Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: Yes ( Check This Out, My Two Cents)
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: (20-25 hours if you simulate all of your seasons and stuff, 40-50 hours if you decide to actually try and you play your games)
Minimum Playthroughs: At least 3 different dynasties (one with a Big 10 school, PAC-12 school and BYU) and Road to Glory at least once
Collectible Trophies:N/A
Missable Trophies: Yes, all Road to Glory trophies can be missed

[top]Tips & Strategies

1.) The game has the same controls as the previous few games. So if you're a veteran of the series, you'll have no problem getting stuff like getting a big run.

2.) If you're not good at the game or new to the series, play on a level like freshman or varsity. The manual is in the game by pressing and it gives a lot of information. There will even be tips while the game is loading before you start a game. The concept of the game is to score the most points (obviously), which is simple. There are a lot of moves to do and strategies also. Learning and mastering them is key to doing well in the harder difficulty levels, All-American and Heisman. If you think about, there is more to football games than you think...


1.) Start your dynasty trophies. You'll need to play at least three different ones anyway. You can get the vast majority of the trophies by playing your dynasty games. You shouldn't really have any problems. You can simulate some games if you want, but it doesn't take that long to play a whole entire season, if you play the default 5 min quarters. It will only take maybe 4 hours or so.

2.) Do Road to Glory. I personally like to make a player as a HB/OLB. But that is my style of play. People have had the most success as a QB/OLB combination when they've got their trophies. So you might want to play as this combination. I personally hate this mode. So go by the tips I provide to get them done quicker

3.) If you don't have any of the trophies by the time you've done your RTG and dynasties, such as Take a Stab Downfield, you can always play an exhibition game and adjust your difficulty level and get those in-game trophies. They're not real hard to get though.

4.) Do the online trophies. There are only two of them and they will literally take you no more than five minutes to do. You don't need to buy an online pass. However, you do need to have at least the free trial the game gives to get them.

5.) You SHOULD have the :plat: by now.


Platinum Trophy
Unlock every trophy

This automatically unlocks once you do every other trophy, like any game that has a plat.

Happy 20th EA Sports!
Break off a 20 yard run to celebrate 20 years of EA SPORTS!

You should really get this without trying. All you have to do is get a 20 yard run. Just about any play can lead to a big play. If anything, I would probably use a Singleback formation. I seem to get the most big runs when I choose a play from that formation, but that's just me. It will also be much easier to do if you're playing against a much worse team. Here is a video of me doing a 20 yard run. I got the Unstoppable here also...

Take a Stab Downfield
Complete a pass for 50 or more yards in a Play Now or Dynasty Mode game (excludes co-op).

This trophy isn't too hard to get. You can get a big play at any time. Just make sure you're at your midfield. So be mindful of where you're at. You can get this without even thinking about it. For you guys that are new and don't know where you're at on the field, it will tell you where you're at in the lower right corner of your screen. Just make sure it says 50 and you should be fine. I provided a pic of what you should see...

Toggle Spoiler

1st Option for 6
Score a touchdown handing off to the fullback on a triple option play (excludes co-op)

To get this trophy, it would be best to use this play as close to the redzone as possible. So the 1 yard line is IDEAL for this play. You can choose what kind of play you want from a running play, passing play, etc. Be sure to chose option type play, then triple option. Every team has some sort of option play (their default playbook), but not necessarily the triple option. I personally use Ohio State, as they have multiple offenses in their playbook. You CAN do this with any team though. Just be sure when you choose the play and you snap the ball, hold and the QB will give the FB the ball. Once you score the TD, the trophy will pop up. Here is a video of me doing the play for the trophy:

Speed Reader
Score a touchdown on a QB Choice run play (excludes co-op).

OK the QB Choice is an option kind of play. It's best to get as close to the redzone as close as you possibly can for this play as well. It would also be wise to have a fast QB, like Terrelle Pryor on OSU (QB.2). You MUST score with the QB on this play for the trophy to pop up. I know it doesn't say so specifically, but NCAA 11 had the exact same trophy and it wasn't specific like that either. So be sure to score with the QB I have provided a pic of what exact play you should chose in the spoiler. I also score shortly after I did this pic

Toggle Spoiler

Balanced Attack
Gain 200 rushing yards and 200 passing yards in the same game (excludes co-op and Road to Glory).

