Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 8-10 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Missable Trophies: No


Mushroom Wars is a fast-paced, accessible single and multiplayer RTS game with a quaint visual style that brings skirmish gameplay to the forefront. Battles of opposing tribes of Mushroom armies take place in close-quarters maps using simple, straight-forward controls against AI or friends. Short campaigns challenge players to take control of key strategic points. Conquest battles require complete annihilation of opponents. You will jump for joy as much as you yell and scream at the tv....that's a promise.


Complete all Tutorials

This comes as a natural progression of the campaign mode. There are 5 total and can be picked out on the map for there is an "!" over the head of the guy on the map. Just complete all 5 and the trophy is yours.

Complete 25% of Campaign Mode

See Vanquisher. You'll get this after the 6th or 7th level.

Complete 50% of Campaign Mode

See Vanquisher. You'll get this after the 13th or 14th level.

Complete 75% of Campaign Mode

See Vanquisher. You'll get this after the 20th or 21st level.

Complete Campaign Mode in 60 minutes or less

This trophy can be a pain in the ass and though it's claimed to be glitchy, it's not. The thing about this trophy is once you beat a level for the first time, the only way to post a faster time on that difficulty is to not only beat the level faster but to have more points as well.

So it's often suggested to play through the game on HARD first and go back through on EASY but I say no! You want your first play to be on EASY so you can get used to the game and know how to beat each level. The trick is to take your time on each level and don't rush to finish it up. Take your time and even let the game just sit there for a few minutes once you have the other shrooms down to just one village.

Then right after you beat that level and see how it's done.....go right back into and smash it as quick as you can. That way you don't have to worry about trying to remember how to do it later....cause it will already be done.

Complete Campaign Mode

This can't be missed as long as you finish up campaign. It doesn't matter the difficulty, you just have to clear each level once and you'll get this trophy as well as all other % completion trophies on your way.

Complete Campaign Mode on Hard difficulty level

I hate to admit it but this trophy just plain sucks and there is no real way to cheat this one. You just have to be that damn good and even a little lucky on some levels. The best advice is to take as many villages quickly so that you can be adding to your army. The more you have the better off you will be. Also, if there are forges on the map (little huts with smoke coming out) then grab those asap cause they give a boost to attacking and defending. It's a 2-1 ratio and sometimes even 3-1 boost.

Another bit of advice that may be useful is to react more than act first. Watch the computer and react to what they do. Once they attack you somewhere then send in back up from one part of your army and send another part to attack the village they just emptied attacking you.

Gain 9 different rewards in Campaign Mode

Well seeing as how there are only 9 different rewards to collect, then you must collect each one at least once. But it's more of an award than a reward because all you really get is bonus points for the level, nothing else. The 9 different rewards and obtaing actions are as follows:

Warlord: You have to completely dominate the level and win very quickly. Goto level 4 and start up on easy. As the match starts wait for the blue guys to move to the far upper left village. As soon as they do, send all of your guys to the village they just came from. Once there, send all of those guys to the village they ran to. That's all there is to it.

Conqueror: This one is almost impossible to miss. You'll get this one often and early as all you need to do is win without loosing to many of your men. You should also be able to get this one on level four as well.

Defender: Not one that will come up after every level you win, but it's impossible to miss this one. It will come will natural game play on easy.

Architect: On any level, once you have the blue guys down to only one village, just wait around until you can upgrade every village you have and then attack their last one to win the level and earn this reward. All villages do not have to be upgraded fully, but do have to be upgraded at least once.

Expansionist: Another one that is impossible to miss. Just play through the game and on easy you will not miss it. All it requires is to take over alot of villages at a quick pace.

Inspirer: Not all levels will allow you to be able to gain this reward as it deals with morale. You have to obtain 3 out of 5 suns on the morale meter to obtain this reward. Succesful attakcs and defends will boost your morale.

Tactician: If you know what to do then this one is almost impossible to miss as well. All you need to do is be active the whole battle. Level 4 is a good spot for this one. Just follow the stratergy for "Warlord" and make sure to always be moving men somewhere and you should get this one.

Striker: Impossible to miss on easy. Just take over a few villages in a row (3 or 4) and you'll get this one.

Strategian: This one can be tricky. In order to obtain this one you must never lose a village and must take over a village on the first try. So basicly the whole level has to be perfect. If you know what you're doing you can plan for this one.

Gain 200 rewards in Campaign Mode

Very easy trophy.....just a little time consuming. All you need to do is collect 200 rewards total over all 3 difficultys and you've got an easy silver.

Complete Skirmish on Normal or higher difficulty level

See Ace

Complete Skirmish on Hard difficulty level

There are 3 seperate times of game matches that can be played across 12 maps in skirmish. All that's needed is for each map to be cleared once. The following is an explanation of the 3 match types:

Conquest: You need to capture all enemy's points in order to win this match type.

Domination: You have tocapture all marked points on the map to claim the win in this match type.

King of the Hill: You have to score points faster than the enemy and to do so you have to hold certain points marked on the map.

It may take alot of mix and match or you may find a certain match type you are better at and can win easier. If you do it all on hard then you'll get this trophy as well as Amateur at the same time.

Keep 5th morale level for 25 sec in Single Player

Of course this is can only be obtained on a map that has the morale system. The map that I found easiest was level 7 which is actually the tutorial on the morale system. Play it on normal difficulty so the blue guys will be smart enough to attack alot but not to strong to kill you.

What you want to do is defend the whole time unitl you reach morale level 5. If you just react to what the computer does they will follow the same pattern and attack this way......

left, middle, left, middle, right, left, middle, left, right, middle, left, middle, right, middle, right

But make sure to react to what they do. Go ahead and have your arrow pointed to the right location on the screen and as soon as you see their men on the move then send all troops to the correct location for back up. Once you have your full morale for about 30 seconds you should have the trophy unlocked. You do not have to finish the level to have the trophy unlocked.

In Single Player capture enemy's village after all own buildings were lost

Let all of your villages become captured except one. Put all of your men into one village. When you see the enemy coming after you.....send 100% of those guys to the village the enemy just came from.

Make sure not to send them too soon because in order to get this trophy you have to have no villages and have your men take over an enemy village in the process.

Upgrade the village to the 5th level in Single Player

You have to do this on level 14 because it requires to upgrade a village to level 5. In order to do so, it takes 999 men to upgrade a level 4 to a level 5 village. So play level 14 like normal and take all villages except one. Leave it for the blue guys. Send all of your men to the same level 4 village and once all 999 are there, just upgrade it. The trophy will unlock right away.

Send a surge containing 1000 units in Single Player

Use the excat same stratergy as Midas but instead of upgrading the village, send 100% of the men to the last enemy village. The trophy will unlock right away.

Capture 2000 buildings in Single Player

There's no trick to this one and it's a "gimme" trophy. All you have to do is put the time into the game to take over 2000 villages, forges, and or towers and this trophy is yours. Just make sure you are playing single player games. 2P games will not count towards your total.

Kill your 32000 units in Single Player

Another "gimme" trophy. Just keep playing single player games and after you have killed the 32,000th unit.....you'll have this trophy.

Play 100 Local Multiplayer Matches

There's no explanation needed for this one. Just put the time in to play 100 local multiplayer matches and the trophy is yours. Of course you can control both sides of the battle and just let yourself win to make things easier. Use game match type "Domination" to make things a little faster.

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