Players: 1-2 (2-16 Online)
Online Trophies: "Let's Go Racin Boys", Pedal to the Metal, Rubbin is Racin, Up on the Wheel, Race Rivalry, Pit Perfection
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20-50 Hours, depending on how quick you are mastering the tracks & online
Minimum Playthroughs: 1, but may need to replay some races in Career Mode
Collectible Trophies: Name to Remember
Missable Trophies: No, since all races are replayable
Glitched Trophies: Yes (see below)

Special thanks to Chambers35 for making the banner

[top]Tips & Strategies

A few Tips, feel free to message me with any other that you may have:
  • Difficulty doesn't matter. You can set the AI on rookie if you really wish, you won't be penalized for it.
  • Boost if needed. Almost all the trophies can be done without boosting, except for Pit Perfection, but if you don't wanna chance racing with strangers, grab a friend and do some private races. Here's the boosting thread so you can look for a partner: NASCAR 2011 Boosting Thread

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Glitched Trophies:
  • Ride in Style
  • Boy Scout

Seems that both of these trophies are glitched, nobody really knows why, and sadly nobody really knows how to fix them, so if you end up missing a few paint schemes after hitting rank 30 or don't have all those Pins after you do everything required, it pains me to say that you're gonna have to restart.

Mark Martin GoDaddy Paint Schemes:
Press Down(2), Up(2), Right, Left, Right, Left at the main garage screen to display the password entry prompt, then enter to unlock the 3 extra paint schemes.

Kyle Busch's Drink NOS Paint Scheme:
Press Down(2), Up(2), Right, Left, Right, Left at the main garage screen to display the password entry prompt, then enter drinknos to unlock this 2011 paint scheme (Thanks to Chris_4_Gaming for the code)

[top]Ratchet2425's Galactic Platinum Roadmap

Here's my roadmap for getting the in this game (insert random joke about NASCAR drivers not needing a map to turn left except at Infineon & Watkins Glen here):
  1. Complete Career mode: Go through all 36 races of Career mode, making sure to win at all the races you can & qualify in pole position as much as you can.
  2. Complete all the Invitational Events: Once you complete Career mode, all the Invitational events will be unlocked, play through these, making sure to earn all Legends Coins, Pins & Paint Schemes that are available.
  3. Do the Online Races: Grab a partner and start racing through all the tracks online to earn Rubbin' is Racin! trophy, along with all the others.
  4. Start Mastering every Track: Here comes the longest part, Mastering every track. Each track will take ~5 races to earn most objectives, plus another race to get 5 pit stops, and perhaps a few to beat the target lap time if not beaten by this point. You will then have to rinse & repeat for the other 26 tracks. You will also be earning some pins for mastering most of the tracks.
  5. Cleanup: The only trophy you likely won't have (unless one of your trophies glitched) will be Kingly, so win however many races you still need to win and...
  6. Celebrate: This is where you feel very happy for having earned another for your virtual trophy cabinet


Unlock every trophy in the game.

The reason many of us play games: to earn these trophies. For those who don't know what Platinum () trophies are, they are earned after every , & trophy in a particular game are earned, for this one, earn every trophy listed below this one to add this one to your collection

One for the Road
Rank up for the first time.

Requires you to earn 5,000 NXP, which you will likely earn after your first race, if not you will definitely earn it after your second race

Now ya Talkin'
Advance to Rank 10.

Earned on your way towards NASCAR Legend, to earn this trophy you must hit rank 10, which requires you to earn 84,000 NXP, which will be earned during Career Mode.

Decorated Driver
Advance to Rank 20.

Earned on your way towards NASCAR Legend, to earn this trophy you must hit rank 20, which requires you to earn 332,500 NXP, which will likely be earned (or be close to earned) by the time you complete Career mode.

Advance to Rank 30.

This trophy will be earned when you hit the maximum rank in the game, rank 30, which requires you to earn 841,000 NXP. Honestly not a too hard trophy to earn, you will be close after completing career mode and the Invitational events, so you will mostly likely earn it while doing your online races, but if not you will earn it while mastering every track.

NXP Challenge
Achieve over 6,666 NXP in a single race.

You shouldn't have too much trouble earning this beastly amount of NXP in a race, I did it in my first race, but you will almost definitely earn it racing on a short track like Martinsville, Bristol or Phoenix, where you can easily lap the entire field before the end of the race and earn almost 10,000 NXP (depending on your race settings of course).

