[top]Tips and Strategies

--- You can easily check your trophy progress in the 'Trophy Case' menu in your garage. Refer to it often as it is a very useful aid...---


Over Achiever
Unlock all the other 49 Trophies

Get the other trophies from this game and it unlocks this bonus one! If there is downloadable content updates, you DON'T need them for this trophy.

The Money Shot
Boost Explode over the finish line to win 10 races

Before you reach the finish of the race in 1st, make sure you're boost bar is very high. As soon as you're within 3-4 seconds of the line, hold the until you explode and fly over the finish. Repeat ten times to earn the trophy.

Track Master
Win 5 races on each track

This will take you about 8 - 12 game hours to get. There is 16 circuits in total so at least 80 races need to be won. As far as I know, you cannot check what track(s) you need the wins on so just keeping coming first and if necessary, on rank 1 races.

Just Getting Started
Race for a total of one hour

Definately one of the first trophies you'll get. Note that the time only runs while in actual gameplay and not on the menus, race results or loading pages so this will probably take you 1 and a half hours instead (About 15 -20 races).

Time Sink
Race for a total of 10 hours

You can't 'aim' for this trophy technically. You'll get it after 10 hours of playing Motorstorm. See 'Just Getting Started' above.

Successfully land a jump of 185m or more

The simplist way of getting this trophy is getting a Rally Car (top speed and boost) and race at 'Rain God Spires'. Keep to the left at the start and keep tight around the corner. When you come up to the two jumps, take the left hand one at full speed and lots of boost. Keep the boost in midair if you can (don't explode!). If you were successful, the trophy message will appear after about 5 seconds. Otherwise, try again on lap 2 with hopefully more speed.

Race Fan
Take part in 250 races

Two choices:
- Long method by completing (Yes, you have to finish!) festival races which will take at least 15 hours, if not more.
- Short method by creating races in Freeplay mode. Simply make an elimination race with 5 second eliminations and only one other player. Win the race (for the purposes of the guide) and restart another 249 times. This will take about 2 hours However, if you break it down into 25 races per go, it's about 12 minutes a time and do it 10 times, you earn the trophy.
ALL race modes (except speed events), online, offline festival or freeplay count towards this trophy.

Travel a total of 500km

Another trophy which you'll have to wait for. Typically, 2 and a half to 3 game hours will net it.

Wreck your vehicle 250 times

First thing, don't deliberatly crash to get the trophy. You will crash a lot in Motorstorm in the beginning. Just wait patently and this trophy is normally earned at the same time as the 'Tourist' trophy above.

Complete a Split-Screen race with 4 players

You WILL require 4 PS3 controllers to get this. (If necessary, bargain off your friends.) All 4 players must finish so if there is only one of you, you'll have to race 4 times technically or alternatively, set an elimination race for 5 seconds a time and the trophy will be yours in 35 seconds.

Ghost Rider
Beat 48 developer's ghosts on Time Attack

A LOT harder than it may seem. You find this in the Time Trial menu in Wreckreation. Of the 16 tracks and 8 vehicles, you must beat the top developer time of a circuit with a vehicle to count. You cannot repeat continously as they all must be unique. At least 48 attempts later, you will (thankfully) be awarded the trophy...

Perform an impressive Barrel Roll

Note that the criteria for this trophy includes a bit more than just performing a barrel roll. You must land it aswell and it must be deemed impressive by the game. You can either jump off a ramp at an akward angle and hope for the roll or use your Sixaxis controller and tilt your vechile in the air. You cannot get this trophy with a bike!

Successfully punch or ram 100 vehicles

Punching can be done with the L1 and R1 button depending on the direction and can only be performed on a bike or ATV and the ictim must also be riding a bike or ATV. You can either wait for the trophy through gameplay or go out and punch like mad to get it.

Win 50 races using a lightweight vehicle

You can mix and match the victories from the eligible vehicles to get the trophy. The vehicles you can achieve this with are the: BIKE / ATV
Win 50 races for the trophy. This should be the second 'weight' trophy you get.

