Players: 1-7 offline, 2-12 online.
Online Trophies: 18
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 200+ Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 150 Bap Online Games, 2+ Bap Offline NHL seasons, 1 CHL season, 1 shootout game, 1 winter classic match, 20 VS games(depending on skill), 40 HUT games(depending on skill)
Collectible Trophies: Yes: Complete Set
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: Every Man, PP Powerhouse

[top]Tips & Strategies

For EASHL I highly recommend you play OTP or in a EASHL. Playing Drop-In Games usually doesn’t get you anywhere. In VS., if you want to be legit, and fast, verse a friend that’s not that good .

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

None as of yet. There are some glitches that happen, but that’s always in EA games.


WINTER CLASSIC(1 Trophy). You just go in the menus and click “WINTER CLASSIC” and play that match. This Will get you 1 Trophy. This also pops up the first time you play the game, it takes you straight to the Winter Classic, it’s better if you play that, just don’t quit or skip it.
Online Ranked Shootout(2 Trophies). Just find a friend and get the trophies High Flying and Russian Rocket. See the Trophy Guide to see how to do the dekes.
Be A GM(1 Trophy). You need to sim 3-4 season of Be a GM. See the trophy guide how to do that specifically.
Ranked Versus(3 Trophies). You need to get level 25 to get all 3 trophies. See the trophy on how to do that easily. If you play people that are a higher skill level, you get more points. If u play someone a lower level, you get less points.
EASHL(5 Trophies). The five trophies are Every Man, Taking Shots, EASHL Playoffs, Hats off to You and EASHL Hero. See the Trophy guide on how to get these. Just try to stay In 1 Club/EASHL.
EASHL Online Pro(3 Trophies). The 3 are EASHL rookie, pro and legend. The one for EASHL Legend actually takes skill, so don’t get this game just for trophies, I would recommend playing this game for fun, but some people like a challenging platinum.
HUT(Hockey Ultimate Team).(8 Trophies). You will get starter packs and extra pucks if you played HUT in NHL 11. This can help you very much. In my starting packs I got 2 80+ overall players. Also I got a Mario Lemiuex 92 overall(I think) with a 5 contract, so I can save him up for the playoffs.
You Earn pucks by playing, and buying and selling. You earn extra pucks from tournaments because of the tournament bonus. By buying and selling, I mean to buy a player for cheaper than he goes, then sell him for how much he sells for.
When you’re ready, you can get the following trophies: EAUHL 24/7, (if you continue playing, you should get..) TEAM DOCTOR, COMPLETE SET, PAST THEIR POTENTIAL, and then you need HUT PLAYOFF trophies. You need to qualify for AMATEUR, PRO and ELITE playoffs. These trophies don’t stack. So the earliest you can get this play is DECEMBER 1st.
BE A PRO(17 Trophies). To make the trophies much easier, try to put the sliders in your favour. It will also help if you turn off icing, offsides and penalties(unless you’re going for PP Powerhouse or Unlucky for Some). Difficulty does matter, so make sure you play on PRO difficulty.

To Invite a Friend to a ranked: OTP, SHOOTOUT or VERSUS, you have to:
Click on: Online>Community>View player hub>L1 down on the d-pad>Click on them>Click “Invite to Game”.
Just make sure it’s ranked.


Raise Your Banner '12
Acquire all of the Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies

Obviously, you have to get all the other trophies to unlock this platinum.

Every Man
Play as every skater position while completing EA SPORTS™ Hockey League matches

This seems to be glitched, but it’s not really because now a lot of people know how to get it. You need to do it in 1 setting. Meaning that you have to stay in the “Play Game” place. You can’t leave that place until you’ve played RD,LD,RW,C,LW.

Taking Shots
Play as the goalie while completing an EA SPORTS™ Hockey League match

One of the easiest trophies. You have to be in a club though. Meaning in a EASHL. This is really easy to get with a friends. Just be a goalie in the club and start up the match, you should get the trophy at the end of the game.

EASHL™ Playoffs
Be a member of an EA SPORTS™ Hockey League team when they participate in a monthly playoff

Really easy. Just make sure you’re in an EASHL and make sure that EASHL has played atleast 1 match. The playoffs start every 30 days(I think) and then you can play a match. At the end of the match, this trophy will pop.

EASHL™ Rookie
Achieve Rookie 1 status for your online Pro


Achieve Pro 1 status for your online Pro


EASHL™ Legend
Achieve Legend 1 status for your online Pro

This trophy is probably the trophy you need the most skill for. It helps if you “play your part”. By that I mean make good passes, don’t get offsides, don’t get icings, don’t take penalties, don’t turn the puck over, don’t try to be a show-off and play hockey. You have to do the following requirements to get these 3 trophies(OTP does count towards this as long as it’s ranked):
(Takes absolutely no Skill)Rookie 1: 10 Games Played, C- Overall, 4 Wins
(Takes no Skill)Pro 1: 25 Games Played, B- Overall, 10 Wins
(Takes 80% Skill, 20% Luck)LEGEND 1: 150 Games Played, A- Overall, 75 Wins.

