Players: 1-7
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 100+HoursMinimum Playthroughs: 1
Missable Trophies: 0
Glitched Trophies: 0

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • A lot of the online trophies can be boosted with a friend.
  • Boosts can be bought from PSN.
  • You can adjust any in-game settings for the trophies.
  • You can adjust any player's stats and still get the trophies.
  • EASHL Means: Electronic Arts Sports Hockey League.
  • HUT Means: Hockey Ultimate Team.

[top]Cheats, Glitches & Exploits

Jersey Code: bcxkg8fkx3h4m3p5 - tip by weedman1987


Be A Pro/Be A GM Trophies -
There are 3 Be a Pro mode trophies.
Two of the Be a Pro trophies you will get if you just play the game and get at least 1 point a game.
Filled Up, you can get easily by just playing the game.

Be a GM mode trophies. -
There are 4 Be a GM mode trophies.
Good Preview
Proven Worth
Legendary GM

EASHL Trophies -
There are 7 EASHL trophies.
Custom Sweater
Boosted Up
Practice, Practice, Practice
EASHL Playoffs Champ
EASHL Veteran

General Trophies -
There are 3 general trophies.
Two of the trophies deal with boost items for your Pro.
Most boosts are unlocked by playing at least 40 games a season and getting a lot of points.
Up and Comers, you have to win a game on Pro difficulty with an OHL, WHL or QMJHL team.

HUT Trophies -
There are 13 hut trophies.
HUT Online Win
Box of Cards
HUT Playoff Contender
Team Colors
5 Star Battle
HUT Champion

In Game Trophies -
There are 5 in game trophies.
Fist Pump
Look Ma, No Stick
Sacrifice the Body
Supposed To Be Standing
Going Upstairs

Online Versus/Shootout Trophies -
There are 3 Online Versus trophies.
All 3 of these trophies can be boosted in one game.
Make sure you win 75% of face offs, kill a 5 vs. 3 power play, and start the 3rd period down by 2 goals and win.

Shootout trophies -
There are 2 Shootout trophies.
Shootout Start

By:tkafitz - PSN ID: tkafitz


Raise Your Banner
Acquire all the Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies

Custom Sweater
Complete an EA SPORTS Hockey League match while wearing a Custom Jersey

The owner or a GM of your club have to make a custom jersey.
Then you just have to play and complete one game with your team to unlock this trophy.
If that wasn't done during the creation of the club, just go to 'Club Tools -> GM Settings -> Select Team Uniform -> Custom'.

Boosted Up
Complete an EA SPORTS Hockey League match whith any one attribute boosted by +9

First off, you have to purchase or unlock 3 boost slots.
You can find out which slots are unlocked by going to 'My Pro -> Hockey Shop' from the EASHL menu.
There are different types of skill sets for each type of equipment type, so either focus on the 3 stick slots or one of the others.
If you choose the 3 stick slots, you can for example put +1, +3 and +5 boosts for 'Wrist Shot Power' into these 3 slots.
This trophy will unlock after the next game you play with your EASHL team.

Supposed To Be Standing
Score a goal from the ground or your knees

This trophy involves some luck.
You could try boosting this by having the other person pull their goalie and while you go on a breakaway.
Then have the other person dive and after a few trys you should fall to your knees.
After that take the shot.

Practice, Practice, Practice
Play at least 8 hours of game time in EA SPORTS Hockey League Practice

Play at least 8 hours of game time in EA SPORTS Hockey League Practice
To get this trophy, you need at least one or more team mates to access Practice mode.
Then you have to play 8 hours of game time to unlock this trophy.
This means 8 complete practices.
I suggest you do 8 different practice games.

EASHL Playoffs
Be a member of an EA SPORTS Hockey League team when they participate in a monthly playoff

Be a member of an EA SPORTS Hockey League team when they participate in a monthly playoff
See - EASHL Playoffs Champ

EASHL Playoffs Champ
Be a member of an EA SPORTS Hockey League team when they win a monthly playoff match

Playoffs are held during the last 5 days of any month.
In order to qualify for the Playoffs, your team have to play at least one game.
That will put the team in Pro league (the middle one).
In order to get these two trophies, you actually have to play the game while the team wins a Playoff match.
It's not enough to be a member of the team.

