Players: 1-4 players (up to 16 online)
Online Trophies: Yes ( 7 2 1 )
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 30-40 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes (11)
Missable Trophies: N/A
Glitched Trophies: N/A


Motorstorm: Apocalypse is the fourth in the series, 3rd on the PS3. This is an off-road racing game. This is the first in the series which uses mainly urban environment, instead of nature. There are the 8 traditional vehicles, along with 5 new vehicles: Superbike, Chopper, Supermini, Super Car, and Muscle. So there are 13 vehicles you can race with. Each vehicle has their own pros and cons. So that will be the key to doing real well, particularly on online.

Motorstorm Apocalypse takes place in a city that suffered a huge earthquake. You and the other racers will have to race in this city. During the races, you'll encounter collapsing buildings, tremors, explosions, even an occasional tornado.... These things will happen in the middle of your races, changing your routes significantly. Meanwhile, you'll also encounter 2 other groups fighting each other also: the Crazies (survivors in the city after the disaster), and Dusklite (a mercenary, military-like group). You will also need to watch out for them because they'll affect your races also. Bystanders will shoot you, throw Molotov cocktails. You'll even encounter some helicopters shooting at you. So be aware of these guys, and try to avoid because they will increase your boost meter, and will cause you to explode, if they damage you too much, and they change your routes as well.

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • Familiarize yourself with each vehicle handling. Each one has their pros and cons.

  • Practice each track a few times. All of them have several different routes, but they're not necessarily the best routes. Some will slow you down and cause you a win in the race. So keep that in mind

  • Make sure you choose the best vehicle for the tracks. You don't want to be the one trying to ride into a puddle of water with a bike. You will more than likely get owned by a much bigger vehicle. The smaller vehicles like bikes or cars will lose their speed in puddles of water. The same can be said with for larger vehicles. You don't need to be a big rig or monster truck and try to jump on a tiny ramp. Those are for the bikes and ATVS, and you'll likely crash. This tip is especially important when you're trying to rank up online. Unlike Pacific Rift, the vehicles are more balanced. So you can choose more than one vehicle and can be just as successful with that one.

  • Apocalypse is a straight forward game. It is much easier than Pacific Rift. For the trophies, you don't have to beat ghosts on time trials or get all gold medals. Another note, that will likely make a lot of hunters happy is that you don't lose your rank, even if you finish poorly. As long as you race, you get XP. Simple, right?

[top]Grimy's Way Towards Greatness

  • Start on Festival mode. You gain the majority of the trophies on here alone. It'll teach you how to play the game, and will even give you some tips

  • Get the collectibles. You get them in Festival mode. They're all pretty easy to get. Check the videos in the spoilers to find them all.

  • Do Special Events. The easiest way to get the trophies related to them is to just do a clean lap on the courses by far. You just need to do a clean lap on 25 different tracks and you'll get the trophies that correlate with Special Events. You also unlock some hardcore special events, if you finish in 1st place in Festival races. They count towards the trophies also, but you don't have to do them. They're much harder also

  • Finish all online related trophies. It's much easier to rank up than in Pacific Rift. You don't lose rank either. So that's a plus. Try to win as many bets as you possibly can. That will help out your rank a lot. Just keep on racing. You won't have that many problems.

  • You're more than likely to get trophies, such as Target If you don't get them, then just create your own personal Wreckreation races to get them. You can get them in any mode

  • You should get the :plat: Like I mentioned earlier, the game is pretty straight forward. So it shouldn't too bad to get all trophies

***The controls I give when I say press whatever button is for classic controls***


The Big One
Obtain every other trophy in the game.

Like any other platinum, this trophy automatically unlocks after you unlock all other trophies...

Motion Master
Complete a race steering with the motion sensor function.

You can do this trophy on any mode. It might be a good idea to go for it in Wreckreation mode though, that way you can just set the race to one lap and get this over with. When you use motion sensor function, you use the Sixaxis, meaning you need to tilt the controller left and right to turn. You don't have to win a race. Just complete, and the trophy is yours. To change your steering controls, go to Options --->Controller ---> Change Driving Controls --->Steering Controls. Change the controls to Motion Sensor Function. One last thing, you can change your settings via the main menu or while you're actually racing. However, you must restart your race, if you're racing, or the trophy won't count.

Air Assault
Punch a fellow rider off their bike or ATV while you're both in mid-air.

