Players: 1-4
Online Play: Was. Online has been disabled as of 11/1/13 so the online trophies are no longer obtainable from that date.
Online Trophies: 4
Cheat Codes: Yes
Cheats Affect Trophies: No
Trophy Difficulty: 8/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 7 (6 on classic campaign and 1 on remix tour)
Suggested Playthroughs: 7
Time to Platinum/100%: 50 – 60 hours

Credit to aaman10 for making the banner.

[top]Tips & Strategies

3 Point Shooters: Kobe Bryant (LA Lakers), Chauncey Billups (Denver Nuggets), Glen Rice (Miami Heat legend)
Dunkers: Dwight Howard (Orlando Magic), LeBron James (Miami Heat)

3 Point shots: These are fairly hard for newcomers to learn, but my personal way of doing them is to go right on the edge of the 3-Point line, then hold :square: for 1 second then let go. If you practice them and time it out loud, then you will find a way of doing them.

Holding a win: One of the toughest things about NBA Jam is that towards the end of a match on a harder difficulty, the CPU will normally get much better in the last quarter, and a previously unassailable lead can sometimes be turned into a loss. In the fourth quarter, just hold the ball for as long as possible, and towards the end of the shot clock, go towards the basket and attempt the shot. Then get the ball back either through stealing it or them scoring, then repeat.

Crossovers: These can be a valuable asset in the remix modes, especially on 21, where some well-timed crossovers can easily win the game for you.

[top]Cheats, Glitches & Exploits

There are several different cheats that have varying effects, some unlocking extra teams, and some that give in game benefits like 1 shot fire.

Team Unlocks:

When loading up the game, before pressing the start button, press the following button combination to unlock these teams. If you don't hear the confirmation sound, then you have done the code incorrectly.



Beastie Boys:
The Beastie Boys can be unlocked by completing the '3 The Hard Way' trophy, or you can use this cheat code:

Konami code :-)

The following teams are unlocked by entering specific initals when going on play now mode:

Original Generation Jam:
As player 1, enter the initials 'MJT' to unlock this team.
The OG Jam team consists of Mark Turnell, the creator of the original NBA Jam and Tim Kitzrow, the commentator on both the original arcade and the PS3 version.

Mascot team:
You need 2 controllers for this. Both join the same team. Player 1 needs to enter the initials 'MAS' and player 2 needs to enter the initials 'COT' - This makes MASCOT.
This code also unlocks any Mascots that you haven't already unlocked for use in their respective teams.

ESPN Sportsnation:
Also needs 2 controllers. Player 1 enters 'ESP' and Player 2 enters 'NSN'
This unlocks the two presenters of ESPN Sportsnation as a team.

Team Jordan:
Player 1 Enters 'JOR' and Player 2 enters 'DAN'
This unlocks a team with a few players sponsored by Nike

Adidas team:
Player 1 enters 'ADI' and Player 2 enters 'DAS'
This unlocks a team with a few Adidas sponsored players

Team Sprite:
To unlock Team Sprite, Player 1 enters 'SPR' and Player 2 enters 'ITE'
This unlocks Team Sprite, which has 2 versions of LeBron James

Trophy exploits!!!

Most of the game situation trophies can be easily completed by using 3 controllers!!!
The method involves having Player one play in a team alone and the other two controllers being on the opposing team. This means that you will receive no opposition from the other team whilst completing the trophy requirements.


Step 1: Complete the Jam Camp mode
It will give you a good understanding of the game and if you don’t then the game keeps bothering you about it.

Step 2: Classic Campaign
You can get all six of the ‘Division Represent’ trophies in one playthrough, as you are required to play all 6 legend teams through the campaign, so by playing through once you will have 6 silvers and one gold ‘Classical Campaign’. Play through the entire campaign with one team from each of the 3 eastern conference divisions to get ‘Eastern Conference Division’, and one team from each of the 3 Western Conference Divisions to get ‘Western Conference Domination’ and also ‘NBA Domination’

Step 3: Remix Tour
Only 1 trophy is actually gained from Remix Tour and that is ‘3 The Hard Way’ for beating the Beastie Boys getting 180/180 stars in the Remix Tour.

Step 4: Online
Find a boosting partner and get the four online trophies – Shouldn’t take longer than an hour with a decent boosting partner.

Step 5: Cleanup
Any other trophies that you haven’t obtained whilst playing the 6 campaigns or the remix tour, such as ‘From Downtown’, ‘Finger Roll’ and ‘Burning’


Unlock all other Trophies

Obtain all the other trophies in the game and it's BOOMSHAKALAKA TIME!

