Players: 1-4 offline, 2-12 online
Online Trophies: Sand and Sulphur, Distinguished Character
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to 100: 10-25 hours, highly dependent on skill and use of boosting
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: Sand and Sulphur, Distinguished Character
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

Alright, the first thing I can tell you (and will mention a few times in this guide) is that you should get the online stuff done NOW. The reason I'm stressing this is because the online servers are abit annoying to connect to now (takes me about 5 minutes sometimes) and this October they will be shut down, making the Sand And Sulphur & Distinguised Character trophies unobtainable, and who wants to get a $10 DLC pack and not be able to get all the trophies? If you need a boosting partner, trying posting here to see if anyone is available: Motorstorm: Pacific Rift Boosting Thread

The next thing is: spend time learning the tracks. While this game does have it's own mini-career mode; the races do not involve the full track, so you won't have the same experience of learning the tracks as you did in the regular game that helped with the Individual tracks and with their Time Attacks.

My final tip is something you likely have if you've gotten this DLC, but you should go get if you don't already have it; experience with the main game is very helpful. If you haven't played the main game alot yet, then trying to learn these track will become alot harder. Now i'm not trying to say these tracks are super-hard, but without knowing how all the vehicles handle beforehand and without any Time Attack experience, your time at these trophies will be much longer.

Now, for the list of the SPEED tracks so you can tell which they are:
  • Quicksands
  • DarkFire Swamp
  • Engorged
  • Caldera Ridge Volcanic
  • Wildfire Volcanic
  • The Rift Volcanic

UPDATE: As of October 16th (perhaps sooner, but as of this moment at least) the online servers have been shut down, so the 2 online trophies are now unobtainable, making this DLC's 100% not possible for those without the online trophies

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

There aren't any cheats, glitches or exploits which I am aware of. (if you do know of any feel free to point them out to me)

[top]Ratchet2425's Galactic Roadmap To 100%

Here's my suggested Roadmap for getting all the trophies in this DLC
  1. Complete the Online Races: Normally I wouldn't suggest doing this right off the bat, but the online servers will be closing this October and connecting to them now can be 50/50; so the sooner you can get a partner and do these the better.
  2. Speed Weekend: Within this new mode are 46 Speed events; 6 for each class of vehicle. Each of these events require you to beat a qualifying time, followed by beating your time again in that same event. Since this will likely take you the longest amount of time it's best to do this next
  3. Split-Screen & Time Attack: Once those are done, all you should have left to do is beat all the Developer Ghosts and race Split-Screen on all the tracks in this DLC pack, so go do it!


Bike Weekender
Qualify and Race All Bike Rival Races

See Big Rig Weekender for more info

ATV Weekender
Qualify and Race All ATV Rival Races

See Big Rig Weekender for more info

Buggy Weekender
Qualify and Race All Buggy Rival Races

See Big Rig Weekender for more info

Rally Weekender
Qualify and Race all Rally Car Rival Races

See Big Rig Weekender for more info

Racing Truck Weekender
Qualify and Race All Racing Truck Rival Races

See Big Rig Weekender for more info

Mudplugger Weekender
Qualify and Race All Mudplugger Rival Races

See Big Rig Weekender for more info

Monster Truck Weekender
Qualify and Race All Monster Truck Rival Races

See Big Rig Weekender for more info

Big Rig Weekender
Qualify and Race All Big Rig Rival Races

In the Wreckreation section of the main menu you will find an option called "Speed Weekend", which is the main game mode for this pack. In this mini-career mode you will have 46 different Speed events over all 8 vehicle classes (6 per vehicle) in which you will be battling the clock. Each event will consist of a qualifying round, where you will have to beat either a 15 second, 20 second, or 25 second time, and a main event where you will have to beat your time in the qualifying round, but will have green & red barrels that will give you extra time or penalize you, depending on the color. In order to get the trophies for each vehicle class you will have to beat all 6 qualifying & main events for a vehicle.

Six Splitter
Play a Split-Screen race on all six SPEED tracks

The easiest of the trophies in this DLC; All you need to do is race a split-screen race on each of the 6 SPEED tracks and the trophy will pop, whether you have 2 people or 4 playing. You could always just get a second controller and have it sit there, but why do that? Make a party out of this simple trophy; invite a few friends over (assuming you have any), heck make a drinking game out of it , anything to make it less boring than having one controller sit around with you making laps around the tracks

Over Qualified
Beat Developer Ghosts on all six SPEED tracks

To get this trophy you need to beat all the Developer Ghosts on all 6 of the SPEED tracks in Time Attack mode. For those that have played the regular game and did this before on the other tracks, you probably know how annoying these can be without some skill. Since you won't have the luxury of a full Career mode to get used to the tracks with each vehicle class (the Speed Weekend races at these tracks are Speed events, not full races around these tracks), you'll have to do alot of that 8 letter word: Practice. If you did manage to beat at least some of the Ghosts from the main game you should be able to tackle these, but the only real strategy is to practice (going for Six Splitter can get you abit of practice without worrying about too much opposition)

Sand and Sulphur
Win an Online race on each of the six SPEED tracks

This trophy is now unobtainable

To get this trophy you're gonna have to win an online race on all the SPEED tracks. Since ranked races are pretty much dead, and these tracks almost never show up in ranked games anyway, you're best bet would be to make a custom match, get a friend/boosting partner (making sure to set the race to invite only so no randoms show up), and start trading wins on these tracks, preferably before the online servers close.

Distinguished Character
Win online with each DLC character on any DLC track

This trophy is now unobtainable

Very similar to Sand & Sulphur, although to get this one you need to win with the 6 different drivers that come with the SPEED expansion on any of the DLC tracks. To keep this simple, just go for it while you're boosting the online tracks with your friend, making sure to swap drivers after each race. It should also be noted that there are a few different coloured versions of each driver and that the one you use really doesn't matter, just as long as it's one of them.

Here are pictures of all 6 drivers you need to use:

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