Now this trophy will likely take a few tries, but it's not too bad. In order to get this trophy, you need to be in an ATV or bike to punch your opponent. Press or to punch left and right respectively. If you're next to someone while both of you guys are in the air and go for the punch. Once you do it, the trophy is yours. This trophy is one of the annoying ones to do. The first event you can try this on is Tyler's 1st official race (not the prologue), and you'll be racing in an ATV, and your opponents will be bikes and/or ATVs. So that will be much easier to go for instead of trying to create your own race in Wreckreation because if you try that, your opponent's will be other vehicles, and you don't want that. Now if you're having problems with controlling the ATV on the Festival, you can always go back to the race again once you beat that race. Just go on Wreckreation --->Mode ---> Festival, and you can choose that race again and choose any vehicles you want. I would personally choose the Dirt Bike if you want to do it on that particular level. I didn't personally get the trophy on this level, but this race is the likeliest place where you'll successfully get this Having said this, you can get this in any level, but make sure you and your opponent are in the air when you go for the punch.

Hot Air
Use in-air cooling to entirely cool your full Boost gauge from Critical in a single jump.

In-air cooling happens when let go of the boost ( button) and accelerator ( button). There are several opportunities to go for this. Try to go to critical boost as you approach a real large ramp. Critical boost is when you hear your vehicle beeping, and you see the boost meter flash. A good indicator when you know when you're about to go into critical boost is when your screen turns red. If you hold boost for too long, you'll explode. Just make sure you let go of and and you should get it with no problem. The best vehicles to try this trophy on is with a bike or ATV. They cool down the fastest

I Made it Myself
Modify your vehicle using all the available options.

This trophy is pretty easy also. To customize your vehicles, go to Wreckreation ---> Vehicle Customization. Choose any vehicle. Now for this trophy, make sure you you change everything. So when you go on parts, make sure you change wheels, brake disc, etc. Same with livery, stickers, and personalization. Make sure you change all of that. Once you do all of the changes, make sure you save & quit. Once you do that, the trophy is yours...

Energy Efficient
Win a race without ever entering Critical Boost.

This trophy is easy. Just don't have your boost meter fill up too much. If you see the meter flashing, that is Critical Boost. A good indicator in when you know you're about to enter Critical Boost is when you see your screen turning red. That is when you should let go of the boost button,

Ram and wreck the same opponent twice during a race.

This is another one of those trophies you'll probably get without really trying. Just use or to ram your opponent, and you should get the trophy without any problems... Just make sure you ram the same vehicle obviously. The bigger the vehicle, the better. So just use a monster truck and ram the smaller vehicles.

Earn 250 chips from a single drift in Multiplayer.

This can be done on any track online. The best method to get this trophy is the Ship Shape track. This seems to be where everyone has gotten this trophy so far. Use a rally car or a chopper to go for the drift. Two really good spots on that track to go for the drift is the first big left turn on that track and the final right turn before the finish line. I personally didn't get the trophy that way. I was a Big Rig and I did the trophy on the stage Off the Rift, and I just did a slide on the first right turn and got it. I wasn't trying to go for the trophy and I got it there. As long as you have a good amount of speed and you have enough room to go for a nice drift, then you should get the trophy. If there are a lot of folks that have trouble, then I'll try to make a video myself. Try the Ship Shape track though. That's where most people have the most success.

Variety is the Spice of Life
Complete a race in all of the standard game modes.

There are three game modes: Race, Elimination, and Chase. On Festival, you'll race in Race and Elimination. So to race in Chase mode, just go to Wreckreation --->Quick Race ---> Mode and just chose Chase. Complete a Chase race and you'll get the trophy

Pure as Mud
Successfully perform 3 stunts in a single race.

You perform a stunt by pressing or on the D-pad while you're in the air. You can perform stunts with a bike or ATV though. All you need to do is three of them in a race and you'll get a trophy. Make sure you land the jump when you do a stunt. They won't count if you crash. You also want to have a lot of air also. The Skyline tracks are the best ones to attempt stunts.

Wheelin' and Dealin'
Pull a continuous wheelie for 5 seconds.

Well first, choose a dirt bike. To perform a wheelie, you need to slow down completely, hold down on the left stick, and then accelerate. Now you don't want to just press on the accelerate button. You want to press it lightly, while maintaining a steady pace. Also you want to make sure when you try to maintain a wheelie that the road is flat and pretty long also. There shouldn't be too many problems for this trophy.

Unlucky for Some
Win a race with each of the 13 vehicle classes.

There are 13 different vehicles.
Dirt Bike
Rally Car
Racing Truck
Big Rig
Monster Truck
Super Car
Muscle Car

While you do the Festival, you'll be able to win with all vehicles except for the chopper. When you're done the other 12 vehicles in Festival, just go to Wreckreation and choose the chopper as your vehicle. Win a race with the chopper and the trophy is yours...

Win a race using only the vehicle-mounted camera.

For this trophy, press to change your camera angle. For bikes and ATVs, FPR is when you have a complete close up of your rider, and for vehicles is when you can only see the hood of your ride. Anyway, just win a race and the trophy is yours. Be sure to restart your race, once you have the proper angle, or the trophy won't count. You need to be in FPR mode during the entire race. The countdown before you start is considered part of the race.