You also get a

Raw Rookie
Play a ranked game online

You only have to play one match online. Win or lose, just finish the game to get the trophy.

From Downtown
Score 50% of your team's points while only shooting three pointers

Score at least half of your teams total points with three pointers. A good starting point is having a player with a high 3 point attribute (8 or above), and also someone who is good at rebounding as a team-mate is ideal but not neccessary. I personally used Tim Kitzrow from the Original Generation Jam team because his team-mate Mark Turnell (The creator of NBA Jam) is so good at rebounding, but it's a matter of personal preference.

If you find three-pointers difficult, attempt this trophy at the same time as Clean Sheet as you then only have to score one basket.

Finger Roll
Make 5 layups in a row without getting blocked

This trophy is easiest when attempted playing as Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns, as he has a 1 rating for dunks, and a high rating for most other things. Additionally, the two players who I personally found were worst at blocking were Al Gore and Joe Biden of the Democrats. (See the ‘cheats and exploits’ section for information on how to unlock them.)
What you have to do is score 5 layups without failing, so when you go up for a dunk with Nash, you should end up doing layups instead of dunks, and Biden and Gore are unlikely to block you, so just go for the layups and you should get this trophy.

Don't worry if you accidentally score a dunk or a two point shot, just carry on trying to get layups, and as long as you don't miss any, upon scoring your fifth layup you will get the trophy – you can also get the 'Burning' trophy at the same time, as assuming you score the baskets unanswered you should only be three baskets away from dousing your fire.

If you're finding this trophy a bit difficult, then it can be completed using the three controller method.

He's on Fire!
Hit a buzzer beater while on fire

This trophy is easily doable at the same time as From Downtown, Clean Sheet, Triple Up and Double Up.

See Clean Sheet for the game settings.

To get this trophy, all you really have to do is score 3 shots to get on fire, and then hit a buzzer beater. To get save time and get several trophies at once, hit 3 unanswered 3 pointers to get On Fire, and then just run underneath your basket until the clock is about 10 seconds from expiring, then set yourself up just outside the three point line and shoot with about 3 seconds to go - You're on fire so it's very likely to go in!

If you've already gotten some of the trophies that I mentioned above, then the only real other advice I would have for you is that you cannot dunk a buzzer beater.

Keep yourself or your teammate on fire until it exhausts by making 5 or more unanswered baskets

To get this trophy, you have to first get on fire by scoring 3 unanswered baskets, then you have to get a further 5 unanswered baskets, making a total of 8 unanswered baskets.

Whilst this seems near upon impossible in a classic or Remix 2v2 match, it is possible to get the trophy in any mode, and the easiest of these is 21. Just pick a really good player, e.g. Lebron James or Dwayne Wade. When you score in a game of 21, you get possession back, so just hold one of the sprint buttons and go for another dunk. Once you get on fire, it is even easier to score the dunks, as when on fire you normally go higher into the air to dunk. Just carry this on until you stop being on fire and unlock the trophy.

This trophy can also be done at the same time as Finger Roll, assuming you are using the 3 controller method.

Wrecking Crew
Beat Backboard Smash in under 2 minutes

You have to smash the backboard in 'Backboard Smash' mode. This can either be accessed through the main menu, in game modes, then remix modes, or you can do this trophy whilst going through the remix tour.
I would recommend that you do this individually from the Remix Tour, as beating Backboard Smash in 2 mins is actually quite hard. Here are a few tips for improving damage:
- When you're on fire, your dunks do more damage than when not on fire.
- Alley-oops do more damage than regular dunks.
- Therefore alley-oops when on fire do the most damage.
- 3 pointers, layups and normal shots do no damage whatsoever so just focus on dunks.
- Pick a team with one player who has a 9 or a 10 for dunking, and the other player has at least a 7, as higher dunk rating increases damage.

This can also be gained using the three controller method, but you still have to do it in the two minutes.

First Time for Everything
Win a ranked game online

See Rolling

Start to Finish
Win an online ranked game while leading after each quarter

The simplest way to assure this trophy is to boost it - You are unlikely to find anyone online, and even if you do it's better to know you're going to get the trophy than to not.

Official Boosting Thread:

Iron Will
Break the backboard in a Classic or Remix game with an alley oop!

You have to break the backboard with an alley-oop, so throughout the game you should only do slam dunks and alley-oops up until you get about 50 points, then just do alley-oops after that to ensure that you don’t smash the backboard with a dunk by accident. To make it go even quicker, make sure you are a player with high dunking ability (9 or 10) and also strength might help although I’m not sure. Just do this in one of your classic campaign matches, as it’s not a very hard trophy, and in fact the first trophy I got on the game.

