Online Trophies: 5
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 100+ Hours (Skill Dependant)
Minimum Playthroughs: N/A
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: N/A
Glitched Trophies: None that I know of

Check out the Mushroom Wars Trophy Guide

[top]Tips & Strategies

Boost, boost, and more boosting. See Master for how to boost.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


I would just try for the trophies while you are going for Master. You should get all of them if not most of them. You could also try to boost them.


Become a Probationer

Probationer is the rank after newbie, so it is very easy. You get Probationer from reaching 50-99. Refer to Master for ranks and a boosting method.

Become a Master

This is going to be the hardest trophy out of all of them. From my understanding only 1 person in the world has this trophy because the ranking system is messed up. If you get disconnected, lose connection to the online server or from PSN, you lose points. If you win, you will get points. Some people are also saying that even though they won, they lost points, possibly because of the other persons rank. If you also face someone that is a low level, you might only get about 1 or 2 points, or even lose them. They REALLY need to patch this, but since it has been out for a while, I doubt they will.

How To Boost

Since you only get points in ranked matches, the best way to boost is you get a group of people, everyone searches at the same time, and hope you find someone. If not, play a match, and then try again. If you found a person, make sure to hit rematch so you can keep facing the same person. If you are trying to find only 1 person, lets hope the online is dead so that you can find them easily.

The Ranks

Newbie: 1-49
Probationer: 50-99
Amateur Class E: 100-199
Amateur Class D: 200-299
Amateur Class C: 300-599
Amateur Class B: 600-799
Amateur Class A: 800-999
Semi-professional: 1000-1199
Professional Class E: 1200-1399
Professional Class D: 1400-1599
Professional Class C: 1600-1799
Professional Class B: 1800-1999
Professional Class A: 2000-2199
Expert: 2200-2399
Master: 2400-2499
Senior Master: 2500-2599
Grand Master: 2600-2699
World Class Master: 2700+

Interrupt the conversion of your opponent’s point in Ranked Match

This trophy is hard considering you have to do it in a ranked match, AND you will know when they are doing it at the last minute. You can tell when they are converting/upgrading their building when you see dust from under it. If you are close by and have more people, go and try to take it over. You should earn this trophy before getting Master.

Win an online game for 4 players

As far as I believe this trophy can be boosted. You just need to make a custom match with 4 people and win. You will need to make the filters to:

- Any type of game
- 4 mushroom heads
- Friends

You can then just choose whatever map you would want to play on

Win 100 Ranked Matches

This is a trophy you will probably receive while going for Master All you will need to do is win 100 ranked matches. It will not matter what game type, map, or people you are going against. The best strategy would be to get building at the beginning of the match, and just start racking up Mushrooms. If you are being attacked, send some people from the closest point to help defend.

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