Best method:
1. Get at least four people together during the regular season.
three of you make one team each so that there are at three teams.
Let's call them 'Main Team', 'Reserve Team one' and 'Reserve Team two'.
Play one regular season match (before the Playoffs start).
Win or lose, every team should end up in the Pro League Playoffs.
The league has to be the same for all teams.

2. When Playoffs have started.
two of the members should play a Playoff game on the 'Main Team', while the other two plays for 'Reserve Team one'.
The captains of each team (the one who picks position first), should be in contact with each other and press to matchmake at the same time.
If you don't meet each other, back out at the matchmaking screen by pushing .
It might take a few tries before you match up.

3. When the first Playoff match is over with.
Those on 'Main Team' goes over to 'Reserve Team two' and those that lost the match for 'Reserve Team one' goes over to 'Main Team'.
And the process is repeated so that those who lost the first game, wins the second one.

Note - Let the losing team use a human controlled goalie to make sure the correct team gets the win.

EASHL Sophomore
Play 100 Ranked matches with your online Be A Pro character

Play 100 Ranked matches with your online Be A Pro character
See EASHL Veteran.

Going Upstairs
Have your team receive a goal based on video review

This trophy also involves in a little luck.
You should be able to get this trophy while going for all the other trophies.
They tend to review goals when high sticking is involved or it looks like they kick the puck into the net.

EASHL Veteran
Play 250 Ranked matches with your online Be A Pro character

Play 250 Ranked matches with your online Be A Pro character
To get this trophy, you need to play 250 games with your online Be A Pro player.
Both EASHL games with your club and drop-in games work for this.
When you have completed 250 games with your Be A Pro Character, this trophy will unlock.
You can keep track of your progress by going to 'My Pro -> Performance Tracker' from the EASHL menu.

Boost Master
Purchase or unlock 20 Boost items

You can get a lot of boost items by playing 40 games in Be a Pro mode.
Then do really good that season and you're bound to get at least 10 boost items.
Many boost items will just come naturally while you are going for other trophies.

Top Draft Pick
Get your created Pro drafted in the first round of the NHL draft

The best way to guarantee that you get picked in the first round is by playing every game before the draft.
You can adjust in-game settings so that you are really good.
Try to get at least 5 points a game - that should give you enough experience for each game.

Staying Power
Remain on your NHL team after the Pre-Season with a created pro

Once you get into the Pre-Season (after you get drafted into the NHL), there will be 4 Pre-Season games.
Go in and play all 4 games and manage to score a goal in every game.
You should remain in the NHL.

Filled Up
Complete a Be A Pro game with all Boost Slots of one equipment type filled

First off, you have to purchase or unlock 3 boost slots.
You can find out which slots are unlocked by going to 'My Pro -> Hockey Shop' from the main menu.
There are different types of skill sets for each type of equipment type, so either focus on the 3 stick slots or one of the others.
If you choose the 3 stick slots, you can, for example, put +1, +3 and +5 boosts for any attribute into these 3 slots.
This trophy will unlock after the next game you play with your Be a Pro team.

Penalty Killer
Kill off a 5 on 3 powerplay lasting at least 1 minute in a ranked versus match

You need to have 2 of your players and none from the other team in the penalty box at the same time.
This has to last 1 minute, all powerplays last 2 minutes so you need to get a second player in the penalty box with more then 1 minute left in the original powerplay.
An easy way to get a penalty is to just dump the puck out of play.
To do that, hold down and at the same time.

Come Back King
Win a ranked versus match starting the 3rd period down by at least 2 goals

When the 3rd period starts, the other player needs to have 2 more goals than you.
Then, in the 3rd period, score 2 goals and go into overtime or score 3 goals and win the game.

Shootout Start
Win 5 Ranked Online Shootout matches

Simply just win 5 Ranked Online Shootout matches.