Saddle Up & Hang On
Qualify in pole position at every circuit in the game in Career Mode.

Before every race in Career mode, you will be given the option to qualify, where everybody runs 2 laps and the starting order is set based on the times every driver posts. In order to qualify in the 'Pole' position, you must have the fastest time of any driver in the qualifying session, the time you have to beat will be displayed on the right side of the screen and the place you are currently in will be displayed on the top right. Qualifying in Pole position isn't too hard, and if you missed getting the pole the first time around, you can retry any race that you previously completed at any difficulty, which can make it much easier to get the pole.

Tip: when you hit to bring up the qualifying screen, you can back out and go back in and have a different time to beat, making the times slightly easier to beat.

Victory Lane
Win a race at every circuit in the game.

Will be earned in the pursuit of Surfin' USA, this trophy requires you to win at all the tracks in the game, including the night races.

Star of Tomorrow
Achieve a total of 100 fastest laps.

A Fastest Lap is earned when you have the quickest lap time in a race. Only 1 is earned for any race, so having somebody beat your time, then beating that time during a single race doesn't count as 2. This trophy will most likely be earned on your way towards the Surfin' USA trophy, but if not, play some quick races until it's earned.

Race Rivalry
Achieve 20 rival victories. (Online Only)

In any race, online or offline, a driver is randomly selected to be your 'rival', and if you beat your rival, you get an NXP bonus. To get this trophy, you must beat race rivals 20 different times online, which isn't that hard to do, might take some luck to get a bad driver as your rival or some boosting, but this is one of the easier online trophies to get.

Keep Diggin'
Drive a total of 500 miles or more.

A cumulative trophy; should be earned by the time all the other trophies are earned, so I wouldn't worry much about this one, unless you want to get it out of the way and race a full 500 mile race (or the Coca-Cola 600, if you're brave )

Perform a draft of 500 yards or more.

Drafting, for those who don't know, is when one car follows behind another car, reducing the effects of drag on the pair... Long story short, makes you go faster. Anyway.. for this trophy you need to draft another car for 500 yards, which isn't too hard to do, especially at Daytona or Talledega. When you draft another car, a bar will appear on the top of the screen, indicating the strength of the draft and how long you've drafted the car in front of you, as well as an effect will occur behind the car you're drafting, making it easy to stay within the draft. The trophy will pop a few seconds after you pass the 500 yard mark. (Must be done in one shot)

Sprint to the Finish
Win a race in Career Mode and get the full 195 points.

In order to earn the maximum points possible in a race, you must first win, which will give you 185 points, lead a lap, which will give you a 5 point bonus, and lead the most laps in the race to earn the final 5 points. Should be earned in your first Career mode race, assuming you meet these criteria. It is also possible to earn this trophy if you are in a 2011 Career, but I don't recommend this because you won't have access to the invitational events.

Race to the Chase
Achieve enough points in Career Mode to move into The Chase, as one of the top 12 drivers.

"The Chase" is the NASCAR version of the playoffs, where the top 12 drivers after the first 26 races are eligible to race for the Sprint Cup. This trophy will be earned after your 26th race in Career mode, at Richmond, assuming you are in the top 12, which you will be if you've been winning all your races up to this point. The trophy will pop when you go to start your 27th race, when a message will pop up on the screen asking if you wish to start The Chase, saying that you won't be able to replay any races before the Chase, so make sure you've won & gotten the pole on all the races before this point if you haven't yet.

Series Champion
Finish top of Career Mode standings and become the Sprint Cup series champion.

The ultimate goal of any NASCAR driver is to win the Sprint Cup, and that is also the main goal of Career mode. For this trophy you have to be in 1st place in the standings after the final race at Homestead-Miami, then you will awarded the Cup & this trophy.

Cup Contender
Achieve a top 10 finish in every Career Mode race.

This trophy requires you to finish in the top 10 in all 36 races in Career mode, which isn't a very hard task to accomplish, since you will probably win every race in career mode anyway.

Any Place, Any Time
Compete in every Invitational Event.

While you're racing through Career mode, you will be unlocking special Invitational events that you can race in to earn bonus NXP, NASCAR Pins, Paint Schemes & Legends Coins. There are a total of 19 different events: 8 Legends Challenges, 3 Gauntlets, 3 Eliminators, 4 Solo Thunders & the Championship Showdown. All these events will be unlocked after your final race in Career mode, so you can wait till then and tackle these all at once, or do them along with Career mode. Either way, this trophy will unlock after you have competed in all of them, however you should make sure you win all the events so you can earn all the rewards that these events give, since these rewards will be needed for other trophies.

