x40 x6 x3 x1

Players: 1-7, 2-10 Online
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: 40+ hours. Depends on Online Association boosting
Minimum Playthroughs: 15 Games for NBA's Greatest Mode
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: Yes
Glitched Trophies: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

Exhibition: You will need to play a couple of exhibition games for easy trophies. Pretty easy. Go to "Game Sliders" and max out all the stats that benefits you. If you like, you can decrease CPU stats as well. Not necessary though.

My Player: This year there's a lot of trophies focused on My Player Mode. You will need to make it to the Hall of Fame. That's the hardest one. You have to complete 10-15 goals for such prestigious honor. My character is a SG that is 6'6 tall. I cannot stress this enough guys, before anything, go the settings in My Player and set the minutes from 5 to 12. You will average at least 2,000 Skill Points a game. You will have an 80 overall in no time. Now let's talk about attributes. I suggest the first thing you focus on is bringing your Vertical up. This is how high you jump. You will get more rebounds and be able to dunk. Bring up Mid Range, Close, Inside shot to at least a 75. Boosting up defensive and offensive awareness puts up your overall ridiculously fast.

NBA's Greatest: Game Sliders can be used for the challenges.

Online: The hardest online trophy is to win the Association. Use the boosting thread for help. You cannot boost in the other online trophies. At least not yet.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Enter these codes under "Extra"

2ksports: Unlocks 2K Sports Team
2kchina: Unolocks 2K China Team
payrespect: Unlocks ABA ball
23: Unlocks all retro Jordan sneakers.


1) Go for the trophies in My Player because those are the most difficult. More time consuming than online trophies.

2) Online trophies.

3) NBA's Greatest. Not that difficult challenges. Shouldn't be a problem. All you have to do is win. Last year for MJ's Challenges you had to record stats which can be aggravating.

4) Exhibition. Pretty easy. Boost up the "Game Sliders." If you still having trouble , you can use 2 controllers. The trophy I found rather difficult is the one to record blocks. With two controllers, your friend can shoot at the same time that you block. You can literally have 10 blocks in 2 minutes.

5) Clean Up. Get the trophies that you are missing. For example: It's Better to Give Hey Mr. DJ


The Whole Shebang
Earn every trophy in NBA 2K12.

Pretty self explanatory don't you think ? =]

Dawn of an Era
Get drafted as a lottery pick in the NBA draft in My Player mode.

Honestly, and easy trophy.
Quote Originally Posted by blyrock1986
You have to be picked in one of the first 14 draft picks

Money Bags
Purchase 3,000 skill points in a single transaction in My Player mode.

You actually get the option to spend the money you receive from your contract. This trophy is hard. Your rookie year you barely get payed. Depending on your stats for the season, you will get offered more money the next one. You receive 50 skill points for 50k. You will have to spend more than $3 million dollars to get this.

Complete all 3 in-game objectives in My Player mode.

Pretty simple. In My Player, you get 3 objectives every game. One is to have a certain rating by the end of the game. Like a C+ The other two are random. They might tell you to take 5 jump shots. Record 5 rebounds. Limit your match up to certain points. You'll get this in no time.

Come Fly with Me
Purchase Michael Jordan's dunk package (His Airness) in My Player mode.

This boosts up your dunk skills. You get Jordan's signature dunks. This dunk package cost $5 million. You have to save up money. When you finally have the money and you don't wanna spend it. Take off autosave and buy it. Wait for the trophy to pop up. Reset the game after. Since it didn't save, you kept your money.

NBA Cares
Make a donation to the NBA Cares global community outreach initiative in My Player mode.

Really cheap. It cost $350+k Donating will make your popularity go up.

My Player of the Game
Be named Player of the Game (in an NBA game) in My Player mode.

This trophy is somewhat difficult. Depending on what team you're in and your position, your stats will be different. Being in the Houston Rockets, you have no competition. Averaging stats will be easy. Being in a team like the Golden State Warriors is a different story. You have Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis getting all the points. I first got this when I scored 30+ Points, 9 Rebounds and 2 steals. Having 12 min quarters will help your stats go up easily.

My Every Day Player
Become a starter in the NBA in My Player Mode.

This takes a lot of patience. I'm in the Golden State Warriors as a SG so knocking off Monta off the starting lineup is hard. Average good stats and you'll be a starter soon.

I'm Worth It
Land a contract that pays at least $10M per season in My Player mode.

My goal for my rookie year is to average at least 40 PPG, 8RPG, 8 APG. Having done so, outshining stars like Kevin Durant and LeBron, you will get offered a lot of money to play for different teams.

My Big Eight-O
Earn an 80 overall rating in My Player mode.

This is gonna take some time. Probably by your twentieth game, you'll have an overall of 70. Averaging 2,000+ Skill Points a game will get you there in no time.

My All-Star
Be named an NBA All-Star in My Player mode.