This trophy can actually be a pretty tough one. You may even want to add a few more minutes per quarter to get this one. You don't need to have 200 rushing and passing yards with the same person. You just need to make you 200 total passing and rushing yards as a team. To check and see how many yards you have, pause the game. Then go to game stats ---> team stats. You should see your total from there. You will have a better chance of getting the trophy will a better team. If you get the required yards, the trophy will pop up when the game is over.

Lock and Load
With Player Lock on, return an interception for a TD (excludes co-op).

To have a player on lock-on mode, press Then you'll be in the camera angle you play in Road to Glory mode. This trophy takes a lot of luck, if you plan on doing it yourself. It's almost as if the computer won't throw it to you. You can do this with a friend, if you want. It will be easier that way. Just have him purposely throw you the ball. It's up to you to get the score after you get the catch. Here's a video of me doing the play in my dynasty mode.

In Your Crosshairs
Spotlight a receiver and get an interception on him in a Play Now or Dynasty game (excludes co-op).

To spotlight a receiver, hold Then press whatever button of the receiver you want to focus on. You will know if you spotlight a receiver when you see a yellow-orange circle under him. This trophy will take some luck as well if you do it by yourself. You can do this with a friend as well, if you're not having any luck.....

Win a game by 35+ points on Heisman difficulty (excludes co-op).

This trophy will be much easier if you play as a great team against a real bad team. So a matchup of say Ohio State vs Akron would be great. I got this trophy while I was playing my dynasty as Ohio State. I played against Akron in the 1st game. Like the previous game, you can simulate the game and get the trophy also. If you're struggling to get this, then do it that way. Veterans of the series should get this one with no problem...

Best Class Ever
Have the #1 ranked recruiting class in a season in single team Dynasty Mode.

This trophy will be a lot easier to get, if you're a team that is a 6* team in prestige. Generally teams like Oklahoma, Ohio State, or other big time schools will have top 10 ranking class. Don't focus so much on the 5* recruits. Focus on the 3* and 4* recruits is the key to get this trophy. I got this trophy while playing as USC. I got 4 5*, 9 4*, and 2 3* recruits. I got the no.1 recruiting class and no.2 wasn't even close to me. You can also set the recruiting difficulty to freshman in your dynasty house rules, if you have problems getting a good recruiting class.

Point Some Fingers
In a single phone call, take 250 points away from one school by downplaying pitches.

This trophy will be real easy to get if you have a team like Ohio State or other big time school and you scout a 1* recruit. Their top schools are schools like Akron or something like that. I was able to take away over 400 points from Akron while I was Ohio State. So be a big time school and get a 1* recruit in your recruiting board. You should have no problem taking at least 300 points from school, if you do it this way.

High School Champ
Play and win the High School Championship Game in any state.

This trophy is easy to get all you have to do is make it through your state playoffs and win the championship. The trophy will pop up after the game is over. You MUST play this game. If you simulate this game all the way to the end, you won't get the trophy.

Best In Class
Finish High School as a 5 star prospect in Road to Glory.

See Ultimate Ironman

Taking the Snaps
Become a starter in Road to Glory Mode.

See Battle Tested

Strike a Pose
Win the Heisman Memorial Trophy in a single team Dynasty Mode or Road to Glory Mode.

You will likely get this this trophy by playing Dynasty Mode. I got it when I was playing as Ohio State. My RB, Boom Herron, won the Heisman. This helps if your team in contending for the national title, and you have your QB or HB having consistent stats. My stats for my RB was around 1800 rushing and 500 receiving yards for 2300 total yds and I also had 35 total TDs. I also had no fumbles. You can check and see if one of your players are in the running in the ESPN section in Dynasty or RTG modes.

Campus Legend
In Road to Glory Mode, earn a spot on your team's All-Time leaderboard.

See Best of all Time

Conference King
In Road to Glory Mode, earn a spot on your conference's All-Time leaderboard.

See Best of all Time

Best of all Time
In Road to Glory Mode, earn a spot on the NCAA All-Time leaderboard.

The quickest way to achieve the leaderboard trophies is to be either a defensive linemen (RE,LE,DT) or an outside linebacker (ROLB,LOLB). Just turn offsides to 0 and you can get at least 10 sacks a game in a 5 min quarter game. The NCAA record for total sacks is 52. So you can probably get this in maybe 5 or 6 games.

