Players: 1-2 Split-screen, 2-12 Online
Online Play: Yes*
Online Trophies: 17*
Cheat Codes: N/A
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Minimum Playthroughs: Parts of Be a Pro mode, GM mode, and Online play/EASHL*
Time to Platinum: 50+*

*Denotes that the online component of NHL 10 is shut down and therefore all online modes and their respective trophies are no longer playable/obtainable.

[top]Tips and Strategies

If you want as little resistance as possible during your Be a Pro playthrough, set the difficulty to Rookie and edit the CPU sliders. This will make scoring goals a breeze, and even help with those pesky breakaway opportunities.

If you prefer the older simplified control styles, you can set it to Classic or NHL 94 (you even get a trophy for this one!) under Settings.

If you want to take a legitimate shot at the online modes, it is best to create a league with a bunch of friends, rather than rounding up a group of randoms.

Boosting is recommended for online trophies like All Play , Century Play , Shootout, Shutout , and Shootout Master .


Step 1: Be a Pro
After you end the tutorial sequence, start off playing as your created character in order to familiarize yourself with the controls as well as the ins and outs of hockey. This practice will help prepare you for your future online endeavors. During this step, expect to pick up:
  • Star Power
  • Goals Master
  • Assists King
  • Dump It
  • Board Play
  • Line Juggler
  • Unlock Gloves
  • Unlock Skates
  • Eager to Learn
  • Point Leader
  • Look No Goalie
  • Don't Let Up
  • Grade A

Step 2: GM mode
In this step, you'll assume the role of General Manager for your soon to be #1 team. Stack your club with the biggest offensive threats available and start simulating the season to save time. You should earn:
  • Call Me
  • Self Sacrifice

Step 3: Online Versus and EA Sports Hockey League *Modes no longer available*
This step is the main attraction of NHL 10. Playing with friends and managing huge leagues of user-controlled teams is something to behold. In this tedious but very fun step, you can earn:
  • Bronze Team
  • Party Animal
  • It's a Challenge
  • Out of the Box
  • All Play
  • It's Not Easy
  • Faceoff King
  • Shootout Shutout
  • Shootout Master
  • It's the Playoffs
  • Silver Team
  • No Offsides
  • No Icing
  • League Champion
  • Gold Team
  • Trophy Case
  • Century Play

Step 4: Cleanup
In this final step, you can try out the other difficulty modes and control settings. Win a best-of-7 series with an Elite team and pick up any other miscellaneous trophies at this time. You should earn:
  • Gameplay Master
  • Hardcore Superstar
  • New Beginnings
  • Battle for the Cup
  • Goalie Legend
  • Pressure Play
  • Break Away
  • Fighting Major
  • Raise Your Banner


Raise Your Banner
Acquire all the Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies

*Impossible to earn since EA Sports shut down the servers*

Like all other games, your platinum trophy will unlock after all other trophies have been earned. Enjoy your victory, you've truly earned it.

Gold Team
Be a member of an EA SPORTS™ Hockey League team that has won a Gold Medal

*Impossible to earn since EA Sports shut down the servers*

As your team competes against others with your own EA Sports Hockey League, you will eventually conclude the "season" with the top 3 teams (in a league of 4+ teams only) being awarded with a medal depending on how they finish. If your team manages to snag the elusive top spot, you will net this fine gold trophy as well as fulfilling the Silver Team and Bronze Team requirements. Cheers!

Silver Team
Be a member of an EA SPORTS™ Hockey League team that has won a Silver Medal

*Impossible to earn since EA Sports shut down the servers*

See Gold Team for details.

Bronze Team
Be a member of an EA SPORTS™ Hockey League team that has won a Silver Medal

*Impossible to earn since EA Sports shut down the servers*

See Gold Team for details.

Party Animal
Complete an EA SPORTS™ Hockey League match with 6 human controlled players on your team

*Impossible to earn since EA Sports shut down the servers*

This can be tricky solely because EA's Servers are were quite buggy and are prone to kicking people back to the main menu in times of stress. For this your team of 6 human players must accept and complete an EASHL match against another team with any number of players. This may sound easy enough, but it causes quite a bit of headache when you are just about to finish the match and one of your teammates gets disconnected or your opponent rage-quits. If you can manage to finish the game without anybody dropping out, this annoying little bronze trophy is yours.