Versus Rookie
Reach level 5 of online Versus


Versus Pro
Reach level 10 of online Versus


Versus Legend
Reach level 25 of online Versus

If you’re good you can get these 3 trophies easily. But if you’re looking to boost, there’s an easy way. For this method, the other person and you need 2 alternate psns. Then the person that’s suppose to lose quits after the 18:00 minute mark. This works for 4 tries, then you stop getting xp. Then they switch to their 2nd ALT. psn. Then they help you off that and they switch back. Just keep doing this and you will have your 3 Trophies. MAKE SURE you play the whole game when you’re level 4,9 and 24. If you’re at the end of level 3,8 or 23, also play the whole match, otherwise these trophies WILL NOT POP up!
Amount of Points needed:
Level 5: 700
Level 10: 950
Level 25: 1700

Russian Rocket
Score a goal after completing a skate-to-stick deke in a Ranked Online Shootout match

This is the easiest with a friend. To perform this deke, press L1 and R3 down. To shoot press the R3 stick up.

High Flying
Score a goal after completing a jump deke in a Ranked Online Shootout match

Score a goal after completing a jump deke in a Ranked Online Shootout match
This is easiest with a friend. To perform this deke, press L1 and R3 up. To shoot press the R3 stick up.

Happy 20th EA SPORTS™!
Play & get 20 goals in a Be A Pro CHL season with a created Pro to celebrate 20 years of EA SPORTS™

You CAN’T SIM! Play all your games until you get this trophy. YOU HAVE TO BE IN THE CHL! If you have the sliders adjusted you should easily have this in one game, and 2 games maximum.

Memorial Cup
Play and win the Memorial Cup in Be A Pro with a created Pro

There is a way around this trophy rather than playing 1 whole season. Just start the season at “NHL Entry Draft”. Then you automatically start at the Memorial Cup. Just sim the first 3 games, and then Play the last one.

Top Prospect
Qualify for and complete the CHL Top Prospects game in Be A Pro with a created Pro

This game pops up in your second season(but some people got it in their first year) as a 17 year old. You should be on your first line and average atleast a goal/assist a game and be at the top of the league in scoring to qualify. Your draft status also has to be higher than round 4. This should pop up in mid-January.

Le Magnifique
Earn 8 points in a single NHL Be A Pro playoff game with a created Pro on Pro difficulty or higher

You have to be in the NHL, and this has to be in the playoffs. You only need 8 points, and with sliders that should be no problem. The trophy unlocks after the 8th point.

Magnificent Mario
Score goals 5 different ways in a NHL Be A Pro game with a created Pro on Pro difficulty or higher

A really luck based trophy. The five ways you need to score are:
EVEN STRENGTH=5 ON 5 or 4 ON 4 or 3 ON 3.
PENALTY SHOT= 1 vs 1 penalty shot against the goalie.
SHORT HANDED= When your team is down 1 or 2 men.
POWER PLAY= When your team has 1 or 2 more men.
EMPTY NET= When the other team’s net has no goalie.
To get a penalty shot, stay around centre ice. Ask for the pass and you should be on the breakaway. Then keep skating until the other team’s player trips you. You will then be awarded a penalty shot. The other team will only pull their goalie with 1 minute or less left, and they have to be down a goal or 2. No more, no less. If your team has to high of a lead, then score on your own goalie by passing it in the net. If you’re not on the PP or SH lines, then start a new BaP file. Use classic setting and have it at 20 minutes to give you the highest chance. Make sure you’re a defender and only play the first pre-season match. Score 5 goals in that match and then sim the rest of the pre-season. At the start of the season make sure you’re on both the PP and SH line. Otherwise don’t play. Just simulate until your team is SH or has a PP and then intervene and score. THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE IN ONE MATCH.

Unlucky for Some
Score 14 shorthanded goals in a NHL Be A Pro season with a created Pro on Pro difficulty or higher

You NEED to be on the PK line. And the trophy pops after the 14th goal. Use the same method as “ Magnificent Mario” except this time be a RW and chose the CANADIENS. Score 4 goals and then sim the rest of the pre-season. Just simulate and intervene when your team is SH. Unless you are already on the PK line on your other save, then use that.

PP Powerhouse
Have 30 PP goals in 2 different NHL Be A Pro seasons with a created Pro on Pro difficulty or higher

Use the same save as “Magnificent Mario” and just sim and intervene when you have a PP. This seems to be glitched, so when you get your 30th PP goal in a season, sim the rest of the season and make sure you get sent down to the AHL. Then at the pre-season, score 4 and sim the rest of the season and you should be back on the lines. Once you get your 30th goal again, just get sent down to the AHL again.