If you want to do this without adjusting your settings, I would do so with either a QB or HB (my personal preference). You'll likely get the trophy in your senior season.

Ironman Performance
Score an offensive and defensive touchdown in a Road to Glory high school game.

This is the hardest trophy in the game. You're going to need a lot of luck. The easiest way to get this trophy is to have your player be either a QB or HB for offense and an ROLB for defense. It's pretty easy to score on offensive TD. However, a defensive TD is a different story. Even if you adjust your settings it can be a little hard to get the ball back. I say be an ROLB for this trophy because this seems to be the position in which you can be on a 4th down situation almost all of the time. If you have offsides off, you can line up towards the punter and hit to jump and block the ball. Now timing is key to block it. You also have to be real quick because the punter will pounce on the ball real fast and you can't scoop the ball to run for a TD. Now you can have a Pick 6 (an INT and run it for a TD) and get the trophy that way, but that will take a lot of luck. Even my lock and load video was pure luck. I got real lucky with mine I was a CB. One of my LBs hit the RB real hard, and I scooped it up and ran for a 90+ yd TD. There are a few scenarios in which you can get this trophy. It's just a matter of luck for them to actually happen.

Ultimate Ironman
Finish High School as a 5 star prospect in Road to Glory on both offense and defense.

You will get this trophy and the other after your high school season is over. The easiest player on offense to do is the QB. You can rack up a lot of yards and TDs that way. I personally like to use the HB. I averaged nearly 200yds/gm and 4 total TDs, and I was already a 5* recruit by my 6th game in my high school regular season. For defense, the easiest position to be is either a lineman or linebacker. You can set your offsides to 0 and get a lot of tackles and/or sacks in the backfield. It will probably take you only 2 or 3 games in your season. To be a 5* recruit, you must obtain 1000 points.

If you want to, you can also buy a pack from the PS store in which you will automatically have a 5* recruit for whatever position you want for $2.99 (US). The trophy will pop up that way as well after the season. You don't really need to though. This is just another option.

Battle Tested
Win a position battle in Road To Glory

To get this trophy, you want to make sure you sign for a school that will have you in the 2nd string at least. The easiest position to get this on is a lineman. If you adjust your sliders, you only need 2 sacks and you'll win your battle when you're done with your snaps. You'll only need 500 points to win the position and you get 300 points with a sack. If you were to sign as a starter immediately, you would earn the Taking the Snaps, but not this trophy. So that is why you should at least sign to a team as a 2nd string, that way you can earn both trophies.

Earn my Trust
Reach the max coach trust in Road to Glory

You get this trophy by going through 8 total ranks. The best position to be is the QB. You'll gather a lot of points this way by throwing TDs, getting 1st downs, etc. Now you can lose points as well, but throwing picks, fumbling, etc. So be careful. You'll probably get this trophy in your sophomore season. Now I don't have a point value system just yet for all stuff. I do have some ways as a lineman because that's what I did personally. You get points in your snaps in practice mode too.

Toggle Spoiler

My Conference is Super
Create a 16 team super conference in Dynasty

This is a real easy trophy to get. You want a new dynasty. Don't being one just yet. You want to go on 'Custom Conferences' at the bottom before you do. Hit on it. You should choose these conferences that way you will only have to add 3-4 teams, instead of close to 10:

Big 10
MAC (has 13 teams, the other choices have 12 of them)

Whatever conference you choose just make you label a green box and you can add any team you want. You don't have to save your changes. The trophy will pop up once you have 16 trophies in your conference.

One of the Big Boys
Edit the BCS tie-ins to grant a BCS tie-in to a non-AQ conference

OK the automatically qualified (AQ) conferences are the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Big East, Pac-12 and SEC champions. All you need to do is edit the one of the spots from a non-AQ conference (example Houston is in the C-USA which is a non-AQ conference) and you will get this trophy. You don't need to save your changes. The trophy should pop up once you make the right changes.

On a Second Thought
Edit a division name of a conference in Dynasty

This is another easy trophy. To get this one, go to 'Custom Conferences.' From here, you can choose any off the 6 conference I mentioned in the My Conference is Super In this example, I'll choose the Big 10. From here you want to press (conference rules). Go to Division Name 1 or 2, Leaders or Legends respectively, and press on them. Change the name (it can be anything). Obce you make changes the trophy will pop up. You don't have to save your changes...