It's a Challenge
Challenge and beat another EA SPORTS™ Hockey League team

*Impossible to earn since EA Sports shut down the servers*

Easy enough. While in EASHL, challenge another team in your league to a match. If you can snatch victory away from your opponent, this will unlock. Unless you are very confident in your skills, you may just want to agree to swap wins with the opponent. Then everybody wins. This is impossible to miss while going for League Champion.

Trophy Case
Be a member of a team that has won all the EA SPORTS™ Hockey League team trophies

*Impossible to earn since EA Sports shut down the servers*

The EA Sports Hockey League mode encourages team play among multiple different online players. Whether you're rounding up a couple friends for a little 1-on-1 action or building up a league of 16+ teams, EASHL has something for everyone. For those players that may be a bit more competitive, they even added 9 league trophies that are awarded based on performance. Most of the awards will come from regular play, while others will be earned as part of a large team effort or be obtained through boosting. They are:
  1. Win a game.
  2. Win 10 games.
  3. Win 30 games.
  4. Play 60 games.
  5. Score 5 goals in one game.
  6. Score 50 goals total.
  7. Earn 7 assists in one game.
  8. Record a shutout.
  9. Play a game with 6 Human-controlled players.
After you have earned the ninth and final award, you'll need to "look" at your team's awards under the Awards menu. After loading the page, the trophy is yours.

Grade A
Get an overall A rating in a match with your Be A Pro character

When you play as a created player/actual NHL star in Be a Pro mode, your performance will gauged as each game progresses. There are 3 main factors that determine your overall player rating.

Position Score
  • + Hits
  • + Passes intercepted
  • + Shots on goal
  • + Passes completed
  • - Times you've been hit
  • - Penalties
Team Play
  • + Passing
  • + Faceoffs won
  • + Scoring
  • - goals against
  • - penalties
  • Goals for/against (+/- rating)
  • + Passing
  • + Shots on goal
  • + Assists
  • + Goals
  • + Hits
  • - Penalty minutes
Keep in mind that different positions (Forward, Defenseman, Goalie) and different categories (Power Forward, Grinder, Sniper, etc) will all be factored in as well. Thus, a defenseman will need to contribute fewer offensive capabilities to earn an A in Stats than a Power Forward or Sniper designation would. Your best bet is to go out and pass the puck a few times, assist on a goal or two, and finish a few hits to get moderately high grades in each category. If you can manage an overall "A" rating at the end of the game, this should unlock for you*.

*Note* This trophy is potentially glitched. Even after some users finish a game with all A+ ratings, the trophy still won't unlock. The only workaround at this time is to start a new Be a Pro file and try again until it unlocks.

Star Power
Get the first star in a match with your Be A Pro character

Continuing on from Grade A , you will need to finish as the First Star in a game. The top 3 players from each game are picked by fans based on their performances after each match comes to a close. This is almost completely based on points, rather than small stats like fights, penalties, or hits. Goals and Assists each count for one point in the NHL, so passing is encouraged just as much as shooting. Aim for the back of the net and pass to a teammate whenever they're open to rack up the points quickly. At the end of the game, you are almost guaranteed to be the #1 Star if you have the most points. Enjoy the crowd's cheering (or booing if your in an opponent's arena) as your player takes to the ice one final time and the trophy will pop.

Goals Master
Get 25 goals with your Be A Pro character

This will simply take time. As you play matches with your Be a Pro character, shoot towards the net whenever you get a chance. A great player once said "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take." If you seem to be having difficulty scoring regularly, you can always go in to the settings and change the game to Rookie difficulty and edit the CPU team's sliders in your favor. Once you record you 25th goal, the trophy is yours.

Assists King
Get 35 assists with your Be A Pro character

Very similar to the 25 goals trophy. Assists are granted to the last 2 players that touched the puck before their teammate scored a goal. If you pass the puck often to wide-open teammates, you'll record 35 assists in no time.