One Great Season
Earn 216 NHL career points in a single Be A Pro season with a created Pro on at least Pro difficulty

To earn points you need to get an assist or score. This is a very easy trophy with the sliders. The points that you get by simulating DON’T count. This trophy will unlock at the 216th point. Try to get 93 goals aswell to get “The Great One”

The Great One
Score 93 goals in a single NHL Be A Pro season with a created Pro on Pro difficulty or higher

See “One Great Season”.

One Great Career
Earn 2,858 NHL career points in Be A Pro with a created Pro on Pro difficulty or higher

A very time consuming Trophy. Simming DOESN’T count, and it will take about 2-4 seasons. You should average about 14 points a game with sliders.

The Comeback Kid
Have three 8 point games in a NHL Be A Pro career with a created Pro on Pro difficulty or higher

When you get 8 points, just quit out. Do this three straight games and you will get the trophy in your 3rd game.

From the Office
Have 7 assists in a single NHL Be A Pro game with a created Pro on Pro difficulty or higher

With sliders this is really easy. When it’s a 3 on 2 or 2 on 1, just pass to the side quickly and tell the cpu to shoot. Most likely they’ll score. You should get this trophy after the 7th assist.

Mr. Hockey
Complete a Gordie Howe Hat Trick (Goal/Assist/Fight) in a Be A Pro NHL game with a created Pro

This needs to be done in one game. You can have more than one assist and goal and fight. Make sure you win the fight, otherwise you won’t get the trophy.

Have 4 five goal games in a NHL Be A Pro career with a created Pro on Pro difficulty or higher

This doesn’t have to be in a row. Just in your career. After you get 5 goals just quit, and then do this 3 more times.

Magnificently Great
Score 4 goals in one period of a NHL Be A Pro game as a created Pro on Pro difficulty or higher

Very easy with sliders. If you’re on 20 minutes you’ll easily get it.

Raise the Cup
Play and win the Stanley Cup in Be A Pro with a created Pro

You don’t have to play to get this trophy. You can just sim. But if you play you have a higher chance of winning.

Legend Player
Play and win any NHL player trophy in Be A Pro with a created Pro

If you get the most goals or points in a season, you’ll get this trophy after the Stanley cup finals.

Legend GM
Achieve Legendary GM Status

The easiest way is to put all the best players on one team. Then simulate about 3 seasons and you’ll get legendary status. If you win the Stanley Cup you get much more points.

On Bended Knee
Score with a one knee one timer

This is a gameplay trophy and is probably the hardest one. You need to quickly pass it and then press L2 or R2 and R3 up to shoot.

A Smash Hit
Break a pane of glass with a hit on a CPU player

Just hit someone along the glass. You will most likely get this without trying.

King of the Crease
Win a goalie versus goalie fight

In EASHL you can easily get this or in 1 verse 1 offline. Just do “player lock” on the goalie and then keep skating up with the goalie and pressing triangle. With the second controller agree to the fight and win with the first controller.

Check an opposing player into the benches

This will come in your playing time. But just make sure the person is near the benches and then hit ‘em hard!

Lost His Lid
Knock the helmet off an opposing player's head

This will come with a hard hit.

Hats Off To You
Be the player that scores 3 goals consecutively in an EA SPORTS™ Hockey League match

You can boost this by challenging your friends club and tell him to help you.

Score the OT winner in an EA Sports™ Hockey League match

You can boost this by challenging your friends club and telling him to help you.

EAUHL 24/7 Victory
Win a match against a downloaded Hockey Ultimate Team

Click on “Play game” and then EAUHL 24/7. Play against the lowest overall team to get the easy win.

Team Doctor
Use a Healing card to heal an injured player in Hockey Ultimate Team

First you need a player that’s injured. Then you put a healing card on them depending on their injury.

Amateur Contender
Qualify for a Hockey Ultimate Team Amateur monthly playoff tournament


Pro Contender
Qualify for a Hockey Ultimate Team Pro monthly playoff tournament


Elite Contender
Qualify for a Hockey Ultimate Team Elite monthly playoff tournament

Sadly these trophies don’t stack. You can boost to get wins. But they all have to be against different psns. In the top 2800 you should qualify for ELITE. In the top 6999 you should get PRO. Above 500 skill points and under 7000 rank should get you AMATEUR.

HUT Playoff Winner
Win any Hockey Ultimate Team monthly playoff tournament

This is boostable, but that would take forever. I prefer that you purposely qualify for AMATEUR and then just beast on the n00bs. This is very difficult because of the quitters though.

Past Their Potential
Train a player past their potential

Very easy. Just have a play that only needs 2 or 3 more overall to reach their potential. Then buy a +3 All and put that on that player. BOOM, trophy.

Complete Set
Collect all player, jersey and logo cards for any team in the Collection

There’s a team called “VAXJO” and they only have 3 players, 2 jerseys and 1 logo. Their pretty cheap to buy, after you get the trophy, you can just sell the cards.

Winter Classic
Complete a NHL® Winter Classic Match with PIT versus WSH

Just get this when you first load up the game or just click “Winter Classic” and play as PIT or WSH.

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