Players: 1-2
Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes: No
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 5/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Suggested Playthroughs: 1
Time to 100%: 10-20 hours, depending if you boost online trophy.


I'd like to start off by saying welcome to my first guide! NBA Unrivaled is a basketball game similar to NBA Jam, but is 5v5. It has a $15 price tag in the PlayStation Store, with 12 trophies (10 being easily boostable). For a more detailed introduction, go to http://www.ps3trophies.com/forums/nb...tml#post420749.

[top]Getting Started Tips



Pass/Change Player



Give and Go

Move Player

Play Calling

Call Timeout

Pause Game

Do's and Don'ts:
Do as many dunks as possible, they will get your score up and your momentum mania.
Do not take 3 point shots unless absolutely necessary. They are difficult to make.

Try to steal the ball constantly by holding . Make sure fouls are off.
Do not turbo into the opponents because they will steal from you.

Do your best to gain momentum mania, and be smart with it. Do not rush, and take smart shots.
Do not hurry, your opponent may steal momentum mania from you if they make buckets.

Do not use plays. They are simply a waste.

Watch the clock, it is your friend. You can run it whenever you want, just cross half court and stand still. The opponent won't call a timeout or try to steal it.

And finally, don't give up. Comebacks are common in this game.


Bench Time
Win by 10 or more

As stated, all you have to do is win one game by 10 points. This can be done in any gamemode (Online Match, Quick Match, and Challenge Match).
This trophy is best to be earned with Double Up, by boosting with a friend in an Online Match.

In The Flow
Score a 3 in momentum

This trophy is easy, the hardest thing to do is gain momentum mania. Your team gains momentum mania by scoring, dunking, stealing, and not allowing your opponent to score. You can see how close you are to momentum mania by looking at the scoreboard. The home team has the blue bar, and the away team has the red bar. Once your bar fills up and the opponent's bar emties, you will enter momentum mania. Now all you have to do is hit a three point shot. Shooting in momentum mania is slightly easier than normal, so you shouldn't have a problem. When the multi-colored bar on the scoreboard runs out, momentum mania sadly ends. This trophy is boostable in an Online Match.

Above The Rim
Complete an alley-oop dunk

This trophy sounds easy, but can be a pain in the neck. I recommend boosting this online, because the opposing team will steal the ball pretty quick while your trying this ridiculous button sequence.

How to perform an alley-oop: + + + +

When you first HOLD , you are selecting the player you want to complete the "give-and-go" to. Don't let go of .
Next, will activate turbo. I held this throughout the whole sequence.
Then, will move the player. Put him near the basket. Press for him to jump up for a dunk.
Finally, release to pass the ball and slam it in the basket, hopefully.

This will probably take you a few tries, but doable. Once you complete the alley-oop, you will earn your trophy, and will most likely never do one again.

Complete 10 dunks in one game

This trophy is easy, and you may get it without trying. Most of your points will be dunks, since everyone is capable from an unimaginable range. A prompt will appear above the player's head when they are given the opportunity to dunk.
If you are having trouble getting this, boost it online or increase the quarter length in a quick match.

Win the challenge ladder with one team

This trophy takes a long time, and should not be a bronze. To earn the trophy, you have to beat the Challenge Mode with one of the NBA teams. This requires beating all other 29 teams, in increasing difficulty. The games for me were very easy until it reached the halfway point. Then it became a slight challenge as it came to an end. If you remain calm and have plenty of patience, you should be able to get through. When you defeat all other teams, you also get an alternative jersey to celebrate your waste of time.

From Downtown
Score 3 back to back 3 pointers

This trophy isn't hard, you just need to get lucky. Just hit three 3 point shots in a row without missing. I recommend using a good team, and hitting the shots with the best shooter. However, all the shots don't have to be by the same person. Gaining momentum mania may make this task a little bit easier. This trophy can be earned in all game modes. I received this trophy boosting online using Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. It took a few tries, since three points aren't easy in this game.

Triple Double
Post a triple double (at least 10 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists) with one player

This is an easy trophy if you know what to do. There are two ways you can do this.

1) Start a quick match, and use two controllers if you have an extra. Set the quarter length to 8 minutes, you are going to want the time. Choose a player you want to get the Triple Double with. I recommend using the center, because they will get rebounds even if you let the computer control them. You can check your players point, rebound, and assist count everytime you score. the trophy will pop when you achieve the Triple Double, so you don't need to finish the game.

2) Boost this trophy with a friend in an Online Match, using the method I discussed above.

Double Up
Win a game with at least double your opponent's score

This trophy can be earned in any game mode, but boosting online would be the easiest way. Arrange an agreement with a friend to get this trophy and Bench Time. However, I did this trophy in one of the first few challenge games without a sweat, so do whatever floats your boat.

Winning Streak
Win 10 online games

Just as the description says, win ten online matches. You can check your progress on the leaderboard, where you can access from the main menu or the pause menu. This can be done rather fast boosting. If you want to do it "legit", it will be harder, and not many people play this game. Good Luck!

Buzzer Beater
Win any game with a buzzer beater shot

This trophy brought me a lot of pain. You need a tied score, and luck that the ball will go in. This is easily boostable, but ties are common as you progress through Challenge Games as well.

Make sure you take your shot, preferably a 2 pointer, when less than a second left on the clock. You don't want to shoot and nail it and discover 0.1 seconds remain (which happened to me a few times). If you shoot at the right time, the game should enter a short cutscene tease. Sometimes the ball will completely miss, swoosh in, or spin around the rim. If it goes in, you will win the game, and earn your trophy.

Shooting Clinic
Make 10 shots back to back

This trophy sounds hard, but I accidentally got it as strange as it sounds. I'm not sure if mine 'glitched', but the trophy isn't that hard regardless. If you mostly dunk, you can't miss. Boosting this would be easy, (just have a friend draw all his men off yours). It may be a good idea to go for this if you just earned From Downtown.

Lead The League
Be #1 on any challenge leaderboard

This was one of the easiest trophies for me, because I got this game on release. Now, it is becoming the hardest, and will get harder everyday.

This trophy is referring to your Challenge Game Score. This will increase everytime you win a challenge match, depending by how many points you win by. The trophy difficulty can be different depending on what team you choose, so pick wisely. You can check the stats on the leaderboard, and pressing to see every team's stats. You want to be number one, so don't be the Lakers for example. Most of the teams have decent scores, and anything over 200 you will have to work for. If you are going for this trophy and 100%, my advice is to hurry up!

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