Point Leader
Get 60 points with your Be A Pro character

You will earn this will working towards Goals Master and Assists King. 1 point is granted for every goal or assist your Be a Pro character tallies. Your points are cumulative, so don't worry if you're nearing the end of the season and are still a ways off from 60 total points. Simply continue on to the next season (or playoffs if your team was good enough) and keep going from there until you hit 60. Help out your team by scoring and setting up goals for another simple trophy.

Goalie Legend
Win 5 matches with your Be A Pro character playing as a goalie

Before you even think about tackling this trophy, you'll need to create a Be a Pro Goaltender. The best bet for winning as the most difficult postion is to first play the goalie tutorial. After this, begin the season and just keep playing games. After you manage to win your fifth game, this trophy will unlock.

Out of the Box
Complete an Online Versus Play ranked match without getting a penalty

*Impossible to earn since EA Sports shut down the servers*

Set the game to 5 minute periods and begin an Online Ranked match. Here the goal is not to win, but to remain penalty free throughout the game. In NHL 10, penalties are granted for:
  • Tripping: using the stick to up-end an opponent (poke check).
  • High-sticking: stick near/hitting the face (stick lift).
  • Boarding: hitting from behind near the boards.
  • Charging: taking 3 or more strides before hitting an opponent.
  • Roughing: the lead-up to an actual fight (without dropping the gloves).
  • Interference: Hitting an opponent when he doesn't have control of the puck.
  • Fighting: ...Duh.
If you can play a clean game, this will be fairly easy. Just try not to goon it up... yet.

Century Play
Score a total of 100 goals in Online Versus Play ranked matches over your career

*Impossible to earn since EA Sports shut down the servers*

This will take quite a while to accomplish if you don't choose to boost. While playing Online Versus matches, aim to score as many goals as possible. It doesn't matter if you win or lose, just keep scoring goals. Once you've scored your 100th career online goal, the trophy is yours.

If you choose to boost, you'll need a friend with plenty of time/patience. Once in a game with him/her, you'll need them to pull their goalie and keep allowing you to score on the empty net. Using this method, you can score 100 goals in a single match (with full 20-minute periods).

All Play
Complete and win an Online Versus Play ranked match with three or more guests on the same PS3™ system

*Impossible to earn since EA Sports shut down the servers*

This trophy will require 4 PS3 controllers and hopefully a boosting partner to play against. If you are playing against a legitimate opponent, you may have a lot of issues switching between all 4 controllers, let alone scoring enough goals to win. For that reason, the aforementioned boosting partner will make for a huge time-saver. Simply start an Online Versus match against them and have them pull their goalie. As soon as they do, score on the empty net and run out the rest of the clock. As soon as the 3rd period ends, you'll earn this.

It's not Easy
Beat a NHL team using an AHL team in an Online Versus Play ranked match

*Impossible to earn since EA Sports shut down the servers*

Don't let the trophy name fool you. It isn't too difficult for an AHL (minor league) team to defeat an NHL club. This is especially true if you're facing off against an inexperienced opponent. If you are having trouble, however, you can also set up up a 1v1 Versus match with a friend and have them let you win.

Face Off King
Win 80% of the faceoffs in an Online Versus Play ranked match

*Impossible to earn since EA Sports shut down the servers*

First off, we should talk about how to actually win a face off (the game doesn't really explain what to do in the tutorial). As the puck is dropped, move the down to move the puck back towards one of your teammates. To earn this trophy, you'll need to win at least 4 out of every 5 face offs. This is easily boosted as part of a private 1v1 match with a friend. Just win every face off, score a goal, and run out the clock.

No Offsides
Complete an Online Versus Play ranked match without being called for an offside

*Impossible to earn since EA Sports shut down the servers*

Being called for offsides is annoying. Just because you decide to get a head start on the opposition, the referees have to stop the game . As long as the puck crosses the offensive blue line before one of your team's players, you will be considered on-sides. Don't get called for offsides in an online versus match for this to unlock.