Leaders of Legends
Play and win the inaugural Big Ten Championship game in Dynasty

To get this trophy, your team MUST be in the Big 10 conference. I had tried to played the game when I was going for the BYU Independence Day and I didn't get the trophy. So be sure you have a Big 10 team. The best default team to have is Ohio State. I personally played all of my games to ensure I wouldn't lose any games. However, you can simulate your season all the way to the championship season, start the championship game and simulate that game as well. If you decide to simulate your season, I would probably change the conference around to weaker teams, turn autosave off just in case you lose when you simulate. There's a good chance you won't really have to though because when I have played in other conferences Ohio State was always in the championship game.

Head of the PAC
Play and win the inaugural PAC-12 Championship game in Dynasty

This is the exact same as the Leader of Legends Only thing this time it's a PAC-12 team. The same strategies will apply also.

Independence Day
Play and win the National Championship game with BYU in the first year of Dynasty

To achieve this trophy, you obviously need to be BYU. To be in the National Championship, you BCS rank has to be no.2 You CANNOT get this trophy if you decide to change the team to go to a different conference. You can get the Leaders of Legends and Head of the PAC trophies, however. It is much easier if you adjust your schedule as well. Make sure you put in good teams like Oklahoma, Ohio State and a few other good teams in your schedule. This will boost your strength of schedule and that is key to make to the game when you beat those teams. I had to play with BYU twice because the 1st time I made it no.3 in the BCS and I didn't change my schedule. I almost had to play with them a third time. I was no.4 in the BCS. Ohio State no.2 and Alabama no.3 both lost in their respective championship games. So I got in by luck. So it is paramount to change to a good strength of schedule and of course win all games because if you don't have a good strength of schedule the teams with a higher strength will jump you in rank and if you don't win all games before the bowl season starts, then you're definitely not in.

Hometown Hero
Lead your alma mater to a National Championship as a head coach in Dynasty (Coach Contracts on)

This trophy is easy to get. Just win the National Championship with whatever team you're playing with. Just make sure the coach's alma mater you make is the same school you win the championship with.

Changing the Landscape
Edit a conference's members in a Dynasty off-season

This is another easy trophy to do. You don't have to play an entire season if you don't want to, but you'll have to at least simulate a whole season. Then when you hit offseason, simulate all the way to week 13, go to custom conferences, you can switch a team from one conference to another. That's all you have to do and you'll get the trophy.

Let's it do it Again
As a head coach in Dynasty, sign an extension to stay at the same school (Coach Contracts on)

This trophy is easy to get. You will likely get it in your first offseason after you win the national championship game. When you get into the offseason, you will likely get a contract extension offer when you do so. Just accept the extension and you'll get the trophy. It's real easy to get.

Dream Job
Become the head coach of your alma mater in Dynasty (Coach Contracts on)

This trophy is easy to do as well. Just start dynasty and create a coach. Just make sure you choose the school whatever your coach's alma mater is and you'll get this trophy

Cool Off the Hot Seat
Escape the hot seat (less than 30% security) to keep your job for next Season (Coach contracts on)

To check your status of your job, go to 'Coaches Carousel.' I can confirm two ways of of doing this trophy. They are both tedious and some luck. So bare with me...

1st Method: Choose a prestigious team, such as Ohio State, Oklahoma, the real good teams. Edit all players to be real bad to a rating of 40. Choose that particular team in your Dynasty mode. Simulate the entire season. You'll like lose all games. In your offseason, you should be well under 30%. If you don't get fired, then you will have this trophy..

2nd Method: I personally found be much easier and not as tedious as editing all of your players. Choose a team from the Sun Belt conference. I personally chose UL-Monroe. Simulate your entire season, then you should be at around 40% job security. I simulated a 2nd season. I had the same results. My job security was at 29% and I got the trophy. Simulating an entire season only took me around 10 minutes or so. I simulated 2 seasons. So maybe a little less than 20 minutes. Whereas the 1st method, I had to edit ALL players on Ohio State. That took me 20 minutes to do alone. I simulated a season and I got fired after the 1st one.