Play and win a Ranked Online Shootout match using a OHL, WHL or QMJHL team

Choose Quick Ranked Online Shootout and when you get to the Pick Teams screen, choose an OHL, WHL, or QMJHL team.
All you have to do is win the match.

Getting Started
Open a Hockey Ultimate Team Starter Pack

Choose 'Hockey Ultimate Team' from the start menu.
When you have chosen a name for your club and acronym, your starter pack will unlock along with this trophy.

Play and win a Hockey Ultimate Team single player match versus at least a Pro Level CPU

Choose 'Play Game' from the HUT menu and then either 'Tournaments' or 'Single Player Match'.
If you choose 'Single Player Match', make sure it is set to 'Pro'.
If you choose 'Tournaments', you have to choose a single player tournament with at least 2 stars or more.
You need to win a game to get this trophy.

HUT Online Win
Play and win a Hockey Ultimate Team online match

Choose 'Play Game' from the HUT menu and then either 'Tournaments' or 'EAUHL Online Game'.
If you choose 'Tournaments', you have to choose a online tournament.
You need to win a game to get this trophy.
You can't invite a friend, but if you search for a game at the same time, it should be easy to find each other.

Jumbo Pack
Open first Jumbo Pack

You can either use your earned Pucks or buy with real money.
It costs 7500 Pucks, so you have to play some tournaments first to save up money.

Looking for Deals
Visit a Hockey Ultimate Team Trading screen

Go to 'Trading' from the HUT menu.

Box of Cards
Open 15 Card Packs

It can be very tempting to go for the 'Peewee Pack' to get this out of the way, but I wouldn't unless you already have all the other trophies.
Depending on how well you do, you should go for the more expensive packs.
You can also use real money to buy these packs.

Taking on the CPU
Enter a Hockey Ultimate Team single player tournament

Simply go to 'Play Game' from the HUT menu and then choose 'Tournaments'.
Enter one of the single player tournaments and this trophy will unlock.
You have to play a game for the trophy to unlock.

Taking on the Public
Enter a Hockey Ultimate Team online tournament

Simply go to 'Play Game' from the HUT menu and then choose 'Tournaments'.
Enter one of the online tournaments and this trophy will unlock.

One Down
Win a Hockey Ultimate Team online trophy

See - HUT Champion

HUT Playoff Contender
Qualify for a Hockey Ultimate Team monthly playoff tournament

EA hasn't revealed much about the requirements.
I've heard of people winning one game and not losing and qualify for the Playoffs, and others not making it with a 6-1 record. It's all about finishing high enough in the rankings.
If you follow the strategy to get "HUT Champion", preferably beating different teams and doing them all during the same month, you should easily qualify for the Playoffs.
The Playoffs are only open for the first few days in the following month, so make sure you go into HUT during the Playoff time, choose Playoffs from the menu.
If either the Amateur, Pro or Elite Playoff tournament is unlocked, your trophy will unlock.
You don't need to play any Playoff games.

Team Colors
Collect both a Logo Card and all Jersey Cards from the same team

To get this trophy, you have to collect a 'Logo Card' and all 'Jersey Cards' from the same team.
Most NHL teams have 5 jerseys so I suggest you go for a AHL, CHL or European League teams with only 2 jerseys.
As you need to spend some time with HUT anyway, I wouldn't go for this trophy straight away.
After a while, you should check your collection and see if there are any teams you only need one or two cards to get this trophy and then search for that missing cards on the Trading list.
When you get a complete team set, go to your collection to watch the cards and this trophy will unlock.

5 Star Battle
Beat another 5 star team with your 5 star team in a Hockey Ultimate Team online match

First you need to improve your team so that you get a 5 star team.
Focus on getting 'Jumbo Packs' because it is the pack with most rare cards in them.
Keep an eye out for limited card packs as well which may include even more rare cards.
When you have a 5 star team, you have to meet another 5 star team and beat them.
Do that either via EAUHL 'Online Game' or an online tournament and hope the other team also is a 5 star team.
You have to make sure that your team stays under the salary cap.
The biggest strategy to get this to work is to sign players to long contracts, and then train them up.
If you do it the other way around, your player will need a much higher salary.
If you can't keep under the salary cap, there is no reason to sweat about it.
There are two different tournaments with no cap space in them.