Win 50 races using a mediumweight vehicle

You can mix and match the victories from the eligible vehicles to get the trophy. The vehicles you can achieve this with are the: BUGGY / RALLY CAR / RACING TRUCK
Win 50 races for the trophy. This should be the first 'weight' trophy you get.

Win 50 races using a heavyweight vehicle

You can mix and match the victories from the eligible vehicles to get the trophy. The vehicles you can achieve this with are the: MUDPLUGGER / BIG RIG / MONSTER TRUCK
Win 50 races for the trophy. This should be the last 'weight' trophy you get.

Punch 5 competitors in a single race and go on to win gold

Unless you're very good at the game, this one will be a struggle. The advice is to wait until rank 5 and race in the speed event at Cascade Falls. You are forced onto a bike for this event but so is every other competitior.

Alternatively, follow this youtube video I wandered across...
YouTube - Motorstorm pacific rift - Pugilist trophy

Race the track once or twice before you attempt the trophy, so you familarise with the circuit and know the short-cuts and slow-downs. You should get 2 - 3 successful punches before you arrive at the first stream (if you don't get any - restart) and you have to get the rest before you cross the finish line to complete the second lap. Also, you MUST finish first, or you'll have to go again for the trophy.

If you don't feel comfortable with the difficulty of the race, try a rank 1 instead at a long circuit (more time) but it will be harder to get the five punches. One of the game's more difficult trophies...

Close Call
Win a race by a margin of less than 0.1s

You will need a landslide of luck to achieve this trophy. There is no real skillful way of getting this trophy but you can get it freeplay mode. You and a mate attempting to get as close as possible (0.1 seconds close) though you have to be the one that wins...

In Eliminator escape from last place 10 times with only 3 seconds to go

Again, a trophy which you can deliberatly aim to escape the elimination spot ten times or just play eliminator races and get it naturally. However, 10 eliminators down and one or two restarts, I'm only on 4 so method 1 would work better...

Create and win 10 free-play races

Only five minutes of effort required here. Just follow the method for 'Race Fan' at the top of this guide.

Hire Me
Beat all 128 original developer ghosts in Time Attack

Win 250 races

Spoilt For Choice
Reach rank 3 in the Festival to unlock all 8 vehicle classes

Even if your a Motorstorm newcomer, you'll get this trophy within an hour.

Win 5 Festival races using a Bike

I put these all together as they all require the same stratergy. Just play the game through naturally, build up those wins, check how many you've got and focus on the vehicles that you haven't mastered yet. Remember, you cannot earn this trophy until you reach rank 3 to unlock the whole field of vehicles to use...

Win 5 Festival races using an ATV

See Bike above.

Win 5 Festival races using a Buggy

See Bike above.

Rally Car
Win 5 Festival races using a Rally Car

See Bike above.

Racing Truck
Win 5 Festival races using a Racing Truck

See Bike above.

Win 5 Festival races using a Mudplugger

See Bike above.

Big Rig
Win 5 Festival races using a Big Rig

See Bike above.

Monster Truck
Win 5 Festival races using a Monster Truck

See Bike above.

Necessary Roughness
Knock down 10 dismounted drivers

Thanks to ConorBL2 and scene-stealer for this
The simplistic method of doing this is to hold back about 20-30 seconds after the start of an event, press your L3 button twice to find those fallen drivers and knock them down. Obviously, you require bike fallers to do this trophy (mainly because you can't fall out of a Big Rig can you?) so the Rank 5 event at Cascade Falls is your perfect opportunity to get this trophy as there are only bikes racing! Plug yourself in the largest vehicle possible and get those dismount crashes. (Just don't expect a race win from this stratergy...)

Win a race without using boost

This is a very misleading trophy. You can earn it in any game mode EXCEPT Speed (checkpoints). After playing the original, I thought it would be impossible but there is a sneaky trick. Custom game with a friend online or freeplay and let each other win in this fashion. Simpler than trying to do it on festival mode and especially ranked online.