Grease Monkey
Swap out at least one vehicle part on each of the 13 vehicle classes.

Another easy trophy. All you have to do is go on vehicle customization, and choose each vehicle. Just change out 1 part (I did the wheels). Then just save and quit, and the trophy will be yours, once you change out a part on all vehicle classes.

Over There!
"Look At" 5 unique race incidents over 5 different races.

These race incidents occur while you're racing. It can vary from a huge skyscraper collapsing, to a helicopter shooting missiles, even a tornado destroying stuff. The unique incidents occur when you see the button pop up in the bottom of the screen. Just press that button in 5 different races, and the trophy is yours.

Use the Ram to wreck 10 opponents.

To ram a vehicle, use or to ram left and right, respectively. You can use any vehicle to ram, but it's the easiest to use a monster truck for ramming for sure. Just use the ram buttons on a bike or ATV, and you'll just run them over with a monster truck. Just do it 10 times, and the trophy is yours. Once you ram an opponent, your progress will show at the bottom during your race.

Found One!
Collect 1 of the hidden MotorStorm Cards.

See Found 'em All

Found 'em All
Collect 150 of the hidden MotorStorm Cards.

There are 150 of these cards. You get them by playing in the Festival mode. The cards can easily be missed. There were several times in which I was racing, and I didn't even see the card until the next lap. Now it's not a big deal if you miss the cards. You can always go back to the courses and collect all of the cards you missed. You're notified in how many cards you need to collect. Here are a few videos I found on Youtube. The credit goes to Steve from 1Playstationworld(gcrock) for making the videos on all cards. Here are the videos:

Toggle Spoiler

Toggle Spoiler

Toggle Spoiler

Toggle Spoiler

Now when you watch the videos, be sure to pay attention which lap the person collects the cards because for some cards you can only get them on certain laps and if you miss some cards, you won't be able to get again on the next lap because the terrain will block the path. So be mindful of that. Other than that, you shouldn't have too many problems. You don't have to worry about finishing the races or anything like that. Be careful not to be in last place on elimination races though. If you somehow skip a card, miss that chance to collect a certain card, you can always go back. If you get cards, and restart the race, you don't have to collect the particular cards again. Just worry about collecting the cards. They're all pretty easy to get...

'You Wanna Play?'
Make it to the party as Mash.

This is the very first event you'll do in Festival mode. There is a buggy you'll have to follow. This event will tell you the basics in how to play the game also, if you're new to the Motorstorm games. All you have to do is just drive to the goal, and you'll get the trophy.

'We're gonna race - in that?'
Complete 'Off the Rails' as Mash.

See 'Okay, let's do this'

'Want a Magic Nut Bar?'
Complete 'Baked' as Mash.

See 'Okay, let's do this'

'Eat my dust, tough guy!'
Complete 'Aces High' as Mash.

See 'Okay, let's do this'

'Okay, let's do this'
Complete 'Credit Crunch' as Mash.

You need to do the other races before you can do this one. The races come in order. So you'll have to do 'Off the Rails' first, then 'Baked', etc. You need to finish in the top 5 in the races as well. You don't have to win them. Just make sure you finish in the top 5. Once you finish in the top 5 in this race, you can go for the 'And Mash Wins!' You'll get this trophy also.

'And Mash Wins!'
Survive the Festival as Mash.

This is the last event you'll do with Mash on Festival, once you complete the requirements from the other races. You just need to make the goal within the time limit, which is 2:30, and this will be yours....

'You wanna stay, shut your mouth'
Make to the party as Tyler.

Like you did with Mash in the very first event, all you have to do is just simply drive to the goal, and you'll get this trophy. Nothing too special..

'I'm just waiting for a sucker to beat.'
Complete 'Road Warriors' as Tyler.

See 'Only one of us is making it out of this city alive'

'I guess you love trouble...'
Complete 'Wargames' as Tyler.

See 'Only one of us is making it out of this city alive'

'I'm all in.'
Complete 'Suburban Shakedown' as Tyler.

See 'Only one of us is making it out of this city alive'

'It's about life and death.'
Complete 'End of the Line' as Tyler.

See 'Only one of us is making it out of this city alive'

'Only one of us is making it out of this city alive.'
Complete 'The End is Nigh' as Tyler.

Like with Mash, you need to finish in a certain spot in the other races in order to do this one. You need to finish in the top 3 in the other races in order to advance here. Once you finish in the top 3 on here, you'll be able to try the 'We're the best... it's that simple' You'll also get this trophy.

'We're the best... it's that simple.'
Survive the Festival as Tyler.

This event is just like the last event with Mash. Only this you have to beat your opponent (Muerte), as well. Just make sure finish in first place and you beat the time limit, and this trophy will be yours...

'Restricted my ass!'
Start the party as Big Dog.