Alley-Oop - To do an alley-oop, your team-mate needs to have the ball, and you need to go up for a dunk. Then press the button to receive a pass and proceed to finish the dunk.

Win a game with a layup buzzer beater

Use the settings from Clean Sheet to make your life easier.

Similar to the Finger Roll trophy, you will need to play as someone with low dunking, so I would again recommend using Steve Nash of the Suns.

Whilst I'm not a 100% certain, to be on the safe side, assume that the buzzer beater has to be the winning basket, so you need to be either tied or one point down. The easiest way to ensure you are one point down is to allow the computer to score a 3 pointer, then score one basket. If the CPU refuses to score 3 pointers, then you score the 3 pointer then allow the CPU to score 2 dunks to make the score 3-4. Then, assuming you have turned off the shot clock, hold the ball and keep it until the end of each of the first three quarters. At the start of two of the quarters, your opponents will start with the ball, so you need to steal it from them and then hold it again.

In the fourth quarter, hold the ball until about there are about 15 seconds left of the match. When this time comes, go to the edge of the three point line and set yourself up to run to basket. With about 5 seconds left in the match, go for the layup. If your player accidently dunks it, scores a jump shot or misses, you will have to restart the match and try again for the trophy.

This is also boostable with the 3 controller method.

Double Up
Beat the CPU by doubling their score in a Classic 2v2 or Remix 2v2

See Triple Up

Atlantic Division Represent
Defeat the Atlantic Division Legend Team in Classic Campaign

This trophy, and the other 5 'Division Represent' trophies, are earned by defeating the legend teams that appear after every 5 games. You will get all of the 'Division Represent' trophies on your first playthrough of classic campaign.

Additionally, when you beat the legend teams, you unlock the legendary players you play against for use in their respective teams.

Central Division Represent
Defeat the Central Division Legend Team in Classic Campaign

See Atlantic Division Represent

Northwest Division Represent
Defeat the Northwest Division Legend Team in Classic Campaign

See Atlantic Division Represent

Pacific Division Represent
Defeat the Pacific Division Legend Team in Classic Campaign

See Atlantic Division Represent

Southeast Division Represent
Defeat the Southeast Division Legend Team in Classic Campaign

See Atlantic Division Represent

Southwest Division Represent
Defeat the Southwest Division Legend Team in Classic Campaign

See Atlantic Division Represent

Eastern Conference Domination
Face the hidden boss after Classic Campaign with a team from each division in the Eastern Conference

See NBA Domination

Western Conference Domination
Face the hidden boss after Classic Campaign with a team from each division in the Western Conference

See NBA Domination

Too Late
While losing by one point, go up for a game winning dunk and have time expire. You lose!

One of the strangest trophies I have ever encountered, one of the things I love about this game, this trophy requires you to be losing by one point, and then go for a dunk which would win the game, but you have to FAIL!!!!
What a great trophy!!

Anyway, back to business. The easiest way to get this trophy is by playing a match against a friend locally, and to have a bit of fun whilst doing so, have an actual match until the end of the second quarter, then spend the third quarter getting the score so player 2 is one point ahead. Then, in the final 2 or 3 seconds, go for a dunk, and time should expire. To give yourself a greater chance of failure, get your player on fire, as due to the extravagant nature of Dunks whilst being on fire, they take a few seconds longer than regular dunks.

Win 10 ranked games online

You need to win 10 'ranked' games of any kind. If you make the first of these a classic 2v2, then you can get the 'Start to Finish' trophy by leading each quarter. The shortest game type to play is 21, so play 9 matches of that and the trophy is yours.

You will have absolutely no trouble finding your boosting partner on the servers at the moment as there is rarely anyone else online.

A good tip from fellow user Reiner:
'We had played through 13 games or so, that took about an hour and a half. Then the next game we started I scored 2 points and then the Internet connection was lost. I was still credited for the win. So from then on we started a game, the person going for the win would score 2 points and the other team would quit giving player 1 the win in about 20 seconds. So the next 7 games took about 3 minutes to finish.'