Unlock all 16 Speed events

To rephrase this trophy, 'Complete the 16 Target Time Races'. Difficult but not impossible. Just follow the advice at the bottom of this guide...

Unlock all 16 Eliminator events

Another rephrase required, 'Complete the 16 Wreck Limit Races.' Not as difficult as the one above but will certainly give you a challenge...

Last Man Standing
Win all 16 Eliminator events

You must gold medal each one to get the trophy. Very difficult to do but good luck...

Speed Demon
Win all 16 Speed events

This can be a complete nightmare. If you mess-up, restarting is normally your best bet. Memorising the courses will help a lot (and so will not missing them!)

Canít Touch This
Win any Rank 8 race without being wrecked

Do what it says in the description. If you wreck, immediately restart. Your best bet for not crashing is a Big Rig / Monster Truck but a lot of talent is required to then win...

Runner Up
Win 96 Silver Medals

- Unlock all of the events (you'll get 'Wreckless' and 'Speeder' aswell)
- Play each event in turn, master the circuit, change vehicles if your struggling and keep at it until you get a minimum of a silver (golds will help for the next trophy)
Once you have silvered or golded every event, you'll get this trophy.

Win 96 Gold medals

Earning this trophy will prove you have mastered the challenge of Motorstorm.
Just follow the advice of the trophy above (golding each event in turn) and you'll get this (thoughly deserved) trophy.

Complete a ranked Online race with 12 players

This is a pure luck trophy. Just hope that during matchmaking for a RANKED match, the player list increases to the maximum of 12. If so, you just then need to complete the race. Note: If people drop out of the race, you will still get the trophy as long as you finish. Normally, 1 in 3 races will have the capacity of players though playing during peak times (6-8pm in the evening) will increase the chances further.

Complete 50 Online ranked races

There is no way of shortcutting this trophy but it's simple enough to get through effort. Just finish fifty of these ranked races to earn the trophy. Should take about 3 to 4 hours if you purely play ranked races.

Complete 50 online casual races

Same as above but there is a trick to shorten the time down to about 1 to 1 and a half hours. Set the race to a short track (Caldera Ridge or Rain God Spires are good) for one lap and start the race as soon as somebody else joins. Or altenatively, search for the above race type and participate.

Win an Online ranked race without wrecking

Tough little bronze trophy to earn. Just do as it says in the description, win and don't crash. The advice is select the biggest vehicle avaiable you can drive well around the track selected. Use safe though fast routes to win without crashing. Note: Resetting does NOT count as crashing so hammer it if you're about to crash coupled with the brakes!

Ranked Streak
Win 3 Online ranked races in a row

Very difficult to earn. If you do get it, it probably won't be until you get to a high rank online. Just remember the basics and drive fast. Note: Quitting if you don't win will reset your win tally so you have to get it the hard way...

Beginner's Luck
Come 1st in an Online ranked race

Description rephrase: Win online. Don't expect it in your first couple of races but patience and good knowledge of tracks will get you there eventually.

Reach Online rank 2 (Rookie)

These are your online rank trophies. When your % bar reaches 100, don't expect the trophy as you need to do it three times before a full rank upgrade is awarded. The first part of an overcomplicated system is shown below:
- Bronze Grunt (start of online)
Fill up bar then you become
- Silver Grunt
Fill up bar then you become
- Gold Grunt
Fill up bar then you become
- Bronze Rookie (Earn Rookie trophy)
And so on...
The more you level up, the harder the slope becomes. In the beginning, a first place may raise you 60% and a 12th may lose you only 10%. By the time you're in the higher level, the quality of your performances must be near perfection to level up so you've always got to be looking for podiums every race by that time.
And don't think quitting will escape the % punishment for a poor performance. Quitting will give you a penalty equal to 12th place so don't give in if you do find yourself at the bottom end of the field, you may pick up a place or two with the line in sight from others mistakes. For example, I managed to catapult myself from last (11th in that race) to 3rd 100 yards from the line due to the selection of a higher route and avoiding the carnage of the bottom layer so it can be done...
Just stick with it, follow my general advice below and you should fly through the ranks and be a formidable force online...