This is the 1st little race you play as Big Dog. All you have to do is just finish this and you get the trophy.

'Time to lose these guys...'
Complete 'High Way' as Big Dog.

See 'Sea Spray'

'Any Questions?'
Complete 'Sea Spray' as Big Dog.

Like with the other characters, you have to finish a certain finish in the races to progress to the next one. Just finish in the top 3 on here, and you'll get the trophy.

'If you start, you get to finish...'
Complete 'Final Drive' as Big Dog.

This event has a time limit to finish. Just beat it before time expires, and you'll get this trophy.

'You're Greased.'
End the Festival as Big Dog.

This is the last event you'll do in the Festival. All you have to do is simply finish it, and you'll get the trophy. There are no time limits or anything like that.

Now for the Main Event...
Pass 5 Special Events.

See 'Nail'd It'

Starter for 10
Pass 10 Special Events.

See 'Nail'd It'

Nail'd It
Pass 25 Special Events.

There are a total of 66 special events you can do possibly do, 33 in the Hardcore Festival (these you unlock by finishing 1st in events on the Festival) and 33 Time Attack. Go for the Time Attack ones. This is the easiest way, by far, to get these trophies. You don't have to beat any ghosts or anything like that, like you did in Pacific Rift, and you can choose any vehicle you want. Just make sure you don't crash, or that lap won't count. All you need to is have a clean lap on the time attacks, and you'll pass them. Just do 25, and you'll get 2 and 1

Gently Does It
Complete your first online race.

As simple as it looks. All you have to do is finish an online race, either private or ranked, and the trophy is yours....

Where's My Money?
Place and win a bet in Matchmaking.

You're going to have an opportunity to bet on a person your Matchmaking race begins. You don't have to win the race. All you have to do is beat that person. So if you finish 3rd and the person you bet on was in 5th, then you get the trophy.

Double or Quits?
Win a bet while on a 2x Hot Streak.

For this trophy, you're going to have to win a bet four times in a row. First, you obviously wanted to start a bet on the first race, then make sure you win. After you finish your race, you're going to be ask if you want to place another bet. Press when you see this. Keep in mind you need to be quick because that option doesn't last long. If you don't press in time, you'll have to start over. Now repeat the same steps until you get 4 in a row, and you should get this trophy.

Try to best against the lower ranked players. They'll more than likely not too good at the game. If you're not having any luck, you can always set up a private match and have a second controller to join. You can win 4 bets in a row that way. You're gonna have someone play though because if you leave just have a second controller and no one plays, that racer will be disqualified, and your bet will be voided.

High Five!
Reach Rank 5 in Multiplayer.

See 'Jackpot'

Reach Rank 15 in Multiplayer.

See 'Jackpot'

Reach Rank 30 in Multiplayer.

See 'Jackpot'

Reach Rank 40 in Multiplayer.

The longest part of the game will no doubt be ranking up and doing online stuff. It takes 1,365,000 chips (XP) to reach this rank. The key in ranking up is simply winning your bets, finish high in the races (top 3 finishes), and more importantly go for the medals. It personally took me a little bit over 20 hours to get to the rank. That was because I finished high in the races, and I was winning my bets. Doing those things counts towards medals anyway. Those are the more valuable ones a far as getting chips goes. It is very possible for you to have a huge amount of chips in one race. For example, I was able to get over 100K chips in a race a few times because I earned some medals that total up that much. That made progress a lot faster to rank 40. I was in ranked in the 30s when this happened to me and I jumped 2 ranks because of the medals. Just check your progress in My Motorstorm to see where you stand how far you are from a certain medal(s), and go for those medals. You will rank up before you know it. If you're seriously having trouble, then you can set up a private room with some buddies and go for medals that way. You gain chips no matter what. So you might as well have fun.

**Be sure to start a race as you as you hit a rank that has a trophy. The trophy will pop up then. So if you hit rank 5, the trophy won't pop up then. You need to start ANOTHER race for the trophy to pop up***

Where Do You Put Them All?
Earn 50 Accolades in Multiplayer.

There are 17 types of Accolades. They range from all kinds of things, from performing the most stunts, having the most air time, reaching the highest top speed. You'll probably get this trophy pretty quickly. There are all kinds of accolades. You can also have quite a few accolades in one race also, at least 8-9, even 10 at once. Most people will get this in a few hours probably, maybe 4 hours or so. Not too long at all. I got 50 total accolades in 5-6 races. So you can get them real quick, if you're pretty good.

Decorated Stormer
Earn 25 Medals in Multiplayer.

A medal is when you do a specific accolade a certain amount of times. So for example, if you set the fastest lap time in a race(that's an accolade BTW) 5 times, you will achieve a medal. There are all kinds of medals. So these will come naturally as you play online. It's easy to check your progress also. Just go to My Motorstorm ---> Medals ---> Accolades.

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