Players: 1 - 2
Online Play: N/A
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 8/10
Time To Platinum: 160-180 Hours


[top]Tips & Strategies



Truly Musou
Obtain all of the trophies

Height Of Trinity
All of the military commander are playable

Here's a list of the playable characters and how to unlock them:
Unlocked from beginning

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Sengoku 1

Toggle Spoiler

Sengoku 2

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Sengoku 3

Toggle Spoiler

Other 1

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Other 2

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Past And Present Musou Warrior
All stages cleared on Chaos difficulty

This is the hardest trophy in the game.
You have to clear all stages on chaos, meaning dramatic mode, story mode, and the gaiden(x) stages.
The easiest way to clear a stage on chaos is by doing the Benkei's Invincibility Glitch.
To do that you need the highflier upgrade equipped to benkei's weapon.

Fighter's Fortitude
Get 50 consecutive victories in survival mode

Use Shin Orochi, Orochi Himiko.
First use Orochi and spam .
Switch to Himiko as soon as the other team is far from you and then start spamming until the other team is out of the arena.
Keep your distance while playing as Himiko.

Searcher Of Jewelry
Obtain all treasures

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Pinnacle Of Martial Arts
Obtain all Abilities

You need to unlock all the abilties and max them out.
Here's a list of the abilities:

Vitality [Maximum Level 20]
Focus [Maximum Level 20]
Potence [Maximum Level 20]
Fortitude [Maximum Level 20]
Impulse [Maximum Level 20]
cavalier [Maximum Level 15]

Karma [Maximum Level 15]
Power [Maximum Level 20]
Speed [Maximum Level 20]
Technique [Maximum Level 20]
Boost [Maximum Level 20]
Awakening [Maximum Level 20]

Acclaim [Maximum Level 20]
Recuperate [Maximum Level 15]
Conserve [Maximum Level 15]
Adrenalin [Maximum Level 15]
Recover [Maximum Level 15]
Refill [Maximum Level 15]

Collector's Strange World
Unlock all weapons

You have to unlock the 2nd, 3rd and 4th weapons for all the characters.
To unlock the 3rd weapon, you need to clear a 5-star stage.
For the 4th weapon you need to clear a stage on chaos.
See Past And Present Musou Warrior for an easy way to clear a stage on chaos.

Dandy's Troubled Times
Be able to use all of the costumes

Get All characters at proficiency 20 including Gyuki, Dodomeki and Shin Orochi.

Colourful Dance
Unlock over 400 wallpapers.

There are 8 wallpapers for each character:

Default wallpaper
Learn all skills
Get proficiency to lvl20
Get proficiency to lvl30
Get proficiency to lvl35
Get proficiency to lvl40
Get proficiency to lvl45
Get proficiency to lvl50

Then there's 3 extra wallpapers:

Beating all Musou Orochi Stories including the gaiden stages
Beating all Musou Orochi 2 stories including the gaiden stages
Beating all Stories and Dramatic Stages on Hard
Credit goes to a76653

Bond Of Virtue
Clear Shu's story mode

Clear all the stages excluding the gaiden(x) stages.

Triumphal Return Of The Cactus
Clear Wei's story mode

*See Bond Of Virtue trophy.

Fierce Tiger's Counterattack
Clear Wu's story mode

*See Bond Of Virtue trophy.

Japan's Strongest Warrior
Clear Sengoku's Story mode

*See Bond Of Virtue trophy.

Birth Of A Devil
Clear Orochi's story mode

*See Bond Of Virtue trophy.

Decorate Hero
Get 30 consecutive victories in survival mode

*See Fighter's Fortitude trophy.

Mighty Warrior
Achieve 1000 K.O

One of the easiest trophies in the game, just kill 1000 Peon/Officer and the trophy is yours.

Paper Snow Storm
Unlock 200 wallpapers

*See Colourful Dance trophy.

Godspeed Honourable Solider
Clear a Stage in under 1 minute

Use Sun Wukong on Wu-1.
Ignore everyone and kill Mori Ranmaru and Ma Chao as fast as possible.

Rough Warrior
Win in survival mode

*See Fighter's Fortitude trophy.

Combo Profusion
Achieve a combo of over 100

Probably the easiest trophy in the game.
You'll get this without trying, if not then try playing as Sun Shang Xiang or Inahime and make enemies suround you. Then spam direction on them until you get the trophy.

Overwhelming Victory
Obtain over 10,000 experience points during one battle

Another easy trophy which you'll get without trying.

Warrior's Sword Point
Achieve 300 K.O

*See Mighty Warrior trophy.

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