No Icing
Complete an Online Versus Play ranked match without being called for an icing

*Impossible to earn since EA Sports shut down the servers*

Toggle Spoiler

Icing is easy to avoid for the most part. Icing is when your player dumps the puck in BEFORE he crosses the center red line and an opposing player touches the puck before you can. Complete an online versus game without being called for this trivial penalty for another trophy.

Shootout, Shutout
Win an Online Shootout ranked match without being scored on

*Impossible to earn since EA Sports shut down the servers*

There really isn't much to say about this one. Most shootouts are simply a game of luck, and whether or not your opponent knows what they're doing. If you can manage to win the shootout without allowing a goal, the trophy will pop.

Shootout Master
Score three goals in a row in an Online Shootout ranked match

*Impossible to earn since EA Sports shut down the servers*

This can be quite easy if you know what you're doing. Scoring goals isn't too difficult as long as you make a few dekes (move the side to side) first. This can get the opposing goalie to move out of position enough to squeeze the puck past him. Simply do this on 3 consecutive shots to earn the trophy.

It's the Playoffs
Complete an Online League playoff match

*Impossible to earn since EA Sports shut down the servers*

See League Champion for details.

League Champion
Win an Online League that has at least 4 members

*Impossible to earn since EA Sports shut down the servers*

For this trophy, you will need to be in a league with at least 4 teams present when the season starts to allow a future playoff series. After the "season" starts, all but two of the teams can drop out leaving the final two to immediately get placed into a playoff. If you can manage to win in this way, you will get this as well as It's the Playoffs .

Call Me
Unlock 3 phones in Be A GM mode

In order to unlock new phones in Be a GM mode, you'll need to have a moderately successful team under your control. The easiest way to assure this is to turn of the salary cap and fill your team with the best players from across the league. After you assemble your dream-team, simply sim through to the end of the regular season. At this point, you should have 2 phones and your team will have made the playoffs. Continue simming through game-by game until you eventually win the coveted Stanley Cup and unlock your 3rd and final phone.

Look No Goalie
Pull your goalie and score a goal against the CPU or an online opponent in a ranked match

Pulling your goalie is the ultimate desperation move. By removing your final line of defense, you gain an extra attacker to attempt to even up the game before time runs out. More often than not, this just turns into a free goal for the other team, but you need to be the exception. At any point in a game, you can pull your goalie by going to the start menu and selecting that option or simply press +. After this, do whatever you can to score a goal. This can be easily boosted by playing an Online Versus match against a friend.

Don't Let Up
Score four unanswered goals against the CPU or an online opponent in a ranked match

This becomes very easy as you get used to the game, especially on Rookie difficulty. During Be a Pro mode, your team will often score even when your character is on the bench. Another easy way to do this is to play Online Versus with a friend and have them pull their goalie four times. Simply score four consecutive goals to earn this.

Pressure Play
Keep the pass completion % for CPU or online opponent in ranked match under 40%

There are a couple things you can do to limit your opponent's pass completion percentage.
  • Diving block +
  • Stick sweep hold
  • Stick lift as puck gets close to opponent
You can also simply not allow the other team to get control of the puck. After all, zero passes equals a zero percent success rate. This method is easiest to do in Online Versus.

Dump It
Dump the puck from outside the offensive blue line 10 times in one match

This should come through normal play. At times it is better to dump the puck into the offensive zone rather than try to skate in with the puck. To do this, press and move up before entering the offensive zone (before crossing the far blue line). Do this ten times in a game for this rather easy trophy.

Break Away
Score two break away goals in one match

The NHL defines a breakaway as a player being clearly ahead of trailing defensemen. Breakaways in NHL 10 are difficult to come by unless you know what to do. Set up a player near the opposite blue line and pass the puck to him in while he's in motion. With this slight head start, you should be able to break in uncontested. The only difficult part now is to fake out the goalie enough to score. If you can manage two goals in this manner in one game, the trophy will pop (once the game ends). This can also be easily boosted in Online Versus.

Line Juggler
Do five manual line changes during a match

Set your game settings for manual line changes before starting an exhibition game. During the match, all you must do is press to perform a manual change five times. After the fifth line change, your trophy will unlock.