Reach Online rank 3 (Veteran)

See Rookie above.

Reach Online rank 4 (Hero)

See Rookie above.

Reach Online rank 5 (Legend)

See Rookie above.

[top]Race Advice

Festival Information
96 events in total. You start with the opening 12 with a further 12 every time you level up by earning the required points. The structure is rather simple:
Start: 12 normal races
Rank ups (2-7): 4 normal races, 2 wreck limits and 2 target times which can unlock 2 eliminators and 2 speed events.
Rank up (8): 12 normal (though extremely difficult) races
As you rank up, the difficulty of the races increases overall though you may find a level 8 race easier than a level 1 depending on the track and vehicles avaiable.

The amount of points necessary to level up is shown by the below table in the spoiler tab:

Toggle Spoiler

The amount of points necessary to level up is shown by the below table in the spoiler tab:

Toggle Spoiler

Note: Only your best result on an event counts towards your points total. Repeating and winning a race 10 times will not earn you 1000 points...
E.g. If bronze in an event was replaced by a silver performance, you will only gain 25 points.

Race - Target Time
Basic aim of this event: Beat the target time while getting a top 3 finish.
Simple rules to follow:
- Take the fastest but safest route. A crash will cost you valuable time but taking a slow route is just as bad.
- Don't aim for a win, just aim at the time. When you have beaten the time, then focus on winning.
- Remember, it is possible to fail when you win and pass if you get third. Wierd isn't it? It just depends on your time!
- After lap 1, check your time. Don't worry if you've had more than half your time because you have to factor in acceleration from the start and you never really begin at the finish line. That said, if you have taken a lot of crashes, restart immediately because you haven't really got a chance of beating the time.
Remember, completition of the event within the time unlocks a speed event!

Race - Wreck Limit
A very difficult race to win if you permenantly find yourself under a Big Rig. Advice here is:
- Don't crash
- Take the safest routes and not necessarily the fastest unless you have plenty of crashes left
- If you crash off the start line, restart.
- Don't crash
- If you crash more than 3 times in the opening lap, restart.
- If you go over your wreck limit, restart (unless you're in first or desperate for the 'Race Fan' trophy.)
- Don't crash
- Using the select button doesn't count as a crash. Use it instead of piling on the reverse or going for a very slow speed crash.
- Don't crash (I hope you have at least read that and committed it to memory)
Like 'Target Time' races, you must finish in the top 3 (stops you going round slowly at the back of the field). Sucessful completition of the race unlocks a Eliminator event.

The only competitior here is the clock. You start with a preselected car (you have no choice) and ten seconds on the clock. You have to drive between the fire towers (checkpoints) to gain a time boost. The amount of time earnt at a checkpoint starts at 5-7 seconds and decreases every couple of checkpoints until you're getting just 2. The amount of checkpoints increases with rank. E.g. the first speed event has 20 fire towers to pass through and increases every time. If you miss a checkpoint, press select to be taken to the last activated one and begin from there again. Running out of time will cause you vehicle to explode but completing the event guarentees you a medal shown in the table below:
Gold 15 seconds left 100 points
Silver 7 seconds left 75 points
Bronze Complete 50 points
Simpistic advice here is don't be last when the time expires. You're only racing against 10 others here but it doesn't mean it's easier...
The race structure is as such:

Toggle Spoiler

So from the table above, you need to last 2 minutes and 20 seconds to confirm a bronze, be the last to be eliminated for silver and victor for gold.
Follow the basic race advice to get through this one remembering if the corners of your screen flash red, boost out of last before the elimination time.

[top]Bonus Tips

#001 Big Shortcut at Cascade Falls - Axlrave
YouTube - Motorstorm Pacific Rift - Cascade Falls - Shortcut


All of this guide (unless otherwise stated) has been written by Axlrave and thus CANNOT be reproduced without his permission (and a large wad of cash). The only site this guide may appear on is on However, you can make a link to this guide from your site if you found it that good...

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