You have to average good stats. This shouldn't be too hard. Remember, this all depends on what team you're in, your position and how much minutes they give you to play. Check the league leaders from time to time to see if you are the superior player in your position.

Make the Hall of Fame in My Player mode.

To make the Hall of Fame, you have to complete 10 of the following 15 goals:

Score 20,000 Career Points
Record 2,500 Career Rebounds
Record 1,000 Career Steals
Record 1,000 Career Assists.
Get selected to 5 All-Star Teams
Win the MVP Award
Win an NBA Title
Make the Playoffs 4 times
Make the Conference Finals 2 times
Win Scoring Title (must qualify for League Leaders)
Finish season in Top 10 for Scoring, 3PM and steals
Get 50 A+ Teammate Grades
Break a Single Season Record (Pts, Reb, Ast, Stl, Blk, 3Pt)
Record 250 Career double-doubles
Record 10 Career triple-doubles

Buzzer Beater
Make a game winning shot with no time left on the clock, in a non-simulated game.

Read Hold the Fat Lady

Record a triple double with any player, in a non-simulated game.

Get this with G Performance and Man of Steel You'll have over 10 points, 10 steals. Go for 10 assists. Get an additional 10 blocks to get Block Party

Record two double doubles with any teammates, in a non-simulated game.

Read Trip-Dub

Five by Five
Record 5 or more in 5 different stats with any player in a non-simulated game.

You'll get this with Trip-Dub Now you have to go for 5 rebounds. Stay in the paint and with for the CPU to miss. 5 blocks may be hard. If you're having trouble, use two controllers.

It's Raining
Make 15 or more 3-pointers with any team, in a non-simulated game.

To save you time, you should get this trophy along with G Performance

Block Party
Record 10 or more blocks with any team, in a non-simulated game.

Read Five by Five

Men of Steal
Record 10 or more steals with any team, in a non-simulated game.

Game Sliders will help you get this trophy instantly.

Swat and Swipe
Record at least 5 blocks and 5 steals with any team, in a non-simulated game.

Read Five by Five

Hold the opposing team's FG% below 40% with any team, in a non-simulated game.

Putting the CPU Game Sliders attributes down will get you this. The CPU will keep shooting and missing.

Giveth and Taketh Away
Record 10 or more rebounds and assists with any player, in a non-simulated game.

Read Trip-Dub

Hold the Fat Lady
Start the 4th period losing by 10 or more points and win with any team, in a non-simulated game.

Set the time to 2 minutes per quarter. Let the CPU score 10 points on you. When the 4th quarter starts, steal the ball from them and score. Tie the game. Don't blow them out yet. Hold the ball and hit the buzzer beater shot to get Buzzer Beater

Wire to Wire
Do not allow your opponent to lead the game at any point with any team, in a non-simulated game.

You'll get this along with Trip-Dub

4-Point Line
Pull off a successful 4-point play with any player, in a non-simulated game.

This trophy can be pretty difficult. You'll have to gun a 3pt and get fouled at the same time. I suggest using two controllers for this one. Having the Game Sliders boosted, you should have fouls maxed out. Go to the 3pt line and shoot. While you are shooting, have your friend try to steal the ball from you. He should foul you. You make the shot. The Free Throw requires timing. If you miss either the Free Throw or the 3pt shot, just try again.

G Prime
End the 1st period with a 15 point lead or greater on the Hall of Fame difficulty setting.

Thank you 2K for Game Sliders! Set the difficulty to Hall of Fame. Score more than 15. You don't have to play the whole game. After the 1st quarter ends, you should get the trophy.

The Closer
Hold the opposing team to 0 points in the final two minutes of regulation, in a non-simulated game.

You should be getting this trophy with Hold the Fat Lady Don't let the CPU score at all in the last quarter since you already set it to 2 minutes.

G Performance
Score at least 48 points with Kevin Durant to set a new career high, in a non-simulated game.

You should literally get this in less than 5 minutes with the Game Sliders maxed out. Just shoot 3pts. Get this with Trip-Dub

A 2K to Call My Own
Create a My2K Account.

This should be the first trophy you get. Right when you in the menu for the first time, you'll be asked to create an account.

G Recovery
Play an entire game using manual substitutions, in a non-simulated game.

Before starting the game, go to coach settings and set substitutions to manual. To save you time, you should be getting this trophy with Trip-Dub

Not Your Father's Association
Join an Online Association.

This is going to be hard. You're gonna have to boost for this one. You need one player for each team. Use the boosting thread for help.

Another Day, Another Win
Win 5 NBA Today matchups.

Play NBA Matchups of the day from the Home menu and win them.

Don't Hate the Player
Win the championship in an Online Association.

Read Not Your Father's Association

Win 5 games in a row in The Association mode (playing all 5 games).