Board Play
Pin a player using board play and gain possession of the puck

During the tutorial, you will learn how to pin an opposing player against the boards. Press to initiate a battle along the boards and have a chance to steal the puck. Simply gain control of the puck by tapping for this very easy trophy.

Gameplay Master
Perform a loose puck deke and score a goal

If you ever find yourself on a 2-on-1 rush or breakaway, you can perform a loose-puck deke by holding and while skating forward. After performing the deke, take a shot on goal and just hope that it goes in. This can also easily be done on an empty net or in an Online Versus match.

Fighting Major
Accept and win a fight against a human controlled opponent

This is very simple if you have two controllers. You can just start a split-screen game and initiate a fight against Player 2. Since that controller's character will be motionless, all you'll have to do is wail away at him until he's KO'd.

If you don't have a second controller, you'll need to challenge an online opponent instead. Hopefully your opponent doesn't understand the finer points of fighting, or you may need to keep at this for a while. Just try moving the up rapidly to quickly punch the other player. Win the fight to earn a seat in the penalty box and a new trophy.

Self Sacrifice
Score a goal with an injured player

This is best attempted when playing Be a GM or Season mode. Due to being able to control any player while in these modes, it will be much easier to play as an injured player. Simply sim through the season until one of your players inevitably gets injured. As long as it isn't a serious injury (broken bones and the like) you'll be able to place said player back into the lineup. Once this happens, start up a quick game against the CPU. During the game, keep taking control of the injured player and continuously shoot towards the opposing goal until you score.

Hardcore Superstar
Play and win a match on Hardcore Superstar settings against the CPU

To start, go to Settings and then Gameplay Settings. Once there, switch the difficulty to Superstar. Now start up a game as one of the better teams (Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Detroit are great choices) and take on a much weaker opponent. Any minor league team will work if you feel like making this even easier. Now, without editing any of the sliders (this will negate the trophy), defeat the other team to earn this.

Unlock Gloves
Earn a pair of 2 slot gloves

There are 3 types of 2-slot gloves that you can unlock. These are much easier to unlock than the 2-slot skates.
  • Camo Gloves: Unlocked when you complete an offline game with each of the Swiss League teams.
  • Burnout Gloves: Unlocked when you complete an offline game with each of the Swedish League teams.
  • Maori Gloves: Unlocked when you earn all "A" ratings with a Sniper designated forward in a Be a Pro match.
Upon earning a pair of these gloves, the trophy is yours.

Unlock Skates
Earn a pair of 2 slot skates

There are two styles of 2-slot skates that can be unlocked. Both are rather time consuming, but are also very easy to win.
  • Camo Skates: Unlocked when your Be a Pro character is promoted to the top line on his NHL team.
  • Burnout Skates: Unlocked by completing an offline game with each of the 30 NHL teams.
Upon earning one of these pairs of 2-slot skates, the trophy will unlock.

Battle for the Cup
Win a Battle for the Cup series with an Elite league team in a 7 game series against the CPU

Elite League teams are those found in the German/Swedish league section of the team selection screen. Begin a 7-game Battle for the Cup tournament and choose one of these teams and pick a weak team for the CPU (like Poland ). Now just go to town on your weak opponent and sweep the series (win the first 4 games) for this simple, but time-consuming trophy.

Eager to Learn
Complete the Boot Flow Interactive Tutorial

When you first start up NHL 10, you will be told to create a character and then be dropped into the middle of a tutorial. You'll start off with shooting, skating, and defensive play before being challenged to a fight. Complete this to move into the board-play portion of the tutorial. Upon completing this final section, you will be given full access to the rest of the game and a trophy for your troubles.

New Beginnings
Complete a match using NHL® 94 Control settings

It's time for a blast from the past. While in the menus, make your way to Settings > Controls to find the NHL 94 Controls under the preset section. This takes away all of your fancy hybrid controls for deking, puck movement, and stick controls, leaving you with only the bare essentials: Shoot and pass . Complete the match with this severe handicap for a new trophy.

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