Official Boosting Thread:

Clean Sheet
Win a Classic or Remix game without letting the opposing team score

To make your life a whole lot easier for this trophy, do this on play now. On the setting, change difficulty to easy, lower the time to 2 minute quarters, and turn off the shot clock (this is the most important part)
To make it even easier, i’d recommend playing as one of the better teams, either Miami Heat or the Beastie Boys, against two fairly average players, e.g. Biden and Gore in the Democrat team.
All you have to do win the tip off, or steal the ball if they win the tip off, score, then steal the ball from the other team, and run underneath your basket until time expires. If you win the tip off, then they will start with the ball at the start of 2 of the three remaining quarters, so snatch the ball from them ASAP and keep running under the basket. If they score, restart the match from the pause menu.

When you get this trophy, you will also get the 'Triple Up' and 'Double Up' trophies at the same time if you don't already have them.

3 The Hard Way
Beat the Beastie Boys in Remix Campaign

This trophy is probably the biggest obstacle to platinum, beating the Remix Tour is HARD. By no means impossible, but some of the 3 star missions and the boss battles are a real challenge, as the amount of stars available for the mission also shows what the difficulty will be, with 1 star meaning it's on easy, 2 stars is medium and 3 stars is hard. On the plus side, the amount of stars is also how many points it is worth, with each of the 6 divisions in the NBA being worth 30 points, making a total of 180 points to obtain. You will come across all of the remix modes in the game, along with some boss battles.

Remix 2v2:
Similar to a regular game, but with power-ups. If possible, try to prevent your opponents getting them. If they get the quickness one, then it is almost a certain basket when they get the ball. Additionally, on the hard difficulty, the CPU seems to get a lot better in the 4th quarter, so try to build up a lead, and hold the ball for as long as possible, then shoot a 3-pointer or go for a dunk.

A descriptive name, just smash the backboard before the other team smash yours. Layups, 3-pointers and jump shots are worthless, as they do almost no damge, so just do dunks and alley-oops. Being on fire causes you to do even more damage, so try to get on fire then just go for dunks and you should win.

A good mode, there are 5 spots on a half court that you have to score from to 'Dominate' them. Once you 'dominate' a spot, it turns blue and you then start gaining points for it. The one in the middle gains the least points, the two on the edge score slightly more, but the two that are closest to the front of the screen get the most points. First to get to 100 points wins. My advice is to get the one in the middle or one of the two on the edge first, then go for ones as the opportunity arises. If the opponent gets any, make it your priority to score from them, which turns them into your spot. Make sure you block him if he trys to steal any of yours. All spots have a time limit until they become neutral, so if any is flashing, score from it and the timer on all your spots will reset.

Domination 2v2:
Same game as Domination, but with 2 players on each team. The tactics work the same, it's just harder to keep them out.

There are 3 players in this game. There is a time limit of around 2 minutes, and the lowest scoring player at the time is eliminated. If two players have the same score, they are both eliminated and the game ends. To finish this game quickly, try to get around 15-20 points, then try to get the other two players on the same score, by blocking the better one but not the worse one.

Either 2 or 3 players, the first to score 21 points wins. Get on fire and this becomes easy.

Triple Up
Beat the CPU by tripling their score in a Classic 2v2 or Remix 2v2 game

You need to score at least triple the amount of points that the CPU scores. This means that the easiest way of doing this is by preventing the CPU from scoring at all, and then you only need to score once to 'Triple Up'

If you intend to do this through normal play, then use Miami Heat or the Beastie Boys.

Classical Campaign
Defeat the hidden boss after completing Classic Campaign

Beat the classic campaign once by defeating all 30 teams in the NBA, the 6 legend teams and also the 'Hidden' Boss, making for a total of 37 matches, which takes about 7 and a half hours.

I won't spoil the hidden boss for you, but they aren't really any different to play against so if you're playing on easy or even medium then you should beat them.

NBA Domination
Face the hidden boss after Classic Campaign with a team from each division

In effect, to get this time investing trophy, you need to complete the 37 match campaign 6 times. Yes, that's right, 6 times.
Each Classic campaign match lasts 12 minutes, so 12mins * 37 matches = 444 mins per campaign. Divide that by 60 and it works out that each campaign takes about 7 and a half hours. Not a very long for a main campaign mode, you might say.
Multiply that by 6, and you have a whopping 44 hours to get this trophy!
The plus side of this is that you get to spend 44 hours playing NBA Jam instead of playing NBA Elite 11!

The teams I would recommend to use in Classic Campaign are:

Eastern Conference

Atlantic: Boston Celtics
Southeast: Miami Heat
Central: Cleveland Cavaliers

Western Conference

Northwest: Denver Nuggets
Southwest: Either the San Antonio Spurs or New Orleans Hornets - It's a matter of personal preference
Pacific: LA Lakers

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