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Players: 1 - 10
Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: 4
Cheat Codes: Yes*
Cheats Affect Trophies: No
Trophy Difficulty: 7/10
Time to Platinum: 20-480 hours**

* Cheat Codes: I mean you can cheat in order to get the trophies
** The amount of hours depends if you can get a group of boosting partners on at the same time. If not you are going to be here for DAYS/MONTHS trying to get the online trophies. The people online don't mess around they put in work (they really good).

[top]Tips & Strategies

- Go to the Game Play options and turn the shot clock OFF
- Turn game sliders on and turn the computer's tendencies DOWN and turn the user's tendencies UP. (THIS WILL CAUSE THE COMPUTER TO MISS MOST OF THEIR SHOTS AND YOU WILL MAKE NEARLY ALL OF YOURS.)
- Turn the Penalties OFF
- Make sure you do all of this so I don't got to repeat myself in all the descriptions.



100% Complete
Earn All NBA LIVE 10 Trophies.

- Get all of the trophies

Ice Water
Win a solo game in overtime vs. the CPU.

- Set the quarter length to 2 minutes
- Go into overtime and beat the CPU

David and Goliath
Defeat the Lakers with the Kings on Superstar difficulty in a solo game vs. the CPU.

- Simply hold the ball until the end of the game, Shot Clock should be OFF
- Hit a shot at the end of regulation and win the game

The Grinder
Play 15 ranked matches online.

- Play 15 ranked matches.
- In order to get this trophy you DO NOT have to play 15 ranked matches. All you need to do is play until the START of the 2nd quarter and quit the game (this will give you a loss and your opponent a win). Do this 15 times and the trophy will pop up.
- In order to get the 3 Ranked Wins in a row find a boosting partner, YOU WILL NEED 4 PARTNERS TOTAL IN ORDER TO GET ALL THE ONLINE TROPHIES WITH LITTLE EFFORT
- Now play until the start of the 2nd quarter and have one of you quit, WHOEVER IS QUITTING WILL BE GIVING THE OTHER PERSON THE WINS REMEMBER THAT do this 3 more times and the trophy is yours. JUST MAKE SURE YOU HELP YOUR PARTNER OUT BY QUITTING FOR HIM SO HE CAN GET THE TROPHY TOO.

Stilt 100
Score 100 points in a single solo game with a single player.

- Turn the quarter length to 12 minutes.
- Since your user settings are all the way up this should be really easy. USE KOBE BRYANT (to get both trophies, 81 points)
- You will make just about every shot so this will be easy.

From Downtown Rookie
Score a 3 point shot for the first time in a single solo game.

- Simply make a 3 point shot, easy.

Come Fly with Me
Get a solo dunk for the first time in a single solo game.

- Get a dunk, easy.

Luck of the Irish
Win a single game wearing any St. Patrick's Day jersey in a single solo game.

- I used the New York Knicks and held the ball until the end of the game and then made the shot. Won the game 2-0.
- Make sure you switch the jersey to the St. Patrick's Day jersey (green & white).

Game Over In A Flash
Hit a buzzer beater with Dwyane Wade (NBA) in double overtime in a single solo game.

- Play a game and got into Double Overtime (that means 2 overtimes).
- Give the ball to Dwayne Wade and hit a buzzer beater (make a basket as time expires).

Kobe's 81
Score 81 points with Kobe Bryant (NBA) against the Raptors in a single solo game.

- See STILT 100 trophy.
- Simply play as Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers, against the Toranto Raptors.

King James Loves New Jersey
Score 50 points with LeBron James (NBA) against the New Jersey Nets in a single solo game.

- Score 55 points with LeBron, if you live under a rock he plays for the Clevland Cavaliers, against the New Jersey Nets.

55 in NYC
Score 55 points in New York with Kobe Bryant (NBA) against the Knicks in a single solo game.

- Score 55 points with Kobe, if you live under a rock he plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, against the New York Knicks. The Lakers have to be the AWAY team.

TP 11/05/08
Score 55 points in Minnesota with Tony Parker (NBA) in a single solo game.

- Score 55 points with Tony Paker, he plays for the San Antonio Spurs, against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Camby 12/17/08
Get 27 rebounds in Chicago with Marcus Camby (NBA) in a single solo game.

- There is no quick way to do this you just need to get 27 rebounds with Marcus Camby, he plays for the Los Angeles Clippers, against the Chicago Bulls (make sure you are the Clippers and you are the AWAY team).

D12 11/12/08
Get 10 blocks in Oklahoma City with Dwight Howard (NBA) in a single solo game.

- Play as Dwight Howard, he plays for the Orland Magic, and play as the away team against the Oklahoma City Thunder.
- Perhaps the hardest trophy to get because it really depends on the computer, and your timing.
- If you turned all penalties off then you can stand under the rim and just goal tend. Sounds easy but you need your jump right.

