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    I can't believe that no one has posted a comment for this game, considering it's from 2009. O well, here is my 2 cents. There are only 3 things u need to know for the plat. First, nothing in this game is hard, just repetative. It only took me 12hrs to plat but it can be done faster if u play co-op. Second, u MUST play co-op to achieve some of the trophies so u need a second controller (even if it just sits idle). And Third, there are 2 trophies to grind. Get 500000 DNA and get a score of 10 million. The 10 mil trophy is the harder of the two because your score gets added together for each level. After all 25 levels u end up with a score hopefully close to 10 mil. Now the bad news, u will need to play between 10-15 levels FLAWLESSLY in order to reach 10 mil. This means u can't get hit. The reason is u get a X2 bonus for being perfect. Meaning if your score for level 1 is 150000 and u go flawless, u get 300000. That's a huge bonus. I highly recommend u try to be flawless in all of ginormic's levels. They are the easiest by far. But don't worry if u get hit. U can go to chapter select and restarted over and over until u get it. As for the 500000 DNA, there's nothing hard about it, it's just a grind. I finished the game with only 350000 DNA so I replayed the missing links levels over and over until I reached 500000 but u can do any one u like. Just try to keep the multiplier at X5 as this will speed the process greatly.

    Well that's about it. Hope this info helps the next guy lol.

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    I found some great tips for easy farming of Points and DNA...

    Method 1: Scene 12 "In the Belly" - I made a video with this method as I think it's the best:

    Method 2: Scene 19 "Final Lap" - About half way through when the Beam Bot shows up, You can fire up your 2nd controller and focus only on shooting the area the laser shoots out of... you can get +5,000 points every so many shots and Ginormica just keeps getting killed (ignore her, haha). I was averaging about 20,000 by the time Ginormica runs out of Health and restarts at the last checkpoint. This method is good but, your thumb gets tired and it just doesn't seem as fast/easy as Method 1.

    Method 3: Scene 23 "More Aliens" - A little way through the scene you will be required to destroy 3 Quantonium generators... after destroying the 1st, make your way toward the 2nd.... there should be a Bumper spot to the right behind some boxes; get rid of the boxes and hop up to the platform... you can sit up here using the Missile Turret racking up points as long as you want (or until you destroy the Clone making arm that produces the little blue guys). This is by far the slowest method.

    For all of these methods, you will need to finish the level after your farming excursion in order to save the points collected. If you reached the 10,000,000 point with all the new points, the trophy will pop up after the game auto-saves.

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