Now keep in mind this is definitely one of the more annoying trophies to get. It's possible you can get fired and you'll have 35% job security even. Like I said, it's a matter of luck and it's very tedious to get this trophy.

Dual Threat Coach
Win the BCS Championship & have the #1 recruiting class in a single season as head coach in Dynasty

One person would think that you'd be able to get this trophy by simply playing just one season. Based on what I've been seeing on sites, this is definitely not the case. However, you will get the trophy if you play a 2nd season and have the best class and win the championship. To get this trophy in the 1st season it seems that Alabama is the team to be. This may be because they had the best recruiting class in real life for the 2011 season. That may be a factor in getting this trophy. I have confirmed on a few other accounts I made that I was able to get the trophy with Alabama in my 1st season, but not with any other team.

Living Legend
Reach a coach prestige of A+ with a created coach in Dynasty (Coach Contracts on)

This trophy is pretty easy to get. Coach Contracts are on by default. So all you need to do is create a coach You should get it once your season is over and you win the BCS championship. You will get the trophy once you in your 1st offseason.

My Two Cents
In Online Dynasty, write a comment n a Dynasty Wire story

This is an easy trophy to do. You don't even have to play a game in the dynasty to get this one. Starting from the main menu, go on 'Play Career'--->'Online Dynasty.' From here, hit , Search and see if you're lucky enough to join a public dynasty (it's public if Private says 'no'). Go ahead and join a dynasty. Don't worry about creating a coach. Go ahead and choose your team. Once you're finally in, go in 'Dynasty Wire.' There will be a story or whatever. Hit on it, hit again to post a comment (it can be anything), then hit enter. The trophy should pop up once you're done putting in a comment.

***To do this trophy, you must have an online connection***

A Legend is Born
Defeat a rival using your backup QB. Minimum 15 pass attempts (excludes co-op)

This trophy is pretty easy to get also. I got it by playing an exhibition game. You can do this in ANY rivalry game with any team. You will know if your matchup is a rivalry. Trust me. If you're a football fan, you know who your rivalries are. I personally did this by playing an exhibition game and the matchup was Ohio State vs Michigan. All you have to do is sub your QB when you start the game. To sub him, pause the game, go to 'Strategy' ---> Depth Chart, hit , hit , hit again. Your starting QB should be sub in at this point. Now all you have to is attempt 15 passes, not complete them. Once you attempt 15 passes, you can sub in your starting QB back. Make sure you win the game of course If you have to change your difficulty, then do so. Just make sure your quarters are a good amount so you can attempt enough passes.

Tire Fire Offense
Win a game without scoring an offensive touchdown and gaining less than 200 yards (excludes co-op)

OK. Now this trophy can be real challenging if you simply play a 5 minute game, no matter what difficulty you're playing on. I personally got it when I was playing my BYU dynasty and I was in Texas. I play on Heisman also. The easiest way to do it is to cut your quarters down to 1 min. You can be any team, any difficulty. Just make sure you don't do a rushing or passing TD. You can advance far enough to the field and just kick a field goal. That should do it. Your total yards include passing, rushing, kick and punt return yards. Just make sure you don't get more than 200.

Take What You Want
Create a custom playbook

This is another real easy trophy to do. Starting from the main menu, on 'Team management' ---> 'Custom Playbooks.' From here you will hit You can choose either offense or defense. It doesn't matter. Choose any team. I did Ohio State. Choose the playbook. You can remove any play, add it. It doesn't matter. As long as you change the playbook, you should get this trophy. I got without having to save the play I choose. Some people haven't though. So you may want to save your play(s) just in case..

Check This Out
Upload a photo or video to

This trophy is very easy to get. You need to play a game though. You don't need to play an entire game, however. All you have to do while you play a game is just make a good play. Once you do so, pause the game and go to Highlights. There's an option to save to highlight. You can either save it as a video (6 save slots) or or just a plain photo (10 save slots). Once you do that, exit out of the game into the main menu. From here, go to 'My NCAA Legacy' --->Ea Sports Highlights (the Ea Sports logo). There are different types of highlights. They come from whatever modes you did you highlight from. Choose from whichever mode you got the highlight from. Then hit to view your highlight. From there, hit again to upload to the website.

***To do this trophy, you must have an online connection***

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