Broy 1/24/09
Get 10 steals against the Wizards with Brandon Roy (NBA) in a single solo game.

- Play as Brandon Roy, he plays for the Portland Trailblazers, and set him as your point guard, to increase your steal chances. You need to be playing against the Washington Wizards.

Flash 4/12/09
Score 55 points against the Knicks with Dwyane Wade (NBA) in a single solo game.

- Score 55 points with Dwayne Wade, he plays for the Miami Heat, against the New York Knicks.

Get your first triple-double in a single solo game.

- A triple double means that you have 10+, 10+, 10+ in any 3 stat categories. So it could be 10 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists OR 10 assists, 10 steals, 10 rebounds OR 10 points, 10 assits, and 10 steals. ANY COMBINATION.
- I did this when I was going for the Dwight Howard 10 blocks trophy.
- It is easier to do this with a center, like Shaq or Dwight, or you can use LeBron James (because he is a walking Triple Double).

Share a locker file.

- Go into my player hub and create a file, Roster or Replay, and save it to your player hub for others to download.

Check It Out
Download another user's locker file.

- Click on one of your friend's names and go to their player hub. Download one of their files.

Online Win Streak
Win 3 Ranked Matches in a row.

- Win 3 ranked matches in a row

Rookie Record
Score over 58 points with a rookie in a single solo game.

- You can get this trophy while you are getting the 27 rebound trophy with Marcus Camby, Los Angeles Clippers.
- Use Blake Griffen, he is a rookie on the Clippers
- Score 59 points and you will get the trophy.

Get a double-double with a player in a single solo game.

- A double double is when you have 10+ in 2 categories. (EX.) 10 points and 10 assists, or 10 points and 10 rebounds, or 10 rebounds and 10 steals, basically 10 and 10 anything.
- You will get this trophy when going for the TRIPLE DOUBLE trophy

Win the championship in Dynasty Mode.

- Play Dynasty Mode and win the championship.
- I set the playoffs to 3 games so it will go by quicker.
- You do not have to play the whole season, you can simulate it. Just make sure you are a good team like the Celtics, Lakers, Cavs, or the Magic. (I USED THE CAVS)
- If you are losing a game a little icon will pop up to see if you want to join the game. I would go in when I saw that message just to guarantee myself a win.
- DO NOT SIMULATE the championship because if you lose then you have to redo the season.

Highlight Maker
Create a highlight using the NBA LIVE Highlight Reel feature and upload it to EASW.

- Save a highlight from a replay, it can be anything and upload it to the EASW, EA Sports World, and your trophy will pop up.
- You can play a game and save the highlight of the tip off and get the trophy.

adidas LIVE Run Victory
Play and win an adidas LIVE Run match.

- This is an ONLINE based trophy.
- As I stated earlier if you have 4 boosting partners this will be easy.
- You have to create a LIVE crew and win a LIVE run match. (Basically this is a pick up game where the player chooses his one player to control)
- If you have 4 people, 2 on each crew, and challenge each other you can all get this trophy in 4 games.
- Just take turns and have one person score all the points, it goes to 21, so you can get this trophy and the addidas LIVE Run MVP trophy (being the top scorer in a LIVE RUN match) NOTE: You do not need to win the game to get the MVP trophy you just need to be the overall top scorer.
- If you can not find 4 partners then GOOD LUCK with these two trophies, because the people online are really good. The only people who play LIVE Run matches are crews that have had the game since launch so it will be tough.

adidas LIVE Run MVP
Be the points leader in an adidas LIVE Run match.

- SEE addidas LIVE Run Victory trophy

Timmy D
Score 5 shots off the backboard with a single player in a single solo game.

- In order to make a bank shot you need to have the left stick, i think check the manual to be sure, pointed in any direction as you let go of :square: to shoot. This will cause the player to do a bank shot.

Freestyle Pass
Get an assist using a freestyle pass in a single solo game.

- Get an assist using the freestyle pass button, I forget what the button is but just check the manual.

And 1
Make the front end of an And 1 in a solo game.

- Get fouled and make the shot, you do not have to make the free throw after the shot.

adidas Triple Block
Get 3 blocks with Dwight Howard (NBA) in a single solo game.

- SEE the D12 11/12/08 trophy

1992 Game 1
Hit six 3 pointers with a single player in a single solo game.

- USE Dwayne Wade to get this trophy and the Connect with D-Wade

Sprite's Dynamic 10
Get 10 solo dunks in a single solo game.

- Get 10 solo dunks in the game.

Connect with D-Wade
Hit six 3 pointers with Dwyane Wade (NBA) in a single solo game.

- SEE 1992 Game 1 trophy

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