Players: 1-2
Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: 4
Cheat Codes: N/A
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 5/10
Suggested Playthroughs: 75+ ranked online games, 2-3 play now matches, 1-2 dynasty modes
Time to Platinum: 20-23 hours

[top]Tips and Strategies


100% Complete.

Awarded when you receive every NCAA Basketball 10 trophy.

Makes 20 straight baskets in Campus Hoops. Dunks don't count!

When you start the game you start as Blake Griffin at a Bball court. DO NOT PRESS THE START BUTTON. Grab the ball and get as close to the net as possible so you have close, easy shot but far enough away so Blake doesn't dunk.

Diaper Dandy
Signed a McDonald's All-American recruit in Dynasty Mode.

While at the dynasty main page hit then go to RECRUITING then to RECRUITING DATABASE. You need to look for a player with 5 stars and the McDonald's logo next to their name. It is a big plus if the recruit has interest in your school. When you find a recruit or two you like send them a letter of interest. by doing that you will be able to offer the recruit a scholarship. Just keep pounding the recruit with calls and visits until he verbally commits to your school. Then when the week for signing recruits comes up in the off-season be sure to sign your recruit on the first possible day. I recommend being Duke, UNC or another top ranked team when you go for this trophy.

McDonald's All-American Game
Played and won the McDonald's All-American game at All-Conference or higher.

This is a Dynasty Mode trophy. After graduation and signing day simulate to the MA-AG. When you get the be sure to play as either the East or West. It doesn't matter what team you pick as long as your selected team you play as wins the game. REMEMBER TO HAVE THE DIFFICULTY SET TO ALL-CONFERENCE OR HIGHER.

MAUI Invitational Champion
Play & win the last game of the MAUI Invitational game mode, All-Conference Difficulty or higher.

When you want to start a tournament go to GAME MODES then to TOURNAMENTS then to PRE-SEASON TOURNAMENTS. Once you select your tournament of choice, make every team user controlled and then simulate to the championship game. You will have to play the championship game as either team in the game. REMEMBER TO HAVE THE DIFFICULTY SET TO ALL-CONFERENCE OR HIGHER.

Old Spice Classic Champion
Play & win the last game of the Old Spice Classic game-mode, All-Conference Difficulty or higher.

See "MAUI Invitational Championship."

Anaheim Classic Champion
Play & win the last game of the Anaheim Classic game-mode, All-Conference Difficulty of higher.

See "MAUI Invitational Championship."

Puerto Rico Tip-Off Champion
Play & win the last game of the Puerto Rico Tip-Off game mode, All-Conference Difficulty or higher.

See "MAUI Invitational Championship."

NIT Season-Off Champion
Play & win the last game of the NIT Season Tip-Off game mode, All-Conference Difficulty or higher.

See "MAUI Invitational Championship."

Move Over, Duke!
Win 30 games or more in three consecutive years in Dynasty Mode.

Create a dynasty as Duke, UNC or any other high ranked team. Once in the coaching options page choose NO coaching contracts, job offers or coach firings. When you have the chance make sure to turn the auto-save feature OFF. Now just simulate the season and save when necessary. If you go on a good run like 5-1, 10-1 or something good then save or you could just simulate the season until it is over then save if your team has 30+ wins. Just use the method for seasons 2 and 3 and you should have the trophy in no time.

My Stats
Viewed your career stats from the My NCAA Online menu.

Go to ONLINE then to MY NCAA ONLINE then to VIEW PLAYER HUB. Where it says YOUR INBOX press then go down until you see your career stats. Stop when you see it and you should get the trophy.

Perfect at Home
Win all of your team's home games in one season of Dynasty Mode

This can easily be done with UNC or Duke. Start your dynasty and make sure to turn teh auto-save feature OFF. Simulate games and whenever you win a home game make sure to save. If you lose a home game you can quit and the load your saved dynasty then simulate the game again.

Completed a 30-year dynasty in Dynasty Mode

This is very easy. Start your new dynasty with any team, it doesn't matter what team you pick. Here comes the easy part, just simulate all of the 30 years in the dynasty then when you enter the off-season of season 31 or the end of season 30 (what ever you want to call it) you will get the trophy. It doesn't matter if you lose every game in the 30 years, as long as you simulate the dynasty over 30 years.

Who's behind the door?
Viewed the game Credits from the EA Sports Extras menu

Go to MY NCAA then to EA SPORTS EXTRAS then to CREDITS. As you start to view the credits the trophy should appear.

Buzzer Beater
Played and won a game on a "buzzer beater"in Play Now at All-Conference Difficulty or higher

Go to the PLAY NOW feature and start a game with half lengths set to 2 minutes. REMEMBER TO HAVE THE DIFFICULTY SET TO ALL-CONFERENCE OR HIGHER. An easy way to do this is by letting the opposing team get a 2 and 3 pointer so they have 5 points. Now, you try to get 2 2 pointers so you have 4 points. If you still have a lot of time left before the 1 second mark try to hog the ball as long as possible. Here is the scenario if your score is still 5-4 with you losing and 10 seconds on the clock: give the ball to you best shooter, then try to get as close to the basket as possible and when the clock hits 1 second left in the 2nd half shoot the ball and if you make it the trophy is yours.

Lethal Weapon Three
Finished a game where 3 of your players got 20 points at All-Conference Difficulty or higher.

This is easier than it seems. Play as an A rank team and have your opponent be a low ranking team. Start with one player on your team and use him until he gets 20 points then move on to the next player and when he reaches 20 point move to the next player. REMEMBER TO HAVE THE DIFFICULTY SET TO ALL-CONFERENCE OR HIGHER.

40-Minute All-American
Won a game in Play Now mode with Skill Level set to All-American and Half Length set to 20 minutes.

For this trophy you need to play as a C or lower ranked team against an A ranked team. REMEMBER TO HAVE THE DIFFICULTY SET TO ALL-AMERICAN OR HIGHER. Set the half lengths to 20 minutes. Once you have a comfortable lead hold the ball as long as possible then shoot when you shot clock gets low.

Upset City
Beat an A rank team with a C or lower rank team in Play Now at All-Conference Difficulty or higher

The reason I said to play as a C or lower rank team against an A rank team in "40-Minute All-American" is so you can knock out that and this trophy in one game. Start a PLAY NOW game as a C or lower team against an A or higher. Use the strategy provided in "40-Minute All-American" and you will get the trophies easily. REMEMBER TO HAVE THE DIFFICULTY SET TO ALL-AMERICAN OR HIGHER.

I Can Win With Anyone!
Win five online ranked matches with five different teams. DNF wins don't count

Go online and play five ranked matches using different teams each time. MAKE SURE YOU WIN. Be careful because a DNF win wont count. It will probably be easier if you find a boosting partner.

PlayStation Network Gym Rat
Played in 75 online ranked matches.

This is a time consuming trophy. The one good thing is that you don't have to win every game. It would be easier to find a boosting partner for this one. If you do find a boosting partner you could both take turns getting the "I Can Win With Anyone!" trophy.

Win an online ranked match against an opponent 5 ranks or higher than you. DNF wins don't count.

This could be hard to find someone that is 5 ranks or more higher than you. If any of your friends have this game and are 5 ranks higher than you have them help you with this one. Also, you could just get lucky and be matched with someone 5 ranks or more above you and maybe they'll be nice enough to let you win. If not, your in for a struggle! REMEMBER DNF WINS DON'T COUNT.

Please, feel free to tell me things that should be added to or removed from the guide. Hoped my guide helped you out. Congratulations to those with the platinum and Good Luck to those in search of it.

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