Complete all three objectives for a single sponsor in Career Mode.

This trophy will be earned when going for MVP

Receive full sponsorship status for your driver in Career Mode.

On the Career mode menu you've probably noticed the sponsors tab, this shows you the possible sponsors you can sign during career mode and your progress towards signing them. In order to sign a sponsor, you must complete all 3 "Sponsor Requirements", which are listed on this screen when looking at a particular one, as well as your progress towards each requirement, whether you've completed that requirement, and the benefits earned for having signed the sponsor, which include bonus NXP for doing a task in a race and 5% NXP bonus for finishing in the top 10. Most of the requirements can be achieved within the first few races of career mode, but 2 of the sponsors require you to Make the Chase, so you might earn Race to the Chase along with this one.

The Sponsors and their Requirements:

Toggle Spoiler

Car Stylist
Create a custom Paint Scheme.

Another easy trophy, Just select car Design Car Create new Paint Scheme, then design whatever kind of scheme you want, then hit and select save.

Last Man Standing
Survive a 43 car eliminator race to the end.

Eliminator events in this game are fairly similar to the eliminator events in many of the motorstorm games, except the drivers that get eliminated don't explode . Anyway... in an eliminator event the car in last place is eliminated in 15 second intervals after the leader finishes the first lap, this cycle repeats until only 1 car is left racing. For this trophy you need to win a 43 car Eliminator race, but since neither of the invitational events have a 43 car field, you'll have to start an eliminator event in single player mode, which is done from the Main Menu by selecting Single Player Select the car you wish to drive Eliminator Select track you wish to race on. Make sure that before you start the # of opponents is set to 42 (you're the 43rd car of course) then just win the race. Also, you can set the timer down to 10 if you want to make the race quicker.

Run the Gauntlet
Win a Gauntlet Invitational Event.

A Gauntlet event is a 2 round race where you earn points based on where you finish in both races, and after the first race the starting order is the reverse of the first race's finishing results, making for a fun scramble through the field to see how far you can get. The points system for Gauntlet races is the same as the championship points system, although there is a 5 point bonus for having the fastest lap in either race. Your first opportunity at a Gauntlet will come after you complete your 5th race in Career mode.

The Champ is here!
Win the Championship Showdown Invitational Event.

The Championship Showdown is an Invitational event that is similar to gauntlet events, but with a twist. This is a 2 round event, 10 laps in both rounds, where all drivers must make a 4 tire pit stop in the first round, just like the All-Star race that wasn't included in Career mode. After the first round you start the second round in the position you finished round 1 in and must then race to the finish. The trophy will pop on the race results screen (assuming you win), you will also earn 2 NASCAR pins for winning.

Finishing in First!
Win a race crossing the line in first gear.

A fairly easy trophy to earn, especially on a short track. As you approach the finish line on the last lap of a race, hit the brakes until you slow down enough that your car changes into 1st gear, then drive across the finish line without going fast enough to change gears (best done with a huge lead and on a short track so you are less likely to be passed while doing this).

Give me 4
Perform your first 4-tire pit stop in any race.

Should be earned when going for Pit Perfection, Surfin' USA, or The Champ is here!, or you can get it out of the way in any race by pulling down pit lane (make sure you don't speed!) and making sure that 'all tires' is selected, then wait for your crew to stumble through the pit stop (they aren't nearly as fast as regular NASCAR pit crews)

Create a custom tuning setup.

From the main menu, select Career practice, then when the session loads press to bring up the setup select screen, and press to edit a set-up, edit it however you wish, then hit save. Trophy should pop shortly after doing this.

"Let's Go Racin Boys"
Take part in your first online race.

A fairly easy trophy, just participate in any online race, you don't even have to win, just participate.

Up on the Wheel
Lead 5 consecutive laps in an online race.

Another online trophy that may require boosting, this trophy requires you to lead 5 laps in a row during an online race, which, depending on who you get matched against, can either be really easy or really hard. If you don't have this one by the time you start boosting for Rubbin is Racin! (assuming you do of course), then boost this trophy as well.

Rubbin is Racin!
Race online at every track.

The most time-consuming of the online trophies: this trophy requires you to race at every track in the game online (including night races). You'll have to keep track of the tracks that you have & have not raced on yourself, since there isn't any stat to keep track for you. Can be boosted (like all the others), but isn't necessary.