Set it to 1 min quarters and this trophy should come in no time.

Home Court
Earn the NBA's best record in The Association mode (at least 30 games played).

Before starting the Association, set the season length to 58 games. The reason for this is because you have to play 30 games to get Home Court Set every series to 1 game instead of best of 7. This will make Ticker Tape easier. Minutes should be set to 1. You shouldn't have a problem getting the best record.

Ticker Tape
Win an NBA Championship in The Association mode (playing every playoff game).

You have to play every single playoff game. Do not simulate none of them!

Shooting Star
Win the MVP award in NBA: Creating a Legend mode.

A great find by jay_hawk12 !

Quote Originally Posted by jay_hawk12
1. Choose anyone of your liking (I picked Dwight Howard cause he can score and get rebounds, better for the MVP.) Update all his stats to 99
2. Take out anyone over a 80 on your roster. I went as far as taking out every single center over 70
3. Put your player on a team that doesn't have a lot of rivals. I did Charlotte, as their only rival is the hornets
4. Go to rotations, and put your players minutes to 48. Just so he plays almost every minute. Although it may go down throughout the season
5. Start your CAL, simulate, play the key games, and it should be no competition for you, and you get your achievement(You should edit rosters before starting this mode, for whatever postilion you play trade all players above a 77 to one team on an opposite conference team. Also any superstars should be traded to a team on an opposite conference. This should limit your key games with the Bobcats to 6 or under)

Sprite Slam Cam
Get the Sprite Slam Cam replay after a dunk with LeBron James.

Easy trophy. LeBron is an aggressive player. Getting in the paint shouldn't be a problem with the Heat offense. Dunk it with Lebron and you should get a Sprite Slam Cam replay.


Pretty simple trophy. Considering the fact that there's plenty of My Player trophies , you get this right when you start for creating a player.

Hey Mr. DJ
Create a 2K Beats Playlist.

Go to the 2K Beats Playlist, click any song to remove and go the home menu. The Playlist should autosave and the trophy will pop up.

This One Counts
Win one online Versus match.

I have already tried, you cannot boost. To get this trophy you gave to play a random player. You can't face a friend.

Back to Back to Back
Win 3 Versus matches in a row.

Your best bet in getting the vs trophies is to play a team up game with people that know how to play the game. Form a squad and go for the W's.

You're Officially Hot
Win 5 Versus matches in a row.

Read This one counts

Win 5 Versus matches total.

Read This one counts

Win 10 Versus matches total.

Read This one counts

Made My Name
Complete 5 of the NBA's Greatest challenges.

Unlike Jordan Challenges last year, you can use game sliders for these challenges. Set it to 1 minute per quarter. There are a total of 15. All you have to do is win. Here's the list of the challenges.

"MJ" (Michael Jordan) Unlocks: 92-93 Hornets, 85-86, 90-91, 92-93, 97-98 Bulls
"Magic" (Magic Johnson) Unlocks: 90-91 Trail Bazers, 90-91 Lakers
"Larry Legend" (Larry Bird) Unlocks: 85-86 Hawks, 85-86 Celtics
"Dr.J" (Julius Erving) Unlocks: 84-85 Bucks, 76-76, 84-85 76ers
"Cap" (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) Unlocks: 85-86 Celtics, 86-87 Lakers
"The Big Dipper" (Wilt Chamberlain) Unlocks: 71-72 Knicks, 71-72 Lakers
"The Dream" (Hakeem Olajuwon) Unlocks: 93-94 Nuggets, 93-94 Rockets
"Big O" (Oscar Robertson) Unlocks: 70-71 Lakers, 70-71 Bucks
"Zeke" (Isiah Thomas) Unlocks: 88-89 Bulls, 88-89 Pistons
"The Mailman" (Karl Malone) Unlocks: 97-98 Spurs, 97-98 Jazz
"Bill" (Bill Russell) Unlocks: 64-65 Lakers, 64-65 Celtics
"Pip" (Scottie Pippen) Unlocks: 95-96 SuperSonics, 95-96 Bulls
"Pat" (Patrick Ewing) Unlocks: 94-95 Magic, 94-95 Knicks
"Mr. Clutch" (Jerry West) Unlocks: 70-71 Hawks, 70-71 Lakers
"Stock" (John Stockton) Unlocks: 97-98 Lakers, 97-98 Jazz

Left My Mark
Complete 10 of the NBA's Greatest challenges.

Read Made My Name

Wrote My Legend
Complete all 15 of the NBA's Greatest challenges.

Read Made My Name

The Sum of Its Parts
Play a Team Up Game.

Pretty simple. A team Up game is where 10 players individually control one player. Like My Player mode. You don't have to win, just complete a game. Beware of the ball hoggers out there.

It's Better to Give
Share any file type through 2K Share.

You know the Game Sliders that you changed earlier? Upload that and the trophy is yours.

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