times.

Bypass Bail
Rolled doubles to get out of Jail for free

Somewhat luck-based, you can always set up custom rules where you have 5 rolls in jail until you have to pay in order to improve your chances.

Celebrating 75
Acquired your 75th property

Step 1: Start a 2 player game where all properties are auctioned off at the start. P1 wins all auctions for $1.
Step 2: After turn 1, P1 trades everything to P2 for $1.
Step 3: P2 then trades everything back to P1 for $1.
Repeat steps 2 & 3 once more and it should pop.

Doesn't hurt much
Paid the smallest rent in an online game

Set up a custom online game with the speed die, and have P2 own only Mediterranean (or whatever the very first property is called, depending on the board). P1 rolls until the MMWarp brings you to that property. Pay the $2, and you get the trophy.

Eviction Notice
Replaced your houses with a hotel

Build up a property group to hotels. I’m not sure, but it may pop after upgrading only one property in the group

Expensive Property
Acquire the most expensive property in the game

That would be Boardwalk (or the last property right before Go) – get it either by paying for it or via trade.

Flea Market
Bought a property cheaply

Let a property go to auction, and P2 lets P1 pay $1 for the property.

Glad its not my Bill
Received 120 on a utility rent

The only ways to get this trophy are to roll a 12 and land there when P2 has both utilities, Roll a 12 with a MMWarp to get to a utility, or draw an “advance to nearest utility” card and then roll a 12.

Great Start
Someone pays you rent before your second turn

To increase the odds: Have all the properties either auctioned or randomly distributed at the start. P1 trades for all the Lt Blue and Purple properties, as well as the first two Railroads and Electric Company. That will cover all the properties for the first 15 spaces.

How We Played Back in my Day
Finished an online game using custom house rules

Create a custom game online, and have P2 declare bankruptcy after their first turn.

I Like Trains
Own all the railroads

Buy or trade for all 4 railroads.

I Want a Rematch
Lost to another player online

You can just declare bankruptcy after your first turn to speed things up.

I'm Keeping this Card
Player paid to get out of Jail when they had a Get out of Jail Free Card

When you get sent to jail, you can always trade for a card before your first turn ends if you don’t have one. Then just pay the bail.

Lucky Threes
Rolled Triples

The other hard-luck trophy. Since the speed die only has the numbers 1, 2, and 3, you have a 3 in 216 chance of getting triples. You do get to move anywhere on the board though (yay), but you don’t get to roll again like you do when you roll doubles (boo).

Market Inflator
Get an opponent to pay double the price during an auction

The least painful would be to pick one of the first 2 properties and have P2 bid $120 for one of them.

Needs a New Challenge
Successfully won against 3 hard AI

It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Start a custom game with the speed die and try to get either the Greens or the Dark Blues and build them to hotels. (if you get the Dark Blues, trade for Short Line and mortgage it, so the MMWarp forces them to Park Place). I’ve noticed that you can always buy a property from the AI opponents, usually for $50-100 over the cost of the property. If you have the cash, buy up one of each to block them from trading for the monopolies, then mortgage any single properties so the MMWarp forces them to your hotels.

Next Rung on the Ladder
Bankrupted a higher ranked player

It shouldn’t be too hard to find a higher ranked player to beat. I’m pretty sure this has to be a ranked game for it to count, as opposed to just a regular online game.

No Ground Untouched
Player has built 100 houses

Same idea as the subdivision trophy – a 2 player custom game, set “number of houses” to 48, and “selling houses = 100% return”. Get the Dark Purples, Light Blues, Purples, and Oranges, and build 4 houses on each property for a total of $3400. On turn two, sell all the houses. On turn 3, build them all back up again. This will take you 6 turns at 44 houses per turn (3 turns to build, 3 turns to sell).

Now that is ROI
Collect more than a 1000 in rent

Any hotel on the Reds, Yellows, Greens, or Dark Blues (and also a hotel on New York Ave [Orange]) will get you this in one shot.

Completed a trade that gave another player a color group

Just trade away a property to give a competitor a color group monopoly.

Plays Nicely with Others
Finished an online game

If you are playing with a boosting partner, just have one of you declare bankruptcy after the first turn. It doesn’t count when the player just quits the game, since that player will be replaced with an AI player.

Repeat Offender
Went to jail for the 3rd time in one game

Somewhat luck based, but it’s not too tough in a long game.

Tax Audit Nightmare!
Paid 1200 in Taxes in one game

Start a custom game and change the amount of taxes paid on Income Tax to $500 and Luxury Tax to $250, then just play until you hit them enough to get the trophy.
I’m not sure if the cards that specifically state the fine as a “tax” count towards the total.

Win your first game of MONOPOLY® Streets

Just start a 2 player game and have P2 declare bankruptcy after the first turn.

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