Pedal to the Metal
Achieve the fastest lap of the race during an online race.

Another of the easier online trophies, as the description says: achieve the fastest lap during an online race. Shouldn't require boosting, but, like all the online trophies, it's always an option.

Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday
Win a race in all brands of car.

For this trophy, you need to win races using cars from each manufacturer (Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge & Toyota). You'll already have wins with 1 manufacturer during Career mode, so while you're doing races for Surfin' USA, choose drivers with the other 3 manufacturers to get this trophy done.

Styling 'N' Profiling
Win a race with a personalized Paint Scheme.

After making a custom paint scheme for Car Stylist, just start any quick race with the created scheme and win for another trophy.

Pit Perfection
Perform a 4-tire pit stop, and go on to win the race. (Online Only)

You're gonna want to boost this one, because pitting in an online race is basically saying to everyone else "here, take my position, I don't want a good finish anyway", if you're going to boost Rubbin is Racin!, while you're doing that I'd suggest picking up this trophy during one of those races. Even if you aren't going to boost that one, boost this one, you'll be glad you did.

Ride in Style
Collect 88 Paint Schemes by racing in Invitational Events and reaching rank 29.

This Trophy is Glitched

In order to earn this trophy, you must unlock a total of 88 paint schemes, which are earned while ranking up & some are earned by completing Invitational events. There are a total of 91 paint schemes, but the extra 3 are unlocked with a password (password is up in the Cheats, Glitches & Exploits section). Many people have had this trophy glitch on them, having some schemes not unlock for them even after they hit rank 30, so sadly if this happens to you you'll have to restart your game.

Master a track. Complete all the objectives on a Master the Track card.

This trophy will be earned when going for Surfin' USA

Surfin' USA
Master every track in the game.

In order to "master" a track, you must fulfill every task that is on the Mastery Card that each track has, these cards can be found on the track selection screen on the bottom right side of the screen. In order to master a track, you must win 5 races, start from the pole 5 times, lead 5 laps, pit 5 times, have 5 Fastest Laps, and beat the target time listed on the card. There are a total of 27 tracks to master, so this will be the most time-consuming of all the trophies, thankfully you should have some of the wins and races done from Career mode and online, and some of the lap times will likely already be beaten, and the target times can also be beaten while qualifying for the races.

A Master the Track card is on the bottom right of this picture:

Toggle Spoiler

Name to Remember
Unlock every Gold Legends Coin in the game.

Legends Coins are earned in the Legends challenge invitational events, which are unlocked the same way that the other invitational events are unlocked. The coins themselves are earned by drafting each driver individually during each challenge until the bar above their cars empty. There are coins for each driver and the coins and your progress can be viewed under Accolades in the Driver screen from the main menu

Boy Scout
Unlock every NASCAR Pin in the game.

This Trophy is Glitched

NASCAR Pins are... pins, that you unlock which can be used on your online profile (I think, not completely sure actually). Anyway, There are a total of 269 pins, but you start out with about 130 pins already unlocked. The rest of the pins are unlocked while ranking up until rank 15, completing the invitational events, and are awarded for mastering the tracks, although not all tracks give pins (Kentucky & the night races apparently don't, i'm not certain though). Some people have also had some pins not unlock after completing everything, so you will have to restart your game if this happens to you .

Celebration Shot
Take and save a photograph of the driver celebrating on the car after a Career Mode race win.

After winning a race in career mode and doing the burnout, a cutscene will start with your driver on top of the car celebrating, when this starts press and you will be able to control the camera to take the photo. Get your driver in the shot and earn yourself a trophy.

Your driver will be doing something like this...

Toggle Spoiler

Defeat Richard Petty's race win record of 200 wins.

Likely to be the last trophy that you earn before the , this trophy requires you to beat a sports record that will likely never be beaten in real life: Richard Petty's 200 wins. After you get every other trophy you will likely still have some races left to win (depending on how many races you won before this point of course), so your best bet would be to go into singleplayer and do 2 lap races until you hit 201 wins. You can keep track of how many races you've won in the stats screen under "racing (all)".

Rookie Mistake
Receive a drive through or speeding penalty.

To earn this fairly easy trophy, during any race drive down pit road above the posted speed limit (different for every track), you'll see a black flag on the screen saying "Illegal Pit road entry" and the trophy will pop during the drive down pit lane.

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