HUT Champion
Collect 5 Hockey Ultimate Team Online Trophies in your collection

In order to win an online tournament, you have to enter an online tournament and then win four games in a row.
You have to repeat this 4 more times to get this trophy.
You have to win 5 different tournaments in the 'Online' category. Featured tournaments do NOT count.
This can be hard for most people so if you want to boost this, here is the only method.
You need a partner and you have to communicate in one way or another so that you enter a tournament at the same time. The way these tournaments work is that you get matched up towards a random player for each round.
So you can play the same person for every round.
To get a win that counts toward winning the tournament, you have to finish the game.
Keep in mind that your partner (the one losing the games) do not need to play the same tournament as you.
This is great since the alt account probably hasn't been played on except for losing games, and will only be eligible for a few of the tournaments.

If you're going for this trophy and the 'HUT Playoff Contender' at the same time, you should try and beat different teams.
If your partner has more than one alt account, that works great.
Try and beat a different user for each tournament.

Try It On For Size
Visit the Hockey Shop and equip an attribute boost into a boost slot

Go into My Pro -> Hockey Shop and equip any boost for your skater.

Up and Comers
Play and win a match using an OHL, WHL or QMJHL team against a Pro level CPU NHL team

It doesn't really matter what team you choose, but it has to be an OHL, WHL or QMJHL team.
You can edit any in-game stats but make sure you are on playing on Pro difficulty.

Good Preview
Play and win a Pre-Season match in Be A GM mode

Start a Be A GM and simulate to the Pre-Season games.
Play any of the four Pre-Season games and win.

Proven Worth
Play and complete a game while scoring a goal with a newly drafted skater in Be A GM mode

During the Pre-Season, you get to do the NHL draft.
After you draft someone remember who they are and put them on your line.
Then at any time during the season, play a game and score a goal with that person.

Sign, from another team, a level 3 or above Restricted Free Agent in Be A GM

1. Start Be A GM with Colorado Avs.
2. Keep Salary Cap on.
3. Simulate up until the first day where you can sign RFAs. (2013-2014 when his deal with new yorks up)
4. Sign Marc Stall for $7 million, 2 years.

-by: weedman1987 thx for the tip!

Legendary GM
Receive your Legend Plaque in Be A GM using at least Medium difficulty

Make sure you save your roster as you want to use the current roster.
Now go into Be a GM mode and make sure salary cap is off and playoffs are set to one game series.
One game series are quicker and usually the better team wins so there's less simulating.
Also, turn off CPU trades and waivers.
Here's the trick - before you select your team of superstars, use to sub out each of the other NHL teams with teams from other leagues that are overall 80 and below, and after you do that pick your star-studded team.
Then go ahead and sim away, and in this NHL league you will average 62-70 wins per season.
Just remember to re-sign your players each off season and within 4-5 seasons you will reach Legendary status.
In the playoffs make extra saves in case you happen by chance to lose a game.

Sacrific the Body
Block a shot without a stick

This is possible to boost.
The easiest method is in Open Practice with a teammate in your EASHL team.
Change practice from Scrimmage to Open Practice.
One of you stick lift the other until the stick brakes.
Then just lie down on the ice and have your partner shoot at you from close range.
Use the same method for - Look Ma, No Stick.

Fist Pump
Perform a User Controlled Goal Celebration

This trophy is hard to miss lol.......
Whenever you score a goal, press any button and you should perform a user controlled goal celebration.

Faceoff Victor
Play and finish a ranked versus match with a Faceoff percentage of at least 75%

Just keep winning every Faceoff.
Every couple of Faceoffs the screen will tell you the percentage you have won.

Look Ma, No Stick
Without a stick, perform a kick or glove pass that leads to a goal

Best method:
1. Invite a friend to a game and have him use as many controllers as possible.
2. Go to your own defensive zone with the puck.
3. Have your friend start and stick lift you until your stick break
4. At that moment, pass the puck with your feet to a teammate and your friend have to pull his goalie.

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